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Peruna Drug Co., Columbus, Ohio.
0ntltmiii! T lmvn ncorl lni-iin
and find tliat it, canuot bo equaled as
a tonic, as well as a euro for coughs,
colds and catarrh.
You ntn miUinrizpil fr ticn mw
fihoto with testimonial in any pub
ication. Joseph II. Chase,
804 Tenth St., Washiugtoii, D. C.
Cold and La Grippe
Mr. C. Happy, Hiiuliu, Hay Co., Mo.,
writes: "I win safely recommend Pe
J una as a remedy that will cine ull ca
tarrhal troubles.
"It was of great benefit to mo, as it
cured me of catarrh of the throat, and
I took a very bad cold and had la
tf ippe last February. It settled in my
tin oat and lungh. I took three bottles
of Peruna and it cured me.
"I highly locomiiicnd it to all who
are bick, and I am glad to aild my en
doisemcnt to that of others."
Pc-ru-na for Colds
Mr. L. Clifford Figg, Jr., 2920 East
Marshall St., Jlichraond, Va., writes
that when he gets a cold he takes Peru
na, and it soon diives it out of his sys
tem. For seveial years ho waa not
entirely ucll, but Peruna completely
cured him.
People who object to liquid medicines
can now secure Peruna tablets.
For a free illustrated booklet entitled
"The Truth About Peruna," address
The Peruna Co., Columbus, Ohio.
Mailed postpaid.
Munyon's Cold Remedy Relieves the
head, throit and iungs almost lmmcdlnte
lv. Cbecks rovers, stops UlticliargCH of
the nose, takes away all nclies nud iinlns
caused by lolda. It cutcs Grip and ob
utlnati Coughs and prciuuts I'ucuuioula.
I'rlee 25c.
IIni j on stiff or swollen joints, no mat
ter how chronic? Auk your druggist for
Munyon's Rheumatism Remedy oud sco
how quickly yon will be cured.
If you have any klducy or bladder trou
ble get Munyon's Kidney Remedy.
Munyon's Vltallzer makes weak mea
alrong eud restores lost powers.
(Tetter Cure) Is sold by druccists
, , .. i,- .- -Y.!..-
guarantee to cure Dan
druff and all Scalp
Troubles, Tetter, Ecze
ma, Itch, Ringworm,
Chapped, Sunburned
Face and Hands, Pirn
ples,Itcliing Piles.Sore,
Sweaty, Blistered Feet,
Cuts, and all Irritations
of the Skin. Does not
stain, grease or blister.
Two Sizes, 50c and $1
bottles. Trial Size 10c.
Either mailed direct on
receipt of price.
and Jersey City, N. J.
a bu.
I Per Salzer's catiloe paso 129.
Larccst Growers ot teed barley, oats, wheat.
speltz, corn, potatoes, grasses, drivers anil
farm seeds In the world. Ilia cataloe free: or.
send too 111 stamps ana receive samples or
barley yiciuinc 173 on. per aero, liiiuon
Dollar Crass, Oats, Spcltz, etc., etc , easily
worth SIO.OO to net a start with. Or. send
!4o and we add a sample (arm seed novelty
never teen ty you uciorc,
SILZER SEED CO., BokW, La Crosse, Wit. I
Cabbage Plants
irroHi proot. urownlnopenalr.
l'lk't-h: 1 lo6M.fl M;6to 0 SI,
Sl.'Jfi; 10 M nnil out, II 00 per
M,F. O.ll Mt-srVkltH.fl O. The
lurneHt'l'inelr uud l'luiil Farm
lu the world.
Mediletts, South Carolina
for Mlllns torea 23d Imizm "Alertr
Ulood Tablet. 8U dj allowed to
Mil Tablet, retain miur and set
ring. 4.elrtM',MerU,,MeIlclieOo,
UhuUi CUtlunaU, Ubi.
