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The Hayti herald. (Hayti, Mo.) 1908-1922, April 01, 1909, Image 1

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NO. 23.
The move is now well under way to
John L. Dorris. one of the llnyti
grade imil fence tin.1 public sijuare, and ' merchants, has received the following
thu work will i-orttiinly be done. Goo. letter from Win. H. Moore Dry Goods
Dorris has tliu list, and every one j Company of Memphis, and from an
who has not daeed his or her name iidvi-rtisiny point of view it is so good
on the list is urged to do so. This , that we reproduce it. Ih'iv it in!
list will be p iblished ovcr.v week until
tliu money is made up. Here are tliu
donations up to t lit- present:
L C. Averill Wo 01)
.1. L. Dorris
A. .1. Dorris
1. ICohn .
G. W. Dorris . .
"We feel, occasionally, as though
wo were ratlier a bore to yon with our
persistent requests for your business,
hut honestly, now, how could we ex-
lo OOi pcet to get it if we never asked? How
. . lo 0 1 1 would a fellow jet his "one girl in the
lo 00 world'' if he never asked? How could
10 00 a merchant who never advestised ex-
I.. L. Leller
l M. IVrkins
hum U-iler . . . o 00
Sanders Hros. o 00
K. Summers o (III
C. .1. Provine
Citizens Rank
T. A. McNuil
Hank of Hayti
.1. G. Ohlcr .
S im .TetTress
K. M. Uwin
15. F. Allen
If. I'. Coleman. Long Heach. I'al.
.1. K. Ingle . .
Airs. Rose Dry ant
.1. T. Buckley . ..
I). I). Harherl
.Moi-cuu Gaskins
C. W. Frick
It. 10. Hlliston
10 00 I peel to -ret the trade of the people who
o 00 ! never heard of hiinV
"Speaking of advertisers, reminds
Us of a good thing we saw in a maga
zine and clipped it out:
'Speak nothing lint good of the
. ;" 0(1
. 10 00 dead. Roman Poet.
o 00
lo oo
10 00
o 00
o 00
o 00
2 5(1
2 50
2 5(1
," 00
2 oO
2 50
Teachers' Examination.
The .March Teachers' Kxiiiiiinatii n
" 'Speak nothing hut good of the
dead a hunch from the lip-, of the
wise! Let nothing hut praise he said,
of the merchant who won't advertise.
Ivct him rest in the gloom of his More,
and sleep on his cobwebby hed, while
customers pass by his door, and say
nothing hut good of the dead! The
man who's contented to cot. while the
world keeps a-moving ahead, is lit tor
the luirial spot, so speak nothing hut
"food ol the dead.'
Today to supul.v public needs and
to Jill their own pockets individual ex
ploiters are sweeping away the forest
three times as fast as they grow. This
means that nianv of the hardwoods
uiv already gone , that thutotal supply
of hardwood which used to furnish the
better grade furniture fittings and so
on, will he exhausted for commercial
purposes within (51 teen years, and that
the entire wood supply of the country
will not last longer than twenty-five
or thirty years. It is as though some
foreign invader or some deadly pent
should suddenly appear on our shores
and ravish the entire forest area of
the country, at ihe rate of two states it
year, until every tree were gone. Do
you itnagaine for one insttmt that as
the years go by your interest in this
great (jueslion will become less person
al or less vital, than it is today.
Success Magazine.
High values placed on land that
the Government seeks lo condemn for
I a levee lo protect a large section ol
! Southeastern Missouri from overflow
may preM-nt the levee from being
built. The commission appointed
several mouths airo bv the I'nited
were hehl here las) Friday and Satin1
djy, L'lith and 27th. 'I'll follow in,
teachers were enrolled: Messrs L. II. States Circuit Court lo make an ai-
Gale. Herman Milk-. Misses Anna j.raiscment ol the land has made a re-
llobson, Dulcia Bryant and Mrs. ,.,, lllil(.in. Ult. V!lh. ul ,17 , ,.
Anna Dunklin. Hayli: 11. 11. Helm. The land lies bet.-.-n Cape Girardeau
Lither Jackson. Owen Thom.son, andComme.ee. Mo.. in( ap-tjirardeau
1 . 1 T . . . . . t I . I I . lit '
.wisses iryiiua ivyiionisaim rrancis uml s,.u eulm,jes. Th
I'llilietts, Cai-iithei'sMlle: Chas. Holt,
Game: Misses Kthel Webb and Violet
Missourian: The ellort to have the
revision ol the laws of the state made
by a committee of experts under the
direction ol a commission ol lawyers
lias proven a failure. The Attorney
General bus decided that the salary of
"Mo a day promised to the lawyer-, can
not be paid under the constitution as
io is all that can lie allowed. The
Publishing Co. has thrown up its
Wo. 00 I contract because tne committee
refused to allow thein to (juot- from a
publication of their own as authority.
So the whole thing is a failure. It
may I eurranyil by the General Assem
bly by the appointment of a revision
committee limiting their numbers and
; making the compensation.
Having been led to believe the proof of the "pudding is
in the eating thereof," I wish to say the goods listed below
speak for themselves. This county is filled with intelligent
people who know what they want to eat or don't want to eat,
without the advise or help of a guardian angel. Try these
goods and be convinced. You know a good article.
Thousands of Packages of PENNY
Coal Oil, per gallon
Flake Hominy, per pound
Rice, per pound
22 oz. Bottle Pickles
Good Corn, per can
3 Pound Canned Tomatoes, per can
Canned Peas, per can
2 Pound Canned Apples, per can
2 Pound Canned Kidney Beans, per can
Canned Oysters, per can
Eastern Granulated Sugar, 1 6 pounds for
Beans, hand picked, per pound
Seeded Raisins, per package
Roast Coffee, per pound
Everything in proportion. Don't complain
about the hard times. Buy your goods right, then there
will be no hard times.
