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lilt NEWS
in liiiirf
Democratic leaders in the House
viil fight for an income and inherit
ance tax.
An estimate of 1.71 7.000 sacks of
rice for Texas and Louisiana lia3
been made.
.Mis.cissj))i members of Congress
arc divided on the question of a
tariff on lumber.
The Department of Agriculture
will continue rice experimental
Hurl: in Louisiana.
Three inmates jieri.-lied by the
dc.-t ruction of nil orphans' home at
Battle ("'reek, .Midi.
W. J. Hrynn dome? that he was
injured in an automobile accident
in Florida .Saturday.
Will J'arker. a negro, vn.- lynched
i".ir 3!r-.ia, Ala., for mis-treating
li.c child of his employer.
J 'resident Hoocvelt pent a- mes-eagi-
to f'ongrc-s announcing that
Ji had vetoed the census bill.
chief (J. T. (Haver, for thirty
fuc years connected with the .Mein-pli!'-
police dcj)ujtmcnt, rc-igjned.
( "oiigre.-iiian K. S. Candler of
-M i--i -ay- lie will not jc a
c.:nilidiiie for governor of that 'ate.
The J'iinama railroad, owned by
the 1'nited .States, will bo used to
control transcontinental freight
Mrs. 0. K. Sampson was indicted
at Lyons, X. V., for the murder of
Iter husband, a nephew of the late
A conference of leaders interest
ed in the movement to construct a
southern building at Washington is
being held.
One more juror was secured in
the Cooper-Sharp trial at Nashville,
'J'cjjji., making a total of eleven men
Jii the box.
Louisiana congressmen ere press
ing the Federal government to aid
in the campaign against the cotton
boll weevil.
Airangements. have been com
pleted for the reception of the bat
tleship nVct jit Hampton l?oad. Va
.February '!.
Charley Crumley, a , negro, was
fated from binning at the stake at
Tuiupa, Fin., through lin- interces
Mon of ollicerri.
Reports from Salvador and Nica
ragua indicate an early outbreak of
hostilities, and that other con Ulrica
vill he drawn in.
Michigan will send a delegation
to Xew Orleans to urge President
elect Tuft to retain Newberry as
K'orclury of the navy.
N. T. Anders, business man and
banker; accidentally shot and
wounded himself while hoarding a
train at Jackson, Miss.
Louisiana and Texas liimhernien
were given a hearing by the Inter
state Commerce Commission on the
question of tap line railroad rates.
The chief of police of Vieksburg,
Miss., announced that he will not
in rest persons in social flubs where
drinks are served from lockers.
The Senate committee on naval
n flair adopted the provision in the
naval appropriation hill for the con
struction of two '.'(i.OOO-lon battle
ships. The Federal Grand .Jury has com
pleted its probe into the alleged
timber thefts and frauds in the
'hoctaw .Indian Nation at Musko
fo, Okla.
Ftate Superintendent Harm
urges that a course of scientific
farming be taught in. the rural
s'hool- of Louisiana. -
A crew of nine and the captain's
wife were rescued from the schoon
er Sarah W. Iawrence. which went
to pieces off Cape Henlopc-n, Del.
Considerable damage was done by
the recent storm in north Louisiana
and central Mississippi. Several ne
groes wvtu hilled at Booth's Mills.
Waldemar 11. Bille of New Or
leans was indicted by the grand jury
at Washington on a charge of ob
taining goods under false pre-
The situation at Pittsburg, Pa.,
a a re-ult of the as-atilts on white
girls by negroes is becoming more
acute and a dangerous race war is
Senator Bayner of Maryland has
introduced a resolution in the Sen
ate which asserts that Congress has
a right to call for and inspect all
public papers.
President Roosevelt sent a long
telegram to the speaker of the Cali
fornia Hou-c of Representatives in
which he urged that the ami-Japa-i..-i
bill be killed.
Senator lluile introduced a bill
in the Senate to remove the disabil
ity of Senator Knox bv lencalintr
i c?
the law increasing the -alary of the
secietary of state.
Senator Lodge of -Massachusetts
is trying to gag Senator Tillman of
ouiuji i arojina anu prevent nun
from attacking President Hoo-evelt
by amending the Senate rule.-.
It wu- ollicially stated that Hunt
ington Wilson, foimerly third as
sistant secretary of state, recently
appointed minister to Argentine Re
public, would be as-i.-taut secretary
of state under the Taft admini-tra-tion.
There i- no truth in the rumor
that a tidal wave has destroyed Port
Limon, Costa Rica. A wirele.-.- dis
patch was received by the U'c.-tcrn
L'liion at Sow York from Port Li
mon saying the rumors of a tidal
wave were untrue.
