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Adopted Mascullno Attire and Amassed
Great Wealth Without Her
Real Sex Ever Being
Eau Claire, Wis. The mystery ol
"Sammy" Williams, a resident of Man
hattan, Mont., Tor 18 years, who
dropped dead there from apoplexy,
was disclosed by her death. "Sammy"
was found to bo a woman, who was
Miss Ingeborge Wekan.
Miss Wekan was born In Norway
some 80 years ago, It is claimed; some
Bay later. Before she came to Amer
ica with her parents she was courted
by a young Norwegian, Sven Norem,
and the two becamo engaged. Then
thq Wekan family came to America
anijl settled In Allamakee county, Iowa,
still n
wlibre some members of the family
reside, and Ingeborge came with
jAnd Sven Norem came also. Not
Ityng after the arrival In America Sven
WOrem became cold and distant to In
CQborge and finally jilted her for some
jreason not known, and she was broken
Jliearled. In fact, she was so heart-
oroKen mat she could not endure It tc
stay with her folks and among her ac
quaintances, and she suddenly disap
peared, and although she was sought
high and low she was not found.
About this same time, somewhere
around 1855 or 1SC0, there appeared In
Eau Claire a short, rather thick set
young man with coal black hair and
smooth face, which he never shaved.
His voice was rather soft and piping,
but he was strong as an ox and mixed
freely with the woodmen here, and It
was not long before he went to the
woods as a cook. He was such a good
cook that as long as he was hero he
c,ou!d got $100 and more per month,
"Billy" Spent Money Lavishly for
nnd ho amassed considerable money
which ho Invested In .real estate and
In other ways,
i He made Eau Claire his homo till
the late '70's or the early 'SO's, and In
the later years there were rumors
, floating about that "nilly" Williams,
which was the name he gave, or "Bll-
1 ly" Cooks, as ho was generally called,
was not what he represented himself
to be; In fact, that he was a woman
In disguise, but they were only ru
mors. Nobody know, but somehow or
ojther the report wns started, but "Bil
ly" still continued cooking In tho
woods, going out with tho boys, spend
ing monoy lavishly for liquor, but
never drinking moro than he could
comfortably carry, going out with tho
girls and having a creat old tlmo. Al.
jlhough retiring, he was always good
Matured and never begrudged spending
For several ycar3 he cooked on tho
Dalrymplo farms In North Dakota. hHH
masquerading successfully as a man,
, und 18 years ago went to Manhattan,
Mont., where ho lived till his sudden
death, when a few hours before ho
was going to plgn a deed to his prop
erty holdings there, which ho was go
tag to sell, ho dropped dead. And
thou came tho rovelat'.on that Wil-
Hams was a woman.
S Anil Hllnli la ttm otiit 1lf wn..
.... w. KF ll.U DUU iiiu ovujjr ui
ingeborge Wekan, for "Billy" Williams
nnd "Sammy" Williams nnd Ingeborge
Wekan nre ono and tho same person.
It Is stated hero that her sweetheart,
who jilted her, Sven Norem, is still
living in Allamakee county, Iowa.
Few wives are able to realize that a
inan never quits a bad habit; hu only
changes It, temporarily. -Philadelphia
Kidney Trouble Contracted by Thou
sands In tho Civil War.
Ja'mes W. Clay, CCG W. Fayette St.,
Baltimore, Md., says: "I was trou
bled with kidney
complaint from tho
time of tho Civil war.
Thoro was constant
pain In tho back and
head and the kid
ney secretions were
painful and showed
a sediment. Tho first
remedy to help tne
was Donn's Kidney Pills. Three boxes
made a complete euro and during five
years past I have had no return of tho
Sold by all dealers. 50c a. box. Fos-tor-Mllbura
Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Miss Tapps Of course, some type
writers are extremely expert.
Clerk Oh, yes. I know of ono who
married a rich employer In less than
throe months.
