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Many Things Worth Reading, Condensed for Busy Readers (
Wants to Annex Hayti.
"It illicit he :i good thing to annex
Hayti were it not for Including some
of Hill York's delinquent sub
seribers." -Twicc-u-YVeek Democrat.
Don't let Unit bother you, Hill. Go
aliciiil with your annexing; wo have
only one delinquent subscriber, and
lie is dead. We always mark their
names oir when they din and boost
them just as far into eternity as pos
siblu. Hut by tho way, Hill, judging Irom
y our list out here, you must take Post
master Gull'.v for a sexton.
Ladies' hand bags at Leiler'H
Albert Caglo has been ill
Paints and window glass at Letter's.
I). ('. Htubbs was quite ill Sunday
Edison phonographs and records at
heller's. 21tf
iluumgartcn is now work-
ing nights.
A full lino of fruit jars, rubbura and
cans, nt J. L. Dorris'.
Our advertisers want your trade and
should have it.
Wall paper, carpet paper and build
ing paper at Leiler'H. ii-1 1 1
Prof. Green of Stewart was in
ti Saturday.
II. L. Davidson made a 11 ing trip to
Steele Monday.
Paints, oils and glass,
mann's Drugs Store.
Lois Willson visited her sister at
Kennett this, week.
GlaRS of all kinds at
mann's Drug Store.
Ourcity marshal has an eye for dogs.
Hetter pay your tax.
Call for a bottle of Tip Top, Lump's
special brew. Oaruthersvilie.
The infant of Harvey
Dry Hayou Sunday.
Massey died at
Use tho bfiHt, Snnour's
1 1 r Tfnillmniuw
h Urug store.
sold to
Thirty-llvo tickets were
reunion at Memphis.
Cole & Lilly's double body paint, at
Dr. Trautmann's Drug Store. 20
Mrs. Ida Ilertwick left for lola, Kan
sas, Thursday morning.
White goods the best and most at
tractive lino in town. L. C. Averill.
('. R. Gray, viee-president of tho
Frisco, was in Hayti Friday.
You can't farm without tiood tools.
Buy Blount's plows from Averill. 'M 2t
Fourteen loads of polos came in Irom
McKay's Thursday, for Illinois.
W. A. Maxey and wife of Bragga
docio wore here trading' Saturdav.
John V. Taylor, claim agent for the
Frisco, was here from the Cape Tues
day. Just received, a nice line of dresser
scarfs and linen towels, at J. L. Dor
ris'. Miss Pauline Thrower of Oaruthers
vilie visited Miss Madgo Trainor this
I will accommodate those wanting
Lime, Brick orComont. P. S. Raven
stein. 24tf
Mrs. Lucy Williams and daughter
of ('aruthersvil)o were in Hayti Sun
day. Call for a bottle of Tip Top, Lump's
latest and best special brew. Cnruth-eravillo.
If you want to help men who are
helping the town, deal with those who
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Gwin were
among the visitors to the reunion at
Wayne Langdon is visiting his pa
rents at Rosovlllo, 111.. John Wilks
relieving him.
If you want to got those weeds out
of your crop, buy Blount's plows
from Averill. 151 2t
What's the matter with the V. O. VV
Hetter have a meeting and get things
to moving.
Mrs. Lavina Adams and little son,
of Parma, is visiting her sister, Mrs.
Chas. Martin.
Piano and Organ tor sale, at a bar
gain. Firstclass condition. G. W.
Dorris, Hayti. 17if
Dr. Trautmann's Drug Store is
moving to its new-quarters in thoKohn
building this week.
Mr.s. Grace Williams, nee Dowd, of
Obion county, Tenn., is visiting her
mother, Mrs. D. King.
John Morgan of Braggadocio went
to Senath Sunday , to work in the in
terest of the Ked Men.
Mr. Ligon was u visitor to the re
union at Memphis last week. He is
also an ex-confederate.
Virg. P. Adams and daughter, Miss
lona, and Miss Mona Juden, returned
from .Memphis Monday.
Our space i.s too limited to publish
a county directory, or a directory for
churches of oth'T towns.
P. S. Ravcnstuin has put in a con
crete walk in front of his lot on the
north side of the square.
The new residence of Hob Pophain
is Hearing completion, and will be one
of the handsomest in town.
