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Si'i'il potatoes sit Aiei-ill's,
A hi: West is ill nl pneumonia.
HIoiiiiI'h plowH lit A cut-ill's.
Klmer Mui'ili, is sick thK week.
Colli Oil 1'JC II gilllnll !lt AVerlll'H.
Mrs. Itehccvti tliniis mudciihusiiioss
trip to Maiden this week.
Hev. 'J'. V. Shiiiiiiuii of Kredei'ick-
lollll s(lll ItoWlM's. bulbs Jllll! plants t
lla.itl a lew minutes Suturdu.i.
II yiiu conn.' to inv Htoi-e mill don't
SllUilt .
Doom and windows ut A.. I. 1)oit1h
ill lor
l 'apt. .Morris hsis lieen right
scleral dai s.
Ale. Hrueken uusoicr Irtim Keiinctt ML'" w,"l '1' w,u,ti 'Mk f," . ''v'
iloorH uiul windowH. A. .). DorriH.
Tin' Durris ami Stephens coiici-cif
milks, just put it,, ntlilfonsitlcrutilf to
thi.' appearance id their propcrli.
Why nut buy your goods from A. .1.
DorriH, lie iiitH thi' biKUi'at ami the
rheupt'Ht linn of ine.rehundini in town.
I'M Dover, a lining sitiglcinan. died
last Thursiluv night. Hi was liurii'il
mi tin- Oilil Fel low lot at Woodluun
I'Yidai .
I .adit's trimmed hats al 1.. ('.
F. M. Johnson is aiiulhi'i' hit
riber to tin- Herald.
lOOO'rt Of pIlplTH of glll'llell Mfl'll at
1.. I J. Averill'N, ut lc each. 1 Sit f
Will Morri is confined lo his room
with sk'kiu'ss this iieek.
('all tor a but tie of Tip Tup, I.emp'H
Hpi'fiul brew. t.'arnthcrHville.
rthur Kohn ot .Monclte. Ark., was
at home the lirst ol tin- week.
TIioiihiiihIh ot papers ol penny pack
age garden Heed al AverillV 1911
(!''ii. (lUtcuood nl footer Ha
llux ti this week, to bui a tt-ani.
move on Mr. Ilovis' part, it slum ing I
he fully appreciates the true north, of
Pemiscot eotmti soil, ami is ready to
cpend his money in placing it in a
resouiveful state.
Mrs. .lake Williams of Dri liuiou
visited home folks Simiini.
Mrs. I'elia llidcllc ot I'ortugciilh
visited her -on. K. T. Adams mm
lamili last week.
1'has. Speiieerand family visited tin
luuiih ol IM (ioli'her in the Doud
neighborhood Kundai.
.lunu's Noble nf Maiden, who has
been lisiting liis sister. Mrs. Kcbercu
Adams, returned to his home last week.
The lust time our stairway sign was
torn down was by a bin (Kcddin),
ami out of lespi-et to hi paients, who
ate good people. we will not take any
ste)s to punish him. We have posi
tive eviilenee. however, from an eye
witness to the aet. and we are not re
sponsible for any action the city
authorities may take.
Mis Kihel Dunklin entertained.
Misses .lunette ami May Uockwell at)
her h une during Saturday and Sun- ,
ila. A lew of Miss Ethel's home
No, tO-Coor Drive
No. O-Choln Drlvfc
mower that will "click"
When hay Is ready to cut, how
....... 1. . .. . I........ iiiti t,n,... n
llim li l L ' i.w. . uu. v. m ...v.--.-. . -, -,. -v-
aloniion any i:inu oi urounu, cuuiDca cieau, sraumu iU iu ukulu.
lieavv imiss wmiuiii anv iruuuie. nun you .-"." . '" ""
iars. l'liefu arc so many gouj features about these mowers
Johnston Moult you can rest assured its work will be mubic to your
iars. lucre are so many goua matures auoiu inese muwcis
we can only mention a lew here. Our No. 10 Is gear drive,
No.9 is the same inouer, only chain drive. 1 his
is to give, the buer preference some wani
irear drive, others chain drive They are
riiler-uearini; throughout, making lllem
vtry litrht in draft tieels are hivrh. with
i tree iiavis, nisui uu vcn iiiuliwu .wu
lc"ht"wer no j r to knife or lst
motion; levers couveaient, wh.ch.