After Specialist Failed to Cure Her In
tense Itching Eczema Had Been
Tortured -and Disfigured But
Was Soon Cured of Dread Humori
"I contracted eczema and suffered ,
intensely for about ten months. At
times I thought I would scratch my-
self to pieces. My face and arms were
covered with large rod patches, so '
that I was ashamed to go out. I was
advised to go to a doctor who was j
a specialist in skin diseases, hut I I
received very little relief. I tried .
every known remedy, with tho same i
results. I thought I would never get bet-1
ter until a friend of mine told mo to try ,
tho Cutlcura Remedies. So I tried them,
and after four or flvo applications of
Cutlcura Ointment I was relieved of '
my unbearable itching. I used two
sets of tho Cutlcura Remedies, and I '
am completely cured. Miss Barbara '
Krai, Highlandtown, Md., Jan. 9, '08."
Potter Drug A Cbcm. Corp., Bolo Props., Boston.
The Common Strain.
Tho stress of life may touch some
lightly, may appear to pass others
by, but most men whom we meet,
with whom wo deal, who work for
us or for whom we work, know well
tho common stress of humanity. If
in all our human relations this
thought could be kept before us it
would revolutionize life. Wo would
bo humanized ennobled. We would
caro for men as men. Wo could
not escape the transforming realiza
tion of an actual brotherhood If we
recalled and thought upon the un
deniable fact of our own part in the
universal brotherhood cf tho com
mon slrain. "Schuyler C. Woodhull, In
Tho Bellman.
Used Dolls to Set Fashions.
Long before women's newspapers
were started, and fashion plates In
their modern form wore thought of,
women derived their knowledge of tho
fashions from dolls dressed in modern
costumes, which were sunt from ono
country to another, more especially
from Paris, which then, as now, was
the leading center of tho mode.
Ulm I don't nee how you can bring
yourself to kiss that dog.
Her And I suppose the dog don't
see how 1 can bring myself to kiss you.
Wo're a foolish sex, aren't we?
For Colds and Grlpp Capudlne.
The best remedy for Orlpp und Colon Is
Hides' Ciipudlne. Relieves tlio itching and
feverlsliness. Cures tho cold Headaches
also. It's Liquid Effects Immediately 10,
25 nnd EOc at Orutr Stores.
'If every man was compelled to act
as his own fool-killer there would be
an epidemic of suicides.
Pettlt's Eye Salve for Over 100 Years
linn been used for congested and inflamed
eyes, removes film or scum over the eyes.
All ilruggistsorirowaMlllroa., Buffalo, N. Y.
The aveiago woman Is fond of pets,
but her husband is not In that, class.
That 1b I.AXATIVU 1IHOMO QUlNIKK. 1Mik fol
tho blumitti-o uf B. W. U HOVE. UmmI tliu World
over to Curo a Cold In Ono Day. Vic.
V 'id
All sorrow Is an enemy, but it car- Smiles make a better salve for trou
rles a friend's message within It, too. j bio than do frowns.
""" I. .......,.,-... ... . . ., . . i i ii 1 1 1 1 i
A never falling homo remedy fop
coughB and colds Is mado from the fol
lowing formula to be mixed at home.
"Two ounces of glycerine, one-half
ounco of Concentrated pine compound,
one-half pint of good whiskey; mix nnd
shako thoroughly; use In doses of a
tenspoonful to a tablespoonful every
four hours."
Thus will cure any cough that is cur
able, or break up an acute cold in
twenty-four hours. The Ingredients all
enn bo gotten at any drug store.
The Concentrated pine is a pine prod
uct refined for medical use nnd comes
only In half ounco bottles, each en
closed in a round case, which Is air
tight, but be sure that It 1b labeled
Wagner Fooled the Critics.
Here Is a story of Wagner's visit
to London In 1855: After the first Phil
harmonic concert the critics re
proached him for conducting a Bee
thoven symphony without the score.
At tho second concert, to satisfy bis
audience, Wagner had a "partition"
on his desk, which he frequently con
sulted. The critics declared tho Im
provement was marked. The score,
however, was Rossini's "Barbler do
There la more Catarrh In this section ot ttic countrj
than all olhcr dUcancs put together, and until the last
row jcarfl was supposed to be Incurable. For a Ktrat
many carn doctors pronounced it a local ulscnv; and
prescribed local remedies, and by constantly lalllnR I
to cure lth local treatment, uronouneed It Incurable.
