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HAYTI, : : : : : MISSOURI.
IN Itltlti
Suicide clubs arc the fail in high
tociety circles in St J'ctersuurg.
The lumber interests are main
taining a powerful lobby at Wash
ington. Nearly two hundred men were en
tombed by an explosion in a coal
mine in England.
President-elect Taft has fixed the
date for the extra session of Con
gress for March ir.
Hubert Ponton killed Frank Flem
ing in a pistol duel in a crowded
restaurant at Milton, Fla.
Congre.-sman Hanwlell of Louis
iana will speak at the National Tar
iff Convention at Indianapolis, Intl.
Uctwcen r.l00 and li.000 lives
were lost in an earthquake in Per
sia. -Sixty villages were destroyed.
Petwccn 2.10 and T.OO lives were
lost in a fire which destroyed the
Flores Theater at Acapuleo, Mex
ico. The Alabama Cotton Manufac
turers' Asocitkm met at Birming
ham to discuss the new child labor
The birthplace of Jefferson Da
vis at Fairvicw, Ky., will be dedi
cated June H as a shrine fur the
President Poosevelf sent a spe
cial message to Congress urging leg
islation for the care of dependent
Mike llcnnessy at Port Chester.
N. Y., is charged with pouring coal
oil over his wife and setting the
woman on fire.
Nineteen blind tiger keepers who
jnad operated on the state line be
tween Kentucky and Tennessee
were aneted.
The Iloue passed a bill reducing
the salary of the secretary of stale
jn ordei to make Senator Knox elig
iblo to hold the office
A municipal lodging house and
n hotel for working girls, both char
itable institutions, will be opened
shortly in New York.
Oeronimo, the noted Indian chief,
80 years old, died at Fort Sill,
Okla., where he had been a pri.-oner
of war for many years.
The mysterious attacks upon wo
men on the streets of Berlin, re
calling the notorious "ripper" cases
of other cities, continue.
The Hotel Clarendon, at Sea
Breeze Fla., with ten cottages, was
destroyed by fire. The 'il'i guests
left the building in safety.
It is now believed that the death
ioll of the wrecked steamer Penguin
will reach 1."). Twent -three bod
ies have not yet been recovered.
The crack in the liberty bell has
extended 17 inches be wind its orig
inal length, and the old relic may
j.ot be taken to the Pacific coast.
llerr Becker!, chancellor of the
German legation at Santiago, Chile,
Las confessed that ho murdered a
servant and burned the legation
The Burke bill requiring all
onan-going steamships carrying 50
or more passengers to bo equipped
,ith wiieless telegraph apparatus
was pasted by the House.
It is reported that there is a eool
ress between President Poosevelt
and President-elect Taft, because
Taft is not seeking advice from
Hoofcevelt about his cabinet
Four passengers were killed and
o(5 injured in an Illinois Central
wreck near Murphysboro, 111.
Thirty persons were killed, many
injured and great damage done by
an earthquake at Siva, Asiatic Tur
key. Crowds arc gathering at Fort
Monroe and Old Point Comfort,
Ya., to witness the arrival of the
battleship fleet.
President-elect Taft made the
official statement that Senator Knox
will hold the position of secretary
of state in his cabinet.
The Senate adopted an amend
ment to the naval bill requiring the
navy department to keep one-half
(ho warships in the Pacific ocean.
The extradition treaty between
the United States and Honduras
will cause the colony of American
embezzlers to seek another hiding
The Belgian steamer Australia
collided with an unknown sailing
vessel in the Mediterranean Sea and
both ships were sunk. Over a score
of lives Ave re lost.
The secretary of the treasury se
lected as a site for the new sub
licasury building in San Francisco
the property at the corner of San
some and I'ine streets, at ?3T5,000.
By an amendment to the naval
appropriation bill adopted by the
Senate, the hzc of the tAVO battle
ships authorized is limited to 21,
000 tons, and their cost, exclusive
of armor and armament to $-1,500,-000
Not satisfied with having taken
a huge slice off the eastward trans
Atlantic record last week, the Cu
nard line's great steamer Maureta
nia hat. again smashed all records
by (iua cling u'Tl nautical miles in
one day.
Mis- F.mily Yirginia Mason of a
famous Yirginia family, avIio won
famo during the Civil War as a
niue for Confederate soldiers and
Aho ministered to Union soldier';
at Libbey prison, died Thursday,
aged !)-! years.
Congie-snian Daniel CI. Banger
of Providence, H. 1., who represent
ed the First district of Ithode Is
land in Congrcs during the Fifty
eighth, Fifly-ninth and Sixtieth
congresses, died of heart failure. lie
Avas ."? years old.
