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The Hayti herald. (Hayti, Mo.) 1908-1922, April 08, 1909, Image 1

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NO. 24.
' "v
Tim city election Tuesday passed oil'
quietly illlil good naturedly. till- de
leated candidates all bowinggracerully
to the will of the people. Those de
feated were all good men. and feel
better because they were defeated li.
good men. The results were as follow-.
lolmT. Buckley . ..
I'.raek Gaskins
S.F. Juden
Luui Leller ...
Police .ludgc
.lames Argo
F. M. Gwin
Jluia Alorgan
Alderman 1st Warily
(li Vein1 Term)
H. P. Allen.
Tim Dorris
(1 Year Term)
W. H. Foley
Win. Knight
Alderman Und Ward
.lames A. .lohu.sou. .
I. Kuhn
On April F. M. (iwin set the first
tree on the publie square, in honor of
his wife's fiftieth birthday. It is a
beautiful silver leaf maple, Mrs.
( J win's favorite shade tree.
Mr.s. (iwin is the only surviving
ehild of Dr. G. M. Hayes, the founder
of IliiMi, and sinee her father's death
she has manifested "Teat interest
in the city. She is now very lntieh in-
til ' terested in improving an beautfying
Itlie puhlie square. She is also presi-
07 dent of the Civic lA'iigue, an organi-
i;i'J ' xution for the upbuilding und iui-
I provement of the city.
(is! A few minutes after the lirst tree war.
KM) ' set .lohn T. Muekley and Charlie Mor-
The vote in the sehool election Tues
day was fairly good.
The ")()(' in excess of 4 Of tax levy
carried, as did also thellof levy. The
vote was llil vs. Ifiiind 17. The length
of school term wa.s voted to be nine
I'rof. H. S. Stearns received 140
votes for school commissioner, and
Amos Huffman and I). .1. Heard were
elected directors for a term of three
, ears, the vote being 140 and l.'W.
Resolution of Respect.
Whereas: The Alwise Kuler of the
I'niverse and Sup.?uie Master of all
!.. 1.1 1...! I...1 1
ran set the second tree, a beautiful na- i ""'"' m '" MIIll!niluu im....... i.u
IMS ' live manic I seen lit to call from our midst, our
I It b, to be hoped that this work will '"lvwl uml respected brother. Edward
go on until the square is made what'1- Uver. who departed this life on
74 ' II shoubl be. a place of pleasure and jlla' ls dit.v of Al'- Ul"B.
-,, i,,...,,,,. Therefore lie it resolved that we ex-
j0 lieauty .
H'liu uuio ms neur reiuii ves iinin'"ni
, heartfelt sympathies, that our charter
Red Men Organize. 'be uraped in mourning: that the mciii-
Wakarusa Tribe No. ill. Improved bcrs wearthe usiialemblemol iiiourning
Order )t Keil Men was instituted here
last week under the direction of W. S.
School Report for 7 th Month, j
Report ol the Haiti Public School !
tor the seventh month, ending April '
'. ItlOit: I
Hois 110 ,., , ...
Girls Kill 1,,,itl -1"
Total number ol dais attended by '
all pupils :tlt;ii j
Number ol pupils attended every ;
Number absent live or more dais
Number of tardy marks
Number ol cases ot truancy
Number ol director visiting (I).
t). Itarbcrw
Visitors (Hev. Cooper. Mcreaii
Gaskins: Mesdames White and
Schmidt: I). 1). Harbert and Lu
ther Jackson)
Lowe. StateOrguni.er. and hisdeputy,
F.. K. Hobertson.
The billowing olliivrs were elected:
1'rophet. II. L. Davidson: Sachem,
tor a period of thirty days, and that
a copy of this resolution lie sent to his
parents, a copy be sent to the Hayli
Herald ami a copy tie atlixed to our
I D..I Heard.
K ommittee:
'C. .. I j. Iter.
1'. S. Kaveiistein.
Kennett Herald: The last two. of
the ten men indicted at Cape Girar
deau lor the thell of $1001 1 worth of
C. W. Friek: Senior Sagamore. Kd
.liiden: .lunior Sagamore. Amos Hiill'
iiuin: Chief ot Records. Arthur Allen:
Keeper it Wampum. C. L. Leller and
Medicine Man. Dr. T. .1. Trautinann.
The order li:is :i veri enei men uimr
start here, and nodoubt 'will besuccess"- stamps In.m il,e p.,s,olliee at Haiti.
Iuj were recently captured by the posl-
I olllce inspeetoi's. .Iliiiuiy Murray was
: captured in Hillsboro. on the I.lth. and
Every legal obstacle has now I n ' t 'liaiU Walsh was captured in Stone
removed and in the future all voters ' t.oum ,, ,1(. jiltli. They were taken
ot the state will have to posess ,,,,11 , ,,, s,." Lui ,. preliminary hearing,
tax receipts or they can be denied the The eight men who sv-n- indicted for
....;..;!. ....: i '. ... t i i
i.ii.i-f;v.., ..iuiik, .hi., woii.iiie. u,,, ,.,,, .,. have all received iieniten-
Cabbage Plants I'm sail
.lohn T. burklev.
has isiied a proclamation declarin
Aini-iienieiit No. !l a pari of the statues
of Arkansas. The adoption ol ihe
amendment at the !nslgcnei-;u election
iii's fi-port'd to Ni'iiiai.i ot Stale
Lut'wig- si M-ral day- ago.
liary sentences ol live to eight ear-.
