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Pennsylvanlan Is Secretary of State
Franklin MacVeagh, Chicago Mer
chant, Holds the Treasury Portfo
lio Jacob M. Dickinson, Tennessee
Democrat, to Manage the Army
Affairs of the Agricultural Depart
ment Left in James Wilson's
Philander Cliaso Knox of Pennsyl
vania, secretin y of slato In the cab
inet of President Tuft, was born at
UrownsvlUe, Pa., In 1853. Ho was
Kiadiiatcil from Mount Union college,
Ohio, in 1872, and threo years later
wab admitted to tho bar. During tho
years 187G and 1S77 ho served an as
sistant United Stated district attorney
lor tho western district of Pennsyl
vania. In the lattor year he formed
a law partnership with James H. Heed
which still exists and which has rep
resented many largo corporations, In
cluding tho Carnegie Company. Mr.
Knox entered President McKlnlcy'a
cabinet as attorney general In April,
101, serving until 1901, when ho was
elected United States senator from
Pensylvania. The latter position he
resigned to become tho head of Presi
dent Taft's cabinet.
MacVeagh for the Treasury.
Franklin MacVeagh, secretary of Wio
treasury, was horn on a farm in
Chester county, Pennsylvania, gradu
ated from Yalo In 18G2 and from
Columbia Law school In 1801. Ho bo-
Good Company.
Religion cannot illumlnato philo
sophical discussions. Philosophical
discussions can confirm religious
truths. And therefoto seek tho com
pany of truly religious peoplo and of
roal philosophers, tho living as woll
as the dead. Tolstoy.
A Matrimonial Oversight.
It never seems to occur to persons
who are gottlng married that they
ought .o take each othor for good as
well as for bettor or worao. Philadel
phia Record.
Child's Pathetic Suicide.
At Bollver, Pa., recontly, Mary Es
tella, eight years old, committed sui
cide. Sho grlovod ovor tho death of
licr mother. "Papa, I am going to
shoot," she said, and boforo ho had
time to realize tho moaning of tho
-words the girl fired a bullet into her
To Kill an Evil Odor.
Dried orange peel allowed to smol
der ona piece of rod-hot iron or on an
old shovel, will kill any bud odor in a
xoom and leave a fragrant one behind.
jw xotji'
saa;cj ivifas
qjecKzcrAf&y of
VAK,y cf
j? coMnEQCt
gan tho practice of law In Now York
city but ill-health forced him to aban
don It and in 1SG3 he went to Chicago
and engaged in tho wholesale grocery
business.. In this and other commer
cial pursuits he has amassed a largo
fortune. I3eforo entering tho cabinet
ho disposed of his holdings in the big
grocery firm and resigned as director
of the Commercial National bank of
Chicago. Mr. MacVeagh has always
been Interested in movements for tho
public welfare, locally and nationally.
Ho has been president of the Chicago
Citizens' association, the Chicago
Bureau of Charities and tho Municipal
Art League, vice-president of tho
American Civic association, and chair
man of the Immigration department of
tho National Civic Federation. Mr.
MacVeagh formerly was a Democrat
and In 1891 he was nominated for
United States senator by tho Demo
crats of Illinois, but was defeated in
tho legislature. Ho supported Grover
Cleveland, but afterward changed his
party allegianco because of the atti
tude of tho Democratic party on the
money question.
Dickinson Is War Secretary.
Jacob M. Dickinson of Tennessee
and Chicago, tho new secretary of
war, was born In 1S51 at Columbus,
Miss. Ho graduated from tho Uni
versity of Nashville in 1S72 and after
ward studied law at Columbia college,
at tho University of Lcipslz and in
Paris. Ho served several times by
special commission on the supreme
bench of Tennesseo and was assist
ant attorney general of the United
States In 1895-97.
Wilson Retains His Place.
