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The Hayti herald. (Hayti, Mo.) 1908-1922, April 22, 1909, Image 1

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NO. 26.
Tin billowing lund has bee
itt'll by I. Kohn till' tilt' Jllll
i i-a il i ny tht' public square, to
better condition to receie ft'
H. K. Allen
I. Kohn
T. S. Kaeiistein . .
Virjr. 1J. Adams
111'. .1. W. Johnson
1.. L. Letter . .
Klmcr Stephens
Arthur Allen . .
li. V. Dorris
K. M. (J win
.1. L. llorris
V. M. Perkins
i'. .1. Pro vine
li. S. Stearns
.1. U. Fields
Henry Kansbiirgh
Mamie Brothers
Or. .1. G. ('rider
Tom While. 1 day grading.
L). '. Stubbs
Charlie Spencer
Will Wearley. 1 day "s work.
Sander- Hi others
lir. T. .1. Trautmann
K. K. Klliston
U . 11. .Morris
Mr-. Ho-e Bryant
bank ot llayti
t'lti.ens Hank
T. A. McNail
Civic League
Charlie Wells. Jr.
J. W. lia-kliis
J. R Ingle
Samuel Adams
C. Shell
A. .1. Horn- . . .
I'liu (.iaskin-
Geo. Dyer
Dr. K. A. Maiis
. Butler
Mollie llorris
. rMwaid-
.1. S. Sturm
'J im Horn
John lngk-
Mi-. Hn.ih
l l ui lie Aim;
n snlic- The nunc is now well under way to One of the assuring' announcements,
post til grade and fence the public square, and among iiiun, that are otherwise.
put it in the work will certainly he done, t ieo. , eoini- Iroui California. It ha- heen
nee and Dorri-has the list, and every one tound that a planter of Calilornia ina-
who has not plaeed his or her tyiuie hogany (eucalyptus) ean reali.e a
i.'i 00 on the list is urged to do -o. This prolit of 2.'iih) an aere in ten years,
o 00 list will he published every week until j anil that an aere of these tree-ran lie
10 00 the money is made up. Here are the ' propagated at a eo-t ot trom il'oo to
100 ilonalioii- up to the pre-ent: Mi hi an aere. including the eo-t of the
,i0i u . Avcrin '. oo land, l'ne nrotlt being -o irivat. it
mean-that tin eiiorinou- area will lie
planted to Mieh trees.
It i- an e-talilishetl faet that -everal
varieties id cucaly jitus grow live times
taster than any other hardwootl and
that log- ot inerehantalile tiniher ean
lie produeed in ten wars. The wood
of this tree is equal in appearance to
imported mahoganies, native oak and
walnut, and is equal to second growth
hickory in strength and duraliilit,.
The-e laets are f 1 1 1 1 v demonstrated li
the goeriiinent This indurlry i- fast
attaininir large iiroiiortious in t'ali-
.00 forma. The demautl for the luiulier
.1 till i,. such purpo-e- a llooriiiir. interior
.i.UO t I'iiti ol houses, wharf piling, agricul-
' Ult tiii'al and ttiifiiin timliei's. i- greater
.i.oo limn ((. supply, and tin1 ruling retail
'-' "'" price at the present lime is rlnu to t-140
- "'" a thou-and leel.
- A laet that i- unforiiniate i- that
1.. I.
C. .1
.i mi
o ihl '
1 00
2 .VI
- .VI
: ihi
' on
' oo
l.'i oo
l.- oo
1.") 00
10 00
10 00
." 00
."i (hi
." (Kl
. (HI
;") (hi
10 (HI
." ihi
10 01)
10 01)
J. L. llorris
A. .!. llorris
I. Kohn
li. W. Dorris
I.. 1.. Lcller
l- M. Perkins
Linn l.eller ...
I Sunders Bros. .
