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Many Things Worth Reading, Condensed for Busy Readers
Mrs. Ryan is ill this week
Sued potatoes ut Averill's,
Mrs. Kd Herry wus ill lust wk,
DIuuiiI'h plows ut Averill'n.
.Mrs. Walter Schilling is reported
Coal oil 12c n gallon at Averill's.
.Ion .Iuuk-iti of Stanley is on the
sick list.
Doom and windows at A. J. Dorrla'.
Kliner Murphy is recovering from
Ladies' hand bagB at Letter's 2-Uf
deo. Featicw as heie from Caruthcrs
xille Monday.
Paints and window glims ut Letter's
K. H. Culpepper and wife visited in
Keunett Sundax.
Lad it's triiniued hats at I
A vcr-2011
Dr. Hhipps of Carnthersville was in
Hayti Monday.
Oabb.ige I'lanls lor sale, by Mis.
Iiilin T. Uuckley. lillf
Dr. .Majis reports Mrs. Will Davis
a c jnvalcsccnt.
r'dison phonographs and records at '
Letter's, njh i
i 'lias. Morgan visited homi- (oik1- at '
Ki'imctt Sunday. '
Willi paper, carpet paper and builtl
ini; paper at Letter's, jn
Von Max es attended to Icl'uI Imsinc-ss
at ('bailee Friday.
KJUO's of puperH of garden aeed at
L. (!. Avenll'H, at le eueli. liiti
Mr. .rones, of the Uuseh-lOverett Oil
Co., Shi'i'M-pori, La., was in Iluyti
this week, prospecting.
At any time you are. in need of
doora and windows, don't fail to call
on A. J. DoiyIh. 21tf
II. A. Dorlch did some more good
shooting at Carnthersville last week,
bis score being 'Jl out of 25.
If you come to my store nnd don't
aee what you want, ank for it, even to
doora and windows. A. J. Dorrla.
A. L. Mason, a Stanlex merchant,
bus located at Hayti. He expects to
jfo into the restaurant business.
Little Miaa Helen Stephens invited
all liei little friends to her birthdax
ptuty yes'eulay af einoon.
Why not buy your goods from A. J.
Dorris. He Iiiih the hiirni.ut mill M,
chenpeat line of merchandise in town
K. H. West of Caruthersxille was
here several day s attenuing his son,
Abe, who has been ill of pneumonia.
Shv your mnnev. Buv vnnr him
oer, amnL'iHu, tiuiKfinir mater al. fc
are pruned, as they make a very rapid
growth. They are plowed and irri
gated from one to three times eacli
spring and summer.
The vines commence to bear when
two years old, but not enough for
commercial value until four or live
years old.
The Jirst crop of grapes arereadv to
pick irotii September 1 to 1(1. Some
times the second crop, which is reiuh
for picking about October 1. is picked,
but this crop is not often picked un
less for the winery.
The grapes are dried by placing
them on trays, which are scattered
through the viny aid. and the pickers
stand heiween tin rows and spread
the bunches on the trays. The grapes
are ready to turn in about ten days,
ami are turned by placing an empty i
tray over the full one and turning
them over, then the under layers dry. j
After being dried the largest and'
nicest bunches of raisins are put b i
themselves, and are called "London
La vers." They are taken to the pack-'
inir house, where tbex aii Hacked foe
the Eastern market. The rest are al
so sent to the packing house and
are steined and (lacked. The best
are called "Four Crowns,'' the next
"Three Croxvtis." and so on. The
Muscats, which have seeds in
them, and are considered the best
for raisins, after being steined, are
sent to a seeder, and after biimr seeil-
ed are packed in small cartoons.
Kaisins should 'ic found on every
table in the Tubed States n't
every meal If more people knew of
their nutritious elements and various
from (J. V. FHplf.iitPHiionimiiiu ,i' Wis' iieing prcpaicd. there would
' ie more used all over the I'liion.
Mis. .McCinuis of ('anmliell. on her Here aie some ol the ways in which
wax to Mi'iniilns. stopped oil Sntur- '"'isins max be prepared for table use: I
on a brief visited to .Mis. F. M. (Jwin. Stewed raisins, raisin bread, raisin '
' cakes and cookies, raisin pie, raisin
Hum ml niiiole boxinc t12.Wl n hllddimr rjiisiii niiiwlli. tMiiir, i..,il.lu ,
10(lD 1(5 ft . evpresu feneim: H h 1,00(1. rasiti jam.
Kverxthing else in proportion. ('. "'. Trusting this will make xou mon
Fri(lr- lltf I interested in California raisins. 1 am.
mi ii ,. I. . . . . Yours trulx ,
,J, ni ."' J, "ms V- ut n,'"',,nrr- " i Ki'tii ai.vi:y.
oriranist lor the nice inr .win I.,.;,,,,-
conducted by Uev. Fallinat that place.
