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1k 3acl;sen l)eral.
II I'. I.i ik. l'nlilishrr.
Advice to those about to butt !n!
The- Jnpn took one look at Secretary
Taft'K phynlcal proportions und order
ed whale for dinner.
ror.sltily the man who Pint mohs
to the New York capitalists Is merely
another kind of reformer.
"Treat children like plants," ay
the Washington Tost. That's right
straighten 'em with n stick.
Are we to understand that the pro
fessors have landed on the solar plex
us of the nebular hWthesls?
If the Tapnart's have to quit the
army there will be nothing left for
them but to enter New York society.
Itussla's new legislative body Is re
ferred to by tho czar as a gosudar
Ktvcnnaia douina. Oh, but be must
be mad!
It Is siciilnrant that no person has
succeeded in stealing John P. Rock
efeller's socks while be is bathing in
the morning dew.
Roy Knalienschue, the airship man.
Is described by a New York paper an
"a married man with n family of little
ones." Little airships?
Another aeronaut has succeeded in
giving an entirely stiperlluons demon
stration of the truth that the law of
gravity Is still working.
A Chicagoan who claims that he is
"a perfect getrleinan'' has been fined
$.".ip for Itiiilng. KvMently the judge
mistook li i in for a "gent."
Kthil Itarryniore Is to be married
to a poet, but not solely, we an given
to understand, because she d en ires to
have a genius in t!,e family.
Well. ,Jii iter has got another moon.
This makes the seventh. There Is a
race between I i rri and Sa'uni now
One more and tin y will be even.
King Alfonso was mixed up in an
other automobile aeeidi nl a day or
two ami. II.- seems to have quit get
ting engaged to be married, though.
King I.nipnld and Cant. Putnam
Traillee S'nmg an- lm:h ;er Ir.a o'lt
of print, so we must ad i.it tlinl things
might he in u li wo!c tliaii lliey are.
"Woe unto them." ei lalmi' I I. alah,
"that trust, in chariot!-.. hcrjiu--e tle-r
are many!" Kyi u in l-aiah's time p r
baps, tin? people hud to dodge them.
Iird Curon's resli-turion Is report
ed to have ini-rease-l Ki'ele ner's pn s
tige In India. Sir Kedvi-rs liuib r is
worry ir.g :i ! us u; ih .-e days without
any pn stive.
"Can lim is I, now too une-h?" asks
the New Yi fk Time:;. IVrhai s they
can. hill ii i.s tf tin 1:1 will ah'e
w ithout linn h trouble to e. tahlisli
their inn ne".
The New York Toti-'-s cc.'erer is
nilnc Nan nil lor the r 1 urn ol
a r:ihhi''s b.ot. He will ir'. ii.pt to
prove jm va'ue by showinir thai Nan
esrapi d coinietion by a hare.
It mii-iil be siihl of the FegMSUS
whirl) A'.l'ied Au-tin riiii s that it "nl
ki ran." Cliai h .-ton News and Cour
ier. Move to amend: "Also trb d to fly."
Sia:i-i:i- .show that I"". ,1
"Havana" ei-ar- ware ma 1. ul'ae! m 1 d
In the I'niiid S1.1t s la-t ear. S one
thil g good - and i-I.eah mui-t he pr.
vi ied for campaign sinoi.ing and elec
t.ion I 1 is.
Itailway com paiiii s are hi I'iiinlng to
al'deh 1 1: . - a::.- liniii In hiring men to
work for them. They have found,
oddly enough, that some if their ei-i-plnyes
hi collie mole a!uahle as. I'eey
grow older.
While ryinpa'hling with Mark
Twain in his sui'fi rines from the gout,
it ii'it iva' s oi.e's distre.-s of eilnd to
some iaIi lit to li ne ia f 1'iat Mai k
must have I. a ! a good time while he
was gi 1 1 ing It .
Injunctions have l"en secured to re
strain 1 'Ts f'om crowing, i'ov.1
from haii.Mig a:.d the tolling of la lis
and 'hi loo'ii.g .f loi-iimo' ' whistles
at nli-ht In M an:' V-'inon. N. Y. Why
are tie Mount Yi 1111111 cats thus fa
vored? A Chi -agi) mnn : nd H w ife have
found tie ir way In'o the divorce court
ln-e:iii:-e both wanted to occupy ope
chair Iti fore tiny were married one
chair W"'l' '. t a- e be- it 1 et h li'l It
train:" t! at a f- v.- words !,. a preach
r shotiM mal.e audi a difference.
