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Items From Home and Abroad,
Clmrloston KntvrprUe: Short fl Geo. j
W. V) nnil l'rtisccutinjr Attorney J.
Mooro IIuw liuule 11 trip to H rower's
I-iiikc Wednesday. They went down
unit liitide just about ns successful a
catch us has been made at this popular'
llshlnfj resort. The total amount was
fii'J.'O, and those who so liberally con
tributed to the county's exchequer
were: 11. II. Hancock, ChesterSieyel
man, Mike Kennedy, Clillord Vincent,
Chas. lVnnolmkcr and Richard Julian,
all of Cairo. At Wyutt, Judgo Henry
Johnson was taken itlong and at the
lake he convened court and assessed
the linos. Hon. .1. J. Russell beinjf
present he represented the defendants.
TIioho jjontlenien were non-residents
and were lined for lishintf without a li
cense, in violation of the Missouri llsh
and jrainc law. The lines assessed
wore not as much as is prescribed for
the violation committed, but were as
sessed as low as possible to ,'ive non
residents to understand that it was not
the money the olllcers were after, but
to protect the llsh and game of the
state. The Cairo Iiiilletin is mistaken
when it sas that non-residents are
not required to take out a license to
lisli in this state. This law was amend
ed at the last meeting of the legislature,
but does not go into ellect until next
Maiden News: At C'larkton parties
mo taking leases on tracts of land
l,inginNew Madrid county east of
that town, with the intention of pros
pecting for oil. .1. S. Hoblit.el, a
pioneer in the oil businesi, is largely
mtei cited in the ptoject, and it is said
1, those who hae talked with him
that he believes there ate iiirlaco in
dications Millieient to warrant the sink
ing or wells. Of courio. it ii hoped
that oil or gas will be struck lOine
wheie in this icinit in quantitiei
hulllcient, at least, to luinisli cheap
JIayli Loil!;1 Directory
M. W. A.
Hayti camp No. U507, meets every
Friday night at Masonic hull.
H. L. Davidson, V. C.
J. T. Bucki.uy, Ulork.
I. O. O. F.
Now Fra lodge No. 852 meets every
(Saturday night at Odd Fellow hall.
C .P. Wi:i.i,s, .lit , N. O.
P. S. Ravi:nsti:in, Sec.
O. K.S.
Hayti chapter No. 217, meets 2nd
and -Hli Tuesdays, at Masonic hall.
Ada Judkn, Wm.
Vntc;. P. Adamh, Hec.
K. and L. - f II.
ITftVti lodge No. 2717. meets 1st and
3rd Tuesdays, at M - nio hall.
Wm. Ur.A.Suwnu, Protector.
Anna Dunklin. Hoc.
A. F. and A. M.
Havti lodge No. 1571 meets 1st and
3rd Thursdays at Masonic hall.
J. W. JOIIN.SON, Will.
Viiui. P. Adams, See.
W. 0. W.
Paean camp No. 273 moots every
2nd and ith Monday nights at Odd
Follow hall.
Moiuian Wo II HI, C. C.
C .1. lAYi:b, Ulork
W. O.
Moots at Odd Follow hall 1st and
3rd Monday nights.
Mas. A. Doni:s, Guardian.
Muh. Ji:rhii: Doiuus, Olerk.
M. P. I..
Havti council No. (193 moots 2nd and
41 h Thin aday at Odd Follow hull.
A. T. HUTisON, Pros.
I. O. It. M.
Wakarusa Tribe No. 171, meets
every Tuesday sleep, Bth run, at Odd
Follow hill! All Chiefs invited.
Amos Huivman, Sachoni.
A. O. Au.EN, Chief of Records.
Church IM rectory
Services at Methodist church, south:
Preaching 1st, lid ami It Ii Sundays at
11 a. m. and 7:00 p. in.
Sunday school every Sunday at l);15
a. in'.
Kpworth League each Sundny 7 p. in.
Prayer mooting each Wed. at 7 p. in.
To all these services the public is
eort'ially invited.
T. (I. Fa M.I X, Pastor
Church of Christ; services in city
hall, 1st and 1th Sundays, afternoons
and nights, by F.i.n. W. A. Hi'itKi:.
I'OKtolllt'o Hours
Week Days 7 a. in. to 8 p. m.
Sundays, 7:30 to 10:30 a. m.; 1:30 to
2:30 p. in.; 4:30 to 0:00 p. in.