Senator Tillman of South Caro-
Carolina triumphed in his' light
against the confirmation of W. D.
Cruni, the negro collector of cus
toms at Charleston. Senator Frye
announced that the name oi Cruni
would be withdrawn.
Bcpresontative Bennett of Ken
lucky is making an effort to have
Congress to acquire, for the benefit
of the congressional library, a rare
collection of manuscript book
which once belonged to Chief Jus
tice John Marshall.
A provisional revolutionary gov
ernment has been established at
llii, capital of the Province of
(ihilan, where a serious uprising has
broken out that re.-ulted in the kill
ing of the governor and several oth
er ollicials of the administration.
The ollieial statement of I'nited
States Senator Isaac Stephenson of
Wisconsin with aflidavit attached,
shows that tiie expense of his can
didacy for the nomination of Cni
ted States senator at the primary
election on September 1, ll)8,
amounted to fplOeO.'J.O.").
March I will be a sad day for the
Smith faniih. Its representation in
the Mouse of Representatives will
on thai day be reduced from six to
four. Representative .Madison B.
Smith of .Missouri and Marcus A.
Smith, delegate from Arizona, will
not be in the sixty-first Congress,
and no strange Smith will come to
uphold thu family name and fame.
The reception accorded King Ed
ward and Queen Alexandra in Ber
lin is causing the greatest satisfac
tion to British ollicials and the pub
lic at large. The welcome given
their majesties by (he populace is
regarded even more than the olli
eial ceremonies as an opportunity
for the introduction of better feel
ing between the two peoples andthe
setting aside of those mutual, sus
picions which have prevailed for a
quarter of-n century.
Because 800 citizens at Houston.
Mis-?., did not desire to desecrate
the Sabbath, the lynching of Boby
Baskin, a negro boy, accused of
murdering and robbing Bev. "W. T.
Hudson, a Baptist preacher, was
postponed for a day.
Herbert Fisher, aged 12 years, of
Sparks Gap, south of Birmingham,
Ala., i? dead as a result of explod
ing a dynamite cap which he had
in his pocket. The little fellow did
not know what he had and was
knocking it when the explosion fol
lowed. In a feud battle over a do' at
Hineston, La., Henry and Bud Bar
rington. father and -on. were in
stantly killed and Bobext Weather
ford, member of the opposition fac
tion, probably fatally wounded.
Charle- Weatherford. his brother, is
charged with killing the Barring
Ions. The house committee on alcoholic
liquor tralh'c voted down the Ben
nett bill providing for a commission
to collect information regarding the
liquor traflic in this country and to
recommend to Congress any needful
legislation. The vote in the com
mittee was eight to four against the
For the first time it is believed
in the history of the railroads and
unionists in the I'nited State.-, the
managements of all roads enterinir
Texa-. and the railway unions, have
before the state legislature. The
employe soon agree to a lenient
full crew bill and will fight the
--cent fare law.
A Chicago firm has been award
ed a contract to Mipply the British
army with corned beef for a period
of three years. The first deliverv.
between oOO.Ouo and l.UOO.OUO
pounds, will be made next July.
The meat will be packed at Chicago
under the supervision of British
army ofliccrs.
That the assets of the Fidelity
Funding Company aie worth 'mil
lions of dollars' was the assertion
of Peter 1$. Olney. special master
of the I'nited States Court, in his
report to the court on the company's
affairs, presented in New York. lie
further reported that the corpora
tion was not amenable to the Fed
eral bankruptcy act.
A mob of negroes attacked Sheriff
I. M. Hoff at Humble, Tex., and he
narrowly escaped death. He was
knocked down and fired at fifteen
times. He escaped by cutting his
way through a mob with a long
knife. He was after a negro charged
with murder. A large posse is form
ing to make whole.-ale arrests and
a serious race riot is feared.
Four men were killed, one fatally
injured and two seriously hurt
when a high wind blew down a
staging at the vards of the Ameri
can Ship RuildingConipany at Lo
rain, Ohio. The men fell one hun
dred feet to the bottom of the dry
dock. The staging was being placed
for the construction of a ship when
the gale tore it loose and precipi
tated the men downward.
