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I 'M-44-M -M
Gathered at Random from Random Sources
Seed potatoes tit Avorill's,
Mrs. C. Shell was ill last week.
Blount'a plows at Avorlll's.
Ham Getting is ill of pneumonia.
Coal oil 12c a gallon at Averlll'n.
Mrs. FrunkC'ranford is 111 this week.
Fresh fish, at the Frisco restaurant.
Kolla Gotcher is ill of haeinaturia.
The Frisco restaurant lias fresh fish.
Charlie Spencer's little girl U quite
Mrs. J. C. t'hilders is on the sick
Onion sets .'(."(' u gallon, at L. ('.
Averill's. KiiT
.lames Powell's lml i. is ill of pneu
monia. Got some fresh Hah at the Frisco
Newt Adams' little bot is quite ill of
Krank Johnson was here from Terr.x
Mrs. Julius Thomas died at Black
Island Sunda.
Lansing HetlN of l'aseola was in
Ilajti Tuesday.
Highest cash price paid for furs.
Huyti Livery Stable. 7tf
Miss Carrie Richmond went to Ken-
nett Saturday.
John Meatte of I'ortageville was in
Hayti Monday night.
Jas. Gold and wife of Kennett visit
ed in Hayti Sunday.
Highest cash prico paid for furs
Hayti Livery Stable. 7lf
('. Shell left Saturday to visit home
folks at Yeddo, Indiana.
Call for a bottle of Tip Top, Lemp's
special brew, Caruthersville.
IJ. S. Ravenstein attended to business
at Caruthersville Monday.
Linn Lefler attended to business at
Caruthersville Tuesda .
Everett Reeves was out from Ca
ruthersville Saturday evening.
Call for a bottle of Tip Top, Lemp's
special brew. Caruthersville.
Mrs. S. P. Williams left Tuesdaj.
on a visit to Dekoden, K,.
The largest lino of fine laces ever
brought to Hayti, at J. L. Dorris'.
Mrs. Mollie Gwin had dental work
done at Memphis last week.
Miss Paulino Thrower of Caruthers
ville visited in Ilavti Sunday.
J. L. Dorria has juBt received a nice
line of fine laces and embroideries.
City Marshal Morgan of Kennett
visited his sons, Fred and Charlie, at
this place Sunday.
For sale 1 pair mules 15V6 hands
high. 7 and 8 years old, good condition
every way. Uaah or good note. Dr.
F. A. Mayes.
II. S. Shilling has (one to Green,
wood, Miss., to accept a position on
J. A. Nation's dredge boat.
If you don't hoc it in tho Herald it
is because you did not tell us.
The subject of Pastor T. G. Fallin
at the M. K. church Sunda, the :Hth
at 11, will be "Prolll and Loss."
L. C. Averill sold 100 bushels seed
potatoes to one customer this week,
lie seems to be able to make the prices
Save your money. Buy your lum
her, shingles, building material, etc.
froniO. W. Frick, ntroasonable prices.
Tom Curtner. Horace Hrvant, Fred
Herrington, Prof. Parrot, and Arthur
Lane weiv here from Braggadocio
Do you know that you can savi
monoy by buying building material,
shingles, fencing, etc., from 0. W.
Frick? Hlf
If. 1j. Davidson and niece, Miss Hill
Huffman, went to Tyler Saturdax t
visit relatives. Mis-. Ilull'mun will
remain theie for a week or two.
Coal stoves at bargain priceB. They
must go. Coal is cheaper than wood.
Buy now and save money. F. M. Per
kiiiH.. 12tf
I. Kohn is putting in several large
glass Doorcases and re-arranging his
store, and will put on one of the swell
est displays ever shown in IIati.
ClotheB cleaned and pressed ; shoeB
repaired and half soled; prices reason
able. G K. Fields, next door to jowelry
store. 17tf
The Li. dies Aid of the M. K. church
will give a pla and old time spelling
match atthe city hall Saturday evening,
the 27th, at :'.W. Admission 10f at
the door.
J. L. Dorria represents three of tho
largeBt tailoring houses in tho U. S.
Fifteen hundred samples to select
your suit from, filO.fiO up.
We have just received some of the
most beautiful and up-to-date type
ever made for job printing, and if you
want the latent and best we can supply
Quite a nice gathering of young folks
was had at the home of Miss Ada Dor-
ris Saturday evening in honor of Miss
Olive Miller. Among those present
were: Misses KITie Dorris, McFarlaml,
De Lisle, Ellinghouse, Morris, Ilazlo
and Olive Miller, Minniek and Allen,
and Misses Douglas and Neel of Ken
nett, and Messrs Russell, Cresswell,
Gwin, Moran, Elkins, Wells, and O.J.
