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Gathered at Rnndom from Random Sources
O. IT. Dewey attended to business at
Cnruthersvllle Tuesday.
Tucker McMurray was here from
I'arnthersvlllc Wednesday.
E. T Adams and family spent Sun
day with relatives at Fortagoville.
II. C. Ilertwit'k is ongnged in the
real estate business at lola, Kansas.
E C. Speer of Hraggadoeio was a
business caller at our olllee Wednes
day .
Miss Maud Noble was the guest of
Miss Lizzie Adams at I'ortaville Sun
day. Harry Henderson of Concord was in
town Sunday, and says his family are
all recovering from the small pox.
Do you know that you can save
money by buying building material,
shingles, fencing, etc., from 0. W.
Frick? lltf
Mrs.S. E. Noble of Maiden, who has
been visiting her daughter, Mrs E. T.
Adams, returned home hist Tuesday.
For sale 1 pair mules 15.J4 hands
high, 7 and 8 years old, good condition
every way. Cash or good note. Dr.
F A. Mayes.
Hen Allen hasen't got but one lung
but there is not a man in town who
can do any more blowing for the town
than Hen can do.
CQy'll,000 papers Harden seed. 1 cent
n package, nt the .Spot Cash Grocery.
100s (if people have need thefee t-eeds
anil know they are good. biff
The Ladies' Aid Society of the
Methodist church will give an enter
tainment in the city halj on the night
of February 11'.
John E. Duncan, our old Hayti
John, has been appointed poitmastcr
at Caruthersville, to fill the vacancy
caused by the resignation of Charles
A. Crow, congressman-elect from this
On account of the illness of Mrs.
York, who assists in the ollice, the
Herald may not come up to its usual
standard this week.
Ad Rasch of Padueah, Ky., repre
senting the Blnekwell-Wieland Co.
of St. Louis, sold a nice bill of goods
to L. L. Leller Monday.
Mrs. Mollie Connu of pancola was a
Ilayti visitor Monday, and placed an
order for some printing. Mrs. Coram
will open a millinery store at that
place March 1.
Eleven thousand papers Garden
Seeds 1 cent package at Spot Cash
Grocery. Hundreds of peopln UBed
these seeds last year and know they
are good. llitf
Dr Johnson had three patients nt
Dry bayou Sunday, Mrs. Doss Hud
gens and baby and .Mrs. Meadows.
Mrs. Meadows has a very severe case
of pneumonia.
The big dredge boat is now rapidly
Hearing completion and most of the
machinery is placed. The bout will
likely be ready before there is sulli
cient water for work.
I1. S. Kavenstein thinks such an
article is needed in many homes in
tliis city, hands the Herald the fol
lowing: "Every family should have
a curfew which should 'ring tonight'
and all other nights if needed. These
curfews are inexpensive and can be
made at home. Take a piece of siding
two feet long and whittle one end to a
handle. Take the child that needs the
curfew and bond itovora barrel. Now
take the siding and use it as a clapper
Hut it on hot, dividing the strokes
evenly, and see that none miss.
Good for a boy or girl up to IS years,
and three applications ai-o warranted
to cure the most pronounced case of
street loafing that exists. The music
is said to be more effective than sing
ing 'Where is my Wandering Hoy To
muhr?' "'
Kennett Herald: On January 2nd, a
contract waH signed up between theciti
zens of 1'ingott and the ntlicials of the
St. Louis, Kennett and .Southern Hail
r md Co., whereby this company will
extend their road tol'iggott. Theciti
zfns of Figgott have pledged to give
$10,000 and ten acies of ground at that
place for terminal facilities, and scenic
the light-of-way between that place
and the present terminus of the road,
provided thecompany make a standard
gauge road fioin Kennett to l'iggott,
aod operate tegular tiams between the
two important places, the lailroadto
complete same by Jan. 1, UMO. It is
icported that the woik will begin at
once, and theoiliciais will push it t
completion as soon as possilde. The
company have the aHMirancc that a
timber mill of some kind will be built
at I'iggott so this will give them a
haul both ways.
