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The Hayti herald. (Hayti, Mo.) 1908-1922, February 25, 1909, Image 8

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Announcements for City Office
Announcements in this column nro
charged for nt the rate of $2,50, cash
In advance.. Those who want ofllcu
Hh.inld place their nnmea before the
people in time for careful consideration.
City Election Aran. (1, 11)00.
S. E. Junr.N We nro authorized to
announce the nunie of S. E. .J mien iih
n candidate for the otlice of city utai
hIiuI of the City of Hayti, subject to
the action of the voters at the city elec
tion, April 0, 1009.
Joe Portlock is ill thin week.
U. C. Stubbs was quite ill lust
Homer Hoffman has bought a resi
dence from Lum Lellor.
Luin Leller has sold one of his resi
dences to L. L. Butler.
.1. I. Stephens had business ut Ca
ruthersville yesterday.
H. S. Stearns attended to business
at Cnruthersville Monday.
Dr. Trautmann's Drug Store bus
3 ut put in a nice floor case.
J. G. Sarins attended to legal
business at Caruthersville yesterday.
We have received the fourth biennial
lvporl of the board of managers of the
Slate Hospital No. 4, at Farmington.
This report gives much valuable in
formation, and seems to be under ex
cellent management.
Miss Vera Smith of Caruthcrsdllo,
who is teaching school nt Bragga
docio, was in Hayti Tuesday.
Fire at Chaffee this week destroyed
the store of John Mears. Four or
five other buildings were destroyed.
The heavy rains this week have al
most Hooded our streets, and the cul
verts and ditches need opening up.
We would like to bavo a real live
correspondent in every locality in the
county, and all stationery and stamps
will be free. Let us hoar from you.
Jessie G win has resigned his position
as express agent and John Wilks will
take hiH place on Mar. 1. Mr. Landon,
yard clerk, is now handling the ox
press, and Mr. Wilks is filling Mr.
Landon's place.
If the telephone company can't put
in telephones when people want them
the privileges of their franchise is vio
lated. There is much strong talk
among the people of bringing an uction
against the company to forfeit its
Capt. B. F. Allen, who is 05 years
old, is no spring chicken, and gets
there, train or no train. Last Tues
day he hoofed it through the rain from
Wardell to Pascola, and Wednesday
he took a tie ticket to Godair. He is
helling Singer sewing machines.
Miss Jessie B. Morris entertained a
number of her young friends Saturday
evening, it being the occasion of her
fourteenth birthday. Those present
were: Misses Freda Bryant, May
Fopham, Mamie Welker. Pearl Mil
horn, Violet Hajes, Nell Hayes, Anna
Dunklin, Hettie Dorris, Irene Wells
and Mattie Fallin.
On the sleps of the
High School
Colton, California
2,500 miles towards
the setting sun
The more patronage
we get
the more these kido
have to eat
I offer for sale i.
and 2 cows and oni
hogs for $1000', caul
and lot across tin
house, known as tl
borty, for $400,
There Is a mortgn
property for $300.
.h and 2 lotH
il 25 head of
so the house
nt from my
II Wilson pro
.uttd in cash,
his last named
Ioy Gaskims.
I nm offering for iv to tbo publlo
some of the best situated business and
residence property In Hayti, as fol
lows: 1 lot on. square, oast of Letter's
Drug Store; 1' hous and lot, known
nstho Wilson property; Hot, .my home
place, that was burned last year.
This 1ms barn and cistern, concrete
walk, good fence, grape arbor, noma ,
iruiii uiiu onruuuur. win buii un ,ur
any "part of my restaurant.
15tf. B. Gashine.
N. W. Corner Squuro, Hayti, Mo.
For your money's worth in Short
Order meals, Lunches, Cold Drinks,
Confectioneries, Fruits, Fish and
Game in Season, Cigars and every
thing that goes to make a flrstclass
restaurant. Call once and you will
come again.
For 1c a Package
Don't pay 5c for a package of seed that you
can get for lc. Hundreds of people used
these seed last year and know they are good.
X Culpepper & Jackson X I
Watchmakers and y i
( Jewelers ( m
Next door to Bank of Hayti J
Hayti, - - Missouri
w-t I
P. s. "ravensthin il
OHiee at Home. Phono No.28 i
Hayti, - Missouri U
ll I
If you had a craw like a chicken and a
gizzard full of sand rocks you might eat al
most anything, but the human stomach is a
delicate piece of machinery and demands
great care. Don't take liver and stomach
medicine and pills; it's not that you need.
Buy good, pure, wholesome, fresh groceries;
buy the best, and see how different you feel.
The market is full of cheap, rotten, nasty
stuff, the slops and leavings from canning
and packing houses, which is put up under
bright labels and sold cheap. Beware, of
such stuff; its dangerous. We don't handle it;
don't buy it; don't want it. We handle only
the best of everything that is to eat, at the
lowest price such goods can be sold. Come
Willie and Irene York
Daughters oi the Herald
Cole Younger, a former member of
Jesse .Tomes' gang, has. upplied for
full pardon to the governor of Min
ne.sota, wheivlie has been in prison
for 25 ears.
A muss meeting of the members of
the Farmers Unions of New Madrid,
Pemiscot, Dunklin, Stoddard and I3ut
ler counties, art; called to meet in .Mai
den on March 4th.