Maggenheimer of Evansville, Ind.
Advertising copy must never reach
us as late as Wednesday evening.
Monday and Tuesday is the time, and
even Friday or Saturday would be
Knowing as well as you do the value of good merchandise, and especially in the grocery line,
is why I am addressing you in this way, being thoroughly acquainted with cheap and worthless 4.
stuff. Therefore I have none of this class to offer you. The line of goods 1 carry is the up-to-date
line. When you buy from me you will come back again; but when you buy cheap articles and sit
down to your table you feel like kicking yourself for so doing. I find from experience that the peo-
pie can't befooled on cheap goods very long, so I have decided to hand to the people of Hayti and
vicinity the best merchandise that money can buy, in the way of Groceries, Hardware, Farm t.
Implements, Sadlery, Stoves, etc.
I wish especially to call your attention to our Hertig-Becker
breaking plows which are given up to be the best plows made
today. I also handle the Kingman cotton and com planter, the
planter that plants your corn and cotton right. This planter is a
world beater in all field contests
We can also show you the j
collars, bridles, hames, check lines, back bands, etc., ever displayed in Hayti
we can also snow you me smootnest line 01 narness, sucn as
What we want you to do is to inspect our different lines before you buy, and save money.
Wishing you all a prosperous year, I am, y 1
Elsewhere in these columns will he
found ttie announcement of S. E. (Ed)
luilen for the otlice of city marshal of
the City of Hayti. Mr. Juden has
twice been elected to this otlice, and
Residence and Lots lor Sale
Don't forget the date of W. B.
Townsend's celebrated lecture. "Cliin
and Hark," Feb. 2i. This lecture is' For'aleat a gain-one of the
., , ... ... , , nicest residences in town, corner,
a gift from the M. . A. Lodge of npnp hllB!nB 7 rnnIT1. BtnripB. nP
. . ... , . .VU.UJ W.W..-.-, -.-
I till, tfliv n. Tllev lm'lt.fill ttm nviiunwn. i. j . i. ij
e .i. ...,i .,.-.. ill, r,, II,- .i;Q -.....,. ..v....... i,.i, t,.M,v..-v.- ,-f hub una - ioih on oposue siae 01
pro 111 M'b if re-elected to fail liluli ills-. .... , , T , m .
1 till. iii.iiM- iiiv ariuiv II W. JJUUll'S ill C OUdCC. O. 1. UICIUUUO, XJIU1 VJl V-.
chaiire the duties of the oflice ami uti-
hold the law and the order and dignity . especially invited.
of the town.
L. L. Lellor has just put in a line of
Kdison phonographs and records.
Peters loaded shells, the best in
the world, sold by F. M. Perkins, l'-'tf
Doss Cook, the candy man, was sell
ing the .sweets in llujtl Monday.
Spencer & Ingle do all kinds of d ray
ing promptly and cheaply. Phone 65
Portageville will vote Mnrch 2 to
bond the citj for S1'J,(KH) for water
works. Call for a bottle of Tip Top, Lemp's
latest and best Bpeeial brew. Caruth
ersville. Mrs. Chas. Goodrich and Florence
Hatcher of Caruthersville, visited in
Hayti Sunday.
Piano and Organ for sale, at a bar
gain. Frstclass condition. G. W.
Dorria, Hayti. 17tf
Miss Belle North of Kennett visited
tho family of K. H. Culpepper Satur
day and Sunday.
Some dainty patterns nnd new de
signs in Valenceinnes and Ohuny
laces, at J. L. Dorria'. j
C. S. York and wife of tho Democrat
force, at Caruthersville, visited in i
Hayti Sunday.
Don't fail to hear W. B. Townsond's
lecture at the city hall Feb. 12(1. Ho is
an entertainer of high class.
Miss Fannie Neel and Hulda Doug
lass of Kennett visited Miss Ruby
Morris lust week.
Coal ic plenty at Hayti Cold Stor-
07 or leave orders with central, 12tf Ettttinofnroitfriniinoipueirn. itiiUw
I account ol their itylc, ccurcy and alnpliclty.
Mrs. L. L. La Rue and brother, WWl
John Putrick was called to their homo ' $$luiffi&!ul&tfv&
Prof. Davidson had quite a surprise
for the pupils on Lincolin's birthday,
but on account of the unfavorable
weather it had to bo postponed until
some more favorable time. It was a
very large balloon, and it was tocarr)
the name, age and room of each pupil
in school that day, which was 180.
The name and age of the teacher of
each room was attached to the names
of the pupils of that room, tho oldest
of the teachers being Miss Letitia, 42
and Miss Ilael, .'15.