A I a'roiie I':, i lui'ch has In 1 n ills
rui". 4 I" ' i' 1 j" he pa. .tor l,is-ed a
pret'y girl. It" dispatclu s say the
pretty girls of the c-nigregai Ion are
Ktanditg n the pi aeluT. C.ness
wla in 'ho homelv -:.in-ters and the
lont-whi.-l-ered old elders are Chi
cago Ui euiil -Herald.
Ar '-'oi, a ;jfl .4 I Is too hat! that Its
dd-'iuv shi th' ' e locked up ulth that
of I ' Create- s'at.' of N v Mexico.
Jt .i : 1. i'i- but tie 11 Arl'ona
wants to r. t In so bud llt.it she can
enduro LeiUL- nil out
Champion Tract Distributer,
A. E. Eccles of Chorlcy, England,
who baa Just celebrated his seventy
fifth birthday, claims to bo the cham
pion tract distributer of the world.
Ha has circulated no fewer than 40,
000,000 publications relating to tem
perance, hygiene, politics and religion.
Ths Philosophy of Folly.
"Never Judge a man's Income by
his clothes," said the philosopher of
folly. "The wise man reserves his
opinion on this point until be has
seen bis wife's clothes." Cleveland
Pioneer Railroading Days.
In the pioneer days of railroading
It was sometimes necessary for the
conductor to run forward over the
roofs of the cars to shout orders to
the engineer. Traveling at nigbt was
generally avoided, though one road
adopted the expedient of running
ahead of the locomotive a flat car
oaded with sand, on which a bonfire
was kept burning as a headlight.
Brushed Scales from Face Like Pow
der Doctor Said Lady Would Be
Disfigured for Life Cuticura
Works Wonders.
"I suffered with eczema all over my
body. My face was covered; my eye
brows came nut. I had tried three
doctors, but did not get any better.
I then went to another doctor. He
thought my face would be marked for
life, but my brother In-law told me to
get Cuticura. I washed with Cuticura
Soap, applied Cuticura Ointment, and
took Cuticura Resolvent as directed.
I could brush the scales off my face
like powder. Now my face Is Just as
clean as It ever was. Mrs. Emma
White. 641 Cherrier Place, Camden,
N. J., April 26. '(15."
An Authority.
"The fellow that says a harking dog
never bites," remarked tho busy flea,
as he changed his position on the
canine's back, "doesn't know what
he's talking about!" Yonkurs States
man. Those Who Have Tried It
will use no ether. lcllanei Cold Wa
ter Starnh has tin equal In Quantity
or Quality lii nz. fur p) cents. Other
brands contain onlv 12 e.z.
Learning One's Faults.
A wise old man was In the habit of
nay Ing that one of the chief purposes
of matrimony was that thus a man
and a woman gain a counselor whoso
duty and privilege it is to Inform nnd
admonish concerning personal fall
ings. Everybody should cherish some
confidential friend to whom one can
go und nay, "Teil me of my faults,"
nnd then take the bitter dose manful
ly, und try to profit by it Exchai ge.
First Mention of Cigars.
In the "Distresses and Advi ntnr"S
of John Ceckhuin" (London, 1710),
tho earliest mention of cigars occurs.
Cockhurn was put on a desert Island
in the bay of Honduras, swam to the
mainland and traveled thence on foot
to Torto Hello, a distance of 2, Cm)
miles. He appears to have met some
friars, w ho gave him some sei gars
to smoke, which they supposed would
bu vl ry acceptable."
A Scriptural Truth.
Two clergymen were driving In a
cab to the station, and wi re in some
anxiety list they should miss their
train. One of them pulled out hii
watch and discovered it had steppe. I.
"How annoying!" he exclaimed, "and
I always put such faith in that watch."
"In a case like this," answered tho
other, "good works would evidently
have answered tho purpose better."
Dutch Sailor Named Cape Horn.
Cape Horn was to naiU'M by Spun
ten, a Dutih sailor, who ftiSt "doubled
It," Irmii the name of hi j blrlhphice,
Hoorue, a villan' in the Zm ler Zee.
HUNtSf HH l sl,.N.
Works with Himself First.