Tuesday of last week Muyorlluggins
of Maiden shot and seriously wounded
Sam Hlanton. at a livery barn. The
shooting was the result of a common
dillleulty, and not in the discharge of
any ollluiul capacity.
East Prairie Eagle: The latest
spasm at Jefferson City is the bill by
Mnir, of Lewis county, to establish a
printing plant in the penitentiary to
cost &I00.000, which Is to bo operated
by convicts under a state printer, who
is to be appointed by the governor for
three years at a salary of $2,500 per
annum. Oh, my countrymen! What
a glorious chance for graft 'twill be!
Salton Sea
One of the strangest farms in the
world is situated in Southern Cali
fornia. Ii(l4 feet below the level of the
sea. The place is known as Salton.
It is a salt farm of about 1,000 acres.
Here the salt lies as deposited by na
ture from six to sixteen inches indepth.
The salt farmer are busy harvesting
this crop the year round, and although
the harvest has continued for over
twenty years, during which time more
than 40,000 tons of salt have been har
vested, only ten of the 1,000 ucres of
the farm have been worked. The salt
is first plowed up in furrows; it is then
thrown into conical piles by men with
barrows, after which it is taken to the
reduction works nearly and put into
marketable condition. The work is
done by Mexicans and Chinese, the in
tense heat being more than Americans
ean endure. Maiden Merit.
Does the Merit know that the present
Salton is only 02 feet below the level
of the sea, while 170 feet ofwatercovers
the Salton Sea, as the result of an
overflow and break in the Colorado
river about four years ago. The sea
was dry, on the style of Death Valley.
The deepest place was 270 feet below
the level of the sea. As Salton is 02
feet below, and near the waters edge,
The Planter (Jin Company wi
close their gin on tl(e last day of this
month, and those who have cotton to
bring in should do so at once. We are
proud of the business we have had this
season, which has been twice the
amount of any previous year, and
demonstrates that the people appre
ciate our efforts to treat them right.
We feel grateful to the people, and
hope (hey will be with us again next
year. James Hassler. 17-Ut
Notice Now iB the time to make
arrangements for your concrete
walks. I am making special prices
up to March 1 on all kinds of con
crete work. All work guaranteed.
See me at once. P. S.Ravenstein.
Hove Faith in Vourself
Vergil: They conquer who believe
they can
Good Meat, But Poor Cooks.
Garrick: Heaven sends us goad
meat, but the devil sends cooks.
Gum and maple bdxing 812.50 a
1,000. 16 ft. cypress fencing $14 a 1,000.
Everything else In proportion. O. W.
Frick. lltf
New Madrid Record: When the
north bound Frisco train reached il mihl bo 'stiinated that the deepest
Matthews, last Tuesday, the conduc- -waXm' iH ul,oul ,lw fwjt- It I ""! the
tor called for the constable and had a , Southern Pacific Hallroad moved its
young man, 20 years old, from Hig,
Ovek, Ark., arrested for "shooting
tip" a passenger coach. He was tried
before- Judge J. N. Mills, who lined
him $85.00, and not being able to set
tle the bill was brought hero to lan
guish in Sheriff Hampton's baHtlle.
Postoffice Hours
One good thing postmaster flully has
done since coining iutoolllceis to open
the noon mail from the south on Sun
day. For this purpose thu postotlleo
is open from 1:.'!0 to 2:.'10 p. in. Don't
forget thin, and come and show Mr.
Guffy how you appreciate the favor.
The hours ut the postotllce ure:
Week days, 7..'10 a. in. to 7 p.m. Sun
day h 8 to 10:.'to a. in; 1:.'J0 to 2:.'J0 p. in;
4:30 to 0 p. m.
I have just returned from the market and have placed in our store the best line of clean,
up-to-date merchandise ever shown in Hayti. No better line was ever shown in Pemiscot
county. We have an enormous trade, which is growing and getting better every year, and
this year we are going to double our efforts to satisfy and supply the demand of this trade, so
this year we were first in the market to buy our goods, and have had picking choice. We
bought just what we want and just what you want, and we earnestly invite you to call and
inspect our various lines. Don't fail to visit our store before you buy.
tracks 10 miles. It still runs across
much of the water.
At the time the break in'the river
which Hooded the soaoceuivd, much of
the sea was being cultivated in alfalfa,
etc., and the soil was about the richest
and most productive in tho world, the
Intense heat adding greatly to tho
growth of vegetation, tho heat being so
great that much of tho labor was per
formed at night. Many of these farms
and houses wereeovered many fathoms
with water. Tho break occurod through
an Irrigation ditch, and tho govern
ment mid tho Southern Pacific Hail
road worked many months lieforo the
water could bo turned again to its
natural course.
I wish to call your attention to our White Goods Department. We are particularly
strong on white goods and have some of the nicest, neatest and prettiest patterns ever shown in
the county, at prices from 1 0c to 50c per yard.
Get our prices on these goods and see where we can save you money.
Above Consistency.
Emerson: With consistency a great
J buul has sluiuly nothliijc to do.
If you want the newest of the new, the prettiest and the latest patterns, we are sure you
will appreciate our line. We were first in the market to buy these goods and our choice is
first and best, and we have some rare bargains to offer. Our prices arewithin the reach of all
and range from 4c to $ 1 .00 per yard. Don't fail to see this line.
-I. K O H N

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