1 ihi It. Summers
ihi! ' il. Provine
no 'iti.ens Hank
L'.VI T. A. McNail
'J oil Hank til Hay ti
J. (i. ('rider
I iki Sam .lellress
;i oo l M. (I win
15. P. Allen
. r,oo II. P. I oleinan. Long Beach. ( 'al
I (id J. P. Ingle
'' .Vi Mrs. Ho-e Bryant
1 (in J. T. I i nek ley
1 (HI 1). IL llartiert
,",ii Mtireau (iaskins
1 ,V) ('. W. Prick
2 ,vi K. K. Klliston
;, no J. M. Falkotl li.v I. Kolm
1 mi H. I.. Cully o.OO
1 ,Vl J. K. '''ranklin . . 10.00
1 .111 Dr. J. W. John-oii ,").00
no Civic League iTi.OO
1 mi P. S. ltavciistfii) 1 (ill
j (hi Brack iJaskms 1 00
1! 00
'! 'VI The case ol Perry Piesley. charged
- (Ml ' rtitli crtieltv to animals, was dismissed
1 00 hist Thursday, am! a new warrant i--
I (Hi sued tor him in Little Prairie township.
1 00 where the ollei.-e occured.
J (hi
.i 00
:! no
' "" i this tiee will not "row in other state
- '" where it would lie silliject to tlost. yet
-,,ll it it- a matter of encouragement that
10.00' i J , ,. ( 'ililurniaii- are awakening to the
poiiile shortage of our hardwood
supply anil plaiitiny la rye areas of
ihis rapidly maturing and heautilul
IV, lor
C. W. Prick
( I I'l I. II.' O.I til
-w Wedue-da. and
1 oo rushed to c i u il
I (Hi
-jiii hi- i i . t
the worn, will tic
) i
The lecture of Hon. .la-. H. Bark ley
at the city hall Monda niyht wa-oiie
ol the l t things ever iutown. hut the
crowd .a- -mall, and Plot- Stearns
and Da id-on aieout aliout Tin. mile-s
the people leimhui'-e them. The let
lure wa- tor tin- henetit of the school
1 1 heart . and Prols. Steal lis anil l)a id
(in ; laraiiteed tL'0. Only ahout t10
was laKcii in. and ot co u-e they had
to make tin ''iiiiraiitft l-ooiI.
I Wf 1T1I the advent of SPRING 1 have I
I jg purchased the largest and fin- I
I MMh est line ot Ladies' Slippers I
since I have heen in business. H
I have the strongest line in Hayti; just I
the kind of slippers that vour mother I
H used to wear, and you know they were I
I good.
H I also have a big line of Summer I
B Goods, in Lawns and Linens, etc.
B Don't buy without first get- SjL I
ting niv prices. W H
No matter what you need, Ji I
call for it. and remember my motto is I
I Don't forget the Rargain Groceries I
always on hand. H
jjafcety.- ii'.-V -"- -
i ilece Liullai
have a mat he
uuitlcHlly ciiirect
'Thin aiei'iace-
1 ii I in model and have a fai caiiyiii: iiniHical tune,
i'jite titiiii W.UO to h.0li eaeh.
Edison Phonographs and Records
l'he.-e have heen telected on arcoiiiit of theii tine tone
and iiim-ictil qiialiiit. Kach Viuhii lian a heavv coiil-
tmaid cas-e. lii.w incliuleil.
Mandiilin.s fimn i'.'t to frli.
I'liffb fiuui i'l.W to iiy.dll.
i'lices trom f:t.(IO to U.W each.
Prom "or to iU.OO each.
Fioin Tic to tl.JiO each.
The lient uodiIh anil the piuttiutd, non-1'.nlinj:
i'uIoih to he (mind auywueie for the money. I'om
paie them with otheif at the same pi ice. il 7."i,
t:i l"J. rH 5U, ;! Ul), to till. ..' Ml and J-ti Oil each.
il Oil, 1 'J.r), t ,-(l. 4L 00. i'J. 110 jiei het.
Keep your uiiiiii im Letter quality.
It i- oud. ami we wi.l Keep it so.
Itieak o'day ahum
eath il.
Heimhlic alaim .
I.u niiiiouH a I a i m
Am-imia lepeatin
ahum i'J.
