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HAYTI, : : : : : MISSOURI.
IN lilllEf
The Committee of Expert Colbn.
Classifiers met in "Washington Mon
thly. The waterway iinpiovcment bill
will be icpoitcd to the Hoiie this
The battleship Delaware will be
launched ne.t Satin day at Xewpoit
The .Senate pas-od the House bill
piohibiting the impoitation of
Assaults on white women by ne
groes led to a lace conflict at Titls
burg, Pa.
The largest wireless telegraph sta
tion in the world will be elected at
John Gilmoic Speed, author and
journali-t, committed suicide at
Mondham, N. J.
A bill to ineiease the pay of Ma
rine Hospital suigcons is being
pie-ed in Congiess.
Piesident Hooeelt is much con
cerned over the anti-Japanese agita
tion on the Pacific const.
The Piiitish steamer Clan Donald
was wj coked on the const of Aiislia
iia. Foil) -six lius weie lost.
A child of Mis. Chi is Biown was
killed and paitially eaten by moun
tain lion in southern California.
Geoigc Busso, brother of Chicago's
Mayor, accidentally killed Mis L.
C. Twekerman in apaitment house.
Continuous eaithquakes liae been
D.xpeiienced in the noithein part of
Ihc Island of Sanhalin for soveial
thus past.
Ameiicans will take a piominent
part in the International Opium
Commission, which meets Monday at
The Federal Government will de
tail men to suney the water bound
Ely of the Gulf cost between Ijouisi
nna and Mississippi.
The Humphreys bill, providing
for the icgulation of interstate ship
ments of liquor, was favoinbly re
volted to the House.
The United States Supieme
Douit, in the case of the Consolidated
Wall Paper Company, decided that
ti lists connot use the couits to col
lect debts.
Some anxiety has been caused
lluougotfr England by the pioiong
rd indisposition of Queen Alexandia.
Her health as a lule is good, and
the is lately ill.
Pioceedings have been filed
against Ex-l'icidenl Castio at Caia
cas, Venezuela, chaiging him with
complicity in a plot to asssa-siiiiitc
Piesident Gomex.
The developments of the visit of
Piesident-elect Taft to Panama, and
Ihe piogiess of the newly-established
Republic of Cuba will be of special
news inteiest (his week.
A duel was fought num Ftankfort-on-theOJnin
by Union von Oeiten,
nn infantiy captain, and Lieuten
ant von Stucknis, of the reeiu's.
The latter vvns killed.
The Grand Muster of Ohio Ma
sons, Chailes Hoskiiisijj of Zancs
ville, tendered to Williinn Jlowaid
Taft the raie and high honor of be
ing made a Mason at sight.
The skeleton of a piehi&toiic man
of gigantic size has been found at
a town ten miles southeast of the
City of Me.xieo. The skeleton meas
ured about fifteen feet in height.
The anti-Japanese bill in modified
fonn weie again taken up by the
Legislature of California this week.
Miss A'era Waie shot and killed
John Hancs in the courliooni at
Gatesville, Tew, and fatally wound
ed three olheis.
Mexico nun seize the Customhouse
at Pueito Coite, Honduras, for the
ptnposo of exacting indemity for
an assault on a Mexican citizen.
Congressman Biou.ssard of Ionisi
anc, introduced a lesolution in the
House pioviding for an investiga
tion of a plan for Federal contiol
of levees.
A bill has been introduced in the
United States Senate incieasing the
pay of liual loute mail carriers to
$1,000 a voar and allowing them
thiily days vacation.
The ciuiser Birmingham was me-
sented with a loving cup and silver
service by the citizens of Birming
ham, Ala. The piesentation ceie
monies occuncd at Mobile. Ala.
Captain Eduaid F. Qualthrough,
commander of the American battle
ship Geoigia, has been arrested at
Gibiallar and will be tiied by couit
maitial on a ihaigo of drunkenness.
While shooting at alleged chicken
thieves, who weie making their get
away acio-s a chool vaid at Okla
homa City, an ollicer accidentally
shot and killed Gladvs Mcadora,
aged 1 I xeai"..
The juiv is still incomplete for
the tii.il at Nashville, Tenn.. of Col.
onel Ihiman B. Cooper, Hobin
Cooper and John B. Shaip. for the
inui del of foiiner Senator Caiinnck,
and the elloit to fill the box will be
Hidden beneath the tiuhulent
waves that roll ovei Diamond Shoals
fouitf.cn miles ofr Cape Hatei.w, N.
C, the eceiet of the identity of the
nivfttciious steamer which wont down
theie piobably with all hands on
boaid, leinains untold.
