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NO. 20.
The ladles of Huytl have organizing
The annual oritorical contest for the
Hood ijold inedalB, given to the suc
cessful boyand girl jrrudintf highest
of the Caruthersville school, took
jilaco at the Prosbytorian church In
Caruthersville last Friday night. Al
though it was a stormy night yet the
house was well lllled by an apprecia
tive audience, and the contest proved
to be a most entertaining success.
There were twelve contestants, three
boys and nine girls, and to say that
they all did well will be better appre
ciated when we say that they average
. ed better than i)0 in the grading,
there being less than o difference in
the six scoring the highest. The
average for the girls was !.' and the
boys was 88.
The winner of the medal for the girls
was Agatha La Forge, whose subject
was "The Spinning Wheel Scene from
, the Courtship of Miles Standish."
' The winner of the medal for the boys
was Jack MeCutcheon, whose subject
was "Supposed Speech of John
Adams on the Declaration of Inde
pendence.," The contestants are to le congratu
ated on their good work, and the in
structors of the school have much to
be proud of in the unusual interest
shown in the work of their pupils.
The judges were Mrs. Elizabeth
Hrasslield of Kennett, Prof. Stewart
of Sikeston and Prof. H. L. Davidson
of Havti.
Card of Thanks
The ladies of theM. E. church wish
to express their thanks to all who ex
tended help in their recent entertain
ment, and especially the ladies of the
Baptist church who were in the spelling
class, and the Deering girls, and also
for the use of the -city hall.
Mr. Ed Judcn, Secy.
Mrs. Will Morris, Pres.
Miss May A'nthoney of Kennett visit
ed little Mary Gordon Saturday and
I hereby announce mjself as a can
didate for Alderman from Ward No.2,
subject to the city election April 0,
UK)!), for the term of two years. My
platform is for theup-buildingofJIay-ti,
first, last and all the time.
1. I believe in progress! veness and
civic improvement.
2. Concrete sidewalks, because they
are better all the time and are cheaper
in the end.
.. Waterworks, electric lights and
grading and macadamizing of streets
and proper drainage.
4. Offer inducements to factories
and give employment to home people.
5. Good ordinances for general im
provement and enforcing them.
(i. 1 am against class legislation in
any form.
7. I am in favor of and will insist
on having printed quarterly, in the
llayti Herald,- the linancial standing
of theCityof llayti, as the lawrequires.
The tax payer bus a right to know how
his money is spent and for what pur
pose. 8. 1 am as blind us a bat to every
thing but the general welfare of llay
ti and iter people.
St. To all the above I pledge myself,
and beg to assure you that your vote
and inlluence will be highly apprecia
Your humble servant,
James A. Johnson.
Petosl Journal: A DeSoto business
man, who employed a pretty type
writer, suspecting that some one was
peeping through the keyhole at his of
fice door, investigated with a syrange
full of pepper sauce. When ho went
home he found his wife with her eye
bandaged, a chip having struck her
in the eye while she was chopping
Maiden News: The preliminary
hearing of Mayor W. .1. Huggins,
charged with the shooting of Sam
Blanton, bus been postponed to Mar.
10. Blanton is rapidlj recovering.
for the purpose of encouraging public
improvement, and their ilrst effort will
be a dinner at the city hall on election
Every citizen of llayti should give
the ladies of our city their strongest '
encouragement in this move, and show
them that they appreciate tholr efforts.
Theladies are going to use the proceeds
of these dinn.'is, etc., to fence, Im
prove and beautify the public square,
andiif successful they will orgnnize a
Civic League. We hope every one
will take hold of this matter unit help
the ladies. It would lie too bad to
discourage them.
Notice to Teachers
Notice is hereby given that the next
regular teachers examinations will be
held at Hayti, Missouri, March 2(i and
27, 11)09, beginnining at 8 o'clock a. m.
Come supplied with pen, ink and pa
First Day Fokknoon:
Geography. Grammar.
Orthography. Language. Arithmetic.
Skcond Day Fokknoon:
Reading. Civil Government.
U. S. History. Science.
Physiology. Pedagogy.
Ad. History.
By order of
Board of Education.
The necessary papers have been Hied
in New Madrid county that will give
the people in the lowlands of that
county another big drainage ditch.
