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The Hayti herald. (Hayti, Mo.) 1908-1922, January 28, 1909, Image 3

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New York. Dr. A. W. Nowfleld sat
reading in his study in his apartment
on West One Hundred and Forty-first
Btieet. His wife, his daughter and
the latter's husband had gone to a
theater. Soon the doctor dozed, he
doesn't know how long, but suddenly
he was awakened by a low, walling
cry right in the room. The doctor
looked up with a jerk, adjusted his
glasses on his nose and then fell
back limp in his chair.
In front of him, swaying and pirou
etting, with her hands chasing each
other In snakcllke fashion, stood his
housemaid, Margaret Kelly, with her
"I'm Salome," Chanted Margaret,
Twirling on One Toe.
hair in a braid and doing a Salome
dance, appropriately clad.
"B-bless my soul!" exclaimed the
doctor when he got his breath.
"W-what does this extraordinary con
duct mean, young woman?"
But Margaret answeied not. She
just kept on dancing, sliding her arms
sinuously about, singing the ciueer, wall
ing tune, with her eyes fixed on the
doctor's as if to her he represented
John the Baptist. Aiound his chair
she circled slowly and the doctor's utiv
easiness grew every second.
"Go 'way!" he eiied. "Are you
crazy? Suppose some one fchould
come. Go 'way!"
"I'm Salome," chanted Margaiot,
twirling on one toe. "I saw Eva Tan-
guay do It at the 1 don't care!
I don't care!"
Then the doctor telephoned police
headtiuarteis, and when two police
men came they had their hands full
with Margaret Kelly. She refused to
put on any more clothes, 'and when
Dr. Tompkins came he lound the two
policemen holding a blanket about
"Too much Eighth avenue whisky,"
the doctor said, and lie bundled Mar
garet, still piotestlng that she was
Salome, off to a hospital.
Mrs. Newlleld engaged Margaret
a few days ago fioni an employment
agency, The girl is oting and pretty
and had excellent leferences. When
bhe sent her trunk to the Xewfleld
apartment it was so big that It had to
be put in the attic.
"But it didn't hold much." Mrs. New
field said, "One of the other servants
saw her unpack it and told me that all
it contained wns a lot of fancy gauze
stuff that must have been the Salome
costume she was practicing in."
Taunton Citizens, Fearing Mysterious
Person, Appeal to Police.
Taunton, X. J. A wild man is
haunting the vicinity of Prospect Hill
in tho north end of the oily, and bcorea
of residents, frightened nt his peculiar
notions, hnve appealed to the police to
invustlsate his case. Iioanilng about
ou the outskirts of the woods and
often appealing near the edge of the
loads, ho has spread such a leigu of
terror in the locality that mothers will
not let their child! eu run about as be
fore. He was sighted on the summit of
tho hill, wildly wiulng his hands
towaul tho sky and singing as if in
prayer, but before an thing tould bo
done to effect Ills capture he dlfcap
peared. Other reports .say that he has
uten seen running like a hunted deer
tlrough tho underbrush and tearing
down bushes and small shrubbery in
what appears to bo a maniacal desire
, t' destioy.
Ho is described as very poorly
dressed and his unshaven lace and un
V.enipt hair give him every appearance
of n wild man. Itesldents of the neigh,
horhood are planning a concerted ac
tion to effect his capture the next time
he makes his nppearanco upon the
summit of tho hill. Some believe that
rt'. may linvo escaped from tho ins'aua
Ji"jj)ltn? which. Is located nearby.
Women Struggle Hopelessly Along,
Suffering Backache, Dizzy Spells,
Languor, Etc.
Womon have so much to go through
Jn life that It's a pity there is so much
suffering from back
ache and other com
men curable kidney
ills. If you suffer so,
profit by this wom
an's example: Mrs.
Martin Douglass, G2
Cedar St., Kingston,
N. Y., says: "I had a
lame, aching back.
f dizzy spells, head
aches, and a feeling of languor. Part
of the time I could not attend to my
work and irregularity of the kidney
secretions was annoying. Doan's Kid
ney Pills brought me prompt relief."
Sold by all dealers. 50c a box. Fob-tor-MIlburn
Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Mr. Dude I was thinking how much
I resemble your carpet always at
your feet, you know.