It Is a miMake to un.-ume that phy
sicians are always kl.cpilcal as to tho
ourative propel tiii of anylhing else
than drugs.
Indeed, tho bel t doctors are those
who seek to lies! with as l .ile uso
of drugs as possible and by the us
of correct foml and drink. A hysl
clan writes from Calif, to tell la w he
made a well man of himself Willi
Nature's remedy;
"ltefore I camo from Europe, where.
I was born." he says, "It was my cus
tom to take coffee with milk (cafe an
bill) wlili iny morning in ul, a small
cup (caf( noir) after my dinner and
two or thri-e additional small cups at
my club during tho ov aing.
"In time nervous ny mptonis devel
oped, wilh pains In the cardiac ri glon,
and accompanied by great depression
of spirits, despondency- In brief, "tho
bines!" I at first tried medlelnef!,
but pot no relief and at last realized
that all my troubles were caused by
coffee. 1 thereupon unit i's use forth
with, substituting Englitli llreakfast
"The tea seemed to help me at first,
but In time ilie old distressing symp
toms rei'iineii, and I ipiit it al-o, and
iried to use milk for my tahlo bev
erage. This I was compelled however
to abandon speedily, for, while It re
lieved tlie nervousness Boiiiewiiiit, It
brought on constipation. Then by a
happy Inspiration I was led to try ti. i
I'tiK'um Knot! Coftee. This was some
mouths ago and I still use It. I am
no longer nervous, nor do I suffer
from the pains about tho heart, while
my "hliii'V have left mo and life Is
bright to me once more. 1 know that
leaving off roffee nnd using 1'ostum
healed me, and I malic it a rule to
Idvlso my patients to use it." Name
given by l'uhiuiu Co., llattle Cteek,
".cere's a reason.
nl.IiKN TRXT. The nnifel of the
him, and dellvrreth tlum-Tna. 24.7.
I. The Circumstances. Daniel, the
wise rr.un, after many years of unre
corded usefulness or of retirement to
private life, is now an old man of
eighty or ninety years, again brought
into political prominence by the same
guiding providence. Three great cab
inet officers were placed over the one
hundred and twenty provinces, and of
these Daniel was the chief.
Hut the higher one climbs the
fiercer the storms, and Daniel felt
their full force. He was a Jew, a for
clgnei. exalted over natives, who
wanted the place, on nccount of bin
native force of personality and strong
character. What right had be to be
placed over them? Daniel's character
wa3 a perpetual reproof. They were
tired of neing his good deeds and
bearing his praise. He stood in the
way of their dishonest gains.
Whosoever does well, and Is faith
ful and true, where others are dishon
est and false, 11111-t expect to be op
posed and hated.
II. The Conspiracy Against Daniel.
Ys. 4'.i. Having made up their
minds to put Daniel out of the way
the other officers devised two plans.
Tie first plan was to find some
w run. :i!oing mi Haulers part, of w hich
to accuse him lo the king. "They
scruiinlzeil his com'uet through the
lo en micrcseope of malice," but failed
to find ary fault. This plan wan a
complete failure.
The second pian wis based on Dan
iel's iili known religious convictions.
Tiny 1 1 rstiad. d the King to make a
deer, e that no me should ask any fa
vor of (bid or of man. except of the
king himself, for 11 tv.nti'li. on penalty
of In ing thrown into the den of lions.
They knew that Paniil wa necus
ton a d 10 pray lo his dm!, and from his
character ihov jmlgi d that 1:0 decree
and no dang- r could soip him. This
deli e .-1 1 1 . -: 1 1 1 1 to 1 lit- king's vanity
ai:n -1 If conci it, and he doubtless
iiiii.eii.i d 111 area1 harm cou'd come
Iron! it, and that l.e would not enforce
it. It was a kind of Joke, a pit ce of
i'iiii. "a I'i' ak of humor."
III. Daniel Kaithful and True. V.
!-i. "Now." beiti r "And" "even."
