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llcul with our advertisers.
Ladies' luinri bags iit I.tMler'H 21 tf
Mrs. Win. (ititiu is sick this week
I'aintH mill window glass at heller's.
Mis. al Cliitiii Nijuiti-ill this week.
Ladies triiiiiui'd hats at L. ( '. Aver-1
ill's. L'otf
Mr-. .Itu'k 'IVii-itfr w u- fijjlit ill Tues
ilav. !
Kdison phonographs and records at '
Lt-fler's. 'J lit
Miss l-'icila W'iUiui has i I'tin-nurl .
Ii " i school.
i)ur advertisers want ,)tir trade and j
sl.u.ild have it. I
l.rnest Maldwin nl Kennutt was in I
I la ti Friday, j
Iicrr.v Willson of Concord was in
town Monday.
I. Kinj.' had legal business in Ken
iii tt Tuesday.
Sam Co i belt ;i out fiom Curuth-i-rsv
illi' Monday .
Wall paper, carpet paper and build
ing paper at heller's, li 1 1 f
( harlie Fierce of Caruthersville is a
Hi raid subscriber.
I'aintH, oils and glass
union's Drugs Store.
Trail t-2ti
reported as on
at Dr.
Trim t-Jli
Mrs. .Tai-K llcy is
tin road to iwinuij .
GIiihb of all kimlH
matin's Drug Store.
Mrs. lliert Staeey and naby are on
t! e sick list this week.
( . W. Frick had his hand severely
it at his mill last week.
Miss Louie Shields of New Madrid
(sited in lla.ui Saturday.
The infant ol Mr. and Mrs. S. J.
.It fin i has been quite ill.
Call for a bottle of Tip Top, hemp's
special brow. Uaruthersville.
.1. L. Ilorris is putting material on
the ground lor his new hriek.
Call for a bottle of Tip Top, hemp's
special brow. Caruthersville.
The infant id Mr. and Mrs. liarnie
Swan died Tuesday morning.
Use the beat, Sonour's floor paint.
Dr. Trnutmann's Drug Store. 2G
Mrs Uuth Oglesby ol Maiden visit
ed Mrs. I'M Morris last week.
Cole & Lilly'a double body paint, at
Dr. rrautmann'a Drug Store. 20
Miss Fannie N'eel ol Kennctt visited
her unele, .las. Ai', Friday.
Saturday night soine one robbed C.
Shell's cash drawer of aboiit WO.
A few more kegs of home made
sorghum molasses. J. L. Dorrls.
lolin Seobey ot Kennett was in Hay
ti Tuesday, enroute to St. Louis.
White goods the best and moat at
tractive line in town. L. O. Averill.
The fare to the reunion at Memphis
ne.M week is i'2.i lor the round trip.
Spencer & Inula do all kinds of d rav
ing promptly and cheaply. Phone 05.
Dr. Trautmann's Drug Store will
soon mow to the Kolin new building.
I. K. Cirifen of McGuire, Mo., sends
us a dollar to renew his subscription.
MissLueile Wright of New Madrid
is isitiny Miss Kuby Morris this week.
lluuklin Democrat: Miss Nell Mor
gan has joined her parents at Hayti.
.1. N. Clemens and family of Tyler
v isited home folks at lit. ti Saturday .
1 will accommodate thoao wanting
Lime, Urlek or Cement. P. S. Raven
Hteiu. 21tf
Mis. A..1. FaganofCapc Ciirurtleau,
isited her son, L. C. Averill, this,
wee it.
Call for a bottle of Tip Top, Lump's
latoat and beat apecial brew. Caruth
ersvillo. Look over our advertising columns
and trade with the uierchant.s who ad
ertise. Chickens wanted highest market
price paid, cash or trade. Spot Caah
Grocery. 30tf
If you want to help men who ure
helping the town, deal witli those who
Kilu-ston Herald: Mrs. T. J. Truut
miinn, of Iluyti spent Wednesday in
We are closing out our Columbia,
Victor and Zonophone 10 inch records
at -JO cents each. We have 1.000 re
cords in stock. Also a good discount
on graphophones. Chas. Goodrich,
i George Adams of Cardwcll, Mo., is
here this week, in the inteiist of the
M. I' L.
Piano and Organ for Male, at a bar
gain. Fil'HlcllHH coudiiioii. (5. W,
DoniH, Hay ti. 17't
I The county jai! at Kennett wa.s
'cmpt, last week, tor the llrst lime in
twenty live vcai's.
If; v on need a monument or tomb
Htone, nee Itev, (!. .M. Hrooks ol Hay
ti .inn save money. 2t) It
Leller- Drug Store bus been making
some good changes in their prescrip
tion department.
Hurl Mni'im of Springfield. Mo..
isited his brother. .1. A. Moran. Fri
day and Saturday.
Gene Foihch, who now lives at Ile
bei, Ark., was in llayti Wednesday,
looking; altei business niatteia.
Mr and Mrs. G. T. Dunuiireof Ken
nett isited the family of L. I '. and L.