The Demociats of the lower house
of the Indiana Logi&latiue, after
being in caucus for almost four
bonis, agreed, it is said, upon a ic
ponl of the County Local Option
Law and the substitution of the
township aiul waid plan.
Pev. Timothy Dempsey of St.
Louis is piepaiing to secure a burial
lot, .'l.lxlO feet, in Calvaiy Ceme
tery for those of the inmates of his
hotel who may die dining lesidence
theie. The plot which it is pioposed
to buy will accommodate about 200
The American consul at Piga,
Pussia, has been intiuetcd to in
vestegatc and make a lcpoit on the
ciicunistaiitc's of the death of Fied
eiick Stombach, a former soldier in
the Ameiican aimy, who is said to
have been killed by the Pussian
Mis. Kathciine Wuugh McCul
loch, of Evanston, lnd the only
woman justice of the ponce in the
United Spates, has become a candi
date for le-election. "Whoa hei peti
tion appealed upon the stieets of
Evaiihlon it was filled in a few
Four entries have boon received
for the Fulton airship flight con
test for a piize of $10,000 given bv
tin' New Yoik World. The aer'o
navigatois will paiallel in the air
Hobcit Fulton's course in stemming
the Hudson liver with the first
For the coining inniigiuation,
Senator Cliauney M. Depew of New
Yoik has contracted for a single
room in the Coicoian Building, Fif
teenth and Pennsylvania avenue,
opposite the Treasun Depaitnient,
for which he has agieed to pay ;100
for a single dav, Maich !.
All fear that fho tenru?j' npoit
ed fioni ICliabeth City, N. C. as
having foundeud off Dian nd
Shoals might be the Then Weenis of
the Baltimoie and Caioliua S'tni.i
hhip Company, bound fioni Geoigi
tovvn, S. C, to this poit, was d'u-
pellcd when the Weenis was lepoited
. r tt
passing uape wonry, va.
Foreign Minister Konmra, ad
dressing the lower house of the Ja
panese Diet, declined that Japan is
confident that anti-Japanese mens
uies pending in the California Leg
islature will not lead to interna
tional complications.
The nomination of Dr. W. D.
Cium, coloied, to be Collector of
Customs of Charleston, S. C, was
before the Senate in executive ses
sion for moie than four bonis, at
the end of which time no substantial
piogiess had been made tow aid con
tinuation. Pi of. James A. Alias of Bridge
port, has written Piesident Poosc
velt, ofieiing him an engagement of
!!0 weeks at $10,000 per week
($;S0O,000 in all) to head a Wild
West show to be known as the "Thco
doie Poosevelt Bough Hitlers" Con
giess of the World."
It is understood that the state
will put Gov. Patterson on the stand
and that his examination will be
diieeted against the defense in eider
to show that the death of Carmacl:
ic'sultcd from a conspiracy and that
the governor knew that Caimaek't
life was in danger.
Wednesday of next week is the
tentative date for the House to act
on the pioposal to legulate the inter
state shipments of intoxicating li
quor. Consideration of the revi
sion of the penal code then will be
icsuined, and the fiist subject to
come up will be the liquor question.
In Beilin a society, titled the
"Aiistiocatishe Nudio Natio Al
lian," has been fonned for the pur
pose of promoting a icluin to the
nuditv in which mm aie boin. The
cult is making lapid piogiess. Many
men and women of high lank anil
unblemished personal chai.uter have
latelv joined its ianks.
Theie was le juicing in hundieds
of homes in South Chicago when
woid was sent out fioni the otliccs
of the Illinois Steel Company that
four mills and thue bla-t furnaces
would be opened. The oidei cll'ccts
moie than 1.000 men. A demand
for steel rails is said to have led tc
the opening of the mills.
The piogiamo for the rcrco'ion
of the llect on its letinn t- Hamp
ton Poads has been complete-1. It
pndi'.'ally icveises the program
eanied out when the fleet sailed.
Piesident Poosevelt. on board the
Mav flower, anchored between the
lloiseshoe and Lynn Haven bay,
will leview the fleet as it passes in
at noon, Fell.' 22.
The Merry Widow hat, below d by
lhyiiiesiois and jokesmiths, has been
dethioned. T.ic National Associa
tion of Pet.ul Milliners has s.dd
the woid that banishes the monarch
of milliiiei) connections to the limbo
of last veai's hats. What the jests
and snceis and the pleadings of
benighted mankind failed to do, the
millineis have accomplished.