"v.i'iii Hat hi kin v.- that tho writing
'. as : U-IH i." in.-ci iln d, made penita
1 lit a ; an ollicial I'oeumiiit. Daniel
knew Uiai li.- was wail ing amid "many
II. many
d'to M ai
a snare." but the
no difference. He
behind n.e, Satan." It
e done to swerve a
He co"H have prayed
(let th, e
1 1:0: Pa
. I.leail'h
in s-etii. 111.1I been hi aid by (bid, but
!!':! course Would IlllVe III I 11 It public
nitil'ii-lui! of want of fa I th In (!od,
ami of y hiding to the iie.uy. He
would s iv as Ni henilah said to She
ll!:, 'all. "Should inch n man its I lice?"
i Ni li. (': 111. Daniel made no show
of his religion, but simply went on his
il.ii'.' atli of lie. as if no such order
I in' h. . 11 aiM
. A t'a'l'ire. or i veil a
.in I 'a nil I's p. a rt would
1-! i ons i fleet on the IV-
a ir.-. I
.e I .ni
'li. lis I
l.l.i I"
1,1 -ipb-s Of tile cMle.s. A man
tien had t .ft die a ihou
'.: than lo f titer and fall.
being open . . .
tor aid
tow a r:l
Jerusalem." "With his face
I. ru a letii , the si a t of 1 he li in
io Jehovah was peculiarly
all altitude !till observed by
1 !. , win
l i i.i
.1. all
ir fa i
om r In- world; as all Mo-
in the same way, turn
in prayer low aids Mecca.
y iiagogue. and in every
vi i
iln I'
Iv.ay a mark In tin
din el ion of the holy
I'rav ing toward ,le-
t :
a: w.i. rot an act of supers':
lull an aid to lieMi'.ion. "Kneeled
n hi- l ines." A lilting attitude for
Me ray it, inu ring ike spirit of
i. lion, "Three linn s a day." Like
! : altiiist I 1'sa. .": IT).
V. he did a i'oi i t itne. ' I !e simply
ie no chair.'e in bis habits and
"II i.id l'.ol Haunt his nor co,;-
1 1 r.viiy .
a hair',
(ice. i:o
lie in 'iil- no paiaiie or his
Vaclan n.
tha' Daniel
hi i ad: ll I'i om
In silale bu
'did not deviate
his u:m:J prae
a moment what
- counsel of con-
lo do. When we lake
sell i ce onl
woi'ib rf'illy
in ol consult
y. the load is generally
plain, li is lite bringing
i r a I tons of expediency and
pet.-oiial advantage that introduces hc
w tillering eoiuph xi li s.
IV. The Trap Sprung I'pon Daniel
Vs. 111.".. 11. "Then these men."
The irincis who had planned Ilie plol,
"a-S' iitl I- !" to know the facts per
Mil;. illy, and make the proof coniiileic.
II. nun: heard Daniel pray,
'they caire mar'' to the king, "Hast
ih'iu mil signed'.''' They Mrs I ret the
king to commit himself to their posi
tion. Tlnn they spring their trijji.
"The law of tile Meiles al'll I'l'I'slllllS
v lii. b alter. ill not " "To alter ll
woill b. lor iln king a confession of
1.1' i'iliiy ami, tin ivf , an a'. nega
tion of godhead!" I''arrar.
II!. The bailers weie now sure of
tlulr cn: e. -! ery door of escape was
film: ng:i:n-l Daniel. They bad simply
to an: om e to the king tiial Daniel
was j;iil.
1,1 "The king . . . was sore
displease labored till the go
ing down of the sun lo deliver him."
Hut lie failed on account of the unal
terable law. "Vet the slrcnuous ac
tion which he afterwards adopted
--hows that he might, even then, have
acted on tin- prlneip'e w filch the Magi
laid down to Canibyses, sou of Cyrus,
that 'the king can do no wrong ' There
Ecctns to be r.o reason why he should
lird encampt th round about them that
not have told these "tumultuous
prlnres that If they interfered with
Dntilel they should be flung Into the
llona' den. This would probably have
altered their opinion as to pressing
the roynl Infallibility of irreversible
decrees." Karrar.
15. Every effort of the king was
met by the statement that the inter
dict was unalierable. "A strong man
would have crashed through the cob
webs, but this 'god' was a weak man."
V. Daniel in the Lion's Den. Vs.
lfi lS. 16. "They brought Daniel, nnd
cast him into tho den of lions." This
was according to Oriental custom on
the evening of the game day. The
story of the den of lions Is strictly In
keeping with Babylonian usagis. Can
on Tristram says. "Lions, which
though nil but extinct in India, and
absolutely so In oilier parts of Asia,
are still common In ltubylon and Per
sia, were kept In the parks of great
princes as part of their estate." The
den was probably an open pit, sur
rounded with a high wall, connected
with a cave or covered enclosure.