Do von know that vou eiin bhv
moony ,v ho vim; buildinir mittrinl,
"mi'iw, fencing, etc., from C, w
Friek? ,f
Is YourName Written Here?
Charlie Waikins was hen Irom Ca
nitbersville Friday. I
Thousands ot papers ol penny pack-
age garilen aeed at Averill's. 19. f '
Malic lliitlstutler. of Tenni
old tmifiesiiient of Haxti. x.;i
bands with bis inanx Iriend
Tin uioxe is now well under wax to
grade anil lence the public square, and
the work will certainlx he done. Ceo.
see. ill)1 lloeeis 1ms tli, lit miu! ni'i.in .,...
j"k,J" j1". i w' ''(is not placed his or her name
Is the time when you are hard to
suit in something to eat. Springtime
brings with it a desire and a craving
for something different, something
just a little better, and you long for
a change.
So this is a good time to visit the
of the best of everything to eat is
We handle only the best of Fancy
and Staple Goods. Our line of Can
ned Goods, such as Fruits, Berries
and Meats, all kinds of Bottled Goods,
Pickles, Relishes and Catchups, and
our line of package goods is complete,
also, in Breakfast Foods, Crackers
and Cakes, and our general line of
staple goods is equal to any in the
county. Call nnd see us.
who ha
. Hartwell ol 1'ascola
II, Is illllll OX III!.
Spencer & Ingle do all kinds ol driiv
big promptly and cheap ly . Phone 115.
Mrs Ida llertwii-k has discontinued
her ice cieain parlor.
For .Sale- White J'lj n tb buck
I'.l'HS, $1 'St per setting 1'. S. Ibuen
flein. !n,
. .1. Uorris M.t out lout
the square thjs week. I
I . Rltlcnhousi
A f T-fc :.. i .... . . ..
it. ... iiiTif, miu iiui reepivPII n full ..
line of Doors mill xvinilfiu'u nml u.in ' ""
hII them as cheap as you can hnv
anvxx'here. oj.'f
on the list is urjjed to do so. Tb
list will be published everx week nut i
money is made up. Here aie tb
donations up to the present:
L. C. Axerill
Miiiuaiet Wiiilield Lnmlis -.'live an
ejociiliiuiiiix lecilal at the citv hill1
Tile"il:iv ni'dil. mihIo tin. ni.i.i.... ..'
ladies o the M K. ehuieh.
KnuiiiM -inil hniler torsile ," horse
power boiler ioid ir, horse pnwHr en
gine. Rri. urike, nmul order, at bar
, nin priei. ( V Friek. Hn.vti, Mo.
( ceil Meai's of ('bailee is attending
, the Illinois College ot I'hotographx at
' Kllingham. He will liki- come 'om
trees on ' I' fpin-.-tl to enter the race of life on an
iiiai tooting with the best in bis pro-ession.
bis Herald
oiuers nis ijcrald ii... i i. ....
clii.n.r,.,) ... ,..., :.. in I ""." " i aiKiey, clay mnuel-
I 'i-ciitiiionist and lectiner, will iipjieiir
Miss (Jeorgia .lames .,s a xisitor :l,..l,,!,',MI""1(,."y "it-'bt, (lie liltb. This
, ., i, . , will he HoiiuM liintr iclined and enter-
Hon. ( aru.hersv.lle Sunday. lulniw lim, (mt. Hh',,,;,,!' ";;, 1'".
Oliver A. Cook .l Cariitbersx ill. M'1'1' I,,,,('1',mIs "'" I-'" t "" M-bool.
was a Hay ti xisitor Sunday.
IIS. I J . 1
i . .t. ituwiistfin aueuiled lo liilsiness
at Carulhefsx ilk Satuidax.
Miss Lula Davis of Campbell xisit
ed Mr.s. K. M ( Jwiii Saturday.
Will Dorris of llarrisbui-", III.,
was visiting in Hayti this week.
Will Holand and wile ol Carutliei-s-xille
xisited home tolks Sunday.
Cbas. Hcrndon and Jell Fisher weie
out from Carutbersxille Sunday.
Uev. Kunkiii and Mr. Weiduian ol
Steele weie in Hay ti Saturday night.
I will accommodate I hose wanting
Lime, Hrick or Cement. 1'. S. Kaven
atein. ltf
.1. H. Foster, city muisliallof Steele.
Xisited Odd Fellow lmle here Xnttij
ilax night.
You can buy doorB and windows
and almoat aiiything you want liom
A. J. Dorris,
Mis. Kiiima K. Williams of Miiible
illlll will irrilllf in me .x.etlioilist
i elm ich next I iicMiav night, Apli! the
liOth. her subject being: The Second
Comiim ol" Christ. 'I'be lectuie is free
, and all aie invited to attend.