L. Leller Sunday and Monday.
Do you chew tnbnccoV If you do,
sample, that Old Kentucky Greenville
at .1. L. D')rria', ! plugs lor 2.ri cents.
.lohnnie Ilorris left forCrcal Springs.
111., Tuesday morning, where he will
accept a position as clcik in tlie Oark
Dr. Cruler reports the arrival of a
line girl at the home ol .Mr. and Mrs.
.lell White at Mraggadocio Friday
The Allalfa Farming Company have
planted several acies of Catalpa, to
experiment with the growth ol this
valuable timber.
A called meeting of the M. I'. L.
will be held Friday night. There is
some important business to come be
low the meeting.
Dr. II. C. Ciesswell attended the
Dental Association at the St. Louis
Dental College last week, and leports
a nice and enjoyable time.
1'. S. Kavenstein was aw aided the
contract I'm building the new .school
house at the Dclanhmutt place, the
ctiiisidoiation buinir 31, 110.01)
Misses Marion and Kuby Duumire,
who have been isiling in Sikeston,
passed through Hay ti Monday, en
route to their home at Kennett.
I 'ast newspaper experience ought to
teach some of the Hay ti people a les
Min, and they should not let the Her
ald sillier for want of a ju.st patronage.
Engine and boiler for sale 25 horse
power boiler and 15 horse power en
gine, Erie make, good order, at bar
gain price. U. W. Frick. Hayti, Mo.
I'rof. 15. S. Stearns and wife left
Monday night for his home atMillci-s-ville.
He will go from there to attend
the State Cniversity at Columbia, and
leturn to Hayti .June 24.
J. L. Dorria recdvod I'U'dy i thous
and pound shipment of Roasted Cof
fee, which will enable him for some
time to protect his customers against
me auvance in prices.
I'rof. Davidson received his com
mission us Urgani.cr for the Imperial
Order of Ked Men, last Monday, and
will assume his duties as such Im
mediately on the closing of his school.
Hridge timber and lumber of all
kinds, 2 and 2a in. oak flooring, aide
walk lumber, oak and cypress, dress
ed and rough palings, alwava on hand
at reasonable prices. C. W. Frick.
Friday at Caruthersville, during a
parade, sneaks stole about J'J.'ioiJ
worth of diamonds and jewelry from
Chas. Goodrich. So far. the thieves
have not b.-en caught, and there is but
little clue as to their identity .
A full line of Waltbum, hlgin, Ham
den, Springfield and South Bend
watches. We handle no 2nda. Noth
ing but the best, that has passed in
spection at the fii"tory. Chas, Good
rich, Caruthersville. .'10
for the paper because you want a lluy-
ti papu . and the business man who1
advertises in its columns docs so he-,
cause lie wants your trade, and his ad
vertising patronage enables us to give
you n better paper. Deal with mir
chants who advertise and help those
who are trying to help the town.
When you see a cross mark on your
paper, made with a pencil, it tellsyou
that your subscription is out and we
ask you mi renew at once Not hear
ing trotn you promptly, we will atop
tlie paper.
T.I.; tri.il h'l'oru .In Ige Fort at Ken
nett to set the sale of the Gates pro
perty aside was set lor Tuesday, but
continued to Wednesday, and we can
not give tin' result. .1. L. Dorris. L.C.
Averill. Win. Foley. F. M. (iwin.
Charlie Wells. W. W. Tarkington I
and 15. F. Allen were in attendance.
Last Thursday night F.d Mitchell, a
farm band working for Will Ayers,
disappeared with Ayer.s' 11-year-old
daughter, Hose, and all ell'orts to lo
cate them have failed. Mitchell is
said to have two living wives. Slier
ill Franklin has olleretl si'") foe the
leturn ol the girl. or0 lor both.
Tuesday morning, while playing
ball at the public school grounds,
Ilarve Dorris laid his watch down
while day ing. and lorgelting the watch,
went into the building. When tic re
'urned to gel the watch it was gone.
eo case,
It is a 10 sie 20 year gold 111
elks head on back of case, Walthaiu
movement. Finder please leturn.
I'rof. Davidson's school will close
next Friday. He reports a lull attend
ance this wick, and a most satisfac
tory grade ol work. All are working'
hard to attain to the highest standard i
of excellence, and the class grading
will continue down to the close of I
Thursday's recitations. In the raci I
for school .standing thcie is a differ-.
ence id less than ' between more than I
hall the pupils, while thedillerenee be-1
tween tlie live highest in scholarship is I
less than .'lib. Tlie dillcience between (
the eight highest in composition is !
now less than .'i"o. On Friday thirteen
gold and silver medals and pins will
be awarded to those winning in the'
various contests, and a most pleasant1
ending ol a most successful term will
be celebrated by the teacher and pupils. !
hen people liavent got enough
bense to iindei.stand what theyiead
they .should not bonow the Herald
Mini llii.ti f.tifis(. limit ii'rn irtt nci' I , v-
.:-..-,, ..ii ..i t: I
spuming tin uijuui suiuciiuiig hi:
did not say. Just now a big, double
jointed, ioud-monthed timhci woiker
has his back up about the clipping we
liM'd fiom the Scott County Demon at.