WATCHES. -Ini-'eii-oll "Yankee" 1.
I'licle Sam il. lii.'eiMill "Junior" i
We want your iiu-ine--. .md we can
please y mi.
'atelier's mask-,
jgLfiMysX luiM-ball h a t t,
.i n.i'i-1 ff inn ip,
lii -t uareinanV
mitts, fielder's
rloves, tieldei's
mitts, toe plates,
heel plates um
pire indicators
-eoie books, ankle supporters, bovV
caps, belts, baseballs, pick nick bails,
rubber halls, etc.
ivc-'fj w avr-uritfj
K ii Iiy hooks .ri-ll pei box ol 100 'Sir
Kniiy holms 7-1) pei box of 10(1 li.lc
K.iby hookH Si-U pei box of Hill (l."iu
Knbv Jmoks 10-11 per box ol 10(1 7.1c
Kiiby hooks 7-8-JI-10 per 10(1 Ific
Limeiick hooks (i-U box of 10U -Tic
Liuieiick hooks b-0 box of 100 fide
I'eii'ial ili.iuht No. M pei 1-1-1 il 0(1
Veiitial diauht No. I.") per Ml 100
I in. buss, bnht, l!l-L'0-L'l pel 10U LTic
Hendiix piopelleis each . fiOu
Ciaseoniuie Hpoon tiolls eacli P'o
lluell spinneis No. I each tlOc
IKiell spinneis Nos. -1 and t each 50c
tlihieibiaudt tandem Hpinneis
each Ti'ic
llilderhrandt plain gpiuni'is each 'J'w
ll.ldeibramlt leatheied spinneis
each Me
l'ow.. .y.ic iiniiiU' , ii hoonH each 7'ic
llnwaiac minnow lft iioi.kr each
Uowaiac iniunow U hooks ai-
tistic eai'h
Ketch-em lf hookti each
1'ieiiner weedless tioll each
lJiemier lluted sjioon each
Ordinaiy lluteil spoon each
Invincible 1st iiitlitv each
Walton, one of the best made
1 0(1
i ir,
liiaitled linen, 50 ft. spools for lTie
Silk casting, on spools per yd. ti, -1 A fits
Japan silk. 10 yd. hanks, each Itfc
Sinkers, lead small and medium lc.
Sinkers lare each l!c
('oik lloath each Ji .V Me
Tackle boxes, si.e .IJxlUj each 1 00
Kish scaleit each -Tic
Trot Line, Seine Twine and Stafre-
inti, iiei lb !Mc
Kiirnislied lines eacli fl iV 10c
1' ish stiiiitrers each o it LTjc
Lines, jjiiod itiality cotton 10 ft.
'J lor 6c
l'etlei ijitauty cotton, 120 It ea h Cc
Sampson's jointed Bteel -ll...ft.
each HI
UainlHio jointed ji.,tl. each "J
1'iine jointed Btt. each
MiuHidHippl cane ltift. each
Minnow dip nete each 'J6 &
KiHii buuH euch
Bucket dip nuts each
Minnow buckets Iqt. 15c, '.'qt.
iqr 70C
Frog spears.') pronn eacli . iTic
1'ihIi spears t in 5 prong each .'t5u
Fish spears. 5 in. 5 prong each liOo
I'i-h Hpears 7 in. 5 prong each il 00
Fisherman's lints each 26 e
Minnow seine 1x15 Machine
niudo each yi 50
Minnow seiiiH -1x15 white tied
each 3 50
(Complete witti tloats and sinkers
We have by far the largest and
most complete line of Fishing Tackle
in the city.
Toy garden tools, Tops, Marbles,
HnriiH, etc.;
Pumps, inside Tuhts, Hells, llundle
1'orkn, i'ire Cement, Wood Him
Cement, Rubber Plugs, Valves, etc,
Hepuir Hubber.
Mkndakm', for mending torn or
siiaged goods joe
Mi:ndiN(i Tissi'K, n household
necessity oc
LEreri CD'S noi ia ctadit

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