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NO. 50.
According to regulations, there itf
to lie published, at tlio cIomj of each
month, u roll of honor, in which will
be given the names of all pupils who
huso neither boon absent nop tardy
during the month, and have done
good work, and who-ic standing in
deportment is above Hi).
First primary grade, ti: ICos Horrid,
Ova Powol, Luton McNeil, Myrtle
Statl, Irl Rhodes, and Hobble Cively.
Second primary grade. 0.
Second grade, 0.
Third grade, 1: Harry Vi-,t.
Foutth grade, 0.
Fifth grade, 2: Weston Hones, Pearl
Sixth grade, 4: Artlnir Geehain,
Nell Hayes, Hazel Hissett and Honnie
Seventh grade, 2: Hliiir Huckley
and Hobert Howdy.
Kight grade, 0:
Ninth grade. 1: Violet Hayes.
Tenth grade. 1: Irene Wells.
On Friday evening. Oct. 1st, a num
ber of young people were invited to
spend the evening as the quests-of
Miss Klhel Dunklin. A very plesant
evening was spent and all departed
declaring that a similar invitation
would lie very acceptable at any time.
The guest-, were: Mr. and Mr-.. Clar
ence Ma.es, Mr. and Mr. M.S. Stearns,
Misses Ada Horns, li'titia MjFar
land, Ha.el Miller, Lora Ellinghousc,
Messor.s L. L. Letler, O. L. Hargrove,
Lloyd Miicom, and Hr. Cieswoll.
Klmor Stephens makes the llfth per
son to renew his subscription for the
second whole year. Mr. Stephens has
been a citi.en of Hayti for nearly 12
years and as a supporter of newspa
pers he has alva.s been li leral. lie
is now with the Spot (-'ash Grocery,
which has a thriving business,.
Sherman Casey has the honor of
bringing the largest load of cotton to
Hayti for this season. Tts value was
101.05. He expects to bring a larger
load before the season is over.
Last Sunday morning the Stork, in
the form of oar good friend, Dr. V. A.
Ma,es, visited our home, and when ho
departed there was a tiny little girl,
with chubby lists and dimpled cheeks,
deep blue eyes and dark hair, cling
ing to its mother's breast. The news
of this oceurience reached our broth
er, (J. S. York, at Curuthorsv tile, who
consoles us thus:
"And another girl! Well, girls are
so much belter than boss don't light
and cuss and chaw tobacco; don't
prowl at nights, don't steal water
melons, nor swim in the rivets but,
after all, the boys get the girls in the
Until round up. So it is only a few
brief years that j ou can tell 'tother
from which,' and it all naturally
amounts to about the same in theend."
Mr.s. Sam Adams of Canady was in
Hayti last week. We learn that Mr.
Adams died of dropsy on Sunday of
last week and was, butied at Blythe
ville. We also learn that Miss Rachel
Adams was married recently to Prod
Cessel of May Hold K,.. the wedding
occuring at lily tlieville.
Amos Huflinan started up the F.iris
grist mill Tuesday. lie expects to
make a regular run, and the mill be
ing a homo enleipiise. certainly de
serves the patronage ol home people.
This is one of Hay ti's many good en
terprises. H. P. Coleman of Long Heach,
California, who is looking after his
extensive interests hi Pemiscot county,
wtis in Hayti last Thursday. lie will
remain in the county about a month,
lie owns valuable city propeity in
Last Thursday J. S. Wahl, Hon
Tinsley, Liston Ilaol and Chip Frank
lin ot Carulhetsvill passed through
Hayti on a hunting expedition to
Clay root.
Piof. T. C. .Tones of Cooler passed
through Hayti Monday, on his way to
North and South Dakota, wheie he is
going to look after some homestead-.
An ordinance creating the olllce of
l'oundkeeper, prescribing bis duties,
and providing how said olllce shall bo
Up it ordained by the Mayor and
Hoard of Aldermen of the Cit ot
Hayti. Mo:
Sec. 1. There is Iteteby created the
ollieo of l'oundkeeper for the City of
Hayti, Mo.
Sec. 2. It shall be the duty ot the
Mayor, with the consent of the Hoard
of Aldermen, to appoint some suitable
person as said Poundkeeper, who
shall take the oath provided for Col
lector of said citv, and give bond in
the sum ot 250 for the faithful per
formance of the ditties of his olllce,
and he shall enter upon the discbarge
of his duties as provided by law upon
the first diiy of January, 1010, and
shall serve Tor a term of two years,
unless sooner temoved Said Pound
keeper shall nmke a repot t at each
regular meeting of the Hoard of Alder
men, and turn over such money its
may 1 cumin in his hands to the Treas
uier of said city of Hayti, Mo., ex
cepting his fees as mentioned and set
forth in Ordinance number 41, Sec. 2.
