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Items From Home and Abroad, Gathered From Many Sources
If there aro anj Democrats In this
part of tho countrv thinking of trying
for ii jolt us census enumerators, or
anj otluM' jol) in tho census depart
ment thej just us well give up the ideu.
Road the follow Inif letter from Con
gressman I 'row, Mihlishu(l lust week
bj the Charleston Enterprise:
Cariithorsville, Mo., Oct. 4, WO!).
Dear Friend:- I received jour favor
ol the .led Inst, und note all ,ou saj
uhoit being appointed census enumera
tor of jour township.
It i- mj understanding that onlj Ile
puhlicans will he appointed enumera
tors. If it should turn out that u few
Democrats will he appointed 1 shall
he glad to recommend jou for eiiumer
tor. Very truly jours,
Chas. A. Crow.
P. S. 1 wrote the aliove with the
understanding thut jou are a Demo
crat hut if I have heen misinformed it
will lie an easj matter to get Ulu ill1
pointment for joi.
Please let me hear from jou in re
gard to the matter.
Respectfully, C. A. Crow.
Prof. Hubbard anil Miss McKay of
Steele scent to be socking a great deal
of publicity. The Caruthersvlllo
papers and Memphis Commercial ap
peal contulng additional matter hist
! week.
Wo aro closing out our Columbia,
Victor and Zonophono 10 Inch records
at -15 cents each. Wo have 1.000 re
cords in Btock. Also a good discount
New Madrid Record The editor of
the Record testtles as an expert that
St. Peter will pass the men through
llir. imih1 (rntnu U'hn iivm u Ml'lfml uitli
a gasoline engine while here on earth, j cLSiZul' U' Go0d,'lcl,,
-...x-,, .... . ..w. , i"" . '
When one remembers that in an or
dinarj column there sue 10,' 0) pieces
of tj 1)0, that there aro seven w rong
positions each letter maj be put in
and therefore 70,000 chance-. In a
column to make errors besides mil
lions of chance transpositions, he will
not be too critical. In tho sentence,
"To 1)0 or not to bo," bj transposition
alone it is possible to make (i, 250, 800
errors. Do jou see what besets the
printer? Kx.
Portageville Critic: Dr. .1. K. Corlis
and Louie H. DeLisle, of this citj.
were hunting on Cushion Lake jester
daj, when Mr. DeLisIe's gun was tie
eidentallj discharged, the load of shot
entering the Doctor's head, killing , ullsinK-
him instantlj. Theie was never a
....i.in. i.. i ........ ti.i. w,. n.,.nl Lnder the term-, ol tlie new game
tl'iU siiMMdimt Imsensl. for there never k-w, which went into ell out ivjentlj,
In tho cities girls are begining to
to lake the place ol bojs in ollicos, and
tho reason for these changes is one
that bojs would do well to consider.
The old fashioned olltco boy who
swears, smokes c gatcttesand is imperii
nent. ivads dime novels, or loafs when
sent on errands, is fast petering out,
and in course of time tho olllee girl
will have taken his place. No one
wants an impertinent, dirtj mouth,
wagging cigarette-., slobbering, boy
about an olllee, or as a clerk, hook
keeper or stenographer. Girls do
not aequitc these habits, bonce the
Chickens Wanted.
Highest rash prieo paid for chickens
nt C. M. Shell's Restaurant. -11
Land For Sale.
80 acres cut over land. The very
best there is in tho county, spice wood
and cane riilgo land; not a drop of
rnin water on it. This is tho best 80
aero tract in tho county for a man
that wants to open up a small farm.
Deal direct with owner and Bavo mid
dlemons' prollt.
P. D. MorriB. Hayti, Mo.
Now is a good tune to have tho Her
ald sent to your friends and relatives.
They will enjoy it moro than a letter,
becaiiBO It tolls all the news.
Solicits your business and appreciates it. If you need
to borrow money, come to us and let us fix you out
with it. Our aim has always been to extend every
favor to our customers that can be granted them with
in the bounds of safety. If you have any money to
deposit this
1 3i
the place to put it. Our policy first of all, is to con
duct a business at all times that is perfectly
Notice is hereby given to all credi
tors and others interested in tho
estate of Walter Sponcor, deceased,
that I, E. L. Spencer, administrator of
said estate, intend to make final
settlement thereof at the next term
of the Probate Court of Pemiscot
county, State of Missouri, to be held
at Caruthersvillo, Mo., on tho 8th day
of Nov. 1900.
E. L. Spencer, Administrator.
Dated at Hsyti, Mo., Oct. 7, 190U.