The Ginnd Juiy of the Distiiet
of Columbia will fuithor investiga
gate the so-called Panama libel suit,
but it is piobablu that the interest
in this matter will be shifted to
New Vcrk, as Distiiet Attorney
Jeiome has been advised that die
Federal authoiities aie disposal to
let him take tho initiative in any
prosecution tlnough the State couih.
W. C. Hi own, who staited life as
a section hand, Tuesday assumed
the presidency of the Xew Yoik
Cential and Hudson Pivcr Pailioad
Company, succeeding W. It. New
man. Mr. Biown's lise fiom tho
humblest station to the highest in
one of the gieatest lailway systems
of the woild foims a iemaiknbl
comnientaiy on the oppoi Utilities
open to ambitious Americans.
Chicago is soon to have a wheless
telephone. A new svstcm of tians
niitting the human voice through tho
ether in the same way as the wiie
less telegiaph tiansmits signals is to.
be put in piactieal opeiaMon in this
city in the near future and comuni
cation will be establishcl with sur
rounding cities and ships on tho
lakes up to a distance of 100 mile?
from Chicago.
Brldegroom-to-Bc Is Slain.
Joplln. Just a month heroic tho
day ho had planned to wed MIbs Lulu
Adams, who wns his boyhood chum,
James D. Long, n telephone lineman,
2G yenrs old, allowed the wire with
which ho was woiklng to diop onto nn
elccti ic light wire cnnylng 2,300 volts,
and n second later was suspended
lifeless In mld-nlr by his safety belt.
The body was lowered fifteen minutes
later by the use of lopes. His fellow
workmen henid a shnip cry and
rushed to his aid. At the Inquest It
was biought out that the linemen
weie not nwaie of the heavy voltago
cables, and it is supposed allowed tho
other wire to slack.
Raney Jury Disagrees.
Joplln Out 29 hours, the jury in
the case of Thad Haney, charged with
nlteniptlng to minder Albort Baker on
March S, tflOS, could not agiee and
were dlschaiged. With his wife nnd
child standing by his side, his aim up
raised, Haney dramatically declaied:
"Gentlemen, I don't know how jon
stand; but the one who held out for
mo was in the right. Simultaneously,
Albert Haker, who has sent Raney's
ister, who is Baker's wife, and her
mother to the penitentiary, declared to
Raney that he would be back at the
next tilnl in April to push the piose
cutlon. Miners Blown to Atoms.
Joplln Mj story sm rounds the igni
tion of a box of djnamito in the Ptai
lie Chicken mine, which blew the
bodies of Andiew and Geoige Hudson,
brotheis, expei t machino miueis, to
atoms, knocked tlnee men a distance
of 30 feet and wrecked the Interior of
the mine. The lamps of all other
mineis weie extinguished. The thiee
Injuied men groped theii way to tha
shaft, from which volumes of powder
smoke issued.
Priest Transferred to 5t. Louis.
Monroe Cil. -The Ren. J. A. Cim
ningham, assistant pi lest of the Holj
Robaiy paiish, has been transfened
to St. Rose's Chinch, St. Louib. Ho
Is a musician and had a huge class of
girl violinists, and was the teachci
and leader of the Knights of Colum
bus band. The Rev. Edward Connol
ly, who has just been oulained at Ken
rick Seminal. , St. I.ouis, will be sent
here to take Father Cunningham's
To Make State a Partner.
Jeff ei son City. In a oiler filed with
the slate supremo comt, by the at
tornojs of the Standard Oil company
of Indiana, the court in the ouster
suit, is petitioned to appoint two
trustees who shall couutiol the oil
business transacted by the oil com
pany in the state. The company did
not ask that the aggiegate lines of
$130,000 against the three subsidiniy
companies be i emitted but confined
itself to the laiser proposition.
Finds Sister Gypsies Stole.
Spiinglleld. Tlnough a letter ot
lnquiiy fiom Misd Parthonia Potter
hoff, of Leavenwotth, Kas , to Chief of
Police Loveless, Miss Lthel Pottei
hoff, sister of the inquiier, who was
stolen fiom her home in Springfield
by a band of gypsies in 1S89, has been
located heie. A meeting of the pair
has been auanged. Meanwhile a
seaich is beinc prosecuted for tho
Blees Appointments Made.
Jeffeison City. Governor Hadloy
Issued commissions to the following
members of the faculty of Ulees' Mili
tary Academy at Macon: Geoige U
Hyroade and Paul G. Hufton, both to
the rnnk of colonel; Ivan S. Webtei
burg, Charles S. Halt, Kdward P.
Haitlett and Tied D. Starkey, to tho
rank of captain. These commissions
date fiom September 17, 1908,
Appointments by Hadley.