Save your money. Buy your Itim-
tier, HhiimleM, biiildint; material, etc..
IroniC. W. Fiick, at reaHonahle prieen.
The switch engine has been jiul Lack
In uni'k. lint the at'ent :md iinei'iiliii' i .. : ...1 i :.. .1 ....11 .... 1.....I
- I . 1 1 "II Mills 1 1 1, tut .III IIIIMl III u i nil .ii li. i
laic still hard-worked for want ol .,,) jr,...ts Saturday night. Those
! siillicienl help. present were: Misses lona Adams.
fJum and immle h'.xinir -r.'.fiil i Mona .ludeii. Ha.-l Miller. I.ora
l.Ulili. HJ l. eviireHs fenciiiL' -H a l.tllltl. ' '"inj.'boiise. Ill Morris. Letitia
in F.ver thing else in proportion. ('. W, MeFai'laiul. Ada Doiris. and Messrs
I'rii'k. lltf ,'!,.,.., p. w.-lls .Ir. and Aich S. Kus-
Call tor a bottle ol Tip Top, LeinpV Last Weilnesdiu the i aruthers ille , -,'11-Hpeeiul
brew, CarnllierMVille. ilun flub awarded Ib-nry Dortcba '')lt. i,stjil authorities -A Wash-
Misses Mrtle Folev and Mmie ""',i!l1 i,,,r ,nt' '""', -''ooting on that nigton i.cugiiiiug the liability ot
,,. ' . '. i .. '.i -ii " ' da . his s,'(ic,. heinu --out ol L'"i. n isimustei's to make mistakes in ret-
I I'ainor Msited in l uruthei'sv ille .Sun- immiu.isiii-iii niiim "" l,ml '" -
day. ' Mis. r.miiia K. Williams ., I Marble tuij; letters in the wrong ho.v-s. have
Hill, will lecture at the Methodisi I''-'i si pi-natty ol t-iki on persons
church Monday niirht. Maich . : taking mail out ol tli.-otllee mherthan
Siibjeel The Second I 'onniii! ol their own and not returning it al once.
I). . I. Heard has contracted to put ' Christ. Tile lectiiie is live. This law aNo includ w sjuipers.
up a large barn lor Frank Wallace, ., , . The excuse that it is the postmaster's
... Do vnii know llrit vou cim wave .. ,, . ., i ... .
at Wescot. I , , . lault "cuts no ice. If y on have lieen
money by biiyniL' biiildint- material, . j,,.ttino iher people's mail, you had
Cull lor a bottle ot Tip Top, I.emp'H l Hhini'leH. feneini'. etc.. irom C. V. belter take warninsr or ou mu iret
latent anil bent Hpeeial brew. Curiltu- i-vji
with the aid of a perfect foot
lever.makesite.isy to pass ob-
stniLtions. turn corners, etc.. iriv-
ini- full control ol bur ut all times.
Cutter bar nlulivs riL'lU.
ton nothinir to lutih loose
clnjT Knives .ire our own make
cast .i in lust In aw enouirh to
maih.nerv well .uid make it work
smoottilv. iiearniLrs are steel
and dust-proof. We ..lso make a
um imrse, i:ear-dnve mower that is
laeetmir w ith tiartictll.ir favor for
.small larms. orchards, larce lawns
anil paries, uunt irny a mower
until sou have sent for our 11!J
Catalog. I o it today.
X. V.
um Ti &
jy MUM1' CW
I v
smooth on -
urass and I
rrame is I
Vi balance I
..SfeW ..I I1
Mil" N9
Speneer ! Ingle do all kindH ot drav
ing promptly and cheaply . I'hone 00.
F I). Morris pin chased another
pair ol mules tiom the Allalla Farming
j jlj youi'selt in trouble,
I'lllpeppei'auil.lacksun. our .lew el el"
Company Saturilay.
weie o .it prospect i ii v to r a new lucai ion '
hist week, and auiun' tin
Itt'sjdenti' uikI Lilts Tor Sale
Vx .r hale al a l.aru.iln one ot the
le points visit- . reH.ileiii'eM in town, corner.