Mrs. Klmer Stephens was among the
number from Hayti who attended the
reunion at Memphis last week.
Ask to see those "Jewel" Bed
SpreadH at J. L. Dorris'. They are
extra largo and only cost Si. 50.
Hev. Hrooks and Foster have just
closed a two days meeting m Pasoola,
with four additions to the church.
W. F. Hornback has traded for the
Dock Hedge pool room adjourning the
Tim Dorris saloon at Caruthersville.
The Improved Order of Ked Men
closed their charter Tuesday night,
with quite a substantial membership.
Don't order any lace curtains be
fore you examine those at J, L. Dor
riH1. He haB nice ones us cheap as
BO cents.
Col. Collin Morgan, an ex-confederate,
attended the reunion at Memphis
last week, and reports an enjoyable
Prof. II. L. Davidson was in Hragga
docio Saturday and Saturday night,
organizing a lodge of the Imperial Or
der of Hod Men.
L. C. Averill and II. A. Dortcli went
hunting Tuesday, L. C. says that An
drew Dorris is a pretty good merchant,
but when it comes to hunting Andrew
is not in it.
Mrs Mary Lt. Huckloy of Tennessee,
who has been visiting her grand
daughter at Kennett, returned to Hay
ti Monday, where she will visit her
son, J. T, Huckloy and family a few
days. A full line of Walthariiy lilgin. Hum
dun, Springfield and South Bend
watcues, wo Handle no anus, jnomi
ing but tho best, that haB passed in
sueclion at tho fa-torv. Chas. Good
rich, Oaruthersvilie. 30
Some of the subscribers to tho square
fencing fund are wanting to know why
the fence is not put up. Wo have ask
ed the question, several times, but can
not state just why the present delay.
We believe the work should be finish
ed at once.
Ice users should got our coupon
books. Saves worry and time mak
ing change, avoids mistakes, alwayB
ready. Terms cash. Money refunded
any time. Books carried on wagon,
liny ti Storage. 30tf
W. H. Willson and little daughter,
Lois, are thinking of making a trip to
Mr. Willson's old home in Georgia.
He wants his little daughter to see his
old home, its mountains, springs and
rivers, and tho beautiful scenery of
the southland.
Now is tho time of the year when
merchants should use some specials
in advertising. The reason some peo
ple think it does not pay to advertise
is because they do not give it a fair
test. It takes some life and energy to
advertise, but it pays if kept up.
I have employed Jack Warful of
Little Rock, nn experienced watch
maker and ioweler. We carry a full
stock of every factory's make of gen
uine material, with Western Union
wiro in our Btore. We are prepared
to give vou good work. Chas. Good
rich, Caruthorsvillo. 30
We have had a harder time this
week to get a little news than any
week sin'je wc have been hero. Wo
always do our part. We ask every
one we see for news," and of course if
you do not tell us, it is your fault.
We are not mind readers, and if you
expect to see what you know in print
you must tell it.
Last Friday night ttie Modern Wood
men held a most pleasant and prollt
ablo meeting, besides work in the de
grees. A nice lunch was served at 10
o'clock, which all enjoyed to the limit.
( M. Shell certainly demonstrated the
fact that he knew how to cook and
servo lunches. The camp here have a
gold bound ivory gavel that cost $35,
that was won in a contest last year for
the largest gain in membership in this
district, their gain being 21(1.
A story is going the rounds of a
couple of young people who attended
church at Caruthersville. When tho
collection was taken up, the young
man commenced fishing for his poek
etbook. His face expressed his cm
barrasment as he hoarsely whispered:
"Guess I haven't a cent. I changed
my pants." Tho young lady, who
had been examining tho unknown re
gion o) 11 woman's dress for a purse,
You certainly owe it tp yourself
to save all the money you can, and it
is my purpose in business to help you
save money. I do not cut-the price or
sell below cost, but I MAKE my own
prices, and make them just as LOW
as possible, quality considered. If
you will come to my store you will
see that this is true.
Pump Pipe per foot I23C
Pump pitchers each $1.25
Corn and Cotton Hoes
Hoe Handles
Saws and Sundries, etc.