Only ono member of the Roosevelt
cabinet retains his portfolio under
Mr. Taft. That is James Wilson of
Iown, secretary of agriculture. So ex
cellent had been his work In that posi
tion that there was no serious talk of
making a change. Born in Scotland In
1833, Mr. Wilson came to tho United
States in 1852 and threo years later
settled In Iowa. In 1801 ho ongaged in
farming In Tama county. Ho was n
member of tho Iowa assembly for
three sessions and speaker of tho
house for ono session, and also wus a
Hint for the Talkative.
Thero is much to bo said for silence.'
If tho majority of people could bo
made to exercise themselves regularly
In restraint of tho tonguo the gonoral
business of this planet would be con
siderably cxpedltod. Pall Mall Ga
zette. As Wc Sow, We Reap.
Man is tho artificer of his own hap
piness. Let him beware how ho com
plains of tho disposition of circum
stances, for it la his own disposition
ho blames. Henry D. Thoreau.
To One Kind of Woman.
Hero's to tho woman who has a
smllo for every joy, a tear for every
sorrow, a consolation for every grief,
an excuso for every fault, a prayer" for
every misfortune, and encouragement
for every hopo. What-to-Eat.
Peanut Oil Well Llked(
In Europo a first-class peanut oil is
tho most highly esteemed of vegetable
oils after olive oil. It is also used
in the manufacture of butter substi
tutes. Tho low-grade oils are used
for soap.
member of tho Iowa stato railway
commission. In 1873 ho wns olccteil
to congress, serving two terms, and
was sent to tho national legislature
again for ono term in 1883. Ho was
regent of .the Stato university of
Iowa In 1870-74, and In 1890 was
made director of tho agricultural ox
porlment station and professor of agri
culture at the Iowa Agricultural col
lege, Amos, la. In 1897 ho becamo
secretary of agriculture.
Postmaster General Hitchcock.
Tho first cabinet ofllccr selected by
Mr. Taft after his election was Frank
H. Hitchcock of Massachusetts, who
gavo up his placo as first assistant
postmaster general to manage success
fully tho Taft presidential campaign.
He has been given the offlco of post
master gonoral in tho now cabinet.
Mr. Hitchcock was born at Amherst,
O., in 1807, and graduated from Har
vard in 1891 and from Columbia Law
school In 1894. Since 1891 ho has
been a government ofllclal.
Nagel Has Commerce Portfolio.
Missouri has been rewarded for Its
switch to the Republican column by
tho appointment of Chailes Nagel as
secretary of commerce and labor. Mr.
Nagel Is a loading lawyer of St.
Louis and the west. Ho was born In
Texas in 1849, moved to St. LouiB
when a child and graduated from tho
St. Louis Law school In 1873. Ho has
been senior member of the law firm
of Nagel & Kirby, professor in tho
St. Louis Law school and a trustee
of Washington university. Jn 1881-83
ho was a member of the Missouri house
of representatives, and In 1893-97 was
president of the St. Louis city coun
cil. Ho is a member of the Repub
lican national committee and for years
has been an intimate friend of Mr.
Taft. He was one of Mr. Roosevelt's
most enthusiastic suppoiters. As an
attorney Mr. Nagel was identified with
several important cases dealing with
tho numerous complications In tho
affairs of tho Five Civilized Tribes in
tho then Indian territory.
Navy Under Meyer's Charge.
President Taft's secretary of the
navy, George Von L. Meyer of Massa
chusetts, has had wide experience as
a business man, legislator, diplomat
and cabinet ofllccr. Ho was born in
Boston In 1858 and graduated from
Harvard In 1879. Ho then entered
business and has been prominently
conected with a number of financial
and mercantile concerns. His career
as a public official began In 1889, 'vhon
he was elected to tho Boston common
council. Ho then served on tho board
of aldermen, and In 1892-9G he was a
member of the Massachusetts Isglsla
lure, the last two years being speaker
of the house. In 1900 Mr. Meyer was
sent to Italy as American ambassador,
and In 1903 was transferred to Rus
sia. In January, 1907, President
Roosevelt called him homo to enter
his cabinet as postmaster general.