I ed was Vandiiser. Oran. Morley. Den- uein btiHineHH. 7 rooniH. 2 wtorieH, '2 or
Kn Sale While I'lynioiilh Unck ton and Clarkton. These u... m,. ot H lotn and 4 'O.m on wpiinite Hide of
I'.tfgs, -1 L'.'i per ht-ltiiig I'. S. Baeu- our best citielis. and w hile we regie-t
''t-'in. ISHl' to give them up. ue assure them a
s-'Weet ,. .N. Cleineiifj, Iyler or V.
W. Friisk, Hay ti. " Oil
Vou pan buy do' th and window h bearty welcome wh-n lliey leturn.
Of Groceries, Hardware and Grocers Sundries is about as com
plete as it is possible for us to make it. We have been in the mercan
tile business many years and have learned how to study and know the
wants of the people, and our efforts are to please them.
Two specialties we have for the present season: Ice Cream
Freezers, 2 quart to 2 gallon, and Screen Wire, 26 to 36 inches.
Lawn M.ittcis Pishiun Ta-'Kle and the raiimiis Dunkl.ii County mt n Hoes
and almost anything you want from A , ,)urris ,, iM, rH.H,v1 :l f,
A.J. DoriiH. line ot Dniirn and windowH. and will
Miles Lewis, sun of Tom Lewis ot Hell them :ih cheap uh vou can buv
Braggadocio, lettirned liom chool at an where. Ultf
Nash ille Suudav .
Has just returned from the city,
For our money 'b worth in Short Or
Will Hmisol Flat Uier. Mo., who I iter Meals, Hot and Cold Lunehen
lAtNorthweHt Corner of t-quare ! with a laro stnrl: nf Millinprv
Notary Public
Ollice in J. L. Dorns' Store.
Buy your hats at home, and vou Hayt1' " " ' Mioi-ri.
J'lano and Organ lor nine, at a bar- ),.ls recently bought the . I udge lien , ItuUb, Contectlolienet untl all klilUH will get a fair deal. You are in
i.lill. FirptchlHH eondstion. ii. W. ' nilei' ImihI 'is heie tl si iii.i.l-iu''0'l'r'"'"i' I '. 1 . II J ' i r
:, .. .. .iiiui i.iiui. was une tin past wnK SodaH .05 vited to call and inspect my line.
DurriM, Hiiju. W'l looking atler his interests, with u view
Di..l. W. .lohnson icuoits n,e ilr. ' to bav ing UH) acres deal ed and lenced
uvul ol a li pound boy at the home ot
Mr. unit Mi"s. l ouuell Thursila .
it once. We are glad to note this
I hi li'.ulai lie In Mil'"' nti-I'.iiu I'Ul-
Al anv lime vou are in need ot
doom and windowH, don'l fail to call
on A. J. Dor.-iH. liltl J
F. I). KusM'll. who has spent the
f.ieute! part ot the past tlnee years in
Southwest Texas, is back to Missouri
uyain. Alter spending two day s heie
with his brother lielett lor Faimingtoii
Saturday to visit his Mother and
kirother. He intends to ret ui n to Hai
ti later on and join his hi others aain
in their inteiests heie.
We have Jliyt opened our Ice
Cream Parlor on the West Side of
the Square. The building has been
put in neat order and everything
is ItchIi and clean. Our Hervi'-e ih
UrHtclaHH in lee Cream, SodaH and
Temperance Drinks. Try ue.
Ice Cream
SundaeH 10
J Conet) .00
K very thing tliat goeH to make up a
lirntclaHtJ rcHtaurant and yoda fountain.
Cull once and you will come ukuiii.
I Notice is hereby given to allcit'ditors
I and others interested in the estate ot
l W. .1. Long, deceased, that I. C. L.
j Ieller. adminisirator of said estate,
The Haiti IU al Folate C o.npanv ha. , "'"" v V V. . T , " IV1'
the l..lluw'ii.KileHL-ii bed land and ,,- " V 7 . ,'Iv ' V Ixr l";t
pertv to, sU,., ull ill I'emiscot co.l.ltv, ' l" 1 , , 7 V. 'S,!' J' or-M--,,-
hela.nl of cotton, coin and alfalfa l " , U W l1'" w ,1,U'' M"" "
t :.... ., r.s. t....i, -..:.,:.... i'iv miu un wi um. anut.
i !! i uiif juijvd ivii cimit i jmiii
l'. L. Li:ri.KH. Administrator.
l.-t-O acren, cut ovei, uniiiirofl land, I Iteil at Haiti. Mo . Maivh 11, 19d!i.
