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The Hayti herald. (Hayti, Mo.) 1908-1922, January 21, 1909, Image 8

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Paints and Oils at Lcflor's.
There will beserviecs at tho Baptist
church tonight.
Len Toiler visited in Kunnott Sun
day afternoon.
F. M. Perkins made u. business trip
to Cnruthcrsville Tuesday.
Miss Hammond of Carutliersvillo
visited Miss Effio Dorrls Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. bum Lcllcr and ilrn.
.loo Nunn visited in Curuthoruvillo
Highest market prico paid for corn,
shucked or unshuokod. F. M. Per
kins. Haytl, Mo. , Otf
Johnnie Dunmire of Kennett, drum
ming for Hie Schuh Drug Co., Cairo,
was hete Tuesday.
Ilayti needs a photographer and the
Herald will lit tho right man out with
a complete gallery.
MissAdu Hayes lias returned from
her visit to her sister, Mrs. Lena Gra
ham, at Frederioktown.
Highest market prieo pnid for poul
try, butter, eiruB, hides and furs. See
me before you sell. Samuel Adams. Oif
Tho seven year old child of Charlie
fjtntts had a severe rase of membran
eous croup the first of the -Week.
K. L. Clayton's mill grimlB or ex
changes meal for corn every Saturday.
y mile west Frisco depot, Hayti. 2 5
Capt. A. C Howard is now located
at Hayti, as conductor on Nos. 821-22,
the Hayti and Memphis accommo
dation. Save your money. Buy your lum
her, shingles, building material, etc.,
fromO. V. Frick, atreaaoiiiiblo prices.
In a difficulty at Guyoso the other
day, John Koss received two ugly cuts
on tho head from an ux in the 1 Kinds of
Geo. Ingle.
Coal Btovea at bargain prices. They
must go. Coal is cheaper than wood.
Huy now and save money. F. M. Per
kins. 12tf
Barney Daily, who has worked the
past three seasons for the Roberts
Cotton Oil Co., is at Wardell at
tending school.
Eleven thousand papers Garden
Heeds 1 cent pnekago at Spot Cash
Grocery. Hundreds of people used
these seeds last year and know they
are good. 13tf
Tho young ladies of tho Baptist
church met at Mrs Artie Hayes' Mon
day night and organized a Y. L. C C.
club, wllli the following in office:
lJres. Mrs. Pearl Gaskins, Vice-Pros.
Ollio Murphy, Sue. Ada Hayes, Treas.
lliir Huffman and Organist IJva Allen.
Tlioy will entertain tho public at the
City Hall February 15.
J. A. Moran, cashier and operator
at tho depot, will return from his va
cation the last of tho week.
Horn, to Mr. Mrs. Frank Middles, at
Dry Bayou Saturday, n (1 pound girl,
Dr. J. V. Johnson attending.
Gum and maple boxing 312.50 n
1,000. 10ft. cypress fencing 814 a 1,000.
Everything else In proportion. O. W.
Frick. ntf
Mr. and Mrs. Storm who have been
visiting Mrs. Storm's brother, Mink
Lester, have returned to their homo in
St. Louis.
flSJTll.OOO papers garden seed, 1 cent
a package, at tho Spot Cash Grocery.
100s of people have used these teeds
and know they ure good. lUtf
Frank A. Beyer, of Buffalo, N. Y.,
president of the Pascola Lumber Com
pany, was here this week consulting
his attorney, B. L. Guffy. Ho will
start his mill February 1.
Wo would like to have a real live
correspondent in every locality in the
county, and all stationery and stamps
will bo free. Let us hoar from you.
Mrs. Hen Millhorn, who has been
attending a hospital in Memphis, after
spending a few days at home returned
to the hospital Tuesday for further
treatment. She is considerably im
proved, however.
Advertising copy must never reach
us ns late as Wednesday evening.
Monday and Tuesday is the time, and
even Friday or Saturday would be
Messrs Marsh and Williams of the
Hunkers Trust Company, St. Louis,
w'oi-o lien- this week to attend the stock
holders meeting of the Bank of Hayti.