"Thy Cod . . . ho will deliver
thee." The king knew so much of
what fjod l.-nl dene for Daniel In the
past, that he encouraged himself and
Daniel by the hope of deliverance. He
felt sure that Coil would not forsake
so faithful a servant.
I". "Stone . . . laid upon tho
mouth of the den." The mouth was
the door through which the animals
were put Into the den. "A great stone
is still an ordinary way of securing a
doorway In the East, as we know It
was for closing tombs." "Sealed it
wilh his own signet.", "If the access
lo the lions' din was arranged like
that of a sepiilchi r. a bar would be
fixed across the front of the. stone,
fasti lied to either side of the doorway
by thongs, the knotting of which was
sealed wilh wax stamped with a sg
in t." Tristram. "Ai d with the sig
net of bis lords." So that neither
party could tamper with it.
lx. The king spent n miserable
night, "fasting" either as an appeal to
his god. or In cailM' he w as too sad to
eat. "Neiiln r were Instruments i t
inusick," or, as in margin, "dancing
glrfe." He refused his accui-toir.ei!
pleasures, as too discordant with his
VI. The Signal Dell vera nee. V: .
r.i-2.1. Hi. "The king arose very early ."
Literally, in the dawn, in the first
glimmer of light.
2n. "Cried wi'h a lamentah!-'
voi ." l-'ull of grief and anxiety .
"Servant of the living Cod." The Cue
who Is the source of life, a personal
living being. "Whom thou serves'
continually." In all places and el--cumstaiicoR.
lie was no Intermit ten
Christian. Only such a servant o!
Cod lias any right to expert Cod's di
liveriince and help in time of need.
L'2. Daniel answ red from the den.
"My Cod hath sent his inigel." As
one like the Son of Cod was in tki
fiery furnace with the three whom
Nebuchadnezzar had cast into the
Humes. "So Danb 1 had company In
the den of lions." "No mti-ic nor glad
ness in Hie palace, hut ci U si in I jey
In the intercourse bctwoV Daniel and
the angel in the den." Tay lor.
Daniel dins not say whether the
angel was visible or not. The winds
and the lightning are Cod's angels ac
cording to the psaln.i-t. "Ilul It is
probable that he v.Vis visible to Dai:
lei as a manifest token of the favor
ami protection of Cod."
I'll. "And no manner of hurt wa
found upon bliu. because he believed
(had trusted) 111 his Cod." Cod Ucv
er fails those who trust in him.
Note that there are two ways of de
llv ranee.
1. There Is sometimes imniedlati
relief from persecution and death, iv
In tho case of Daniel, and the three,
men in the (lory furnace, and Peter it
prison lb Jerusalem, and Paul and Si
las In Phllippl.
2. On the other hand, efpially good
men were not delivered In that way -a
long lh;t of prophets, many of the
apostles, John the Ilapllst, James, Sle
phen and Christ himself. One of tho
strangest things, as we look over tin
past centuries, and trace the history
of Coil's people. Is the vision of :r
many persecuted ones, so many of th
prophets and saints suffering as mar
tyrs. The sky Is full of these shinliu,
Were not these delivered too. and
gloriously, because their death
wrought more for the cause they
loved than a longer life could have
done? The fires that burned Ridley
and IJilluier lighted nil England, at
thi y fori s iw, and did more for re
llglous freedom ami truth in the world
than a hundred years of life could
have done. We, with our narrow vis.
Ion, cannot tell what is the best an
swer to our prayers, whether long life,
or an early heavenly crown; whether
victory or defeat thnl brings larger
victory: win (her bodily relief, or spir
itual gifts; whether the bitter cup re
moved, or, as In Christ's case, drained
to the dregs, bringing salvation to the
world; whether Paul's thorn be re
moved, or grace given to bear It;
win tiler the answer conies In this life,
or the next.
The need of more Daniels Is press
ing on every side, men who shall say
to Ilie world, to politics, to business,
what Is reported lo be u saying of
N.ipob oil's. "My I'ominlon ends vJen
that of conscience begins."
Tumors Conquered i
Without Operations
Unqualified Success of Lydla PinKham'a
Vegetable Compound In Cases of Mrs. Fox.
and Miss Adams.
One of the jrrentest trtnmphsof Lydla
E. l'inkhaiu's Vepetablo Compound Is
the conquering of woman's dread
enemy. Tumor.
