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The Hayti herald. (Hayti, Mo.) 1908-1922, January 28, 1909, Image 1

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NO. 14.
Ha.vtl was visited by another right
serious llro about ."J:.'J0 Saturday morn
ing, destro.v inf two vacant store build
ings and tho Sanders Bros, stores
Tho origin of the lire is unknown;
It was diseovoied in Sander Bros,
store and liad gained such heudwa.v
that only two or three show eases con
taining goods and tho safe was io
moved. The heaviest loser was,
doubtless, J. T. Buckley, who onlj a
few days before had bought the Brad
Meatto store building.
Sanders Bros, had $l,f00 insurance,
8400 boing on tho building, $100 on tho
fixtures and Si, 000 on tho stock.
The third -building was owned by
Dr. J. G. Older.
Tho wind was from tho south. Had
the w ind been from the east the lire
might have been much more serious.
This is the fourth big lire in tho
business part of Ha.vti in less than
three jears, and as strange as it maj
seem, the onlj fires over in the busi
ness part of town.
Fred (Jack) Teaster and Miss Edna
Johnson were quietly married at tho
home of tho bride's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. Johnson, Sundaj evening
at 5 :).
Rev. Fallin olllciated. The guests
of the joung couple were Misses Dul
cia Brant, Viva Smith, Mr, rtle Fole. ,
Edgar Nunn, Arthur Allen, John Dor
ris, Jr. and relatives of the familv.
Tho Herald wishes thein a long and
happy life.
To those who lost in tho liio Fridav
night there may bo a serious side. I
There is also a serious side to Geno
Popham, who was climbing upon aj
house to help to save it and just as
his head went above the roof a fire
lighter mistook it for a bla.o and ,
soused it with a bucket of water. John
Stephens dodged just in time to miss
the second bucket and after that they
kept their hats on.
Ben Allen went tocall for water and
was so excited lie called out"he-a-v-o
tli-o 1-o-a-d- l-i-n-o" and Ol Dewow,
wIid was handing up a bucket lost his
liead and answered "ijua-r-t-o-r le-s-s-t-w-a-i-n
Otis l'opham's legs were straight for
three dajs after the lire.
Some ono saw Bill Night pulling
and tugging at a rope, and asking
him what lie was ti ing to do, ho said,
"tr. in' to blow this darned whistle."
Arthur Allien called for "two more
Henry llanshurfih only had on ono
leg of his pants, while John Dorris
made a mistake and used his coat for
Charlie Pro vine hud his sox on over
his shoes.
Honrj Dortch took the handle oil of
George Dorris' pump to keep from
wearing out the sucker.
Uncle Charlie Wells stai ted up the
tune of "Dixie," w Idle Prof. Davison
whistled "Sweet Bunch of Daisies,"
and theie was a bunch of them up the
Verily, is tills old town going to
wako ui)V It seems now Unit it is.
Tho latest move is sheet lights. II.
A. Dortch, representing tho Economy
Gas Lamp Companj, is exhibiting a
sti cot lamp and will ask the people,
if the demonstrations are satisfactory,
to give tills lamp their consideration.
Tho eit needs street lights, and in
the proper hands wo believe the gaso
line lamp will answer evcrv purpose.
Tho Herald is now past three months
old, and to show the people that it is
still growing, here is our list of sub
scribers for this week: Albeit Big
ham, Lee W. Rood, .Aunt Bettio Me
Farland, A. C. Tindlo, Peoples Fur
niture Companp and Mack Stubble-'
Held, Carutliersville. P. It. Smith,
Capo Girardeau. E. C. Speer, Brag
gadocio. J. J. Band. D. W. Davis,
J. W. Horner, S.J. Jefhcss, Mrs. S.
I j. Gettings, Mrs. Anna Durnall, C.
W. Sullivant, Mrs. Euiil.v Ta.vlor,
Mrs. Albert Caglo, Brack Gaskins,
C. Shell, Ifavti. Now is the time to
subscribe, while it is on v our mind.
Sunday evening Chas. Stephens, liv
ing about four miles out of town,
struck Willie Jones on the head
twice with tho barrel of a shot gun, in
flicting two ugly wounds. Stephens
is about 55 jeurs old, while ihobo is
about 15. MarshajJud'-n went out to
arrest'St 'ligftfL )i it two o'clock
Monday morning found him in a corn
crib and landed him in jail at Caru
tliersville. Prosecuting Attornev
Cosmi eume out Tuesdny to trv the
case and Stephens w as fined ij"i.
L. C. Averill has given over his
entire advertising space to a special
and stiong appeal for the improve
ment of tho public square, and "Jack"
does not only make this appeal, but
lie comes down with 825 cash and
promises to plant live trrees. This
certainl.v ought to bring action on
this long neglected matter, and we
fully believe now that the squaie will
bo taken care of.
Ed Botvd, who haled fiom whence
no one knowcth or caieth a continen
tal, hove into town full of bug juice
Mondav, and was not long in finding
tho marshal, whose name aslo was Ed.
So Ed invited Ed down to his private
stall. Ed didn't want to go, and told
Ed he'd "spile" his face, and as Ed
made a pass to spile Ed's faco Ed
bowed up like a sheep and landed on
Ed's hi cad basket like a thousand
brick, which made Ed's invition to
Ed to bask in Ed's private stall rather
forcible, and Ed accepted. The next
morning Ed was given hours to get
Jamct. Argo was a business visitor
at Carutliersville Tuesdav.
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Morris cele
brated their irolden weddinir Tuesdav,
having married in 18-19, at Spring i
i Creek, Tonn. Mr. and Mrs. Morns
j came to Missouri in 77. Thev aie
remarkably well preserved for their
age, and we wiih them manv more
liappv j ears.
HIS space is mine, and supposed
to bo used to advertise my
goods and wares. However
it will be used this time for the
lioneut of the CITIZENS OF
Wo have a CITY HALL here that is by
far the finest public building in the county, and
tho squaie upon which the building is located
appears as bad as anj property in the city or
What should lie done is to fence this
squaie, plant it in grass and set out native
tiees (maple).
Now, some people will say that tho
grand should bo first graded, by taking off" the
knoll on the southeast corner, and dirtributing
it over the lower part.
This will not help the matter, as theio is
not enough of the knoll.
Tho right wav would bo to fill in the low
places and bring them up to a height to corre
spond w itli the high.
However, wo haven't the monej to do the
filling in, so let us fence this square like it is,
plant grass and ttees, and in a shott while it
will bo a place of ornament and beauty instead
of what it is today.
Make the fence out of material suitable
to the majority of people donating to tho enter
prise. 1 will stait the list witli a donation of 515
and will plant iivo maple trees.
Yours trulj,
I AJou caw x&. a I gm 1
A little shaver can't shave with our
Razors, but a big one can, with ease. Just
received a big line of KEEN-KUTTER Ra
zors at $2, $2.25 and $2.50 each. We
guarantee them.
ou caw Y.xv4 a
- pier's
If so, come in and see our new line of
Wall Paper. Some of the latest and pret
ties! designs at 5c, 8c, 10c, 12c, 15c, 20c and
25c per single roll.

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