The president has nominated
Robert 10. Mansfield of Indiana to
be consul general at Zurich, Switz
erland ; Newton W. Gilbert of In
diana, to be secretary of public in
struction, Philippine Islands; Bob
ert W. .Junk of Iowa, to be surveyor
of customs for the port of Burling
ton, Ia and Isaac A. Manning of
Oregon, consul at La Guaira, Vene
zuela. After all the salary of the presi
dent of the I'nited States may not
be raised to .$100,000 a year, the
House having declined to accept t'lo
amendment inserted in the legisla
tive, executive and judicial appro
priation bill, in which the presi
dent's salary and the salaries of tho
vice president and all United States
judges were advanced. The bill
was referred to conferees appointed''
by both houses. Senator Warren,
for the conferees on the part of the'
Senate,, reported Unit the confer-.'
enee agreed on all items favorably,
in dispute except those fixing the'
salaries of the president and tho,
Imprisoned Victims Burned Beyond
Recognition Many Are Tram
pled Under Foot.
Mexico City. Between 2.0 and 30C
people uere burned to death and inan
injured in a fire which destroyed tin
Flore theater, in the city of Acapulco
The Flore.s theater was a wooden struc
ture, and over 1,000 eople crowded in
it to witness u special crformance given
in honor of Gov. Damian Floies. of the
state of liuerro, who was visiting the
port nt the time. One of the numbers
on the programme consisted of a series
of inoing pictures. While the opcrutoi
wa exhibiting tlie-e, a lihn caught tire,
and n blaze was quickly communicated
to some bunting which hud Ik-cu u-ed foi
decorative purposes.
In an incredibly short time, the flumes
spread to all parts of the structure.
There were but thtee narrow exit-, and
the panic-stricken audience rushed to
tlie-e, many falling and being cru-hed
to death, clinking the only avenue of es
cape with bodies. The scream- of tlm-e
iinpri-oned weio terrifying and heart
rending. (wing to the rapidity with which the
lire -piead. and to it- inteii-e heat, it
wiii impo ible to attempt re-cue work,
an-1 tho-e iuipri-oned were literally
na-ted alive.
l'itiful -cene- of grief are being en
acted on the street- of the little we-t
coast port. Men, women and children
are wandering from place to place hunt
ing for iclativci. or friend-. Many of
the dead are from the fir-t families of
the -tale, the atl'air at the theater be
ing a -ocial event of eoii-iilerable im
portance, and calling out the wealthiest
and olde-t families for mile- around.
In -ome instance-., entire families
h'itb wiped out of ei-tence.
The municipal authorities caused larL'e
trenehe. to be dug. and into these the
remain- of the dead were laid. ISeeog
nition of any of the dead ha- been an
hiipo ibiliiy, owing to the fact that
the boclie- were burned, in nn-t e.i-e-.,
to a crisp.
Two-Third Majority Provision
Laid Aside.
Wa-hingtoii. By a vote of 173 to
117. the house today pa ed the bill
returning the bar to-r-nator Kno.s's
eligibility, for the office of -ecictary of
state. This was the second vote of
the day on this measure, and the two
.vere separated only by about two hours'
time. The first vote was 'taken on the
hill under general order for the -us-pen-ion
of the rule-, but under that
order, according to the -tanding rules
of the house, a bill must receie a two
thiids majority to insure its passage.
The first vote stood 17U to 12,'t. the ma
jority thu- falling considerably below
the two-thirds reipiirement.
Immediately after this result was an
nounced, the house committee on rules
held a meeting, which resulted in Mr.
Dalzell bringing in a rule making it in
iinler for the hou-e to again take up
the bill and act upon it under condi
tion which would require only a ma
jority vote to pass it.
Southeastern Passenger Association
Agrees on One Cont Per Mile.
Memphis, Tenn. A rate of 1 cent per
mile for the Confederate reunion over
all railroad lines in the territory east
of the .Missi-sippi river and south of
the Ohio and Potomac rivers was de
eded upon by the Southeastern Passen
ger Association. It is more than proh
ibit; that side trips will also he an
nouiicc.l, making a rate of one fare fur
the round trip, plus ;::, cents. This will
enable persons coming to Memphis for
the reunion 'to continue their trips to
rfny point in Arkansas, Texas, Missis
sippi, Missouri, Tennessee or Oklahoma,
mil remain two weeks, then return to
Memphis and resume their trip homo
an thi! original ticket purchased for tho
-emiion. The roads in the Southwestern
territory (onsisting of all states west
if the Mississippi and south of the Mis
souri ri.'cr, will make no anuoiiucenieut
is to rates until the meeting of the
Southwestern Passenger Association
some time in April.
Only Confederates Are Invited to Meet
ing in Memphis,
.Yew Orleans, l.a. (ien. William K.
