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The Hayti herald. (Hayti, Mo.) 1908-1922, March 18, 1909, Image 8

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Announcements for City Office
Announcements in this column nro
charged for at the rate of $2.50, cash
in advance. Those who want oflicu
should place their names before the
people In time for careful consideration.
City Ei.kction Aruti. 0, 11)09.
John T. Buckley We are authoriz
ed to announce the name of John T.
lttickley us a eiuididuto for I lie ofilce
of Mayor of the City of llayti, subject
tn'tho action of the votera at the city
flection, April 0, 1901.
S. E. Juden We are authorised to
announce the name of S. 12. Juden as
a candidate for the ollice of city mui
Hhal of the City of llayti, subject to
I lie action of the voters at the city elec
tion, April 0, 1009.
Lum I.kkleu We are authorized to
announce the name of Lmii Letter aa
a candidate for the office of city mar
Mial of the City of llayti, subject to
the action -f the votera at the city el
ection. April 0, 1909.
F. M. Gwin We are authorized to
announce the name of F. M. Gwin at' a
candidate for the ollice of police judge
of the City of llayti, subject to the ac
tion of the votera at the city election,
April 0, 1909.
Chas. Moruan W are authorized to
announce the name of Chas. Morgan
as a candidate for the oIKce of city clerk
ot the City of llayti, subject to the ac
tum of the voters at the city election,
April 0, 1909.
James A. Johnson We are authoriz
ed to announce the name of James A.
Johnson aB a candidate for the ollice
of alderman 2nd ward of the City of
llayti, subject to the action of the
vniers at the city election, April (i,
Gait. 15. F. Ai.i.hN We are author
ized to announce the name of ('apt. H.
F. Allen as a candidate for the ollice
of alderman of the 1st waid of the City
of Hayti, subject to the action of the
voteis at the city election, April 0. 1909.
wo must continuo to insist bo long as
the need of them is felt, Bololy in bo
half of the public. . Wo feol satisfied,
however, that the new boxes will bo
put in.
In every country town there is a sign
at the railroad crossing1 like this:
"Look for the cars." Now, everybody
knew that It was a railroad crossing
the day tho Una was laid and finished.
When the sign was put up it took two
days for every inhabitant to become
familiar with it. In a weokevery small
child could read it backwards. Did
tho railroad tako it downV No, if
they had tho warning would have been
forgotten in a week and smasbup and
damage suits would have resulted.
One time advertisements acts tho same
way. You must keep everlastingly at
it, likethe railroad crossing sign. Ex.
Mr. Letter is ono of tho old pioneer
settlors of Pemiscot county, and ono
of tho first residents of tho City of Hay
ti. Ho tias held tho ofllco before, with
credit to himsolf and the town, and if
I eicciou again 10 nu tins omco h goes
withoutsaying that ho will do his best
and treat all parties with fairness and
justice. Ho was petitioned to mako
the race, and ho feels that tho people
will treat him fairly at tho polls.
Geo Webb, at Braggadocio, is an
other $ subscriber.
. 07 t iaSSS&sv R
InN WEiaJWTri...
JVP 5,
Of course it is a fact that it is no
money to the postmaster to put in
more boxei, and it does seem unfair,
that a postmaster, paid a salary,
should have to pay for the ollice fix
tures with his own money and turn the
ivnt money for these boxes over to the
government. This is evidently the
view our postmaster takes of the mat
.ter and the way he feels about it; but
on the other hand it, is the law, and
while these boxes would greatly les
sen his labor and be a great favor and
accommodation to the nations of the
ollice, they would also increase the in
come of the ollice and therefore belli
,lo increase his salary, and when his
term of ollice is out, his successor would
'pay him bis money back. It is our
opinion that we have a good post
master. So far, his service has been
excellent and the ollice is kept in good
condition. Everything is neat and
clean, he has good help in the ollice
and the mails seem to be luuidlcd care
fully and ellieiently. He has jnven us
better Sunday service, and we cannot
help but believe that as soon as he
fully realizes the requirements of our
growing and prosperous town he will
keep pace- with it. This box question
is not new with us. The files of this
paper will show that we were contend
ing for more boxes long before tho
ollice changed hands, and of course
0. S. York of Oarutheravllle was
here yesterday.
Prosecuting Attorney J. S. Gossom
of Curuthersvillo sends us-S for a
year's subscription.
At any time you are in need of
doors and windows, don't fail to cnll
on A. J. Dorris. 21tt
Dr. J. G. C'rider is moving his
middle business house off the north
east corner of the square to the vacant
lot just opposite, on the east side of
the street, wheie the buildings were
recently destroyed by lire. This will
add considerable safety to this much
crowded corner.
Why not buy your goods from A. J.
Dorris. Ho hits the biggest and th
cheapest line of merchandise in town.
Qur advertisers must not depend al
together on us to get around to see
them. Evtry minute of our time is
taken up, and sometimes we make two
or three trips and lind our man out.
Our ollice is over the postollice, and
we will appreciate it if our friends will
call on us.
A. J. Dorris baa just received a full
line of Doors and windows, and will
sell them aa cheap aa you can buy
anywhere. 21t.l
Capt. H. F. Allen announces today
as a candidate for alderman in Ward
No. 1. No citizen of Hayti is better
known than Capt. Allen, and he has
held the highest ollice in the gift of the
people (Mayor) more than once. It
goes without saying that the Captain
would make a good alderman, and that
he would do his best for the advance
ment and the up-building of Hayti.