Ktsai). Hraggailocio: Lilla Nortbeutt,
Holland: Miss Ida Kohl. iris. Steele.
Tie Iyer 1 oy s will continue the
business of their lather's b itcher slum
wanted a strip varying in wiiltu Irom
100 lo 2.i0 feel. It was owned mostly
by Louis ami Mary llouek and the
( ape Girardeau and Thei.es Terminal
I .i(l I oad ( oinp.iln . The 00 11 1 Im-Ih-w -.
Im- appraisement to In- too high and
prohuhh w ill reject it
I Argus There has been a bill
introduced in the legislature dividing
' this Judicial ( iicuit into t,o. one of
them constituting the counties of Cape
Girardiau, Mississippi and Scott, the
' other those of Pemiscot and New Mad
rid, and gning this counn four terms
a ear instead of three. The liar ol
this county is heartily 111 laorot this
bill, as it will ,t. a relief to our con
gested docket, and ewntually ailow
the docket to be cleared.
These prices are for cash only, and we do not give
premium coupons with sales.
Eon 1
To appreciate our complete stock of Easter goods one must see our window dis
play of Easter Rabbits, Easter Chickens, Easter Ducks, Easter Dyes, Easter Cards
and Candy Easter Eggs
The best minds and the pruttieHt, non-fading
culms to be t'liuud anywhere for the money. Com
pute 1 111-111 with utheiH at the same juice. $1 7o,
T.'i 0U, Y.i f0, t-1 U0, - 00, W .r)0 and ti 00 each.
I VJ - TC t - 0V M
t - wc; m
ft. W fr
l 0(1, -M 25, 1-1 oO, 82 00, t.2 00 jiei set.
Keeji yoiiriuiud on Lefler quality .
It is good, andwewill keep it so.
1S V4rW
Piicle Sam !.
liieak o'day alarm
each 1 .
Hejiuhlie alaiiu il
Luminous a 1 a 1 in
I 2.r).
AiiMiuia rejieating
aliinn ?2.
lnueiholl "Yankee" fcl.
lugeiholl '.lunior"r2
We want your iiusiness, and we can
ilease you.
( atelier's masks,
baseball bat s,
catcher's mitts,
first baseman's
mitts, fielder's
gloves, fieldei's
mitts, toe plates,
heel ilates um
pire imlicatuis
scoie books, ankle supporters, boyV
i'iijih, belts, huhehnllH, jiick nick ballb,
1 libber balls, etc.
Kiiby liuoksri-O per lio. of 100
Kiiby hookK 7-0 per box of 100
Kiiby hooks il-0 jier box of 100
Knhv hnokb 10-0 per box of 100
Kiiby hooks 7-S-!l-0 j.er 100
l.iliieiick books (i-l) box of 100
l.imeiick hooks S-0 box of 100
Ceilil'al draught No, II jier 1-1-1 il
Ceutiiil draught No. lo jier Ml I
Ciu. bass, blight, I0-20-2I er 100
lleudiix iioielleis each
Gauconude hjiooii trolls each
lluell Kjiinneis No. ft each
Ihiell hiinncis Nus -I and fi each
llilderbiaudt taiideiii Siinners .
Hildcihrandt plain a)inneiK each
Hililcitirandt f'eatlieicd HpiimeiH
Dowaigac iiiinnow !l hookH each
Dowaieac ininuow Ifi books each 1 00
Dowaigac minnow lo hooks 111-
tistic each 7.ric
Ketch-em lfi hooks each . 50c
I'icinier weedlcss tioll each 2oc
I'lemier ftuleil sioon each IMr
Oidinary Hilled sjioou each 10c
luviiicible 1st unlit v each
Walton, one of the best made
1 2o
2 TiO
Coik floats each f, - pic
Tackle lioxes, size fJ.10 carli 1 0(1
Fish scafeiH each 2,'ic
Trot bine, Seine 'I' wine and .Singe
ing, pur II Hoc
Furnished lines each fi ,: 10c
Fish Hliingci'K each fl A 2.ic
Iiiich, good ijuality cotton 10 ft.
2 (or fie
Heller ijualily cotlon, 25 It. each 5c
Ihaided linen, fiU ft. sjiools for 15c
ilk casting, on siiols peryil. !l, -1 A 5e
.lajiau silk, 10 yd, hanks, 'each 25c
Sinkers, lead small and medium 1c
Sinkers large each '-''
Sampson's jointed steel -1'i.ft.
each i'.l 25
bamboo jointed jioti. each '2 50
('aim jointed 8ft. each 25u
.MisHiHsij))i cane 18ft. each 10c
Minnow dip neta each 25 50c
Fish bags each :)5c
Bucket dip nets each 23c
.Minnow buckets hp, 15c, 2(jt. 25u
hit 75o
Frog spears fl prong each . 25u
Fish rijiuai'H 1 in 5 prong imuli 115c
FiHh Hpears 5 in. 5 prong each liUe
FiHh Hpears 7 in. 5 prong each 1 00
FiHliurman's hats each 25c
Minnow BciiiB -1x15 Machine
Hindi) each ! 50
Minnow seins -IxlC white lied
each 3 50
(Complete with floats and sinkers. )
We have hy far the largest and
morit complete line of Fishing Tackle
in the eltv.
Toy garden tools, Tops, Marbles,
Horns, etc;
Pumps, Inside Tulns, Hells, Handle
Coiks, Tire Cement, Wood Rim
Cement, Rubber Plugs, Vulvee, etc;
Repair Rubber.
MkndauU', for mending torn or
snaged goods ioq
Mkndinii Tisst'i:, a household
necessity 5c

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