.flHBsr . o5?jxSMXK5S5!raS5l
4 Ajk
m lUt
(iiiimnrirtiinhi ,tVi't rftrii , -inwiWMt'ta, , . ....jfeilKH ffi
High Tariff Schedules Admitted by
Their Beneficiaries to Bo Plain
Robbery Statement of Truth
at Least Encouraging.
The average American can not fall
to be Impressed with tho dual attl
tudo assumed by certain prominent
manufacturers aa witnesses before the
ways and means committee.
In one breath, a witness will admit
that as a corporation manager ho is
in favor of high tariff. In tho next
breath ho will admit that as an In
dividual citizen and speaking for the
great body of American consumers
he favors a sweeping reduction In tar
iff schedules.
Other manufacturers want tho
schedules changed In other lines of
production nnd left alone, or made
higher, In their own. Still others favor
the entire removal of customs duties
In their own particular lino, while
championing stiff schedules on other
manufactured goods.
When the National Association of
Manufacturers sont Mr. Miles, chair
man of Its tariff committee, as a wit
ness the other day ho promptly dis
claimed speaking for other manufac
turers and could give his Individual
opinion only. Ho favored free steel
and even free farming implements,
which are mado by his own company.
He said in effect that farmers were
being robbed by the piesent tariff
schedule, and were entitled to the re
duction. This was almost a bombshell in Mr.
Payne's committee. Tho idea, of a
manufacturer whoso corporation
amasses wealth from high tariff ta
king the side of American consumeis
was contiary to all traditions.
But the truth will come out. Be
sides Carnegie, who Is too rich to
need "protection" any more, there are
active manufacturers who get tired
playing the Mr. Hyde role in tai
lff matters. When they think of con
sumers' burdens thoy become Dr.
May Bring Out Important Facts.
In teems incredlblo that American
courts will lecognize that a fiiend or
lelative of the president has a sacro
sanct character, entitling him to have
the nation prosecute his alleged llbel
er, ns one guilty of treason. But, If
tho courts shall admit such a prosecu
tion, certain public benefits should re
sult. We should get a large amount of
evidence under oath ns to what has
become of some of the money already
spent on the Panama canal enterprise.
There have been great difficulties in
finding out what has become of some
$40,000,000 of the Panama caual ex
penditure who got it and what thoy
gave in exchango for It. There Is
widespread suspicion that tho nation
was victimized at Panama from tho
And, in view of the fact that a canal
which we were told originally would
cost only $135,000,000 Is expected now
to cost over $500,000,000, the fullest
information about Panama expendi
tures is distinctly desirable. Chicago
Inter Ocean.
The Congress Engineer Corps.
The 14 eminent engineers of tho
congress committee, graduated from
the political caucus and ward primary
and now taking a post-graduate course
in tho houso of repiesontatlves, de
liver a vastly Important message to
the world. They have had a little
Junket down to Panama and back,
opened a few bottles of cheer on the
voyage, drawn to somo poker hands,
nnd decided pronuncing their Judg
ment by wireless telegraph that the
Panama canal, as it is now building,
has their strongest professional ap
proval. Will those men of the merely tech
nical sphere of America and Europe,
whose business Is rearing dams, dig
ging Tauals and harnessing water
power, and who express the gravest
doubts of tho success and even of tho
possibility of completion of tho plan
In its present form will those green
horns and amateurs now please be
Press Must Be Free,
.lackson, one of the most arbitrary
of American presidents, paid no at
tention to porsonal attacks In tho
press. Ho accorded a larger liberty
to press comment thnn any that Is
claimed nowadays, Repeated at
tempts have been mado In England,
In the American colonies and in tho
United States to muzzle tho press or
to restialn its freedom, but none has
over succeeded. On tho contrary every
such attempt has reacted against tho
authoiltics making it. The actions
undertaken against Homo, Tooke,
William Corbett and John Wilkes In
England, against John Poter Zonger
In old New York and against others In
later times, nil resulted In confirming
and strengthening the liberty of the
prcbs within largo and rightful HmiU.