Passed October 4, 1009.
lohn T. Huckley, Mayor.
Apuroved October 4, 100!).
.lohn T. Huckley. Mayor.
Attest: ('has Morgan, Clerk.
Amos Hullman has leturned from
Curio, 111., where he had went to ac
cept a position to put in two gasoline
engines at gins in Ark., one at Hug
land and onoatScotls. He was work
ing for F. L. Harp, of the Olds people,
and teports that the engines started to
work in line shape. Mr. Hull man is
manager of the Faris Milling Co., at
this pluco.
S. P. Williams is working on the
contract to cut a ditch 4Jxfexl8 from
the end ol the dredge new ditch to the
Frisco railroad, between Hayti and
Caruthorsville. He also has the con-'
tract to cut a half-mile and a mile
d Uli on t io Al'a'fa Farm. '
Herbert Rust of Troy, Intl., was here
this week piospecting. We under-'
stiind that he lias sold his intetests in
Indiana, and expects to locate in
Pemiscot county, and we hope he will
find what he is looking for. i
$ $$
It takes longer to make mon
ey than to spend it. Every man
should try as hard to save mon
ey as to make it. Saving is to
accumulate saving is the key
stone to independence.
Don't forget this point. Your
future depends upon the pres
ent. The dollar saved in your
daily purchases is a dollar made.
To help you save money is my
stronghold in business, for if I
could not aid you I could not
expect your trade.
Come and let's figure it over
and let me prove to you that
this is true. Isn't this fair?
at all times a full and complete stock af School Books and Schoolroom Supplies
Cattei's and Sanfotd's
Ultiek 2 (i.. rones 5
Mack 2 oi. rylindeis.. 5
Red 1 o. 5
151 lie 2 o. li
Wliite 1 0 1U
1 IiguinH India Ink i o. 2"i
Ked Stumping Ink 1 tu. ...... 25
I'ayHoitH Indelible Ink 25
Premium writing fluid, j pt. ..
1'JntH 10c, quarts 75o
Mucilages and Paste
711 difletent kinds,
styles and sizes to se
lect front, 1c, 5c, 15c, 20c
and 25c each.
Hough pencil tablets,
smooth finish, linen
and bond, initial tab
lets with envalopcH to
match. Composition books 5, 10, 25c
lc, 5c and 10c each. CO diU'eient kinds
to select from.
Heats All lc
A. W. Faber, nil nttin
beis, 10c, pel doen M)c
Draw inn pencils and
crayon 5 and 10c per bow Caipenteis pencils, copying pencils, .slate pcucilb,
combination pen and pcncilh, pen holdois, etc.
Vest pocket memoranda 5 and Kit:
Ltitge itieiunranda . 5, 10 and 25c
Hook keeping blanks, beilgets, single and
double cutty, 25u to .'i 00 each
Climax lumbcrmcns tally book 1 00 each
Time books, monthly and weekly, 5, 10, 15c
Tiaiiiinen'H time books . 10c
Ulank Hooks, Hcceipts, Dtafts, Notes, Car
bon Paper, Typewntei Pupoi.etc. Ktock ulwas hitgu and complete
Slates 5 and 10c. Hook straps 5, 10, 25, 50c
Hook Satchels lOaiin 25c. Sponges 1, 5, 10 25c
Krtthois 1 and 5c. Ulackboaid erasers 5c oi
50c pei doon. Pen points, pencil boldeis.
Tettcheis' call bells 25c. 'leauhers' legisters
$1 00. ( link's tegiateib $2 50. Chalk crayon
15c, 2 for 25c. Typovvi iter oil 1 o.. 20c. Ink
wells, glass Mlc. Pencil boxes 5 and 10c.
Fountain Pens
1 00 61 75, $2 50 and 3 50
Lefler's is the
place where
quality rules
Complete line of!
box paper, con
sisting ol some
verv attraitive de
signs. The stock
is varied to suit
t li e d i tl'e rent
tastes of out cus-
tomeis I'arttcn-
lar users of statiotiei v are out regular custom-
(is. Pike 10 20, 25,"35, 40 and 50 cents.
I'm? a lettet lllo around the
homo for keeping valuable
letteis, receipts, etc., where
th v may be found when needi
eil. 25 cents each.
Baseball Goods.
jateher's musks, bttsoball bats, catcher's
mitts, first baseman's mitts, fielder s gloves,
fieldet's mitts, too plates, heel plates, um
pire itulieatois, bcoio books, ankle Mtpport
erB, boy's caps, belts, baseballs, picnic bulls,
rubber balls, etc. When you want any kind
of hasuball goods, think of Ltllet.

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