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The Jackson herald. (Jackson, Mo.) 1897-1911, October 26, 1905, Image 8

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1 Wh aro now lvwly to hIiow you our Kail and 3
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1 R. REEHAN & CO.,
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October 10 and 1M,
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ly liberal to rim Mint nosHioolor home
In tin- country cun afford to !x with
out 1 1
This In'hiiI Ifulsrt, containing N IN K
COM I'LKTK M A l'S and it ('.vyloK'liu
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Louis, and KAKM I'KOiiltKSS, Hie
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ly MaKa.Inc published by the Itepuli
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lished anywhere.
Following ure t lie maps in this set:
(I) The World: (2i The I'nlted States:
i:t) TM)Krap)iic made of the Ktisso
Japanese War, with farts and tltrures
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Tin' lie puhlic, SI. Louis, mo.
List of Premiums
J.I lly
From Supt. Carrington.
.Inplin has ost.'ililislioil a truant
wlimil to wliicti si'ini-incori'ililc
fhil'lrcn of nil ajjon arc sent. ( no
of the liest rural teucliers of .las
jier county has been employed to
control ami teach the school. It
will doubtless be a typical Flat
Crock school ami will take more
than un old fashioned "1 lousier
Schoolmaster" to manage it. The
experiment will be watched with
interest. If the experiment proves
h success, other cities will do
The State Department of IaIu--:iui
mi is doing all it can to
ntruiL:!"!ten the work of the rurul
si'hools. One means of doing
this is to build up fir.-a-class small
high schools and have the near
by rural schools articulate with
tlieni. There is little prospect of
establishing a large number of
rural high schools in Missouri.
The boys and girls living on the
farms should complete a good
common school course in their
home districts and then attend
the best high school near their
Set of New Wall Charts Abso
lutely Without Cost.
The puhlishersof TIIK KKl'KHLIC,
St. Louis, mo., offer a magniticent set
of Revised NKW HOME LlllKAlt V
W ALL ('II A KTS upon such ahsolutc-
A warded at the Ea liners' Institute
held al Jackson last week:
Corn, y ellow 1st Win. I Hers. 2nd
.1. N. Campbell. ;i, K. . Yngol.
Corn, white-lst lly I Hers. 2nd Win
I Hers, :!d Jack Siimmerliu.
Oats 1m .hick Summerlin, 2nd Her
man Weiss, .'lil K. II. Vogcl.
Wheat 1st ('has Lowes, 2d Win
lers. :;d lly llaase.
Clover seed-1st Kmil Kies. 2d .1
Schulter. ;til Alvin II. ItorglieM.
Stuck peas 1st ('has Lowes. 2d
II. Ilorglield, ;id Jno I'ierce.
liiitter 1st Mrs ('has Lowes.
Mis Win lioiinei., :v Mrs I ae James.
Sjoighuiu - 1st l!S Sides. :
Chandler. :td 1! I' Taylor.
Vinegar 1st Herman Wei
White bread 1st. Mrs Win bouncy.
2d Minnie Werner. ,'M Maggie Eulen
wider. Salt rising bread 2st Mrs E Mc
Neely, 2d Mrs Priest, .Id Mrs I'ricst.
Corn bread -2d Mrs Kust, .'td Katie
Corn pone 1st Mrs Eli Snider.
While cake 1st Minnie Lowes, 2d
lielle Itrowning.
Spice cakes 1st liusta Iturklc, 2d
Mrs Her Weiss.
Layer cake 1st Maggie Eulcnw tder.
2d.Mis(ico I'eterinan. :!il Mrs Belle
I! low uing.
I!a bam 1st Mollis Sadler. 2d Mi's
Belle Browning. :i.l J II Caldwell.
Hard soap 1st Margaret Caldwell.
2d N CampU'll. :id Mrs Kit Kauney.
Catsup 2si Mrs Win Kurre, 2d Mrs
C liehreiis, .Id Martin Kerstner.
Sour pickles 1st Martin Kerstner,
2d Minnie Alx-rnathv. .'!d Mrs La-
Sweet pickles ls (ieo Kligelherd,
2d Minnie Lowes, :id Mrs K Lehoen.
I lisp jellies 1st Cora Mc Williams,
2d Mrs Julius Phillips, :td Mrs Julius
I lisp, hut tor, cake and lnead
ller Weiss.
hdoiis - 1st M is K it liamiev.