A naval commander may hereaf
ter command a battleship as the re
Milt of a change just made in the
naval regulations. Heretofore ofii
icrs of this rank could not com
mand vrs-cls of greater importance
than a protected cruiser.
Detailed information concerning
the number of Japanese in this
country, their occupation and their
lelations to the communities in
which they live has been collected
for the- Federal government during
the past year by the immigration
An American eye-Avitncss of the
Aeapulco, Mexico, theater disaster
telegraphed from there that the
ikad number .'110. Of the number
of Avuundcd the injuries of 100 were
so serious that they arc still in the
hospital?. Twelve Americans at
tended the theater at the time, but
all escaped.
The Federal grand jury at Wash
ington returned indictments against
the Press Publishing Company of
New York and Joseph Pulitzer,
Caleb M. Van Uumm and Bobert
11. Lyman, editois of the New York
World, and the owners of the In
dianapolis Ncavs, Delvan Smith and
Charles It. Williams, charging libel
in publications in connection with
the purchase of the Panama canal.
Queen Helen has decided to un
deitake with her own private funds
the reconstruction of a toAvn on the
ouUkirU of Mcsina, the actual lo
cation to be on a hill Avhere the
lighthouse stood. The new commu
nity will start with 1,000 inhabit
ants. Her majesty personally is di
recting the Avork of dnuving up the
I street ulans.
Bichard M. Bartleman, the Amer
ican consul at Madrid, who recently
was appointed consul general at
Buenos Ayres, left for his iioav post,
Consul Bartleman is from Massa
chusetts. Maddin Summers, vice
consul, Avill be acting consul at
Madrid until the post is filled.
The long struggle of Arizona and
New Mexico for separate statehood
Avas roAvarded insofar as the House
of Representatives is concerned,
when that body, under suspension
of the rules, unanimously passed the
bill granting statehood to the tAVO
A number of houses and govern
ment buildings at Sivas, the capital
of a vilayet of the same name ill
Asiatic Turkey, collapsed as the re
sult of an earthquake. The loss of
life has not yet been estimated, but
reports say that 30 persons Avcrc
killed and others injured. Sivas has
a population of (3,000 families.
Henry Yignnud, secretary of the
American embassy at Fa rip, has re-,-igned,
the resignation to take effect
on March 31. In a letter Avhich
be has forwarded to President
Uooscvelt, Mr. Yignaud assigns as
the reason for his decision his ad
vanced age and his deirc not to
block the path of promotion "to
younger men."
A measure providing for state
wide prohibition in South Carolina
was passed to the third reading by
the House of Representatives by a
vote of fi8 to 40. While the bill
will likely get. through the House,
it is generally conceded that it Avill
be killed Avhcn it reaches the Sen
ate, the local optionists having a
majority in that bod-.
As the result of an explosion of
dynamite caps in the pockets of
Charles. Barnes and Lenr Young in
Pallas, Texas, both are dead.
Barnes' body Avas horribly mutilat
ed. The supposition is that the
boys had the caps in their pockets
and one of them set otf a firecrack
er that fired the explosive. Both
were about 18 years old.
fien. William E. Mickle, adju
tant general of the United Confed
erate Yeterans, gave out the state
ment saying that there would be no
joint session of the "blue and the
gray" at Memphis No invitations
will be issued to any but Confeder
ates to take part in i he reunion as
the constitution of the order abso
lutely forbids any invitaton to oth
ers. Information regarding the in
come tax laws of foreign countries
is ."ought by Representative Hull
of Tennesee, who has submitted to
the House a concurrent resolution
directing the secretary of state to
so inform American representative?
abroad. The resolution al-o calls
for information as to whether an
income tax causes money to be lock
ed up or disappear, or the wealthy
class to emigrate with their money
to other countries not imposing such
a tax.
Senator McLaurin of Mississippi
introduced an amendment to the ag
ricultural appropriation bill, in
creasing (he appropriation for the
investigation and extermination, if
posible, of the boll weevil, to .$400.
000. The amendment Avas referred
to the committee on agriculture,
which probably Avill meet next
week, and Senator McLaurin is san
guine of its adoption. The agricul
tural appropriation bill as it pass
ed the House carries only $110,000
for investigating and fighting the
boll weevil.
The first aAvard of the gold nudal
lecently established by the Smith
sonian histituttion, in memory of
the late Secretary Samuel Pierpont
Langley, and his contributions to
the science of aerodromics, has been
made to Wilbur and Orvillc Wright,
In the board of regents of the in
stitution "for advancing t)ie sci
ence of aerodromics in its applica
tion to naviation, by their successful
investgations and demonstrations o!
the practicability of -mechanical
Mtfht by man."