This new ditch begins at a north line
of New Madrid county and will empty
into the Mississippi river at a point
just above the city of New Madrid.
Having been led to believe the proof of the "pudding is
in the eating thereof," I wish to say the goods listed below
speak for themselves. This county is tilled with intelligent
people who know what they want to eat or don't want to eat,
without the advise or help of a guardian angel. Try these
goods and be convinced. You know a good article.
Thousands of Packages of PENNY Package
GARDEN SEED, each 1c
Coal Oil, per gallon , ' ,12c
Flake Hominy, per pound .4c
Rice, per pound 4c.
22 oz. Bottle Pickles . I 5c
Good Corn, per can 7c
3 Pound Canned Tomatoes, per can l Oc
Canned Peas, per can 74c
2 Pound Canned Apples, per can 7)4c
2 Pound Canned Kidney Beans, per can 7lc
Canned Oysters, per can 7jc
Eastern Granulated Sugar, 1 6 pounds for 1 .00
Beans, hand picked, per pound 6c
Seeded Raisins, per package l4c
Roast Coffee, per pound 1 2c
Everything in proportion. Don't complain
about the hard times. Buy your goods right, then there
will be no hard times.
These prices are for cash only, and we do not give
premium coupons with sales.
A $2,000.00 monument is to be placed
at the grave of the late W. F. Shel
ton, at Kennett.
tin sHB't9 ;sa2i
BILL BOOKS. An exceptionally nice assortment
in this line, for 2oc to $1.50.
PURSES From 5c to 50c
RUBBER CLOVES. Ladies should protect their
han'ds in doing the housework by using i ubuer
gloves. These are guaiauteed 1st quality goods.
$1.25 per pair.
Household Sj ranges,
Fountain Hyru n go 8 ,
Hard Hubber .-vianges,
Glass Syranges, Hot
Water Bottles. Ice Bags, etc.
We have just
received t ho
best assort
ment of combs we have over had.
Rubber combs, 10c, 15c, 25c. 50c, 65c and $1 each.
Fine combs, 5c, 10c, 25c. Infant combs 10c.
Barbers' horn combs 25c. Vest pocket 10 and 25c.
Back combs, new and fancy pattern, 50c. Side
combB, very pretty, 50c pair, Barretts, 10 and 25c.
Hair rolls 25c.
Keep your mind on "Lefler Quality."
Hair Brushes, 25e to
$1.50. ('loth brushes
25c to $1.25. Nail
brushes, 25c to 50c. Infant brushes, 25c Tooth
brushes, 5c, 10c, 15c, 25c and 35c. .Show brushes,
25c. Hat brushes, 25c. Whisk brooms, 25c.
Silver, good quality, 25c each.
Hand mirrors 10,
15, 25, and 50c.
1st qualitv glass, white enameled frame 9x11, 30c
i " t' " " 11x14,50c
i " " " 12xl"J, 5c
( ' " " " 14x22, 75c
Small . 5c
Large, . . . 10c
No family should bo
without one of our
nice bibles, best fin
ish and binding, from!
25c to $3.50.
Ihe White Houco Cook
Book contains pages of
useful information for overy
It tells you how to pre
pare anything that is
good to oat. You need
it overy day.
Price $1.00
Why spend your leisure time
doing nothing, when you can
geta whole day's rending for 10c.
We have 500 detective stories,
love stories and "adventures, all
10c, straight.
12 Years a Detective. Happy though Broke.
Through New Hampshire on a Buckboaid.
Through Missouri on a Mule. Adam and Eve.
Flashes and t parks. The Dam Family.
A son of Kest. On a Slow Train Through Ark.,
all 25c each.
When you want to buy an article
of any kind you will save time, wor
ry and patience and get mure what
you want by going wheie the stock
is largest and most complete. For
several years wo have paid particu
lar attention to tablets, and our
trade is immense. They range in
price from lc to 25c.
If you have bb much
pride about you as;
wo have about our
box paper you will
never use anything
else To sno this
line is to admire it.
12 styles and designs at
14 styles and designs at
2 styles and designs at
2 styles and designs at
2 styles and designs at
50c per box
25c per box
40c per box
35c per box
10c per box

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