New Madrid Record: The citizens of
1'ortageville are looking to a system of
jm o water seivice and are taking steps
towards driving an mtesian well. Al
phoiihc Debible is one of the leading
piomoters id the enterprise and has a
petition signed by neaily all the peo
ple, which is to lie piesented to the
city council asking a bunded indebted
ness for the purpose of prosecuting the
work. They expect to drive, at least
a thousand feet, or until the best of
water can he seemed.
editor will some day write your obi
tuaiy. As you don't know which one
it will he, the safest way is to tieat all
editois in a way that will make them
feel kindly towards vou.
At the February term of court in New
Madrid county a petition will be pre
sented asking foi an election to build a
$00,000 court house and u $15,000 jail.
The jury in the case of the state
against Les Co, at Kennett, tailed to
agiee, and Cox will be tried again.
It seems piobable that a raiboad
will be built fiom Maistonto New
Mad lid.
We tee in the Pot tageville Critic
that W. E. Webb is in Reedly, Calif.
The Hayti Herald is turning out all
kinds of job printing.
Caruthersville Democrat: "His said
a Hayti i:irl recently .sold a box full of
love letters to a rag man for fi(t cents.
Looking over ids purchase later, the
man discovered that lie had purchas
ed a good thing. He boiled the letters
down and sold the product for strain
ed honey and realied a good profit."
The man who wrote those letters
was a young grocery man over at Ca
ruthersville. He "strained Ids honey "
a little too much, the conespondence
was broken, and in turn lie bought
the product from the rag man.
Engineer Sam Frizzoll, who was in
jured in the boiler explosion near
Hayti, is back in thecity. Ho is steadi
ly improving and hopes to soon dis
card ids crutches. Chalice Review.
Notice Now is the time to make
arrangements for your concrete
walks. I am making special prices
up to March 1 on all kinds of con
crete work. All work guaranteed.
Son mo at once, P. S.Unvenstoln.
Offer to Sell
I offer for salu my hotiau and 2 lotB
and 2 cows and calves and 25 head of
hogs for $1000, cash. Also the house
and lot across the street from my
house, known as the Toll Wilson pro
perty, for 400, 3100 paid in cash.
There is a mortgage on this last named
property for $300.
8tf Roy Gabkins.
Strayed or Stolon
From Hreacher Cantrell's camp, near
Deering, Mo., one bay mare mule,
about fifteen years old, about fourteen
and one-half hands high, thin in or
der, ears inclined to lie stifr, has high
hips, has been gone since about Dec.
17, 1008.
Any one that will return this mule
to us or notify us of her whereabouts
will lie liberally rewarded.
Tun Ai.fai.fa Faiimino Co.,
lltf Hayti, Mo.
N. W. Corner Square, Ilayti, Mo.
For your money's wortli in Short
Order meals, Lunches, Cold Drinks,
Confectioneries, Fruits, Fish and
Game in Season, Cigars and every
thing that goes to make a flrstclass
restaurant. Call once and you will
come again.
Under the head of "Hlood on Hayti"
and usinc the folhvoiii"- local from the
Sikcstoii Hoinet: Ben Adams, the .,....
veteran editor of the Cape, says that j .,I( om. ,ty ttlIlmrtlos uro not go
tho men who are working Southeast ing to take any action in that shoot
Missouri with what they stylo tho.Mei- ing scrape of a few days ago in which
chantB' Mercantile Company, aie u !mu "TmV UIJd c" woumn ws hliot,
. . - ,,!.. r. u then Judgo .1. S. Go&soin ought to trv
bunch of grafters. If it's a graft, Hen, his hand?'
iavo returned to their home in Hayti, E , . ,h "n'iw'o'1' V,0If y011!' r"
... ,, , i.ni it .i . bllngers they'll not soon forget. Li
Uo MIbs Freda Wilson of Hayti, Mo., some citizen of llavti turn up tl
The Caruthorsvillo Democrat says:
"Gee Whiz, Herald, you cant't ex
pect a little firearms practice like that
to awaken Hayti from her dreams suf
ficiently to sit up and take notice.
Furnish Judge Gossom with the facts,
or a lead to the parties at war, and
there'll no a crupper put on your lead
Capo merchants are not the only ones
that were "look in." Kikeston mer
chants took a whirl at it too.