Mickle, adjutant general of the I'nited
Confederate Veterans, today gave out
the statement saying that there would
be no joint session of the "hlnc and
the gray" at Memphis. No invitations
will be issued to any but Confederates
to fake pint in the iviuiion, as the com
titiitiou of the order nbsolutclyfii:Iiiil
tny invitation to others.
Sullivan Gets Four Years.
St. Louis. Cornelius Sullivan,
known also as "Connie" Sullivan,
who -was indicted recently for assault
to kill, in connection with the shoot
ing of Patrolman John Hutton in the
West End Physical Culture club.
Twenty-second Btreet and Washington
avenue, pleaded guilty in Judge
Shields' court and was sentenced to
four years in the penitentiary. Attor
ney E. A. Noonan, Jr., who represent
ed Sullivan, stated, when the case
was called, that his client wished to
enter a pica of guilty. Sullivan, he
said, had been drinking before he
fired the shot. The attorney ap
pealed for clemency for the prisoner
on account of his youth.
Girl Operator Could Shoot.
Chillicothe. For the first time In
her 1!2 years that inherent nerve born
of the rugged west was called to test
when Miss Mary McCarthy, operator
and agent for the Chicago, Milwaukee
& St. Paul railway at Sturis, leveled
a pistol at an alleged burglar, forced
him to disgorge the loot of her office
safe, held him prisoner against the
wall nnd with her left hand opened
the key and sounded the -C. Q. D."
call to Chillicothe. Sheriff White pro
cured a team and reached Sturgis two
hours later. He found the plucky girl
still keeping determined vigil over her
powering captive in the corner. Philip
Sf-hott. who was brought to Chilli
cothe. confessed and said his home is
in St. Joseph.
To Move Fletcher's Body.
De Soto. A movement is lining
started here to buy uie home of for
mer Gov. Thomas C. Fletcher on Main
street and convert It into a library
and to erect a bronze statue of Mr.
F!tcher in front of it. Relatives ot
the former governor say that hfj
body, ulikh now rests in Hcllefon
tnine cemetery in St. Louis, will be
rouglH here and buried on the family
lot in the cemetery. Thomas C.
Fletcher was born and reared in this
town, and was living here when he
was elerted governor of Missouri in
1SC0. The old homestead Is In a good
state ot preservation.
Crowd Sees Daring Robbery.
St. Joseph. What is regarded as
the most daring, best planned and
well executed robbery In St. Joseph's
history occurred in sight of 1,000 per
sons when a man dressed in overalls
threw a brick through the window of
M. C. Rosenfeld's jewelry store win
dow and seized $2,000 worth of dia
monds. He escaped by running down
an alley. He was followed by tho po
lice, but had evidently planned the
robbery, as a rope stretched across
the alley in a dark spot tripped tho
pursuing officers and delayed them.
Officers Were After Suicide.
Chillicothe. Maurice But-, wl'o
committed suicide in New Orleans,
was llcdng fiom officers from this
county when he took his own life.
He had been working as a farm hand
near Chuln, north of Chillicothe, until
three weeks ago, when he disap
peared. He was wanted on tho
charge of forgery, it wns learned.
Harvester Hearing to Be Resumed.
Jefferson City. Hearings in the
ouster suif which is pending against
the International Harvester Co. of
America will he resumed In April be
fore Special Commissioner Theodore
Brace, probably in this city. This de
terinination was arrived at after a
conference between Judge Brace and
Attorney General Major.
Slayer Gets Five Years.
Trenton. John C. Chnppell, convict
ed of killing Walter Holdcn, was sen
tenced to five years in the state pen
itentiary by Special Judge Georgo
Hall, In the circuit court here. Chap
pell stabbed and killed Wnlter Hoi
don, his chum, during a dance nt
Moherly Park, last August.
Murder Warrant Against Brophy.
St. Louis. A warrant charging sec
ond degreo murder was issued against
LcbIIo Brophy, who shot and killed his
brother-in-law, Georgo Mayer, at 525(5
Goodfellow place, last week. Brophy
says bo shot Mayor In defense of hla
slBter, Mrs, Mayer,
Twenty More Stricken.
Liberty. There are twenty now
cases of Binullpox among tho students
at William Jowell Collego hero, mak
ing about thirty-five in all. Tho col
lego remains closed. Tho town is not
under quarantine and there 1b no pros
pect that it will bo at present.
Union to Vote on Bonds.
Union. At the refjuest of moro than
1,100 taxpayei-B, the county court or
dorod a special election to bo held
April 20, 1909, to vote on the proposi
tion to bond Franklin county for $75,.
000 to build a new courthouse.
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