J. M. Dickinson Will Succeed Luko
Wright ob Socrotary of War.
riiihitlclphin, l'n. President-elect Tnft
ariived here Sunday morning front C'iii
cinnnli, nml with Mr. Taft, who came
over from New York to join him, is llio
guest of Dr. S. Weir Mitchell in his Wal
nut street home.
Mr. Tnft admits he is making hendAA-ay
in the selection of a secretary of tho
treasury, but maintains the place is not
yet filled. Franklin MncVeugh and My
ron T. Iledriek nrc tAvo of the men under
consideration. With this exception tho
Taft cabinet is complete, and avIich offi
cially promulgated shortly before his lir
auguration Avill be found us follows:
.Secretary of state, Philander C. Knox
of Pennsylvania; attorney-general, Geo.
W. Wiekershnm of Now York; Secretary
of Avar, J. M. Wilkinson of Tennessee;
secretary of commerce ami labor, Charles
Nngel of Missouri; secretary of the navy,
George von L. Meyer of Massachusetts;
secretary of the inteiior, It. A. Uallinger
of Washington; postmaster general,
Frank II. Wilson of Iowa.
J. M. Dickinson of Tennessee, avIio ac
cepted the Aar portfolio at the hands of
Mr. Taft, will give up the position of gen
eral solicitor for the Illinois Central rail
Avay system, and a salary of $35,000 a
year, to become a cabinet minister, lie
is between !i4 and .ri5 years of age, a
native of Mississippi, and served three
mouths in the Confederate army as a
Southern States, According to Crop
Reporter, Progress.
Washington. Tho annual crop report
of the department of agricultuic fur
nishes gratifying proof in part of the
material progress of the Unitttl States,
giving as it does the number and value
oi farm animals on Jan. I, 1909. Ac
cording to this repart compared with
those of the last census 1900 the South
ern States have supplied a icmarkable
propoition of the immense addition to
national wealth thus received.
Total value of farm animals of the
United States in 1900 was $.,() 12,000,000.
In 1909 .Ian. 1 their Aixltie Avas $1,-370,-1
05,000. The figures stand for num
ber and value of horses, mules, milch
coavs, other animals and sheep.
The Southern States Yhginia, Xorth
Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Geor
gia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mis
sissippi, Aikansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana
nnd Texas increased their total values
in farm animals from $178, 102, 1171 in
1900 to $1,030,551,000 in 1909.
The total increase, in the a nine of farm
animals in the United States from 1900
to 1909 Avas 222 per cent; the increase
for tho Southern States was 2.')7 per cent.
The aerage value of these farm ani
mals in the South in 190!) wa:
Hoi sos, $-13.07; mules, 51.35; milch
cows, $J2.-)G; other cattle, $15,70; sheep,
Secure 1,000 Bottlco Boor, 3 Barrels
Whisky, 200 Cases Wino.
Atlanta, Ga. The wedding" of Miss
I.ily Cohen and Samuel I.oeb, fi.ed for
next Tuesday night, will be a "dry" af
fair, owing to the activity of the Atlanta
police in enforcing the prohibit ton law.
Miss Cohen and Air. Locb are momUers
of wealthy Jewish families, and it is
planned to make their nuptials the event
of the season in llebiew social circles. To
this end Morris Cohen, the father of tho
bride-to-be, oidered a thousand bottles of
beer, thiee barrels of Avhisky and tAo
bundled cases of wine, to be served at
the Avcdding feut.
The police, heard of the large ship
ment of drinkables consigned to Cohen,
raided the storage place, seized the liq
uors and carted them to the police sta
tion. Cohen Avas arrested charged Avith
having the liquois on hand for purposo
of sale. Cohen gave bond in $2,000 and
Avill bring suit to recover the liquors.
Even Judge Ilroyles, vho will pass on
the seizure of the liquor, is one of those
bidden to the feast.
Minister in Trouble,
lierdshurg, Wis. lleciuse HeA A. E.
Friederich, formerly a lcsidoiit of Mad
ison and a graduato of the University of
Wisconsin, referced a basket ball contest
botAvcea the Madison nnd Itccdblmrg mil
itary company, ho may lose his position
as pastor of tho Methodist Church at
Ironton, Wis. The church board is up in
urnis, but Friederich says he -will referee.
Activities of Recent Campaign Too Much
of a Strain.
Chicago. Adlai E. Stevenson, former
vice-president of the United Stntcs, is ill
at his home in Uloomington, 111., accord
ing to icpoils received. Tlr activities of
tho recent campaign in vhit-h ho avus
defeated by his Republican vival for tho
govcrnoiship is said to Iiua't proved a se
vere strain on his 71 years, r.ntl he has,
it is stated, visibly weakened dining tlia
last few weeks.