Hollis Sadler.
Home grown celery- 1st Minnie
eruathy, 2d Mrs ,1 ' . Schlcliter
Win I- uleiiw iiler.
Whitenavy U-ans 1st Minnie Luxes.
Bell pepM'i 1st Minnie Loxes.
Bed pepper 1st Jno Linuer. 2d Mrs
Bust . .Id Bui Ii ( 'rump.
Tol.acco 1st Win lledricks, 2d Jas
I a . Id lly Kiiglemaiin.
I'isplav veget ahles. Held and garden
1st Julius Phillips, 2d Minnie Loves,
:id Mrs Her Weiss
Irish Mtatocs -1st (ieo Loos, 2d llnl
lls Sadler, .Id Jno 1. Inner.
Sweet potatoes 1st (ieo Pctennail,
2d Mollis Sadler.
Pumpkins 1st Mc Williams,
2d (ieo Loos, :ttl Martin Kerstner.
licet s 1st Mrs Win Schuete.
IMsplay of seeds 1st Chits Low es, 2d
M i
Her We Ism.
Tears 1st Mrs Uust, 2d (ieo Peter
mini. Ils)lay farm produce - 1st Win III
ers, 2d (Ieo Peterinau. .'Id ('has Lowes.
Emits- 1st Cluis Lowes, 2d Minnie
Apples 1st MonriH' lavenKrt .
Light Itrahmas 1st Hov Langheii
nlg. Huff CiH'hlns-lst Philip Stock, 2d
Mrs Hanney.
ItulT Wyandot tes - 1st Arthur Pet
.old, 2d Kline.
Partridge Wyuudottes-lst ami 2d
Leo Podlgo.
Silver Penciled Wyandot t oh 1st and
2d ltev I.angeheunlg.
Hlack Langshaiigs -1st and 2d It. A.
Harrod liiH'ks - 1st liehreiis tiros., 2d
Wilson Snider.
White Hocks--lst K It Schoen. 2d
J V Priest
Silver Laced Wyandot tes 1st Al
liert Eorman
White Wxandollos -1st and 2d Mar
tin Kerstner.
SC ItulT Leghoiiis -1st (ieo Wllke.
Mott. Aucoiihn -1st W S Poo, 2d E
Cornish ludianCaine 1st It L Lewis
White Wonders- 1st O 1 Hoffman.
I Hlack T. Jap. IliintaniH 1st Union
jfioyert, 2d Percy I hirmeyer.
j White llantams-lst Hollis Sadler, 2d
i Percy iKirineyer.
Any other variety -1st Mrs C lleh-
reus, 2d Louis llehrens.
White Orpington -1st and 2d .1 L
S. S. I la in I nogs 1st and 2d Artluir
j Hlack Minorca- 1st Mrs Cora (ireer.
j S. C. Huff Orpingtons 1st Itehrei M
Bros., 2nd same.
It. C. Buff Orpingtons-1st Mrs. V.
It. Priest.
K. ('. White Leghorns 1st I!. A.
Caldwell, 2nd same.
S. ('. Brown Leghorns -1st Itoht.
Sawyer. 2nd same.
It. C. Brown Leghorns- 1st Phillip
Itroli.e Turkeys- 1st Dale Brow ning,
2d Ed Lewis.
Wue State Turkeys- 1st Arthur
Pet .old, 2d Sam McEerron.
Emhden (ieeso -1st Chas Loves, 2d
N Campliell.
Toulous' (ieeso- 1st E W Itoo, 2d
('has Loves.
White Pekln Pucks- 1st Clin Luxes,
2d Hy Haxso.
KILLthk cough
and CURE ths LUNGS
Dr. King's
Now Uiscovary
FDR I OUGHSantf S0ci$t.00
VOLOS Fret Trial.
Surest and Quicizoat Curo for all
We Never Disappoint Our Patients.
wi rumu tviry promist and Iivir Hold Out Falst Hopn.
WF rilRF l,,'ltnr wl hnvt thm knlf or hngm md Vrleo1 without
UUflb pftla or dtntloa from bulnH fontiKlom Hloo4 lolma
oxod nvr to rotors without fnorror? or onlnrol rolslurai Loos of Mooly
iirorroiiitiyrord oostimoloot bnt pormontot.