We understand that Mr. Williams will
shortly take the place of Mr. Marsh
with the Trust Company.
Frank Long and Kverton Spear left
Monday for Cape Girardeau, where
they will take a special course in agri
culture. These are two of L'omiscot
county's most promising young fanners,
and their elforts for advancement are
worthy of commendation.
Co. of
The White-Wilson-Drew
Memphis, manufacturers of
Brand Groceries," had their
strators here today and yesterday,
serving free lunches of "Puck Brand"
goods at F. M. Perkins' store. Their
goods looked very tempting.
Our board of alderman should have
regular monthly meetings. It is bad
to miss a regular meeting. There is
always enough business of some kind
for a regular meeting, and by having
them regular the habit of forgelfulness
and putting-off will largely ho over
come, and special or called meetings
will not bo necessary.
W. A. Rowland died at Sedgwick,
Ark., the 11th.
Mound City, 111., has a new negro
paper, the Star.
John Stout who killed Squirrel
Wilkorson at Kennett not long ago,
was acquitted at his trial in Kennett
last week.
Tho three men who blow open tho
safe and robbed the pofltolliro at
Sennth Sopteiuber 22, liavo been ar
rested at Hot Springs, and confessed.
Harry K Thaw will bo given a trial
in Now York city to dotormino whether
lie is sane. An order to that olfeet
having been issued by Justice A. S.
Topkins, to whom an appeal asking
for a trial was mado by Mrs. Win.
Thaw, Harry's mother.
MorohniiBo Hustler: Tho now Iron
Mountain depot, which is a Missouri
Pacific box cur number 22,4;).'), acq uired
a bud habit during the cold spoil.
When u big fire was burning in tho
stove, to prevent the employes and
lonfers from freezing, tho peky thing
would catch ilro itself where tho pipe
goes through tho roof.
CurutherBvillo Democrat: Wo aro
touguinhavucomiiotition in the freight
and passenger tralllc on tho Missis
sippi river. The steamer II. W. Uu
torn" has been purchased by tho mer
chants and planters living along tho
river, and it is said the Farmers Union
has been called upon to back up the en
terprise with their support. It is said
thonow boat will lower tho freight and
puBBonger rate, hut will not cut to
"starvation prices." lint watch the
Leo Line and see if they dont cut to a
fure-you-well for awhile. During tint
last ten years the Lee Line lias been
able to put every independent boat out
of service that attempted to neeiiro a
share of "their trade." There will be
no use of having "deep waterways" if
only one line of steamers can exist on
the "Father of Waters." There ought
to ho loom on this groat river for all,
we think.
Argus: Mr. Will N. Randolph and
Miss Alice Dent of Cleveland, Ohio,
were married last week at the Stoner
Hotel, Ashville N. C. Mr. Randolph,
who is from Pemiscot county, Mo.,
and a well known Apiarist lias located
on tho Biltmoro farm near Ashville,
N. C. Ho is very much pleased with
his now homo and has a largo Aspiary
tlioro. His many friends wish him all
happiness and prosperity in his iew
homo and life.
Tho St. Francis County Court mado
thofollowingniinuto at its last session:
"Upon tho requestoftho court, Burton
II. Boyor, prosecuting attorney, took
tho mutter up inroforonco to tho grant
ing of dramshop licenses outsido of
Farmington, and upon his statement,
based on the opinion of Judgo Killian,
tho court decided to grunt a saloon li
censo to Waydo Hampton of the city
of Elvins." This raises tho lid in
that county and saloon licensos wil bo
granted as bofore tho local option elec
tion lust summer.
Kennett Democrat: Although tho
full toxt of tho decision of Jumes R.
Garfield, secretary of tho interior, has
not been received as yet, information
is in to tho ulfect thut tho interior de
partmenthas decided tho "sunk lands"
Thnt our terms on Jou Pkintino
and Jon Wouk is Cash at the
time the work is done.