-.. w. i ). J.imfC'iAmBtOi. u, v.-,;
$500,000,000 FOR THE CANAL.
Cost of Panama Cutting Worth Con
sideration by Taxpayers.
Somo time ago, In vlow ot certain
Information In Its possession, the
Journal warned Its readers that the
estimated cost of tho Panama canal
would ho raised to half a billion dol
lars'; that the lock canal would bo
abandoned in favor of a sea-level ca
nal, and thnt eventually tho present
route would probably bo abandoned al
together. Therefore thoy will not bo surpilsed
to iead In this morning's Tilbune, tho
personal organ of Mr. Roosovclt and
Judge Taft, that "tho country 1b to
be treated to a fow llttlo surprises a3
to tho real naturo and cost of the
government's undertaking, in joining
tho two big oceans."
The Tribune quite naturally takes a
very porsonal Interest In the canal.
Therefore It presents In the best pos
sible light the fact that our own Sen
ator Hopkins has Introduced a bill to
mako the cost limit $500,000,000. The
original appropriation of $195,000,000
has all been expended, nnd the work
Is not one-third done. The people of
the United States are aBked for $305,
000,000 more for a lock canal, and
there Is no assurance that even that
vast sum will cover tho cost.
As the Journal foretold, tho next
step will he tho announcement, after
Judge Taft and his six engineets
mako their Inspection, that tho lock
canal Is unfeasible and we must have
a sea-level ditch. On the basis of ex
perience, tho government may spend
$1,000,000,000 on that before aban
doning It In favor of some more prac
tical route.
The canal bogey is very real. Tho
"Pooh-Pooh" attitude of certain time
serving newspapers will no longer de
ceive the people. One of these days
the whole infamous truth about tho
Panama deal from first to last will
bo told, and more than one popular
Idol will be found to have feet of clay.
Chicago Journal.
Important Question Involves Freedom
of the Press.
It seems very doubtful whether
congress could, if it wished, create
the crime of libeling the government
as such, and as distinguished from
libel of public officials for which they
may seek personal redress like other
citizens. The constitution says that
"congicss shall make no law abridg
ing freedom of speech or of tho press."
Any hostile criticism of governmental
acts would probably bo construed as
libelous by tho officials responsible
for those acts. And Instead of seek
ing a personal vindication it would
doubtless bo convenient for such offi
cials to have the power of tho nation
put forth to vindicate them, as Mr.
Roosevelt now seeks to have it put
forth for his brother-in-law.
Congress once tried to do this very
thing. By the sedition act of 1798 it
denounced as a crime "any false, scan
dalous and malicious writings against
tho government of the United States,
or either house of congress, or the
president." But even In that effort,
which lasted only about three years,
came near causing a revolution, and
started tho destruction of the Fed
eralist party, there was no attempt
to make the relatives of the president
sacrosanct or to confer upon his per
sonal friends special oxemptiona not
enjoyed by other citizens.
In view of the results of tho one
open attempt to croat the crime ol
leso majeste of constructive treas
on In this country it is not surpris
ing that congress asks tinder what law
these prosecutions are made, that it
may repeal it. And it is not to bo be
lieved that tho courts will sanction
the oftoits of Mr. Roosevelt and Mr.
Bonaparto to make the piesldency an
office held "by grace of God," and
therefoie not only above criticism, but
shielding also from criticism all the
personal friends and relatives of its
temporary Incumbent. This is not a
monarchy yet. Chlcogo Inter Ocean
Roosevelt's Truo Worth.
The Greeks were wlso in their
philosophy that no man should bo
called entirely happy until ho was
wholly dead. It will bo Mr. Roose
velt's fault, and almost exclusively his
fault, if those who have perhaps too
hastily concluded that history would
call his administration great should
bo compelled to revlio their opinion,
A miserable ending In strife and broil,
where the language of insult Is used
upon one aldo provoking stern rebukes
from tho other, would so becloud Mr.