I Another brick business house is now
i in course of construction. I. Kohn is
i building another loom adjoining his
piesent properly. It will be a 1)1111(1
' some, modern structure, and will be
I occupied by Trautma. in's Drug Sloie.
l nc nuuum" is a it ail x eased.
.1. L. Dorris
A. .1. Dorris
I. Kohn
(i. W. Dorris
L. L. Leller
K. M. l'erkuis
Luui U-ller
Sanders Mros.
K. Summers
C. .1. I'rovine
Citizens Hank
T. A. McNail
Hank of Hayti
.1. (i. ('rider
Sam .lellress
R M. (J w in
Havti, - Mo.
i'2't mi
1.") (Ml
b") 0 I
l.i (HI
10 (Id
10 0(1
.". (HI
.- 0.1
.") ltd
."HIO' - - -
.-) (HI M. V. Allen
10 (M) II. 1'. Coleman, Long Meacb. Cal.
.") (HI .1. K. Ingle
1(1 0(1 Mrs. Hose Mryant
10 00 .1. T. Muckley
." oil I). D. Harbeit
.") (Ht ' Moreau Casknis
For lea Package
.-I.00 C. W. Friek -J nil
.")((( H. K. Clliston .-,o
:t.0d .1. M. Kalkoll by I. Kohn 10.00
L'.'iO H. L. CulTy ,-,.oo
'' .")0 .1. I). Franklin 10.00
L.-)0 Dr. .1. W. Johnson ;,.oo
.1 00 ! ( ivic League 2.").00
they expect to occupy
I finished.
it as
soon as
i L. L. Leller intoruis us that lor the
i past tbiee months the prolit.s on the
increase ol his business xvill pay for
all his adM'itising for twelve months,
and lie attrioutes most of this increase
to the liberal use of printer's ink.
He is our largest advertiser Vet
then are people who say it does not
pay to advertise.
So be prepared when it gets here. Come in
and see our complete line of Spring and Summer
supplies. Never before was our stock more
complete. ..... .
Eat Raisins
April 30.
Cal., Apt.
Heed ley . Kicsiio ( 'o
Kditor Herald.
Haxti. Mo.
Miss Hill Hulln.an xislt.,1 Miss Apn! '10 is t, be ''Haisin )ax'' in
I'.tliel Webb at Hrugyadocio Satin day California, The committee appointed
and Sunday. ' to make this day a success has asked
each pupil in lie Heedley school to
I'iano and Organ for sale,, at a bar- "I'lle In some person outside ol Call-
gain. Firstclass condition. V, W '"J'1''" !vii" tliem to join us in
i),.-.iu u...., i celebrating this dux.
worns, Hayti. 17u IV,IU)S vu will be interested in the
i v v ,. , ., f ,, ... giowmg ol raisins around Heedlex.
.vtis. ,v .New by. mother of Mrs. W. , the principal raisin belt of the I'nited
H. Oordoll. visited ill llnvii Ih-i ,, .,..!. Sliiti.s vi Ii,. I-., ii, .in. ..,.,, .1,1.. ...,ii,,.
' ", .ix'.n, t -... - , ....... ........I t, imiiiii iiiiiiin
and attended church.
We have left out many items this
week, on the account ol being ciowded
lorspace. uiuoiig tliem the ohituaix ol
young Mr. Sutton, which we didnot
have tlllie to set.
with an abundance ol sUL'ur.
First ot all. the land must be made
level, so the vines may be evenly Irri
gutud. Next, the ground is thorough
ly cultivated and prepared for plum
ing. Then, either the cuttings or root
ed xines are set out, most usiiallv 10x- '
t.i icei apart. i;very winter the vines
"' '.'M'ertlullx unite you lo call aul iiihpect our line of (iioceries.
r.. -. ,'ll .".''k ,7il,'M,1l,,-,l '"' all of Hie xeiv best iiiaitv, bought
fo. spot CASH and to sell forsp.it CASH, which azures Vou of the veiv
m.hI (,',., ' .. M'"n,"l'. "'. ami when you have I'loduce, Kggs
and Huttei to sell we xxill jm.v a good p,hc . wjj ,..,, vm , Il.t .
Millinery Department
Ladies, see our line of
Hats before buying. We
have the latest styles, and
they are cheap, too.
$2.50 to $5.00
Men's Oxfords
In Ox Blood, Tan and
Patent Leather.
Prices from
$1.50 to $5.00
Ladies' Oxfords
And Ankle Strap Pumps
in Ox Blood, Tan and Patent
$1.50 to $3.50
Men's Hats
Star Brand Hats, in Moss
and Pea Green and Pearl.
Latest Shapes
$2.50 to $3.50

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