Gathered From Many Sources
fiH to our factories and other enter
prises, tt will also advertise our sec
tion of the state and call the attention
of the world to the vast areas of rich
farm lands, whether oil is struck or
not, but there are great hopes of strik
ing oil. so let us encourage the under
taking all we can. lie) e at Maiden the
matter of prospecting for oil has been
talked of, and if necesarj capital can
be seemed it will probably be done in
the not distant future.
Rikeston Enterprise: Steve John
son, a young hid 14 years of age, met
a horrible fate Tuesday evening about
7 o'clock on Dan McCoj's farm about
2 miles west of town. Johnson was re
turning from work in the fields riding
a mule; he had thrown the traces over
the mule's back and in some way fell
oil the animal after having caught his
foot in the chain. The mule becoming
frightened, started to run dragging the
boy through the stumps and newl
plowed ground for neurlj half a mile
and when brought to a halt at the farm
house the body was mangled beyond
recognition. Evein piece of lloih was
torn oil his body, completely exposing
the skeleton.
East Prairie Journal: A couple of
old sore-heads, who hae been raising
their supplj of meat at the expense of
their neighbors, took exception to our
article in last week's issue and older
ed their Journal stopped. Tlun were
both in arrears on mhicription, io we
eoniole oiii'iclvci Willi the thought that
it ii better to find a man out at a small
expenses than to allow him to "sting'"
you hard. When we get so that we
cannot have and express our opinion,
we will close up the shop" and allow
some one to run the paper who can
please this class of copper heads.
Seott Count Democrat: Two little
childri-n, - and I earsold. woiepla-'
ing on the sidewalk in from of their,
home in Cape (Jir.irdeau on the J'lth I
tilt., when a rim-a-wa, borsc drienj
b Vance Vandner was about to run i
o or them. Their mother, Mrs. Cope.
saw them and rushed out and thiew
herself across them and received man .
bruises as the horse struck her. but
she saved her babies. Vandiser and
his companion, C. T. Lewis, were
thrown from the buggy and soerel,
hurt. The horse was frightened by a j
girl on roller skates.
Kennett Herald: Over in Pemiscot
counts the local doctors have formed
a trust. At a recent meeting of the as
sociation, the fee for a medical ex
amination was inct cased lrom SI to.").
Tliis i ti(i on sn will win L n li'i twlttlii t, rin
J '
all fraternal insiir.ince organizations
located in that counts, as well as on
mans poor people who w ill hcdcharicd
b this prohibitive fee. The polics ot
''lisoand let live'" is fast becoming
BE Sill
On account of the ELKS
July 11-17. Sale Days
June 24 to July 1 2.
Round Trip $57.50
On account of the G. A. R.
j August 9-14. Sale Days
July LI to August o.
For full details and for rates
anywhere out west, call on
Agent Fiico Lines
HAYTI, - - - MO.
Maiden News: Rev. H. H. Patter
son, of Portageville, lias been called
to this care of the Baptist Church at
Plggott, and Rector, Arkansas.
Campbell Citizen: T. A. McNail,
of Hayti spent Sundav in thecitj with
R. J. McCorkle.
"I have traveled for thirty
years continually. I lost a great
deal of sleep, which together
with constant worry left me in
such a nervous state that finally,
after having two collapses of
nervous prostration, I was
obliged to give up traveling al
together. 1 doctored continually
but with no relief. Dr. Miles'
Nervine came to my rescue I
cannot describe the suffering
which this Nervine saved me.
Whenever I am particularly
nervous a few doses relieve me."
A. G. C. LIBBY, Wells, Me.
There are many nervous
wrecks. There is nervous pros
tration of the stomach, of the
bowels, and other organs. The
brain, the kidneys, the liver, the
nerve centers are all exhausted.
There is but one thing to do
build up the nervous system by
the use of Dr. Miles' Restora
tive Nervine. Its strength
ening influence upon the nerv
ous system restores normal
action to the organs, and when
they all work in harmony, health
is assured. Get a bottle from
your druggist. Take it all ac
cording to directions, and if it
does not benefit he will return
your money.
V"- . ." t
If, von wniiteltlivraVllimtiiicSliiittle, Kntnry
.Sliiltlluni iihliiule'lhnail VUnU SliU h
Ki-Wlliu Mm hluo wild to
Orange, Mass.
M.my ecu inc m icliim h arc malc to sell rccnnltes 0(
iju ilits, 1'iit the u Home Is in jili. lu viur
Our en irauty iKitr runs out.
holil by niitliorii'il ilonlcrs only.
Chas. Gooimicii, Carutlioisvillo, Mo.