Miss Sly Yes, very much like my
carpet. I'm going to shake It soon.
Was So Sore, Irritating and Painful
That Little Sufferer Could Not Sleep
Scratched Constantly.
Cuticura's Efficacy Clearly Proven.
"When about two and a half years
old my daughter broke out on her hips
and the upper parts of her legs with a
very irritating and painful eruption. It
began in October; the first I noticed
was a little red surface and a constant
desire on her part to scratch her limbs.
She coultl not sleep and the eruptions
got sore, and yellow water came out
of them. I had two doctors treat her,
but she grew worse under their treat
ment. Then I bought the Cuticura
Remedies and only used them two
weeks when she was entirely well.
This was in February. She has never
had another rough place on her skin,
and she Is now fourteen yeais old.
Mrs. R. R. Whitaker, Winchester,
Tenn., Sept. 22, 1908."
Potter Drug & Cheui. Cur p., Solo Props., Boston.
Anger Shrinks Vitality.
Dr. Maurice de Floury, a distin
guished Frenchman, advances the the
ory that every time one becomes an
gry his vitality shrinks. Alter even
the most artfully suppressed signs of
bad temper the vitality becomes small
er and smaller, until finally nothing is
left. Anger is a certain kind of ce
tebral excitement, explains Dr. de
Floury. The hypersthenic sub'Joct is
always on its erge, while the neuras
thonio becomes inf minted onlj by a
sudden bound of reaction excited from
without. But at that moment when
they are let loose the two aie alike,
save that the stioug man is a blinder
brute, while the weak man is some
what of an actor and seems to aim at
In the Divorce Colony.
The Huh Do Jones gi; is talking to
her playmate, Lucy van Smith.
"Oh, Lucy," said she, "we have a
new papa!"
"Have you? What's his name?"
"Mr. Jones."
"Oh, pshaw! wo had him, too, but
we didn't like him." Lippincott's.
Sl'OIIX'S DISTKMI'KU f'l'nr. will
cmc .un iioiilrlc i a-o of DISTKMI'I'll,
l'INK i K. mid the like among hoi-c-,
ot all ajii-, .Hid pioM'iiti- all otliein ill the
t-ame -tallo fiimi having tho dii-iM-e. A No
etui's chicken thnli'ia. ami dog dixteinpoi'.
Anv Komi dni(.'Nl can Mipph mi. oi wnd
to infix. r.O couth and $1.0(1 a bottle Agents
wantrcl. 1'ieo book. Spohu Medical C'o.,
Spue. Contagion-. Di-iM-th, (io.-lion, ind.
No Links.
Illxon When he got a di voice from
Ills wife ho leslgned fiom tho K'df
Dixon So now he's entirely
Probably Not.
Kiln Dors Tied kiss you for your
Stella Well, I don't think it's for
I'M.KS Cl'lti:i) IN a TO 14 DAYS.
'AY.i OINT.MKNT Is Kiiiimnti ed to turn liny case
nt ln-lil UK. lllliul. Illi'i'illni! or l'riu railing l'ilei, In
C to 11 ilajs or money refunded, 6Uo
Arms mid laws do not llouilsh to
gethor. Caesar.
iTcoMlu-u I
BkIibS3h Mb I V n9v H HI SB AkHHI flHH HI tfrfi IllIflllHI HI 1 Ht iHBmI Bi H 91 HHHHH
RiflHKl Hfi. bp 9hhe nH w JH k HH) HHH HI " a H B H VH Hi Hi fl HH " Ml HRr HHHH JH IH 0
The Increased use of "Toris" for
rheumatism is causing considerable
discussion among tho mcdicul frater
nity. It is an almost Infallible cure
when mixed with certain other Ingre
dients and taken properly. Tho fol
lowing formula is'effcctlve: "To one
half pint of good whiskey add one
ounce of Toris Compound and one
ounco of Syrup Sarsaparllla Compound.
Take In tnblespoonful doses before
each meal and before retiring."
Toris compound is a product of tho
laboratories of the Globe Pharma
ceutical Co., Chicago, but it as well as
the other Ingredients can be bad from
any good druggist.
Modern Buildings Inferior.