Science lias proven Catarrh to be a constitutional dis
ease, and therefore require! constitutional treatment.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by V. J. Cheney
& Co . Toledo, Ohio, li the only Constitutional cure on
the market. It U taken Internally In doses from 10
drops to a tcaspoonful. It acta directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces ot the system. They olfer ono
hundred dollars for any case It falls to cure. Send
for circulars and testimonials.
Address: F. J. CIIKSUY 4 CO., Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druggists, Tic.
Tfckc Hall b Family I'UIs for constipation.
The Most Dangerous Capital.
London, which used to boast of be
ing the quietest and safest capital of
the world, has become noisier than
Paris and more dangerous than New
York. Nearly 300 persons are now
killed annually by street accidents,
and how many more just escape with
their lives cannot be computed. Out
look. Important to Mothers.
Examine carefully every bottlo of
CASTORIA a safe and sure remedy for
infants and children, and see that it
Ponro 4 Tin
Signature ofU7Sl3f
In Use For Over JJO Years.
The Kind You Have Always Bought.
It's easier for a girl to look like an
angel than it Is for her to act like
Maytaemaxvexv overcome
axawe. wme&ySyrap ojrigs&tVvxvr
c5S&raa.vcveTaAes owio$waT.eu:
Vnsdc soVlo xsssawcco wxvrce
tuqvj be toAufty oXspewscA viAWv
wkivwo ower tveeded.os Wieb&sl oj
wkwavGS vwwvMYrc& axe o assist
waute,avvto to sxppaftemKx
$uTVcos,wic!(usX 4epsnAvXv
mafeXji upoi proper ouvsmeTvY,
proper Jos.aud vrtX Vvm $ead.
Tosbcne$ciacJ5crts.aWysbuy ttui cjavuvwi,
Fig Syrup Co.
Thompson's Eye Wafer
Cures Tlirouolitlic Blood
A man's wife never thinks his ill
ness is Serious until ho quits using Inn
guuge that wouldn't look well In print.
Tho Uest Laxativc-GarReld Ten! Com
pofced of Herbs, it exerts a beneficial effect
upon the entire b.Vbtcm, regulating liver,
Ifidnevs, htoinueh and bowels.
Even n fust man niny not make a
rapid recovery when he's 111.
If our I'oot Aclm or Hum
get a 25o nailaKO of Allen'k I'oot-K.-ikc. It kItcs
quick relief. Two million I'uckufcs bold ) earl).
UP H w3 B U B
BOOQUBO of thooo U6ly, grizzly, gray holra. Use "LA CREOLE" HAIR RESTORER. a PRICE, SI.OO, rotall.
in Horses
Much of the chronic lameness in horses is due to neglect.
Sec that your horse is not allowed to go lame. Keep Sloan's
Liniment on hand and apply at the first signs of stiffness.
It's wonderfully penetrating goes right to the spot relieves
the soreness limbera up the joints and makes the muscles
clastic and pliant.
Sloan's Liniment
will kill a spavin, curb or splint, reduce wind puffs and swol
len joints, and is a sure and speedy remedy for fistula, sweeney,
founder and thrush. Price, 50c. and gi.00.
Dr. Earl S. Sloan, - - Boston, Mass.
Sloan's book on horses, cattlo, shoop nnd poultry sent froo.
Women, worn and
tonic. That feeling of weakness or helplessness will
not leave you oi itseli.
Cardui, that effectual remedy lor the ailments and
weaknesses or women.
tried Cardui and write
beneht it has been to them.
-use this reliable, oft-tried medicine.
(Mrs. Rena Hare, of Pierce,
wrote : "I was a sufferer from
pam m my side and less, could
"I suffered for years, until
uardui. The hrst bottle gave me
Try Cardui. 'Twill help you.
Now Book on
SCO page, cloth bound medical book
on consumption. Telia la plain,
vlnsplo UnguaffO bow contumptlon
can bo curod in your ovn borne.
Write todmjr. Tho Iloofc Is bso
lutel free.
2D20 Wttcr Mrt., K&Umaxoo, fllcbr
OIhcki tnd bcintiflca tho hilr.