I will in inmoibite thuse wanting
Lime, Hiici. in Cement I' S. Uaen
stein. Utf
ITH the advent of SPRING I have
purchased the largest and fin
est line of Ladies' Slippers
since I have been in business.
I have the strongest line in Hayti; just
the kind of slippers that your mother
used to wear, and you know they were
1 also have a big line of Summer
Goods, in Lawns and Linens, etc.
Don't buv without first get
ting my prices.
No matter what you need.
call for it, and remember my motto is
Don't forget the Bargain Groceries
alwavs on hand.
jiMHiniiFM I LTTHBcm.'vopn'wwiTiuiiiiwilf in1 1 p I mTintmnvmmjjrTinirTr rntHII lllial tin nmuii iiihib n 1 1 ji l . , , , , ,,, , - -. .- .i . . . ,., . . m.
To appreciate our complete stock of Easter goods one must see our window dis
play of Easter Rabbits, Easter Chickens, Easter Ducks, Easter Dyes, Easter Cards
and Candy Easter Eggs
. '! I IIWH -- ..u
The bcHt unods and the pi til t jchI , non-1'ailing
culms to be found anywiieie fur the money. ( 'oiu
jiaie Ihem witli utlieis at the same piice. $1 75,
Ti! 01), .s,", fill, ! (10, fi 00, 5 fill and (i 00 each.
1 00, .! L',r, -Tl 50, -J 00, .' CK) pel set.
Keep your mind on Leller ipiality .
It is good, and we will keep it so.
Hienk ii'day alarin
eai h t.
Ifepublic alarm ?I
1 .ii in in ms a 1 a i m
AiiMinia lepeating
ahum r'-'.
WATCHES.- IngeiM.II Yankee" tl.
1'ncle Sam fil. Iiigeisiill ".I uuioi" i)i.
We want your husuiess. mid we can
please you.
t atitiei'.s masks,
biibebail b a t s,
catcher's mitts,
first baseman's
mitts, tickler's
g'oves, lieldcl's
milts, toe plates,
heel plates um
pire indicators
seme books, ankle supporters, boy's
cap", belts, baseballs, pick nick bulls,
I libber balls, etc.
Kiiby hooks .V0 per ho. of 100
Killiy hooks 7-0 per box of 100
Kuhv hunks !)() per box of 100
Kilbv hooks 10-0 per box of 100
Kiiby hooks 7-K-0-10 per 100
Limerick hooks 0-0 box of 1 00
Liiueiick hooks h-0 box of 100
Cent nil draught No. M per HI il
Cenlial ilraiight No. I.'i per Ml 1
Cin. buss, bright, 1!I-L'0--'I per 100
lleniliix propellers each . .
liasconmle spoon t nil Is each
Huell Hplimers No, Ii each
ISuell spinncis Nus. ) and fi each
llilderbrandt tamlem Hpiuners
llilderhraudt plain ripiniieis each
llililerhraudt feathercil spinners
Dowaiuac minnow 0 hooks, each
IbiwaiiMc minnow I'i iiooks each 100
Oowaigac minnow 15 books ar-
listii: each 7i
Kelch-em 15 hooks each 50i
1'ieinier weeilless troll each !5i
Premier lluted sputin each 'J'li
Oidimiry fluted spoon each I0i
Invincible IhI qualilv each
Walton, one of the best made
I 'oik floats each 5 ,V
Tackle boxes, size j.lUj each I i
Fish scalei s each
Trot Line, Seine Twine and Hinge-
ing, per lb
Furnished lines each 5 A:
Fish si ringers each 5 ic
Lines, good iiialily cotton 15 ft.
'J tor
Hetter iimlity cotton, 'J" ft. each
Ibaideil linen, 50 ft. spools fur 15c
ilk casting, on spools per yd. .'i, -I V 5c
lapuii silk, 10 yd. banks, each "J.jc
Sinlters, lead hi 1 1 ii II and medium le
Sinkers largo eitoh lie
SamfiHon's jointed steel -l'.,(t,
each , " .s;i .'5
liaiiibiio jointed J ' .. 1 1 . each -'50
Cane jointed 8ft, each 'J5
.MiHsiHsippi cane 18ft. each l()c
Minnow dip nets each 'J5 - 50c
Fish hagH each H5e
bucket dip nets each 'J5u
.Minnow buckets Iqt. Ifie, '-'ijt. 'J5u
bjl 75e
F'rog spears !J prong each J5i!
I'isli upears t in 5 prong eue.li li.le
Fish Hpeai'H 5 in. 5 prong each liOc
Fisli Hpearu 7 in. 5 prong each f I 00
KiHliurtnan'H IuiIh each i!5c
.Minnow seiiiH 4x15 Machine
nnrdt) each 50
.Minnow seins -1x15 white tied
each 3 50
(Complete witli IhnitH and sinkers.
We have by far the largest and
most complete line of Fishing Tackle
in the city.
Toy garden tools, Tops. .Marbles,
Horns, etc;
Pumps, Inside Tnbi s, Hells, Handle
Coiks, Tire Cement, Wood Him
Cement, Rubber I'lugB, Valve, etc;
Hepuir Hubher.
Mknuahii', for mending torn or
siiaged goods 10c
Mkniunh Tissi'K, u hoiiHeholiI
necessitv 5c

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