In modern buildings the cement and
mortar are the weakest points; In tho
buildings which the Homans and
Greeks raised thousands of years ago
the cement and mortar are the strong
est points, and hold good while the
very stones they bind together crum
ble away with age. With all our sci
ence we can not make such cement
and mot tar, and, therefore, we can not
construct such buildings as the an
cients raised.
$100 Reward, $100.
Th ruder, ot this paper will be pleated to lean
Uial there Is at lestt one d fouled disease that menct
has been able to cure In All Its stages, And that 1c
I Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is the only pofithc
J cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh
bilne a constitutional disease, requires a constitu
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is talrn In
ternally, netlni; directly upon the blood anil inurous
surfaces ot the system, therebj destrojlne the
foundation of the disease, and cUInc the pMlent
, strength by building up the constitution and assist
ing nature In doing Its work. The proprietors blue
I so much faith In Its curatte powers that they offer
I One Hundred Dollars for any case that It tails to
cure. Send for lUt of testimonials
I Address K. J. CIIUNHY & CO . 'loledo. O.
Sold by all Drueclits. 75c.
Take Hall's lanilly Pills for constipation.
Wouldn't Take Him Seriously.
He But I need you in order to be
She I couldn't think of marrying a
nepdy person.
Luther Burbank's Greatest Creation. A Luscious Berry Ripening in Three
Months from Seed. Seed 20 Cts. Per Pkt., 3 Pkts. for 50 Cts., Postpaid
rrult blm-lilaek IlUe un viiuiinout. rich blueliorrv In leuVs nml
t:ihti" L"iisurjias-.i'il fur ealiii' riw, v 1'i'U, .iuui-il or pic-ilMil
ill any form lliu !ie.itet (j.irili n fiuit i'ir ialiuiliieeil anil
'imlly .ilu,ilili' in Inn. ili.v, eolil or wpi il liiate--. Ta-ii'-t ilant III
the woili! lu Tiuw, MH-eeoilIii anlnu- ami KUlin trieat ina es
of i ieh fruit .ill hiimuii'r anil fall -anil .illviutir In pnli. ( s a put
lil.iiu It Ih luitll uiiiaiiiPiitiil ninl u-i'fu.' Tin- rn .-iii-it linun to the
family (,'arilen eer knoun. KmmjIkhIj can anil will cum It.
I.utln r llurliank. of (.'nllfoinla. 1'ie m- il fainons li lirlillpr,
irlKlnatoil tills new fruit anil turiii'il it i ver In i :i to iiitroiliue. He
i-a-. of if "Tills alisolutely in. .v ln: . ttiut in of (.'lint luti-n
anil alue an It ln-ats llic most ilelii nuw, v uolesoui- ami In .'.llhlul
bellied in utmost jaofuhlou and alvuj - i Jii.e tiui 1. m i.lci1 ''
Addre38 JOHN LEWIS GH3LD3, Floral Park, W. Y.
P. S. This Offer Will not nppoar again. Wiiie fur Womleiben- wnl, and Citalo?ue ut onee Do mt nepleet or delay You
i'.in be tin1 l)i't i ('low il in . in 1 mil a 'I m.'i'.to ln' n nmj m lllnu Im'li liertie- ami seed 1 i M-ed O.M) i ills fimu a few plants
Color moro coeds brighter and faster colors than any other dve. Una 10c Daci-aoo colon all fibers. Then dye in cold water better than any other die. You can d)3
anjoermer.t without nppitiQap:fL Writo tor true booklet How to Dye. Uleach and Mix Colors. MONROE DRUG CO., Qulncy, Illinois.
A Cruel Innuendo.
"Pop, are the man-hunllnu trihes ex
tinct?" "Yes, my son, until next leap year."
For Colds and Grlpp Capudlne.
Tho bi'ht remedy for Grlpp nml t'olilH Is
Illeltf. ('npudlne. IMIcm-h the iu'IiIdk und
feverlslniPss f'uii.s tho old Hi mlm In h
nlho. It'H Liquid -I3fiVcls liiimvdiatcly 10,
".1 nml Me at Druir HtoiiH.
Silver Is of less value than gold;
Bold, than virtue. Horace.
. It Curi'H Whlln Vim AViilk
Allen kbuiii-i:.n.ofiirriiriiMiiiil liuulom. liut tweaty
(iillousucliliiKfeit. ileal I Druciilblk.