We stand on our merits, and as a strong, growing
institution, offer our services and facilities. Of the
up-to-date, good things in banking, we offer you the besl.
term- ol the
lent into cllei
it is a crime to use anj kind ol
lived n nm with n truer heart than It Is a crime to Use ailj KllHl ol a net,
Dr. Corlis. If ho had an enemv, we ' trap or anj dev.ee except hook, line
never heard of it, and the nights wet e , "' tfK to l,' "" '" ll ,,f tllu
never too dark nor too cold for him sti earns. The line ih siillicentlj heavj to
to wait on tho poor. Peace to tho soul ' it interesting. The popular idea
of this generous friend and alwajs f violating the law-, p,n taming to
menial companion. This is a terrible game am nsi. sm,um ' .nu,mK
blow to Louie Ueljisio
a ounjr man
of lender disposition, who, if ho could
recall the life of his friend, would
jnvo even his own.
Maiden News: The trial of W. J.
Iluggins for shooting Kain Hlanton
on last Kebuarj. resulted in his ac
quittal, which gives almost universal
satisfaction in this commiimlj.
The case was put on trial last Tuos
daj before a jury of six good men,
who, alter hearing theov idence, quick
ly uucuited Mr. Iluggins, who pioved
a good character, and a law abiding
citien. V. R. Satterlield, the defend
ant's attornej, made a masterlj plea
in behall ol his cliant.
bj all good citions. No one can af
foid to keep muni when he knows of a
violation. The man w ho observes the
law should make it his dutv to see that
others do.
Land For Sale.
50 acres near Terry, -10 in cultiva
tion, 6 in alfalfa, 3 miles from Hay
ti, 1 , miles from tJoncord brick school
house, price i'JOOO.
70 acres near Dry Bayou, all in cul
tivation, s)35uo.
'M acres near Concord, all in culti
vation, S1620.
00 acres near Crow, all in cultiva
tion, 511000, part cash.
Lot and four room dwelling, with
barn and fences, opposite public
school building, ."jOOO, part time.
For further particulars, see
Adams Loan & Realty Co., Hayti.
The new store in the Franklin block,
will bo open for business Saturdtij.
We have a lirstclass line of goods,
consisting of Readv-to-Woar Cloth
ing, Shoes, flats and Furnishings for
Ladies and Gentlemen. We respcel
tullj invite jou to come to see us and
get acquainted, assuring jou that
we came here to treat the people right.
LADIES: Go to Hose Biyunt f
Hayti lor your hats. Theie you will
find htyles and juices that can't he
Of the live yeais I have been in
business, none has been so pimu
ising as the picbcnt season. 1000.
Come and see. and you will he
pleavd. South Side Pub. Square.
Kansas Citj Star: A paper out in
Northwestern Kansas, tells of u pious
old farmer who has the habit of ga- (
ing at the l afters in his dining room
when sa j mg grace. One day while so
engaged ho forgot himself, and his '
grace sounded something like this:
''We thank Thee tor this food and bj
Heck! there's that darned gimlet I've J
been looking for for the last six
months. I'll have .lim yet up and get
it. Thou hast been gracious to us. O
Lord, and again wo thank Thee.
All kinds of boot, shoe and har
ness repairing done in good
style and guaranteed.
and pressed in up-to-date style.
Try me.
South Side Public Square, Hayti, Missouri.
Jt. JW JV. . J. JW tPU-JI ji. .gw .W. J. ,.. A. J. J. Jt. JV W AA J.
A. J. DORRIS, Prej. J. S. WAHL, Vice-Pres.
C. J. PROVING, Cashier and Secretary.
Capital $10,000
Loans to Farmers, Merchants and Lumbermen. Rates
Reasonable. Good Notes Bought. Deposits Solicited. Fair
and Courteous Treatment.
A. J. Dorris.
D. C. Stubbs.
C. J. Provine.
J. S. Wahl.
G. W. Dorris.
When jou tear a man sneering at
tho local papers j ou can salelv bet he
don't sp"tid his time making them bet
ter. Thev who don't see a benelit
arising to a town ti omits newspapers,
haven't as much s.'iisc as si cove ojster,
and an- of about -is much value to a
town as a ten jear-old delinquent.