He is a hard worker for his town, an
old citizen, and knows the needs of the
At the last meeting of the board of
alderman the April election was order
ed and judges appointed; the marshal's,
treasurer's and city hall custodian's
reports were made and accepted, and
a resolution for a new ordinance to be
drawn turning the city hall rents into
the ireneral fund. A committee consist
ing of Henry Dortch, Moi-eau Gaskins
and L. L. heller was appointed to look
after the city hall improvements and
putting in a system of lights, and provi
sions were made to care for those in
quarentine, which is now unnecessary,
as the quurentino is raised.
"Lum holler announces in this week's
issue as a candidate for Marshal.
Smith vs. City of Hayti
The following from tho court pro
coedlngsin the Democrat is confuaing:
"State at relation of P. R. Smith vs.
P. A. Mayes, alternative writ ordered
Tills Ib tho order of the court to tho
City of Hayti to pay the judgement of.
Mr. Smith against the city, and Dr.
F. A. Mayes Is only.an officer of the
city to receive the order.
From a Taxpaying Citizen
I want to know what is the matter
with the management of the City Hall?
The house is not two years old and it
is beginning to look very bad. It
certainly is getting some bad treatment,
nearly all the glass gone out of the
hall doors, some of the upper glass
broken, locks broken or keys lost, in
fact it is beginnig to have the appear
ance of a derelict as far as manage
ment is concerned.
It was the aim and intention of the
promoters of the building to have a
large, comodiou's-hall in which to hold
entertainments, public speakings and
good moral ami refined shows and
theatricals, or anything educational.
Under the present management it has
become a place of rough houses, free
for all's and a general nuisance and
disgust. Things have been permitted
that any fair minded man with good
intentions would never havethoughtof
permitting. The best of us might get
fooled once but only the Simons would
solicit a renewal of the vulgar and
illiterate sptctajle that was recently
The citizens ot Hayti are mostly
educated and morally refined people.
They enjoy anythingof an educational
or entertaining character; they have
always proved themselves to be good
patrons of such, and spend theirmoney
freely for shows and theatricals, but
they have nothing to donate to vulgar
kids who are so illiterate that they
don't know the meaning of morality,
and when such things are backed up by
men that sit in the background and
giggle, it makes them mad and some of
them are inclined to stay mad for quite
a while. They swear oil going to any
thing at all, then if a good troupe
For lea Package
Don't pay 5c for a package of seed that you
can get for lc. Hundreds of people used
these seed last year and know they are good.
If you had a craw like a chicken and a
gizzard full of sand rocks you might eat al
most anything, but the human stomach is a
delicate piece of machinery and demands
great care. Don't take liver and stomach
medicine and pills; it's not that you need.
Duy good, pure, wholesome, fresh groceries;
buy the best, and see how different you feel.
The marketis full of cheap, rotten, nasty
stuff, the slops and leavings from canning
and packing houses, which is put up under
bright labels and sold cheap. Beware of
such stuff; its dangerous. We don't handle it;
don't buy it; don't want it. We handle only
the best of everything that is to eat, at the
lowest price such goods can be sold. Come
should perchance drop into town with
a good play, they would have to come
well financial or go out broke, and
wonder why. And all because of ihe
reputation of the hall. Besides, those
who have taxes to pay want the house
taken care of. and have a right to de
mand it, and if the city council don't
immediately take steps to have the
building properly looked after, there
will be a committee of citizens endeavor
to take the matter in charge.
Submitted by,
A Tax Paj ing Citizen.
I k
Eastern Granulated Sugar,
181b for .... 81.00
Navy Beans per lb 0c
3 Cans Hominy 25c
Flake Hominy per lb 3jC
Burro Brand SugarhoiiBO
Molasses per gallon 60o
Onion Seta per gallon. ... 20o
Rosebud bucket coffee with
cup and saucer 90o
Evaporated peara per lb .10c
hvaporated peaches per lb lOo
Evaporated Apples per lb ..10o
Prunes, II pounda for 25o
31b can tomatoea 10c
6 bars bit: deal soap for . 25 o
To Points in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas,
Utah and Washington.
Effective March First and Running to April Thirtieth
On Palo Daily
California Ruto $30.50, Ono Wy, mid Otliors in Vroportion
J. G. Sarius, Agent Frisco Lines, llayti, Mot
We only quote below prices on a few of our best ar
ticles. We have too many good things to quote in this
space. This is only to give you an idea of what we have.
If you will come to our store you will be surprised to see
what an up-to-date stock we have. Give us a call and be
convinced; we like to show our goods.
Lawn suitings, in blue white and tan, fifteen inch border,
the latest pattern in dress goods for summer, 35c per
skirt length.
36 inch Indian head suitings, in all colors and stripes, llic
per yard.
Satin stripes in green, tan and navy, light blue and black,
35c per yard.
All wool Panama, in solid colors and in brown, blue and
green striped, all the late shades and colors, prices 50c,
60c, 65c, 75c and $1.00 per yard.
Ladies' Suits and Skirts,
Ladies tailor made suits in
green, bluu and black, spring
weight, 20.00.
Ladies' skirts in .voile and Pana
ma, all colors, '2M to' $10.00.
We have I hu c o 1 o b r a t o d
"Clothes-to-llt" lino, in young
men's and old men's sizes to fit
all. All the lutest kinds in fan
cy sleevoa nnd pockets, together
with the nice lit you get in these
clothes makea you a ''good look
er" whether you are or not.
PriceB from 10 to $25.
Men's pants, full peg, cuff
style, in all worated nnd flannels.
Price from $3 to $5.
We also have u lurge number
of other pants at prices from
91 09 to $2.60. These are all
good values and worth the money.
I. K O H N

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