And tho pretty girl usually has plain
Oooauoo of thoso ugly, erlzzly, gray halra. Uso "LA CREOLE" HAIR RESTORER. o PRICE, SI.OO, retail
jrtj-Vllj' ii.nM"wJ"aiii" wii.iiLiii-wwyj
AYegctaMe Preparation for As
similating Ihe Food and Regula
ting the Stomachs and Bowels of
Promotes Digcslion,Cheerful
ness and Rest. Contains neither
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral
Not "Narcotic
Jttnnktn St&a
4txSrna -
Ants Stttl
ftpptrmwt -
Harm Stttl -Cfariird
Wmktyrttn Yrtior
A perfect Remedy forConstipo
lion . Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea,
Worms .Convulsions .Fevcrish
ncss and LOSS OF SLEEP
Facsimile Signature of
The Centaur Company.
Guaranteed under the Foodand,
- -
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
l-l VJ Ioniqueuuiieri buudu m in:
-tri iiKtli and MMlii Ui i ti. wuni.ait Mtn-iii ir uiul
Nenulls hwtem. i:siei'i.ill MtlunUlt in ltlli tllii.1
lUui und l ilan i llu irunieiHl underitii lui 1 mid
ami lirtiKaAii Tn ill)ntili'Tiiu-lii'lenis miu
ptesfrie. TiltToMiii Cuiii'iM, Huiland, t.
THIOfrfD FlilOllrSff
asni insa'tJ'n.fffHBiiqiiui
for Bullltiii .oreu o bale Alerll
lllood Tbblrtc JJdnri allowsj to
sail Tablet, rntarn mnnay und cet
rinK. AdJieM-MrrllMrillrlnnOo.
Utiuax 11. CtntilDUiitl, Olilo.
A. N. K. F (19095) 2267.
BBS. jXfiitjL' jf Ju aJcjT-ImMBb
iK?t 1E?-S?S1
fe Hest Couch Sjrup. rstes Oood. g ,
E tlte in time. Sold by druggitn. K3
For Infanta and Chlldron.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the 9
Signature fAA
ft Jrv In
y For Over
hirty Years
TMKCinTounooHFAnr, niwYomt orrr.
FOR 20 CTS. Niornrv imp-) I u l semi I )s.t Womlerbcn-x
wi'il, (.1 iiUs for .V) et-) anil m l.HLVTl TALO(.l"i: wlm-li tells all
ubout It ami my 1111. ( A--H l'ltlLb lo agents. AliUXTs WAXTIZU
N1Y GREAT CATALOGUE of Flowers and Vecetable
Seed, Bulbs, Plants and Rare nrd New Fruits FREE to all who
apply. 140 parses, GOO Illustrations and colored plates. I havo been
in liuiness J4 ycar3 and have half a million customers all over the
country. Complete satisfaction rjuaranteed to everyone. Do not
fall to sco tho many nrcat Novelties I am ofTer ng this year of which
tho WONDCRBCRRY is the greatest ever known.
New Book on
W0 pa tre, cloth bound medical book
on consumption. TclU In plain,
lmplo UnKuau bow consumption
cau bo curvd in your on linim.
Wiite today. Tttf IIooL U aUo
lutily free.
S'r.'O Hattr blrtft, htUaitiDO, Slew
A.N'l l.U .tiiukket'pi'ru oMlunt tioukktvp
(i ill ist iiii-ii tiniH Waiter i ltr kit (or uinvru
otMrinand I'oium.i'Mirlt'ii iilpp.nf lUrVMHidnaUs
inm v-w iii tvu ptr nmuiii. miv ku, vpvricutv.
piitllii)ii anil mi ry uitriiif Aiiurri
AUKIIlt iMII'l llltll 11 1 li'l" PHtiwH. im
ffJMrtOQV NKW IHSCOWntVi nlvea
ZJrfUfjrJ b eulik relief iuuicuri'i.oritiMt,i.'s,
Hook of testimonial!) uutl 1U ilnyb' treatiueni KUKK.
Ult. It. U. UUKKN ti BUNS, llol It. A1LA.MA, Ui.
TiiJt ii '4aimttiamMfcMiaaattttfi ug.iauiiimMii

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