Ccliliritnl tnr style, jiirlcct fit, simplicity anil
tlh.ibihty marly 40 i irs, Sul.l in marly
tvery city.imt town in tli Unite il htitis .mil
Cin id i, or ly mill iliriit. More hiLI thin
any other nuke, biuil lur lict CJt.ilnui;.
Mnrt sulisirilnrs thin any other fnshion
iniLfizim million 1 month. lrJiuilli I it
ist styli!., iitt. rns, ilrissm.iUiiiL., nnlliiiir),
jilain siwlni;, limy mulli wnil., Iuinln smii,
(tiquittt, imhiiI Ktoriis, itc. On frflcint'. a
51 ir (norm ilnuhlo, mcluilini; a Irti pittirn.
buhsirihc toiliv, or senil lor tanijili. copy,
to A 'nt. I'."'-' il brines premium catalogue
ami law r ihli r 'LMillcib, A.hln.i. I
THE McCAU. CO.. 2:8 Io 218 W. 37lh St.. NEW Y0RU
Trade Marks
Copvriqhts &.C.
Anyone tending sketch and dpncrlpttnn nny
niileklv ascertain ntlr miliitoll froo w
ucKir aieeriuiu our ov iiiou iruo iruem
ther nil
-,-.... -----,- ,-- - ----. .... f i . -.--.-.; .
tloiuMrlctlrcimuduiitliil. IIAHOUOOK uul'uttiita
uinii ie iirounuiT imiuiminiu i oiiiiiiiiuien
out free. OMcRt nuiiner for
-....- . .: : 7r:. -'i: ..
1'Hiouia iukdii iiiruuiru jiiuiiu
AlUlltl A
tptcial notice, nlltiout clmruo, lu tin
Scientific JTmericatu
4jy wt! SPSS vv
."tfSBi tf e -i . bf8 Bie
o-t-sar1 '-p-j
- k?-r-
nffir rmm
A rmndiomdr lllmlrated weeklr. I.artreit cir
culation of unr nclentino Journal. 'Jvriii. IJ
rear: four niontlia, L Boldliyull neweileulera.
MUNN & Co.BJ!'?' New York
in money, in men and in a desire to make its service
of practical value to every man or woman who favors
it with their account.
If you are not already one of our customers,
try a checking account with us; deposit your checks
or cash. No matter what bank your checks are on,
we will cash them and give you a neat pass book and
a check book. In this way you will also have a re
ceipt for the money you pay out. We pay 4 per
cent, interest on time deposits.
John L. Dokris, Pres. L C. Averill, Vice-Pres.
T. A. McNail, Cashier.
John L. Dorris. Jack Averill.
Dr. J. W. Johnson. I. Konx.
Sterling H. McCarty.
Call for a bottle of Tip Top, Lemp's
special brew. Caruthorsville.
All Kinds of Cold Drinks, Fine
Candies, Fruits and Cigars.
A Full line of Confectioneries
Cream, lqt and up Delivered.
Post Card PHONE 76 Port Cardi
( At Northwest Corner of Square)
I For your money's worth in Short Or
der Meals, Hot and Cold Lunches,
Fruits, Confectioneries and all kinds
of Cold Drinks.
I Sodas .05
Ice Cream I Sundaes 10
J Cones .05
Everything that goes to make up a
firstclass restnurant and soda fountain.
Call once and you will come again.
The Mighty WoFkeFs of America
The true builders of our civilization and of our national industrial
No other country in the world can boast of such a masterful army
of patriotic, intelligent, strong bodied and well paid artisans and
No wonder they proudly toast one another in foaming: glasses of
The King of All Bottled Beers
Every drop of which is alive with the strength of the finest northern
barley and the tonic powers of the costliest Saaztr hops. We
employ 6,000 highly trained men at our model brewery to keep pace
with the ever increasing demand for Budweiser, the national drink
of America.
The Most Popular Beer in the World
Battled Only at the
St. Louis, U. S. A.
L. L. Lkfler.
B. S. Stearns.
W. J. Morris, Aft., Hayti, Mo.
Hayti, - - Mo.
ii Vu . iffih Jy wart'y
Si cheeper than wood. Will last UfetlmeAV
y II Hljrsst Awards World's Fair, SI louli, 1804.
' Mv,'IfewARr lR0HORKSrftKr.
( 1 Ortr 100 I'riii'as el Iron Fence ibown la oar !
W lue. Lu prices tilltsuiftoe jga.
zzzzrzzr s c'" ,ai
es ffj v fm c
BUDWEISER served every,
where, at nit firtt.clmi hotel,
club, cafe and bar.
uraiicn umce, ex
, 5 r BU Wublugtuu, V. C.

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