A Few Ice Cream Freezers
It would be poor policy for me to tell you one thing and
undertake to do another. The people cannot be fooled. The
only sure way to success is to "make good." This is the point
I want to get you to understand, and I cannot get you to under
stand it unless you will visit my store, inspect the quality of my
goods, get my prices and test my weights and measures. Try it.
Hayti, - Mo.
The Frisco is laying heavier Steele
and raising the track lb inches between
Hayti and Kennett. The track will
have rock ballast.
C. K. Chisin was called to Branden
burg, Ky., Thursday of last week to
turned pink color and
tho same fix."
said: "I'm in
Mr. and Mrs. W
daughter, visited in
. H. Gordon and
Kennett Sunday
i. J. Fagan is visiting Mrs.
Spear at Braggadocio this
Chickens wanted highest market
price paid, cash or trade. Spot Gash
Grocery. 30tf
Mrs. James Rnurko of Geneva, Mo.,
is visiting her mother, Mrs. Ben Mill-horn.
Look ovor our advertising columns
and trade with tho merchants who advertise.
To Exchange $100
good cow, giving milk,
ti, Mo.
Organ for a
Box 70, Hay-
31 lt
Rev. T. G. Fallin was in New Mad
rid this week, attending tho Epworth
Judge W. W. Tarkington, an old ex
confederate veteran, attended the re
uiiion ut Memphis latt week.
attend the bedside of his mother, who
is dangerously ill.
Don't forget to send your bucket
down to J. L. Dorris' after some of
that homo made sorghum. If you
can't come or send, phono your order
Tho Civic League was about to re
produce the "Old Maids' IMay," but
at tho last moment it was found that
all tho "company" could not bo se
cured. Bridge timber and lumber of all
kinds, 2 and il in. oak flooring, side
walk lumber, oak and cy press, dress
ed and rough palings, always on hand
at reasonable prices. 0. V. Frick.
Rev. G. M. Brooks conducted re
ligious services ut the home of Uncle
Bob I'ullum Friday night. Mr l'ul
lum is very low of cancer, and can
not get well.
For sale at a bargain one of the
nicest residences in town, corner,
near business, 7 roomB, 2 stories, 2 or
3 lots and 4 lots on opoBite aide of
street. J. N. Olernona. Tvler or O.
W. Frick, Hayti. 5tf I
On Juno 23 thoCaruthorsvillo school
district will vote to build a 520,000
high school building. That district is
already under $8,000 bonded indebted
ness, but it is claimed there will be no
need to increase tho rate of taxation.
We are informed that after this
month tho telephone company will re
move their local manager from this
place, and will attempt to keep up
this work from Kennett. This means
that Hayti is going to get poor ser
vice and that tho lines will be poorly
i kept up. It is said that some of the
other towns will tie given tho same
dose, and that Chaffee and Oran will
be placed under one management. It
occurs to us that now would bo a
good timo for a few of tho Southeast
towns, to get together and organize
a homo company.
City Marshal Leller is collecting tho
dog tax this week. No one should
complain about paying this tax.
There are entiroly too many dogs in
town, and this will bo tho means of
thinning out the more worthless, many
of which are even dangerous. Wo
have in mind one dog, in a block of
tho square, that has bitten several
people and is very annoying. Dogs
of this kind should lie killed without
delay, and unless something is done
with this dog there is liable to bo
trouble. No man has a right to keep
a dog of this kind and the city should
not permit it.
Deal with our advertisers.
i IHLx $
! iHH fliHi HAYTI.
I ....
Does But One Kind
and that is
Watch for theVy'croBH mark on
your paper. It TVnieans that your
subscription i s out and you are
requested to renew at once, before wo
stop tho paper. Bo prompt.
Tliis picture makes you acquainted with the man who pro
duces the HAYTI HERALD, and the man who asks for your
support to keep a paper in Hayti. Most of the old settlers will
recognize the face, and we hope that all these old friends and
acquaintances, as well as the new ones, will lend us their sup
port and their encouragement.
Help us to make the paper better. Give us your sub
scription. Tell us the news. Demand that the merchants give
us more advertising.
Come to see us. Our office is in the City Hall, over the
Posloffice, where you are always welcome.
q the hayti herald
"Waxv, - TNXassoxy
"ft. "3. 3VVmv, "?Tovrv6.ov
Patronage of the traveling public solicited,
neat and clean. The pioneer hotel of the city.
Rates SI a day.

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