Promote a laiuritrt growlK.
Never Fulls to Restore Qray
Hair to Its Youthful Colon
Cutct icalp dlicotci i hair itiWxf,
Hte,tndXlmt DrLggUU
HYP0 Cathartic AM Ms
btoniacliaml toTPls.nndsvrf'c!in811uMYliiUllKist-Ivi-
tract CyuniMi'ivli'niH-r tint Turn 1'ihkI unci Dmus
Act. Trial nol ill-Tw-nt-tln LVntt. Numilt's f roo.
T11K TONIOl i: COJUMNY, ltutluml, Vt.
forftflllingereu'.oboxefl Mcrlt'
:jlllood Tablet. IMdajnallonsdto :
ami xaoieia. rerarn raoner ana eel
rlnu. AUre.'-AIrrlt"M-dl-lnsCo.
Xoum 11. C'lovlnaatl. Ulilo.
nnd Whiskey ITiiliKs
treated nt luimo Klihuul
tain. ll.Kikof particulars
Emt. I.-KI-.If. II. HI.
' 'WoaUcy,M.D.,AUuuUil(jlu.,llN.l'roru
A. N. K. F (19094) 226G.
Pimples, itching; Humors,
iroison, eczema, csone rains.
D. II. I), (llotanlc lllood Unlui) is Die only Wood remedy that kills the poison In
the blood and then tnirllU'rt It -seiidluu llooil uf pure, rleli blood d I reel to tho hl;ln
Hiirfiu-e, Uoin-H, Joints nnil wherever the iIIhciiho Is local eil. In this way all Huron,
L loei'H, I'limiW-H, l.ruptloiiH nre healed nnd cured, palim and aches of Itheumatixm
cenee, BwellliidH fmblde. U. JJ. U. completely elmnReH the body into clean, healthy
' condition, (rlvIriK the Mtln the rich, red hue of perfect health. II. II. II. cures the
worst old cahCH. Try it. cti.uu tier iaru oolllont Drup Stores with directions
for home cure. SAMI'LI'. FICIiK by writing; aH.UODUAkVra CO., Atluillu.Gu.
are the forerunners of dangerous di'teases of die throat and lungs. If
you have a cough, you can stop it with Pi'o's Cure, li you cutler ftora
hoarseness, eote throat, bronchitis or pains in the lungs, Piso's Cure will
soon restore the irritated throat and lungs to normal, healthy condition.
An ideal remedy for children. Free from opiates and dangerous in
gredients. For half a century the sovereign remedy ia thousands oi
homes. Even chronic foims of lung disease
SA0MMra4Hk n lCk.
iMiW iniw. 1EC
pjUUk ffW 7
b b E LLW tSCBHa vft Q .
tired from overwork, need a
You should take Wine ot
Thousands of women have
enthusiasticallv of the great
Try it don't experiment
Ma., tried Cardui and aftenvard
all sorts of female trouble, had
not sleep, had shortness of breath.
my husband insisted on my trying
relief and now 1 am almost well."
The Season I Hake and ScU More Hon's $3.00
& $3.50 Shoes Than Any Other Manufacturer
li fcecicit) I glvo tho n-cartr the broeat of the cut
complete orsudxatton ot trained experts and itUled
shoemakers In tfc country.
The selection of the leathers for each part of the shoe,
and ererr detail of the caiinc la crery Opirtcnt. U
looked after by the but shoemakers In the shoe Industry.
If I coald show yon how csrtfslly W I Douglas shots
aromade, you would then urferttard why theheld their
shape, fit better, and wear longer than any other make.
Hy UcthoJ of Tanning the Sola makes them More
Flexible and Longer Wearing than any others.
flhoc. fr Ki-ry Member of the Family.
Aleu, 11113'a, Women, Mlaet! unit ClilUlrvll.
Kor aalc ly sltoo dealers everywhere,
PAIITinU I 0c cenuliie ultliout W. I. DciiRlas)
UHUIlUii I iiamu and price stamped on hottou:.
fast Color Eyelets Used Excloilrely. Catalog culled free.
W. L. DOUGLAS, 167 Spark St., Brockton, Mis.
Rheumatism, Blood

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