So-called " wanderlnjf pains' may
tome from Its curly stages, or the pres
ence of danger may be made manifest
by excessive me nstruntlon accompanied
by unusual pain extending from the
ovaries down the irroiii and thighs.
If you have mysterious )wins, if there
are indications of InHuinmution ulcera
tion or displacement, don't wait for
time tn confirm your fs-ar and go
through the horrors of n hospital opera
tion; secure Lvdia K. Pinkhain's Vege
table Compound right awiiv and begin
Its use iiikI write Mrs. l'iukhuui of
Lynn. Mass., for advice.
Head these strong letters from grate
ful women who have been cured:
Dear Mr. I'lnkhsm: (First letter.)
' In looking ov.-r your book I .ns-thi.t vour
medicine cur.-s Tiitnorof th t'tcms. I have
been to a dni'toraud he telis net 1 have a tu
mor. I will 1m mare than graU'ful if you
cull help mi, ns I do so div i-l an osrntiim."
Kiimiio 1). Km. 7 Chestnut St., Bradford, I'a.
Dear Mm. Pinkhnm: (Skv-nnd Letter.)
"I takf th" liU'i-t v to rnu grata hit you on
th suihs-si 1 kuo hail with your wonderful
"Kiirliteen mnntln nan my monthlies
stopissl. (shortly nfn-r I fi-lt bs tlyl mil
miiteit ton tliortmgli tnn..iiiitiui bv a phy
sician, mid was told that I liml n tumor m
the uti'ius and would luivo to undiig.i an
" 1 soon after rosd cno of your advertise
ment mi l diilded to glvn Lv.bn H. Pink-
bnui' b Vegetable Ciiir.p' .und n ial. After
liiig Hve bott!s ns dins-tisl, uie tumor Ih
entirely gone, 1 lmv9 ai;ntn lKn examined I
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Comyound
W. L. Douglas
W. L. Douglas $4.00 Cllt Edgo Line
cannot bo equalled at any prlco.
iecii.i4, vt
Mf)itr MFN'K SA.fM i-NOrS THAU
$111 finn PfWAR0totftynhoeM
$ I UjUUU ditffovs thU tiatement.
W. I.. I)ouKi $.1.50 shor have bv their ct
cellrnt l Ie. easy fitting, and urrrfnr wcarlnjr
qualllle. achieved the larfrrat vale of any J.t.50
hue In the world. Ihey are JuM mm rikhI aa
thme that cmt you $5.00 lo $7.(o the only
dlllerencc It the price. If I could take ou Into
mv lactnry at HrtKMon, Mat., the mrc In
thj world under one roof making men's fine
ahoe, and how vou the core with which every
pair of Oouglas ehora is made, you wtnild reallre
why V. I.. uueki4 $.1.50 ihoce are the beat
ahitc prnduceO In the world.
n I could allow you the difference between the
fthoee made In mv factory and those of other
makes, you would undrfrtnnd why Iron tie
$.1.50 ehoee cmt more to make, why they hold
their shape, fit better, wear tonirer, and are ol
greater Intrinsic value than any other $J.50
hoe on the market to-Uay,
V. L. Douoiam Stroma tVexto &hmm fei
Men, til.&U, Boy' So horn I A
Or SHvmm.fl.BU, 01.76,01,60
CAUTION. Inelut npon Iit1p W. JlMtif
Ifut miioc4. ink no tuhtltiite. Num (fnuluo
it limit hit uutue hdJ i ice aiampesi on bottom.
WAN'TFI). A nli0(!ealrinvrytnwn where
W. I.. l.Mik'H(i hhHs arn imt -,, Foil llti of
(tnipls nt froti ttr limpe-'tlon iijMin reque.
fatt Color yelti used; thry w'lt not wtur brastg.
Writ f- r IllufriifNl Catalog of Full Hrta
a XV. 1.. inn il.As, Itrmktou, Ma.
