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NO. 35.
A. II. Dunn, familiarly known as1
'Tliini," died of congestion of tho
brain nt 11: 15 Friday night. Ho was
taken ill of headache Wednesday, but
rotnaincd about his business until late
in the afternoon. He became un
conscious about 1 o'clock Friday
morning, and rapidly sank. It was a
very severe case, and entirely beyond
medical skill to relieve. Ham came to
tliis country from Lutosvillo about
8i)!), and taught school at Bragga
docio. He later losuteil at Ilayti,
where he married Miss Mamie Oates.
Ho was a model young man, well
liked by all who knew him, and the en
tire town was saddened by his death
and sympathize with the bereaved
family. '
He was buried at the family cemetery
Saturday at 1:0.) p. m., Rev. G. M.
ttrooks conducting the funeral services,
and the W. O. W. and I. O. U. M. ad
adminestering tho last rites. He was
one of the charter members of the Im
proved Order of Red Men which has
just been organized hero.
On Wednesday of last week, while
bathing in the ditch. Jack Toaster
came near drowning, and only for tho
quick action of Dr. Cresswell perhaps
would have drowned, a.s well as ono of
the young men who went to the rescue.
He was not a good swimmer, and sank
when about liulf way across the ditch.
Advertised Letters.
The following letters having re
mained in this ollicc for thirty days un
called for will lie sent to tho Dead
Letter Ollicc, unless delivered within
one week from this date.
A fee of one cent will bo collected on
each letter advertised.
When calling for same please state
that they are advertised. Thin June
I!), l'.M'l.
B. L. Gull'y, Postmaster.
Jim P.oldon. W. W. Cathey.
M. Batista Lengrin. 11. K. Lamb.
W. T. Mack. George Mosley.
Jack Simpkins. Santlord Smith.
Henry Willian.s. Tom J. Wilkcrson.
Walter Rayner.
"Don't Boost."
A prominent business man in Ilayti
told us the other day that the "Caruth
ersville papers did not boost their ad
vertisers." How does this, from Tuesday's
Twice-a-Week Democrat sound? Wo
wish to apply the same to Ilayti mer
chants. Hei-e it is:
"Read what our merchants have to
say in their ads. You will lind lots
j of news in them, for any way you take
it, an au is just business news. Jt is
lnot-e interesting to the average read
er to know that a certain store is sell
ing cheaper than its competitor, or
that they have a certain article at a
reduced price. Read the ads, for bv
the ads you can judge the best place
to trade the live merchants who are
not ashamed of the price they charge
you on an article."
Read this over again: there is lots
of truth in it.
Don't order any lace curtains be
fore you examine those at J, L. Dor
ris Ho has nice ones as cheap as
HO cents.
Dunklin Democrat: Gov. Iladley
needs to study the citizenshipof South
east Missouri. Last week, he appoint
ed as delegates to the cotton congress
which meets at Monte Ne, Ark., this
week, as representatives of Dunklin
county, V. S. Huberts, a citizen of
.Memphis, who has never lived here,
anil A. It. Byrd, of San Antonio, Texas,
who has land in Dunklin county hut
has never lived hero Uo'h are good
men, but are not citizens of Dunklin
county. And, most of those he ap
pointed from Southeast .Missoiui aie
not cotton gioweis nor handlois.
Havti, Mo., 22d Sun, Hot Moon, G.
S. D. 41.
Common Era, June 212, 1000.
To the Chiefs and Members of Wuka
rusa Tribe, No, 171, Improved Order
of Red Men:
We, your committee, appointed to
draft resolutions of respect on the life
and service of Chief and Brother A.
II. Dunn, beg leave to report as fol
lows: Whereas, The Great Spirit lias
spoken, and in answer thereto our be
loved Brother, A. II. Dunn, has gone'
on the long trail to the Happy Hunt
ing Ground, ther"fore, be it
Resolved, Tha: by the death of our
worthy and beloved brother, that Wa
karnsa Tribe, No. 171, has lost a
Brave worthy of his Tribe, a Warrior
worthy of his bow, a Chief worthy of
bis tomaliawk, his family a loving
husband and father, and the communi
ty an honorable and upright citizen.
Resolved, That wo hereby express
our sincerest sjinpathy and condo-1
lenco to the family of the deceased. i
Resolved, That a copy of these re
solutions bo sent to tho family of the
deceased, that the same be published
in tho Hayti Herald, and placed upon
the records of this Tribe. '
Fraternally submitted, in Freedom,
Friendship and Charity.
I (J. J. I'rovine.
Committee: ! L. C. Averill.
( John T. Buckley.
I have employed Jack Warful of
Little Hock, an "experienced watch
maker and jeweler. Wo carry a full
stock: of every factory's make of gen
uine material, with West urn Union
wire in our store. Wi are prepared
to give you good work. Ohaa. tiood-
The bill appropriating .jO,000 for
levee and river improvements on
Black and St. Francis rivers in South
east Missouri, bus been vetoed by
Gov. Hadley. This ends the fondest
dreams of many Southeast Missouri
ans for many years for the develop
ment of this magnificent country.
rich, Oarutfiersville.
Tho most durable machine made is
the Ni3V Home. Wo also handle the
ball bearing Singer, the Wn.i, O. Free,
the Now Ideal, the Eldredge, the Wil
cox and Gibbs. With over 45 years
Imiiillmtr unci rHniiirinir mnnlntifo wn
aro competent to tell you which is the
30 i best. Olms. Goodrich, Oaruthersville,
"I d
u 2 W
a. a
- fr
About "Hard Times" unless
you want to save money, and
if you want to save money,
be careful with your expen
ditures. It pays to look be
fore you leap and to investi
gate before you buy. If I did
not know that my prices
would stand your investiga
tion I certainly would not ask
you to investigate.