Local reading notices about business,
of tho nature of advertising, are
charged for ut the rate of 5 cents aline.
Wo run no advertising free. Our
space is our stock in trade.
Bring vour job printing to tho Huyti
Hayti Lodge Directory
M. W. A.
Hayti camp No. 9307, meets every
Friday night at Masonic hall.
H. L. Davidson, V. C.
J. T. Bucki-KY, Clerk.
I. O. O. F.
New Era lodge No. 3.r2 meets every
Saturday night at Odd Fellow hall.
0 .P. Wklls, .Ir , N. G.
P. S. Uavi:n.sti:in, Sec.
O. K.S.
Hayti chapter No. 217, meets 2nd
and 1th Tuesdays, at Masonic hall.
Ada .Iuiikn, Wm.
Vims. P. A oams, Sec.
K. and L. of H.
Hayti lodge No. 2717, meets 1st and
3rd Tuesdays, at Masonic hall.
Wit. Reasonkr, Protector.
Anna Dunklin. Sec.
A. F. and A. M.
Hnvti lodge No. 571 meets 1st and
3rd Thursdays at Masonic hall.
J. W. Johnhon, Wm.
Viun. P. Adams, Sec.
i n
W. Frick, Hayti.
Sec FRED ROWE, of Hayti, Mo.,
Salesman for J. E. Gkikkn's Patent Halter
Made of Rope or Webbing only, without knot or buckle.
The Best Halter on the Market
Prices to suit the times.
atllandshaw, Ky., to attend thofuner-
rr, a ceil IB, bvciyium
i I'rre. Subicrlbc tcxUjr,
w. o. w.
Paean camp No. 273 moots every
2nd and 4th Monday nights at Odd
Fellow hall.
Monti an Wokth, C. C,
C. J. Mayes, Clerk.
M. P. L.
Hayti council No. 093 moots 2nd and
4th Thursday at Odd Follow hall.
A. T. Hutson, Pres.
II. M. liANsmmuii, Soc.
Church Directory
Services at Methodist church, south:
Proaohlng 1st, 3d and 4th Sundays at
11 a. m. and 7:00 p. m.
Sunday school every Sunday at 0:45
a. m. W. W. Tarkinoton, Supt.
Epworth League each Sunday 7 p. m.
Prayer meeting each Wed. nt 7 p. m.
To all these services the public is
cordially invited.
T. G. Fai.mn, Pastor.
All Kinds Kough and Dressed Lumber, Shingles, Building
Material, Cypress Fencing, etc.
j& Wholesale and Retail -
You Will Find Our Prices Reasonable and to Suit the TimeB
Cypress Fencing on hand at all times and at reasonable prices.
Saw Mill, Shingle Mill and Planing Mill Combined.
We will greatly appriciate your patronage and endeavor to please you
C. W. FRICK, - Hayti, MO.
P""U "U V V "V F 1FVF & V VViFyHF "WW "U HI1'
G. W. Dorris, Mgr. F M. Perkins, Salesman. B. L. Qitfky, Atty.
Dealers in
Improved and Unimproved Land, Farms
and Timbered Lands and City
and Town Property
We Rent and Collect Rents, Pay Taxes
and Look After Improvements
i. j&. A rffa rfk fl jOuOjlkjAt j
Pascola Circuit.
Braggadocio 1st and 3rd Sundays at
11a, in. and at night.
Pascola, 2nd Sunday at 11 a. m. and
at night.
Concord, 4th Sunday 11a.m. and
at night.
Marvin Chapel, 4th Sunday and at
G. M. Brooks, p. o.
Congregational Methodist, Pascola.
Services 1st and 4th Sundays and
nights and 4th Sunday afternoons.
J, L, WoiA'KKTON. Pastor.
Tho Church of Christ will have scr
eut true. Addei the uccall co nw York, month by Elder W. A. llurke.
'"I r..t t..m. WnnifiH. Ilandiomt nrtmluma or Tl
al of their brother, who died with pneu-1 "V"'; vires tho 1st and 3rd Sunday In each
I w V m .. " . ii .. .7 . . . 1 no M..- V-U
To produce n jjood
nnd pure Sodn Water
it requires the use of
choice material ns well as a scientific pro
cess. Do not nbus.e your stomach in the
use of inferior carbonated urds. Demand
good and pure Soda Water, the same as f
you would pure food. ""!
191 " I IM4 Q
WahFs is the Brand.
When you call for it, see that it is served and that the crown stopper
bears the trade mark. This will guarantee to you pure nnd good Soda
Water, Coca Cola, Jersey Cream, etc.
wwranainnjMBmg j
nawni-ffwii-'ir "3ftM'

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