Declares Senator Drow Hio Itovolver
as Soon as Col. Coopor
Spoko to Him.
Nashville, Tcnn. "Senator Carmack
hot me once, then he fired again. I
thought his next shot would kill me. I
fired at him to save my own life. 1 be
lieed I avus in danger of death at hid
hands. 1 thought so then. I think so
Intensely pale, hia face draAvn and
deep lines about his eyes and mouth, in
dicating mental sulToring, Hubiu J.
Cooper, for the first time Saturday de
scribed the killing of his father's enemy
in the streets of Nashville lsit Novem
ber. For four hours, under the skilful
guidance of his senior counsel, Mack
Anderson, ltobiu Cooper lecited his ver
sion of the events of the fatal day,
from the moment that his father en
tered his office in tho morning and told
him that he had warned Carmack if the
editorial assaults on him (Col. Cooper)
Avere continued thu town was not big
enough for both, through bib frantic
search for his father, Avlten he thought
he hud met Carmack, to his arming him
self and going out to locate his parent,
through the .scenes of the shooting and
down to his depaiture for the doctor's
office, leuA ing thu brilliant Carmack be
hind, a corpse in the gutter of the
btreet on Avhich ho lived.
And through his entire story his fa
vorite sister, Mrs. Lucotta Hurcli, avIio
hits been a tower of stiength to this
young man, sat avcII Aitliin the range
of his eyes, leaning far foiward in her
chair and following his every motion
and giving him every support possible.
Wrapped up in her brother, this young
matron has never left his side since his
first arraignment, and site gave him vis
ible sympathy and support, nnd when,
late in the afternoon couit avus finally
adjourned until Monday, she hurried
Aith him to his preson cell, tenderly
supporting him and whispering that, now
his story Aas told, he "must boon bo
Young Cooper's Story.
Young Cooper toltl of leaving the of
fice Avitli his father in the afternoon af
ter he had finally located him. They
Avalked through this streets, he said,
meeting John 11. Sharp In lite Aicade.
Sharp Avas going up toward l!ov. Pat
terson's house, and Aalked along Aith
them toward Seventh avenue. Doing
up the hill the incline told on the col
onel, and ho dropped back about twenty
feet, Rubin and Sharp proceeding arm in
arm ahead. '
Koacbing Seventh avenue, ltobin look
ed down the street and saw Cannaek
"1 turned to Sharp and said, 'Here
comes the senator now. Don't let papa
see him.' I caught my father by the
arm and said, 'Come on, dad; let us hur
ry over to the mansion.'
"Jle looked at me and liemuiulod wiiat
the hurry amis. Then he looked duAvn
the street, lie saw the senator.
"isn't that Cm mack now?' ho asked
me, and without wailing ror a leply,
continued, '1 will go on oor mid speak
to him.'
"I asked him not to go, but he
brushed my hand aside, and started
down the street. 'I know Senator Car
mack nntl he knows me,' he said to me
us ho started, 'and tlieic will be no
trouble.' As he Avent down the street I
Aiulked diagonally across tho street to
ward him and Carmack. When papa
stopped it occurred to mo that Carmack
had just left Mrs. Eastman and Avas put
ting his hat back on his head.
Says Carmack Drew First.
"Papa stopped and said, 'Senator Car
mack ' but at tho instant he spoke
Carmack iIicav his pistol, it paralyzed
me for an instant, and then I rushed
intuitively toward tho tolograplf pole
against which Carmack was backing.
"As I ruehed between them Curmaok'n
pibtol exploded in my face and a shot
hit mo in the neck. A second struck my
left coat sleeve, and I s.iav Carmack
standing sideways, but facing me, his
pistol aimed at me. I Jrew my lovolver
nnd fired thiee times as fast as 1 could,
then I btopped. Senator Curmaek'n
knees seemed to give Avay. Ho icelcd
und fell toward the gutter.
"I heard father say something about a
coward hiding behind a Avoiuniis' skirts
after Cm mack had drawn his pistol, I
avus under a terrific nervous strain, but
I am certain up to that time father had
not driuvn a pistol, l'athor did not saj,
'Now I have you,' or 'I've got the drop
on you.' After 1 had fired I leaned
against the telegraph pole. I told father
I was wounded. As ac Ayero leaving
for the doctor 1 suav Mrs. Eastman und
an old man buck up on tho yard of tho
Polk Hats."
Ilobin Cooper denied he hud ever
cursed Carmack. "I only know him by
sight," he said, "and hud no rial uu
fiieadly feelings toAvurd him."
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