This portfolio ho has relinquished for
that of the navy.
Balltnger Secretary of Interior.
After about ono year's service as
commissioner of the general land of
flco, Richard A. Balltnger of Seattle,
Wash., has entered tho cabinet as
secretary of tho interior. Ho is a
native of Iowa, having been born in
Boonesboro in 1858. After attending
the University of Kansas and Wash
burn college at Topcka, lie went to
Williams college, graduating in 1884
and afterward studying law and re
moving to Washington. Ho was
United States court commissioner In
1890-92 and later was judge of tho
supremo court in Jefferson county,
Attorney General Wlckersham.
George W. Wlckersham, who be
comes President Taft's attorney gen
eral, has had the reputation of being
ono of the ablest lawyers in New
York city. Born In Pittsburg in 1858,
ho studied civil engineering In Lehigh
university and in 1880 graduated from
tho law school of tho University of
Pennsylvania. For two years ho prac
ticed law in Philadelphia. In 1884 ho
becamo associated with tho law firm
of Strong & Cadwalladaro, to which
Henry W. Taft, brother of tho presi
dent, belongs.
How the Snow Comes Down.
In a western homo, Lynno, four
years old, was kneeling on tho car
pet boforo a low window, intently
watching tho falling snow as It was
rapidly covering tho. prairie. Ho
turned and said roverontly: "Aunt
Llzzio, God sends It down, and he
spreads It so smooth." Delineator.
Dally Thought.
To rofuso to yield to others when
reason or a special causo rcqulro it
is a mnrk of pride and aUffness.
Thomas a Kcmpls,
Blackbird with Two Heads.
At Llnwood, near Paisley, Scotland,
a blackbird, which Is tho unlquo pro
fessor of two almost distinctly formed
heads, has been seen. It has two bills;"
and has been seen to pick and make
use of both, but whether it can pass
food through both cannot yet bo defl
nltcly stated.
World's Largest Incubator,
The largest incubator in tho world
is" at Datary, near Sydney, Australia.
It accommodates 11,400 duck' ocrjl
or 14,080 hens' est.
Chinese Diplomat Outwitted by Ameri
can Railroad King.
Tho wily Wu Ting Fang, tho min
ister from Ghlna, whoso frank and
penetrating questionings havo niado
him tho Joy of newspaper mcniand tho
bane of. tho dlplomnt, for onco met his
match in n brief encounter with E. H.
Ilarriman, tho railroad magnate. Mr.
Wu opened on Mr. llnrriman with this
naive inquiry:
"How did you get control of all theso
railroads? What did ypu do?"
Mr. llnrriman smiled and replied:
"I can answer you best by a story
about a prominent capitalist whom I
onco met. Ho was summoned to court
as a witness and was being questioned
as to his personal affairs.
" 'What is your salary?' asked tho
" 'Nothing,' was the unexpected an
swer. " 'Well, what Is your incomo from all
sources, then?' continued tho court.
" 'Nothing,' maintained the witness.
" 'What, do you moan to say you
have no income vhatovcr?'
" 'Yes.
" 'How much do you spend in a
" 'About ?00,000 or so.'
"'If you havo no Income, yet spend
$00,000 a year, how do you do it?' was
tho sharp rejoinder.
" 'Ah,' was the response, 'that is my
secret.' " System.
His First Visit.
Tho wide check of his suit and his
monocle pioclaimed his nationality
from afar. His first American ac
quaintance, met on tho steamer, had
supplied him with an immense amount
of strange and wonderful information
about the United States.
"And since you arc an Englishman,"
it was explained, "every store will at
once charge you from five to ten times
what they would ask an American."
"Eh! What?" said tho Britisher,
aghast, and then with a look of great
cunning: "But, my word! I shawn't
tell them, don't you know!"
$100 Reward, $100.