(on 1'iiui'o main line, iliU.fill pel acie.
K , - -
bMtLTUN fit POPMAIVI 1 L'.-L'W) acres, two milih limn Haiti, all
cleait'd tiO aci h hi ultaifa. ood Imiiim',
harr.s, nelly, ciHtein ami 1'iiiit, itS5.(ll)
pei acie. Keutti tor il,'27o Oj tli ih ytar.
lil'ILDIXti .
Otlice at Home. Phone No.Sfe
Hayti, . Missouri
i w
Hosiery Satisfaction.
O you want hosiery that fits perfectly?
Do you want hosiery that lasts a long:
time without darning? Do you want
economical hosiery ? Then you want
Iron-Clad Hosiery.
It is tatiifactory ia every respect. Every pair is team
less, and every ttrand of yarn is given the famous Iron
CM " Extra Twist "one of the reasons why Iron dad
Hosiery lasts longer than any other.
We recommend Iron Clad Hosiery as the most wtufac
tory hodery for women, boys and giru.
Il.-iM ai'it'H, two mileu liom lailniail, all
cleiued, live room hoiiHe, two loom '
hoiife, all in cultivation, pnul lcm-e
and kui lift, (40 pel acie, 3 cuhIi, bal
ame iu one year.
4. 4!i um-f in cult iiation lit f 411 pel acre.
5.-00 acres iiiiiinpioved river hotloiu
land, 4 mik'h tiom I'oilafieville, rl5.0ll
per acie,
0.-51) aciL'H, 41) cleai ed and balance cut
I ovei, 5 acit'H in allalfa, '1 c.ood hinall
I huiiricri, baiut and out liuildiuti, mile
tiom FiiM'ii luilload, pi ire $2,000.
All Kinds Rolled :inl IMcsmmI I.iiinhcr, Sliingli'S, lluihliitt;
Miitcriiil, Cypress Fencing, etc.
& Wholesale and Retail -
You W i 1 1 Find Our Friers Heat-nimble ami to Suit the Times
Cj preue Fencing on hand at all Milieu and at reasonable prices.
Saw Mill, Shingle Mill and Finning Mill Combined.
We will gieatly appriciate your patronage and endeavor to pleape j ou
0. W. I RICK,
Hayti, MO.
All the Latest Styles in Ladies' Hoot Pattern,
Lace Stripe, Ox iilood and Plain Hose.
The Largest Stock and liest Assortment of
Men's Hose Ever in Hayti.
Come and see our Line of Low Shoes and
1 . ....
.-mini acren on one uiaucu 01 mimu
and mile fiom othei blanch, 40 acich ,
111 cultivation u ith good bouse and '
barn, balance cut over. 'I'Iuh in about
the only latge tiacl ol' land in he had j
iu thin coiiutv nun and can be had a' ,
W0 per acre uliichia luc puce fat V
one iMiuting a huge tract. '
b.-ii'JOurivH of vitgin timber, eHtimaled
to huNeL'.tHKl.tKMI teut, of illlich ih c -preHri.
On FiiHco uiilioad and the
(argent tract ofviigin timber lor mile
iu the county, (iood alfalfa land.
I'riiv W0 nei acie lor laud ami timber,
and it JHcheupat that lot the, fhutactcrj
ot proper! 1 tliat it ih.
9.-1 good 14 room hotel in Hayti, tent
ing for 'HO per month in advance.
1'rice 4,000.
Wi; have for mile He vera I tuuull ivhi
dencca in Hayti, Hiiitable I'm tuiiull
I'liiuilicH or hiborciu.
Hayti iu now booming Home, one
new brick buuiuctiH limihc going up and
fceveral more cuiitcinplutcd. l.abiiieiM
are hciucu iu thin town and couiiuuml
good John at good wiigt'H.
We have Feveral dcHiiablercHidciu'cri
fur Hale. Call and hum them.
To produce :t good
and pure Soda atcr
it requires the use of
choice material as well as a scientific pro
cess. lu not abuse your stomach in the
use of inferior carbonated goods. Demand
good and pure Soda Water, the same as
you would pure food,
Wahl's is the Brand.
When you call for it, see that it is served and that the crown stopper
hears the trade mark. This will guarantee to you pure and good Sodn
Water, Coca Cola, Jersey Cream, etc,

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