Ther la an nprninjr for you In tha
Routhwrst; so N there for an energetic,
wulf-uwultn man. The Suthwet ta la
nerd of N iTMINO hut enerpetic men to
develop It wonderful reourrea. Ttiera
are vast areua ot unfmproel land la
Indian Territory. Oklahoma and Texaa,
ainng the line of the M. K. A T. li ail way
only waiting for men like you to make
them yield the wonderful orupnof wbioh
they aro cnpuble. There are hundred of
low in w he re new bun I neat-e A K E
At 'Tl. ALLY KKKPEU. To make them
auiveaarul, you have only to otaljUsa
thrui ami ue onltnary bualnesa Judg
ment In conducting them. There are
opeotnga for milla and manufacturing
plaiiia,mHll atorea, newvlerrt. lumber
yard ft and many other branrbea of irovie.
The oil and gits fit-Ids of KanKua, Indian
Territory and Oklahoma are new and
ofT wonderful oiiportunillnu for flevel
opinent. We aro in pottHOtort of all
aorta of Information, valuable alike to
the Investor and homeaceker. If you are
Intcrrated, tell u wfcut you want, how
iniH'h you have to invent and we will
gladly furnUh the Information. Write
to day for a copy uf our book. "The Com
ing Country. It'a free. Addreaa
Boi Bit ST. tOUtS, M0.
Knn-l'ntnn I 'nmiM.klUir.
lie .1X1 per week, U-hour I
riiiT. I ao urn good two-
Iblrdflrs 4 t
Iblrden 4 apprentleee aUo. Hientlv work.
Ul Blm Street, 8b Louis, Me.
ij July . 1-7.
:i7 Jf-T
by the. physician and hs says I bars no sign
of a tumor now. It has also brought my
monthlies around one more; and I aia
iMitindy wU. I shall never Iw without a hot
tin of Lydia I'lnkliam's Vegetable Compound
latliB houo." Kaunlo U. Koi, Uradford, Pa.
Another Case, of Tumor (lured
by Lyillii 12 I'lukhaiu'ft Vegeta
ble Compound.
Dear Mm. I'lnlilmm:
" About three yen in ape I had Intense pain
In my stomach, with craniM and raging
headaches. The doctor prescribed for me,
but finding that I did not get any better he
exaniiiuxl inn and, to my surprise, declared
I had a tumor In the uterus.
"I felt Mini Unit It meant my death warrant,
and was very disheartened. I sent hundreds
of dollars in doctoring, but the tumor kept
growing, till the doctor Kind that nothing bub
an O)crut!oti would save uie. Fortunately I
ciirreHiMindiil with mv mint in the New l'".hg
aml States, who advised inetotry Lydia R.
Pirikhniu's Vegetable Compound iK-fnre mib
niittint; to mi ojierutlnn, nnd 1 lit once started
taking a reguliu treat im-nt, finding to my
great relief tiiut my ouerul lienltli liegan tv
improve, iin.l after thri-e months I notice.!
tli-it. the tumor hi t riftticcd in size. I kept
on taking the Couiound, mid in ten moutiis
it hod entirety diMipfieariil without an oier
iilioti, mid udiig no medicine but Lvdia K.
I'iukli.'im's Vegetable Couipnuiiil, and word,
fail to exprosH how grateful I inn for the i;ooil
it ha," done me." Miss l.iudla Aduius, Culou
uado Hotel, .Seattle, U ash.
Sueli unquestionable. testimony
proves the value of Lvdia F.. l'inkhiun'a
Vegetable Compound, and should givo
eoiilidcncu uud hope to every hick
Mrs. rinliham invites all aillnfj
women to write to bur at l.yun, Muss.,
for advice.
i a Woman's Remedy for Woman's Ills.
Thro you buy your next Suit
or Overcoat, insist on getting
our label as shown above you'll
find It in trie inside coat pocket.
Don't let the merchant give you
something fust as good there's
no clothing as good as SCHWAB
Clothing at prices ranging from
$10 to $25. Write (or our new
style book it's free.
Schwab Qothing Co.
Makers of Honest Clothes
"T-r-.Thompion't Ey Walir
W. N. U., ST. LOUIS, No. 38, 1905.
When Answering Advertisements
Kindly Mention This Paper.
Oldest Ship In Navy.
The oldest ship in tha Americas
navy Is tin frigate Constellation,
which ta fcr'yfour days older than
the Constitution, familiarly known a
"Old Ironsides." Slie was built by Da
vid Btoders, of Baltimore, and was
launched Sept. 7. 1797. The Constitu
tion, built at Loston, was launched
Oct 11. 1797.
m.i. ihK.n... TasiHir..-id na
torn m
f Jlv. vt-)h'v ri ii'ia I
if ii in j. i mlJl

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