This ismnde necessary by tho
fact that wo must pay spot cash
for our material and nil other
expenses, nnd having obligations
to meet. Two, three or five
dollars is a pinall matter to each
individual, but when we pay the
cash for our stock and running
expenses, and turn out many
sucli jobs, yon can readily see
that it amounts to considerable
to us and we are not able to car
ry uernnnfH. Wn nntiroxintn
your work and like to favor our
irienos, ami Hope they will try to
i assist, US l)V a cash natronaee.
in the St. Francis river district in east
Arkansas belong to the United States
government. Tho lands embrace be
tween 75,000 and 100,000 acres, and
are situated in Greene, Craighead,
Poinsett and Mississippi counties.
The decision settles a question that
lias been mooted in Arkansas prac
tically since 1850.
It seems probable that New Mexico
will have a local option law enacted
during the present legislature.
Do you know that you can save
money by buying building material,
shingles, fencing, etc., from 0. W.
Frick? n(f
Dr. It. A. Wnolsey, of the Frisco
hospital, St. Louis, was here Inst week
on a visit to his old college mate, Dr.
J. V. Johnson.
For sale 1 pair mules 15 handB
high, 7 and 8 years old, good condition
Hvery way. Cash or good note. Dr.
F A. Mayes.
M. Frankleof Now Mndrid and
daughter Mrs. Rosa Friedman of
Clarksdalo, Miss., visited Mr. and Mrs.
I. Kohu this week.
Wednesday night Rv. II. IJ. Wil
liams was called by unanimous vote as
pastor of the Baptist church at this
place. Ifev. Williams has preached
for three years at Campbell, and wo
bolievutheiduirch is to be congratu
lated on securing his services.
Wo aro pro pared to do any and all
kinds of job printing and have the best
machinery that money can buy.
Proof of the Pudding
Is in the eating thereof. It takes prices to
talk. Can you beat these?
As Good Flour as anybody has got, sack 70c
Same in barrels $5.50
Best Flour on earth, or anywhere else,
sack SOc, barrel ' 6.25
Dry Salt Meat 12c. Bacon 13c. Lard 12c
Matches 4c box. Lenox Soan 4c or ft hars o.iLn.
i EA. T C A C JT"
oil JL,oiie oiar oaw
6ft Peerless Saw
Double Bit Ax
Pole Ax
Atkins Saw Tools
Saw Hammers
Oranges and Lemons, per dozen
Navy Beans
Dodson & Braun Pickles, best on earth,
per dozen
COAL Oil per gallon
Bulk Coffee 15 and 20c. Peaberry
Green Coffee
Best Corn 13c, two for 25c. Parlor Cit
corn J ue, tnree for 25c
Gold Medal Buckwheat Flour 9c, 3. for 25c
Arbuckle Coffee, while it lasts, 61b for $1.00
Coal Buckets 25c and 35c
Bring your bucket and get country
Sorghum, something good, SOc a gallon.
54 Pairs Men's and Boys' Shoes at COST.
Haven t room to handle them, so I will quit
handling them.
Hayti, - Mo.
Dickens' Tribute to Women.
O woman, God-below-d In old Jeru
salem! The best among us need to
deal lilitly with thy faults, if only
for the punishment thy nature will en
duie. in bearing heavy evidence
aRalnst us in the Day of Jinament.
Dirk as
The Obliging Butcher.
The parson's wife had sent an order
for a leg of mutton, and received In
reply the following noie: "Dear
Madam: t have not killed myself this
. week, but can get you a leg off my
brother, If that will do Your affec
tionate butcher, John Sirloin." Phila
dclnWn 'nqulrer.
RULES THE WORLD. Come in our store
and see our purchasing power enables your
dollar to rule
The last Ca'l. Be sure and get
our prices. Everything cut
lower than ever.
Be sure and see our working man's
Special at $2.75. Can't be beat
Ball Band hip boots $6.oo
Ball Band knee boots a.kq
Wales Goodyear long boots 6.oo .
Wales Goodyear knee boots 4.50
HAYTI, - -
- I "11 '
: I
J . JHhENd S0N
; VVL STYiiano.
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