Roosevelt's administration that its
unpleasant final months would hold
In many minds a larger place than all
tho achievements that had gono be
fore. Tho country Is certainly inter
ested in tho quarrel, but it Is not edi
fied. It is shameful, it is wcll-ulgh as
undignified as a street fight between
reputable men, It is regretted and do.
plored by overy American who dla
likes to see the reputation of his coun
try tarnished. It is fer-.'ontlv to bo
hopod that Mr. Roosevelt will mako ut
least private admission of his errors
and offenses, and retrain from fuitaw
I provocations.
L M B , jfl V
V U ,k h a. JM bJIkv a .Bik .fi Vi
"Do you know of any woman who ever received any
benefit from taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com- -pound?"
If any woman who is suffering with any ailment peculiar
to her sex will ask her neighbors this question, she will be
surprised at the result. There is hardly a community in
this country where women cannot be found who have been
restored to- health by this famous old remedy, madet;
exclusively from a simple formula of roots and herbs.
During the past 30 years we have published thousands
of letters from these grateful women who have been cured
in all that time have we published a testimonial without .
iU It 1 : 5 tvt l 1 : 1 i
tuc whlwu s jjpcuuu permibsiuu. in ever nave we Knowingly
published a testimonial that was not truthful and genuine.
Here is one just received a few days ago. If anyone doubts
that this is a true and honest statement of a woman's experi
ence with Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound write
and ask her.
Houston, Texas. "When I first began talcing- Lydia 13. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound I was a total wreck. I had been
sick for three years with female troubles, chronic dyspepsia,
and a liver trouble. I had tried several doctor's medicines, but
nothing' did mo any good.
"For three years I lived on medicines and thought I would
never got well, when I read an advertisment of Lydia 13. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound, and was advised to try it.
"My husband got mo one bottle of the Compound, and it did
nio so much good I continued its use. I am now a well woman
and enjoy the best of health.
"I advise all women suffering from such troubles to give
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound a trial. They won't
regret it, for it will surely euro you." Mrs. Bessie L. Hicks,
810 Cleveland St., Houston.
Any woman who is sick and suffering is foolish surely
not to give such a medicine as this a trial. Why should it
not do her as much good as it did Mrs. Hicks.
lor I?!!
lcii:B. if
1KAlNEv 1 '--.rJ if iVfciTfiirlM 1 ! 1 w -"8lt IV
Sloan's Liniment is the best remedy for sprains
and bruises..
It quiets the pain at once, and can be applied to the
tenderest part without hurting because it doesn't need
to be rubbed all you have to do is to lay it on
lightly. It is p. powerful preparation and penetrates
instantly relieves any inflammation and congestion,
and reduces the swelling.
HY-PO Cathartic np!
Btomucuaud !lmcls.anlwc-tnhOiJw!ioladli;eb
Iyu tract, (Juarunti 1 under tli luru Food a fid I truss
Act Trlul boUliiTwenty-flvoCenlu. rUiunlee Iruo.
, .m- -f i
is an excellent antiseptic and germ
killer heals cuts, burns, wounds and
contusions, and will draw the poison
from sting of poisonous insects.
Prlco, 25c., 50c., and $1.00.
Dr. Earl S.Sloan, Boston, Mass., U.S.A.
Sloan's book on horei, oattlo, slioop nud poultry sent free. '
IVANXl'.ll ltouiii'oicr. niul.uul buukkeei!
1 coinml.rle8. thlim nir derkiBmiMiM.1. v
9 llbO nur mouth, nivii &.v i.tTFLnr.. I
tmaUlnn&ndMtirv iImmInuI a.M-. w "' I
AMKUH.immHTPM1 U.. iwpt. g. tU-.U-.T-I.
: v m
' -"i T'l ' '"tHfTJTT)WtfiTy,ia44

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