Tho readers ol this paper will bo pleased to learfc
that there Is at least one dreaded dlseaso that scleneo
has been able to euro In all Its stagts, and that Is
Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh euro Is tho only posltho
cure now knon to tho medical fraternity. Catarrh
belnss a constitutional disease, requires a constitu
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh euro 13 taken In
ternally, actios directly upon tho blood and mucous
Eurfacca ol tho system, thereby destroylnc tho
foundation of tho disease, and Klilns tho patient
strcnuth by building up tho constitution and assist
ing nature in dolnz its work. 'Iho proprietors tmo
so much faith In its curntivo powers that they offer
One Hundred Dollars for any caso that It falls to
cure, bend for list of testimonials
Address r. J. CIir.NKY & CO., Toledo, O.
Bold by all Drueirlsta. 75c.
Take Hall's Family Fills for constipation.
Frocks and Personally.
Tho Englishwoman docs not dirtuso
enough personality Into her clothes.
If sho Is tall and gaunt she chooses
severe tailor-made costumes and looks
like a clothes- press. If she is small
she tilts on, her enormous curled coif
fure, a monster hat and sews a gigan
tic Elizabethan frill into the neck of
her blouse. London Bystander.
"A Question of Value.
"Politeness costs nothing," said the
"Which may explain," answered
Miss Caycnno, "why somo people of
ostentatious wealth havo so little of
AYegdaule Preparation for As
similating theFood and Reg ula
ting the Stomachs and Bowels of
Promotes Digcslion,ChcerfuI
ness and Rcst.Contains neither
Opium .Morphine nor Mineral
Not Nauc otic
Fnipt cfOM DrSAMVElimfSX
Pwixpftin Sua
AbtMU Salts -finiitStid
ftpptrminl -fi
Worm Sttd -CjarSttii
t&rfiren F(ter
Apcrfecl Remedy forConslipa
lion , Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea,
Worms .Convulsions.Fevcrish
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature of
The Centaur Company;
Guaranteed under tho Foodand,
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
M iiiiiiiiiiiiiniHHiiimiimnMimn Munmjnmimi! For Infants and Children.
w BiNM-i. im A wavs B
Couldn't Explain.
"What is a 'tomnest in a teapot,'
"My child, you will havo to ask your
mother; I never attend afternoon
Ccctwscs e Svstem
Dispels colds awd HeaAa&hes
&iso CosqKoyv;
Acts xva.xva, acsvvy as
Bes jov McwVbxftoxv awaXKAfc
.tew Jbttw axvA. 0d.
To 6e Ws 0ewe5toA eSJccXs.
oAways trav e Qexvxivcve,
manufactured by the
Fig Syrup Co.
one'size only, regular price 50 per bottle.
Positively cured by
these Little Pills.
They nlso relieve Dis
tress from Dyspepsia, In
dlristlou ami Too Hearty
Katliifr. A perfect rem
edy for DUzlneas Nau
sea, Drowsiness, Bail
Taste in the Mouth, Coat
ed Tongue, Pain In tho
Ihey rcrulnto the Bowels. Purely Vegetable
Genuine Must Bear
Fac-Simile Signature
I want every chronic rheumatic to throw
away nil medicines, nil liniments, nil
plasters, nnd kIvc MUNYON'S KIIKUMA
TISM. URMUDY a trial. No matter what
your doctor may say, no matter what
your friends may Bay, no matter how
prejudiced ou may be against nil ndver
tisod remedies, po nt onco to your (lrue;
Kist nnd cct a uottlo of tho ltnnUM.V
TISM KRMljnr. It It falls to give satis
faction,! will refund yotirimray. Munyoa
Itemcmber this remedy contains no sal
icylic ncid, no opium cocaine, morphine or
other harmful dnms. It is put tip tinder
tho guurnntco of tho Pure Pood nnd Drue
For sale by alt drusclsts. Trice. 2Ge.
Kind You
Bears the A,
Signature XMf
(a J In
( S Use
j For Over
Thirty Years
THt ontauh eoy ht, MiwTomiorrr,
q0ykitm)e iJinifrt ,f).A?mn
. i'",r L- ...rikJLiltilatix

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