Come and get my prices.
They tell their own story.
w y w o
2 " a n
en rTJ -
cTTOw v-
t- n
L s 2-
S"" nz 57" w
- o
tn " 3
s o
fi 2-3 n
It would be foolish (or me to ask you to my store
unless 1 know that my prices are right, and the reason you
do not come is because you do not know. Of course you
are perfectly honest in your opinion, and an honest mistake
is the greatest mistake in the world knd he hardest to over
come. What I want is to convince you. Make out your
bill and come and get my prices. If you will do this you'll
find some of the leaks that make hard times harder and I
may help you to save many dollars. Let's talk it over.
L. C,
EIE&1 1 i
ft ILL
'Ihese Guitars
have a maihe
matically correct
They aicrt-ucc-
fill in mod' ind have a far carrying musical tone.
Price from $:i.00 to SK.00 each.
Edison Phonographs and Records
jgMg Wyi'.M!l9M';3CS-'lJ?J'L
These have been selected on account of their line tone
and musical qualities. Knell Violin has a heavy coid
board case. How included. Prices from $2.50 to $12.00.
Mandolins from $: to $(.
Price fiom W.00 to $4.00 each.
From 75c to $H.00 each.
From 5c to $1.50 each.
The best goods and the prettiest, non-fading
colors to be found anyw'neie for the money. Com
pute them with others at tin same pi ice. $175,
if!! 00, S.'l 50, $) Oil, Ji (Id, W m and $(l OO each.
fl Oil, 'St, ?! 51), S 00, $2 00 jioi set.
Keep .wuir mind on Leller (juality.
It is jrnod, and we will keep it so.
Hiciik o'day alarm
each 81.
Hepublic alarm 1.
I.umiiiniiH a 1 a i m
$1 l!.ri.
Ansouin icpcatini;
alarm $L'.
WATCHES. JnjroiHll "Yankee" 1.
I'ncle Sam $1. Inp'isoll ".lunior" W
mo 4 m
We want your iiusiness, and we can
please you.
l 'atelier's inabks,
baseball b a t a,
catcher's mitts,
first baseman's
mitts, fielder's
gloves, lielder'n
mitts, toe plates,
heel plates um
pire indicators,
score books, ankle Mipporters, boy's
caps, belts, baseballs, pick nick bulls,
lubber balls, etc.
Kirliy hookB 5-0 per box of 100 . ''5c
Kirby books 7-0 per box of 100 . :55c
Kirby hooks il-0 per box of 100 H5c
Kirliv books !()() per box of 100 75c
Kirby hooks 7-8-iMO per 100 ... 15c
Limerick hooks 0-0 box of 100.. Ii5c
Limerick hooks S-0 box of 100 50c
Central dmuht No. 11 jut HI -1 00
Cential drniiKlit No. 15 per Ml 1 00
tin bliss, briiihl, IIWO-LM pei 100 li5c
Hoiidrix propidlers each 50c
(bisconiuie HJioon noils each b'c
liuell spinners No. :i each ... . (iOc
iluell spiiiuers Nos. -1 and fi each 00c
llilderhriindt tandem spiuncis
each 50c
liildcrbriiuilt plain spinners each 5c
Uilderbrandt feallieicil spinners
each . :15c
Dowaiirnc minnow II hooks each 75c
Dowaijiac minnow 15 books eiich.l 00
Dowaiuc minnow l hooks ai-
tistic each 75c
Kotcli-ciu 15 hooks each 50c
Piemier weedless 1 1 oil each LTic
Premier lluted spoon eacli l-'Oc
Ordinary tinted sjioon each 10c
Invincible 1st iiialitv each 1 'St
Walton, one of the best made... - oQ
Coik llouls each 5 A: 10c
Tackle boxos, size 5J.10 each I 00
Fish scaleis each. "5c
Trot Line, Seine 'I'wine and Stat-'c-
inn. er II) :15c
Furnished lines each 5 A- 10c
Fish Hti'iiiftei'H each .... 6 it 'Joe
Lines, kooiI quality cotton 15 I'l.
2 for . . . fie
Hotter quality cotton, '2i ft. each 5c
lbaiiled linen, 50 ft. spools foi 15c
Silk casting, on spools pei yd. !i, I it 5e
.liipan silk. 10 yd. hanks, 'each . -5c
.Sinkers, load small and medium lc
Sinkers lare each .. .. 2c
Sampson's jointed steel -lj.ft .
eaoh. . 15 '25
Bamboo jointed I'jtt. each. . 2 50
Uane jointed Sft. each 25o
Mississippi cane 18ft. each ltlo
Minnow dip nets each 25 & 50o
Fish luifrH each H5c
Bucket dip nets each . ... 25c
Minnow buckets lip. lfic, 2qt. 25o
Iqt 75 c
Kroj; spears U prong each . . 25c
FiBh spears ! In 6 prong each :15c
Fish spears 5 in, 5 prong each. 00c
Fish spears 7 In. 6 prong coch $1 00
Fisherman's hats each 25o
Minnow solus 1x15 Machine
made each $2 50
Minnow suiiis 4x15 white tied
each ... S3 50
(Complete with tloats and sinkers.)
We have by far the largest and
most complete lino of Fishing Tackle
in the city.
Toy garden tools, Tojib, .Marbles,
Horns, etc;
Pumps, Inside Tubes, Iiells, Handle
Corks, fire Cement, Wood Rim
Cement, Rubber Plugs, Valves, etc;
Repair Rubber.
Mkndakm', for mending torn or
snaged goods loo
MKNDiNd Tissi'i:, a household
necessity 5c
Lhh E? Eft 9 tf jp, pm

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