Some of these fellows who nevei lived
in a town where a newspaper was pub
lished cannot become accustomed to
the fact that newspaper generally tell
the truth, rejiiudless of who it hints.
Most eveiy pnpei in the countiy says
mote than tlie ileiald, and heieafici
wj arc going to say more, and those
who can't live in a civili.cd communi
ty without causing Double aie going
to see their names in piint.
You certainly owe it to yourself
to save all the money you can, and it
is my purpose in business to help you
save money. I do not cut the price or
sell below cost, but I MAKE my own
prices, and make them just as LOW
as possible, quality considered. If
you will come to my store you will
see that this is true.
Pump Pipe per foot I23c
Pump pitchers each $1.25
Corn and Cotton Hoes
Hoe Handles
Saws and Sundries, etc.
A Few Ice Cream Freezers
It would be poor policy for me to tell you one thing and
undertake to do another. The people cannot be fooled. The
only sure way to success is to "make good." This is the point
1 want to get you to understand, and I cannot get you to under
stand it unless you will visit my store, inspect the quality of my
goods, get my prices and test my weights and measures. Try it.
Hayti, - Mo.
It would be impossible to mention
all the Hayti people who attended the
Drummers' Association at Curuthcr.s
ville. It is enough to say that every
one had a good lime, and speak in the
highest praise of the good order, good
feeling and the hospitality shown by
our sister city.
Improved Order of Red Men.
Having- been frequently questioned
by many friends for an explanation of
Redinatiship, and having been too
busy with my closing' school work to
go into detailed explanation in every
case, I desire to briefly state what it is,
and what it does.
The Improved Order of Ked Men i.s
a Social, Fraternal Benelicial, and the
most patriotic fraternity in America,
founded upon the customs and tradi
tions of the American Indians, in the
year l"(i.'l-1 hi years ago and is the'
Oldest Fraternal Society of puiely
American origin.
It is not a rival to other benevolent
societies, but is a co-worker with them"
in the great work of relieving and ele
vating the conditions of mankind.
Wo are pledged to defend the Star
Spangled Manner, to pay weekly bunt- I
llts to our disabled members, to pay i
the families of our deceased members a
funeral benelit. to care for and pto
tecWhe viitueof the mothers, sisters,
wives and daughters of our members.
The J. O. It. M. is purely American.
We liuve no Tribes except where Old
Glory waves "Over the land of the
free and the home of the brave." The
membership now exceeds 730,MK). Our
1 benefits are to.O'i per week for all weeks
disabled. In cases where a nur.se is
needed they are provided by the local
organisation. Funeral benelits 8100.
Charter fee, .."i.()0.
The Improved Older of Hed Men i.s
the only Older that pays benelits upon
half orphans, as well as lull orphans.
The local organizations are not re
(iiiired to nay these benelits The
Ureal Council ol the United States
provides from one to two dollars and
lilt v cents per week, lor all dependent
orphans every week they need it until
they are lu years ot age. it uispenses
over 2,01)0,000 per annum for the re
lief of its sick and disabled niember.s,
and has a hind ol over rl. 000,000 in
vested with which to meet future calls
for relief.
Our charter closes June, 8th, after
which it will cost more than double
the present fee. If you join now,
wherever you may travel in the forest
of lite, the handshake of Freedom.
Friendship anil Charily will greet you.
II. L. Davidson, Organizer.
ltcsiricuce anil Lots for Sale
For sale at a bargain one of the
nicest residences in town, corner,
near business, 7 rooms, 2 stories, 2 or
3 lots and 1 lots on oposite sido of
street. J. NT. Olemons, Tyler or O.
I W. Frick, Hayti. fitf
llrst Great Sachomwas Geo. Washing-
Don't start on your vacation till tn. Lincoln and MeKinley were Med
you have provided yourself with M . . t of tlie presidents
some Silver Negligee Shirts. The on- I " ,"' attut' ,noist m )'iL l "-siitcm
ly shirts with Liuicord button holes. Wc oiler membership to all white
They won't tear out. Wo have them ' Americans citi.ens of good moral and
in all sizes, 14 to 18, with and without ' p,v sieul habits and conditions. Our
collars and cuffs, also the Silver Col- .,.,,,, 'i,,, ami emi,lems are
lars in most any size. J. L. Dorris. ! "umt cuu,1"inlL"' a,Kl einniuns an
Chartered by Congress, and protected
Kach and every person who has paid from infringement by patent und copy
us a dollar for a year's subscription right laws of the United States. There
owe It to themselves to deal witli the i fore, no colored race can weur our
business men who advertise in these I emblem.
i columns. ou have palu your uollurl The uucs are ouo per nionin. xno
We, a vas eexv Yeft oxv ouv Viawta
va e 3oowVi Wke o Yeeoxvae
ov VooeYoe moxvW.s.
vs Is w ifcs uvdakew sac&
w ve. aev awA sowA be akexi

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