Tb (! Medleal C:t U an tottUHtloa onronlMd
odfr tho lin of turn Pttim of Mluonrl, oltn fnllv nolo
op mpImI iujk of $0M n m aaf or mlnm pbrlcun
no uriroa. fur tho traktmrnl mat car of ohrooia a4
plftl d I or men and womoa.
Our tiwoM In i he troattnsnt of otamnlo oliruot la v
the at of lotrotbaraputte. Onr offlrot ara oqulprrd
with til tba etivanto. faradlo httrlea, 1-nj, vloJai rf
tad FIdmo far; In fact, wrf atootrloal ooatmonro known
to tU medical proraaalon. Our aanltiium U mdarn In
Trr raap-et, and mmpoy nona but tha ban train
ad and cfflciaril attendant a, regularly quail Had graduataa
od Itcaoaad phTildana alvart Id cnarga.
tnpiuf no mlalaadlDg meana to aoiraro patlonti and
patronage no C. Q. D.'a or nnaaked-ror lltoratnra anc
out b tbta lntttnttoo. Oar term for tratmaut ftTeraf
from I6.nu to 110 o per aaonth (tnoludlng niedlolnea),
IIDAHIf niCCoCrC WatucoewifuHy treatnnd porma
bnnUHlU UldfcJIdCdt nantiy oora all ohrrni diaeanaa
nfb aa Klrinor nd Hlnddar tr.iublaa, Hhaumatltm,
Kuptoro. HydrOOlov Itralnt, Lnaaaa, at., ftnd all ! Ivaia
jiaa. Tunora and malignant irounifa, raiarrn or na
fit. Tbmt, Hrad and Lunvi. IMaeatea of Ky nd Bar,
t'hronlo llaraata wf Wuuirn. aurh aa I(iplooainauta,
Unuatural lUt haruaa. and anoh wravnaaa of woman.
Xht to-dar rcrardtng four o ndltitm If tiu nr alrk or afflicted. On rtquoat
ww a w wa aena you our uittraUHi uiamorahutim immib on aiiairo-uiraaLioa.
CT1TC HCniPII IIICTITIITC Ko. i?o oum 0t , ir. w comtr tta tsi ohm stt.,
viHIk MbUIVNIi mwlllUl kg Gppei.Mroitgmet, t I . LUUlb,
No more from chills and fever ! You can get rid of the cramping pains in the bowels ;
the headaches ; the constant thirst ; the furred dry tongue ; the cough and shortness
of breath and the accompanying fever and ague, by using Dr. Armistead's wonderful
Ague Tonic for more than thirty years the standby of people in the vialaria district.
destroys the malarial poison, stimulates the circulation and tones up the muscular
and nervous system in a wonderful manner. If taken as a tonic before the attack
it acts as a preventative, either warding off the disease entirely or reducing the
severity of the attack. As a tonic Dr. Armistead's Ague Tonic is invaluable.
Toning the system, purifying the blood, steadying the nerves and in every way
benefiting old and young alike.
This old favorite prescription contains no poisonous drugs nd may be given treely
ud iu large doses if required, bold by ull leading druggist.
W. M. AKIN & SON.. Props.. Evansville. Indiana.
The Backbone
of a
Mighty Nation
is good food food for brain, tood for Drawn, tood that is
strengthening, that gives energy and courage. Without a proper
appreciation of this great fundamental truth no nation can rise
to greatness.
As an article of food, soda crackers are being used more and
more every day, as is attested by the sale of nearly 400,000,000
packages of Unda Biscuit, which have come to be recog
oized as the most perfect soda cracker the world has ever known.
C. And so Uneada Biscuit will soon be on every table at
every meal, giving life, health and strength to the American people,
thus in very truth becoming the backbone of the nation.
UU Mom the Bowels d-Z-J Best for Children LJ U wciiw !!
Sold by W. A. TRICKEY.
m u. m
Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic
has stood the test 25 years. Average Annual Sales over One and a Half Million
bottles. Does this record of merit appeal to you? No Cure. No Pay. 50c
nCKgg who gvwy PQiUB nil Wi vcBt pftCKOgO Of UTOVC't OMCk HOOt UVW PUB.
Battle tj"1

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