Clinton, (Ky .) Gazette: Mrs. Stolfcl
and littlo nicco, Fay Wilson, who ac-
c nnpanicd Miss Freda Wilson hero,
"" I.-." .. .... ...iv w,""m some citizen oi iiuyii turn up liie
entered school this week. We welcome "bill" and tlio ball will bo started to
liar heartily, and hopo that wo shall rolling." '
have many more like hop to join us. I Now watch tho fur fly. '
I Time: Saturday night, December
Ex: You who read thiH should bear () 1008.
in mind that Hub editor or some other Wounded: Mr. and Mrs. James
- Atkins, man shot in shoulder and wo-
Wo know that you hav'o tho placing &" fchot In ''
of vour own legal notices, bo remember Assailant: Ed Berry,
us when you have any thing of the, we sent tho judge a marked copy
kind. Wu caninakeyoii aB reuBonublo . .. .r,,..,.! (,m,tI1tni)r ti.n,,hrv i,
a price as anyone, for Administrator's of)t"1 Hm l,(1 contain i g thonboo lo
Notire, Notice of Final Settlement, M. t when in Hayti ho neglected to
Trustee's Sale or Order of Publications, 'cull on us for further information.
Culpepper & Jackson
S Watchmakers and SI
( Jewelers (
N"xtdoor to Bank of Hayti S In
P Hayti, - - Missouri ?jl
Proof of the Pudding
Is in the eating thereof. It takes prices to
talk. Can you beat these?
As Good Flour as anybody has got, sack 70c
Same in barrels $5.50
Best Flour on earth, or anywhere else,
sack 80c, barrel 6.25
Dry Salt iMeat 12e. Bacon 13c. Lard 12c
Matches 4c box. Lenox Soap 4c or 6 bars 24c
(if t Lone Star Saw 2.95
(if t Peerless Saw 3.95
Double Bit Ax 1.20
Pole Ax 90c
Atkins Saw Tools 50c
Saw Hammers 40c
Oranges and Lemons, per dozen 25c
Navy Beans 6c
Dodson & Braun Pickles, best on earth,
per dozen 10c
OOAL Oil per gallon 15c
Bulk Coffee 15 and 20c. Peaberry
Green Coffee lSc
Best Corn 13c, two for 25c. Parlor City
Corn 10c, three for 25c
Gold Medal Buckwheat Flour 9c, 3 for 25c
Arbuckle Coffee, while it lasts, Gib for $1.00
Coal Buckets 25c and 35c
Bring your bucket and get country
Sorghum, something good, 50c a gallon.
r4 Pairs Men's and Boys' Shoes at COST.
Haven't room to handle them, so I will quit
handling them.
Ofiico at Homo. Phone No.28
Huyti, .Missouri
Itcsiilenuu and Lois for Salts
For Rale nt a bargain one of the
nicest rHsidenooH in town, corner,
near business, 7 roomR, 2 storieH, 2 or
3 lotB and lots on oposito aide of
afreet ,1. N. CIhidpiih, Tyler or 0.
W. Friok, Hayti. 5tf
Land lor S11I0
80 aeree good laud, 35 in cultivation,
5 in alfalfa, amid' orchard, 3 mid 8
from town, bargain for cash or part
on time. Jon Wki.cii, Hayti, Mo. 2
Bring your job printing to the Ilayti
We quote you below prices on some merchandise that is far below
cost and almost like giving it away.
Who ever heard of a prices like these? The reason of this is, we
have but a few of these articles left, and want to clean up the odds
and ends. Come in and see if what we publish is not true.
Ladies' Skirts Men's Suits
$0.00 Skirts for - $2.75 $15.00 Suits for - $10.00
5.50 " " - 2.25 12.50 " " - 8.00
5.00 " " - 2.00 10.00 " " - (J.OO
4.00 " " - 1.75 9.oo " " - 5.5o
2.50 " " - 1.25 7.5o " " - 4.75
Ladies, Listen. Let me save you no cents on the dollar. I
need the money and you need the jacket. "Come, let us reason
- I. KOHN -

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