Jefroibon City Gov. Hadley an
nounced the appointment or V. J.
Leathern to be suivejor or Carroll
county, to fill tho vacancj occasioned
b the falluie of W H Rosenbeiiy to
qualilj, and tho appointment of Joseph
S. Panic to bo coal oil iunpector for
Willow Spilngs for a leira e.xplilng
Febiuaij I, 1911.
Anderson's Trial Set fcr June.
Mexico Luther Andeison, tho al
leged slayer of August Wagner, was
airalgned In the clicuit cnuit heio
and pleaded not guilty. The trial was
set for the becond Monday In Juno.
Andei son's father appealed In comt
with him.
Boy Killed by Companion,
Rismarck. Kdgar Reiner, 10 year3
old, was accidentally killed by tho (lis.
charge of a icvolver in tho liandR of
Henry Hickman.
To Erfijoy
the full confidence of the Well-Informed
of the World and the Commendation of
the most eminent physicians it was essen
tial that the component parts of Syrup
of Tigs and Elixir of Senna should bo
known to and approved by them; there
fore, tho California Tig Syrup Co pub
lishes a full statement with every package.
The perfect purity and uniformity of pro
duct, which they demand in a laxative
remedy of an ethical character, are assured
by the Company's original method of man
ufacture known to the Company only.
The figs of California are used in tho
production of Syrup of Figs and Elixir of
Senna to promote the pleasant taste, but
the medicinal principles are obtained from,
plants known to act most beneficially.
To get its beneficial effects always buy
tho genuine manufactured by the Cali
fornia Fig Syrup Co. only, and for 6a'.o
by all leading druggists.
Umbrella Had Long Been Absent from
Its Proper Hall Tree.
"Stories about umbrellas," said a
New Yoik physician, when that useful
article was the subject of discussion,
"are as numeious as fish stories, and
often test just as severely tho
credulity of those who listen to them.
This is a true one: A patient tele
phoned an hour after he had been at
my office one morning that he had left
his umbrella on the hall rack; would I
see that it was kept for him? My
servant found it, and that evening
while wo were at dinner he called, got
the umbrella nad came In to thank me.
There he told a long story as to how
he valued the umbrella because he had.
carried it a long time, and it was just
the light weight and showed a dent
in the silver handle which had been
made by his little boy when he used it
as a hockey stick. I saw my wife
smile while the story was being told.
She undei stood my wink, however,
and we baid nothing. Rut when tho
man had gone away with the umbrella
under his aim we laughed, for wo had
recognized the umbrella which I had
carried out and never brought ba'jlr.
more than three years ago."
"Whereupon he instantly drew his.
A Black Eye for Home.
It is a coming fashion to hire a hall
to entertain your friends, to give din
ner parties in a hotel, to be married
in a church, to be taken to a hospital
when j ou are sick and to an undei
taker'a as soon as you die, and left
there until the funeral. The tendency
is to conduct all public occasions
away from homo. The home Is get
ting a black eye. Atchison (Kan.)
But a Change of Food Gave Relief.
Many persons nro learning that
drugb are not the thing to rebuild
worn out nerves, but proper rood is
Thero Is a certain element In tho
cereals, wheat, barley, etc., which is
grown there by nature for food to brain
nnd nerve tissue. This is the phos
phate of potash, of which Grape-Nuts
rood contains n largo proportion.
In making this food all tho food ele
ments in the two cereals, wheat and
barley, are retained. That is why so
many heretofore nervous nnd rim down
people find In Gi ape-Nuts a true nerve
nnd brain food,
"I can say that Grape-Nuls food has
done much for me as a nervo lenevv
er," writes a Wis. bride.
"A few years ago, before my mar
riage, I was a bookkeeper in a largo
Arm. I became so nervous toward tho
end rf each week that it teemed I
must give up my position, which I
could not afford to do.
"Mother imichmied somo Grape-Nuts
nnd wo round it not only delicious but
I noticed fiom day to day that I was
improving until I finally realized I was
net nervous any moie.
"I havo recommended it to friends
as n brain and neivo food, never hav
ing found lis equal. I owe much to
Grape-Nuts ao it saved mo from a,
nervous collapbo, and enabled mo to
retain my position,"
Name given by Postiun Co, Rattlo
Creek, Mich. Head "Tho Road to Well
vlllo," in pkgs. "There's a Reason."
Ker rrml llio nbtne IHli-rf A new
one iipim-iii-h from tlinr (o time Tlu-y
nTuTcJii'.' "'' trUt'' '""' fuU ot """MUM
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