II f liaiVllHiSBHBaBaaHBHiriv I I
I jwwWTErs-ratPlEP
yr - " ?'-. '
Twice-a-Week Democrat: Charles
Stanlill ol Majti and Miss Ola Glover
..i .1.. ..: ,...:...! i.wi
il nils l ll( Hrir ljuii-ll,, Ulilll ii-n
jc-tetdaj evening, Rev. A. '.'... IJalct
ridge olliciating, )erloriuiug the ceie
nionj at the parsonage. The joung
icople hae manj friends who wish
them a happj and prospotous lite.
The Poi tagcville Critic is a wel
come visitor to our exchange table.
Col. Walker is to be congratulated in
getting his now- outfit in so soon, and
ill mnlfimr s.1l(ll !l inwii t:i't niitl in. '
hope he will live to reap and enjoy tho
fruits of his labor.
The Best Route, Through
the Best Country.
Clurkton Courier: The work of
"drilling" in the first oil well in
Southeast Missouri began Monday.
There has been an unfortunate and
expensive dolaj in getting the casing,
und onlj tho 10 in. drive casing had
then arrived.
' 'afc.
Ifynn want cithern VllimtlnuHliuttlc, notary
bhuttleornHliiKloTlinwl Vhutn MiUhl
Hewing iliielilno wrilg to
Oronoc, Mass.
Many hwIpb machine are made to tell recardlcM ol
quality, but the i'H Homo Is made tu wear.
Our Kiiaranty never runt out.
Ho lit y untliorizi'tl dvitlerM ouly.
Chab. Goodrich, Caruthoravllle, Mo .
Portageville Critic: Tho Ilaj ward
postolllce has heen discontinued.
Most of the former patrons ol that
ollico will got mail hero.
r r XVfes. n t $V
Tlie ladies of tho Raptist chui-ch
will give a phantom party box sup
per Saturduy night, Cot. .'JO. Kvery
body cordially invited. liring pil
low slip and shoot.
When you see a cross mark on your
paper, made with a pencil, it tells you
that your subscription is out and we
ask you to renew at once Not hear
ing trom you promptly, wo will Btop
tho paper.
The Road of Courtesy.
See that your ticket reads j
via. the Frisco.
For full details and for rates
anywhere out west, call on
Agent Frisco Lines
HAYTI, - - - MO.
m ii .
Trade Marks
Anyone tending a sketch and detcrlntlnn roar
quickly ascertain our opinion frco irliether an
Invention Is probably jmtontnnte. Coiuinunlca.
tlous strictly conOdentlal. HANDBOOK onl'nteuts
tent free. Oldest auency for securlnfr patents.
1'ateuts taken tlirouuli Muun A Co. recetre
Scientific Jitttericatn
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Lamest cir
culation of any sclentldo Journal. Terms, f 3 a
year; four months, (L Hold by nil newsdealer.
MUNN & Co.8""" New York
Urancb Offloe, 635 V BU Washington, V. V.
Oaruthersville, Mo.
Trade receives our most prompt and careful attention.
This class of trade is a specialty with us, and you can trust us
to fill your orders. When you want whiskey for medicinal
purposes when your doctor prescribes it for you or for your
wife and babies, you certainly want the best and purest to be
had, and want your orders filled right. That's exactly what
we will do. Orders filled same day received.
frioe: list
For your guidance in sen.ling us your orders, wo give he
low a list of goods und prices. You can send your order for tiny
of these goods und rest assured that you will got jtiBt what you
pay for, no matter who you are or where you live.
G. H. Shaipo, 11 per gal., per quart J .75
Montreal Malt. Tlie Doctois prescribe this for weak wo
men anil medicinal purposes, SI per gal., per quart. 1.00
Cedar Brook, bottled in bond. $5 per gal., per quart l.'JS
Cedar Brook, in barrel, l per gal., per quart 1.00
Yellow .Stone, case goods, 5 pur gal., per quart 1.U5
Yellow Stone, in banol, $4 per gal., Per quart 1,00
King of Kentucky, 0 j-ears old, il per gal., per quart 1.00
Old Log Uahin, $4 per gul., pur quart 1,00
Old Atherton, S4 pur gal., per quint 1.00
J. B. T., bottled in bond, i& pur gal., per quart 1.25
(iainusOld Crow, bottled in bond, per quurt 1.75
O. T. C. (Billio Loo) bottled in bond, per quart 1 50
Guekonheimer Hyo, bottled in bond, par quart 1.50
Anderson County, full quarts, botllud in bond i,t5
Stun Olay, 14 per gal., per quart l.po
I year old yellow corn. per gal., per quart 75
2 year old corn, &J per gal., quart 50
Hherfeldt Bed, fri per gal., quart 50
Call on me when in Caruthersville. Don't forget the
name and the place. You will be treated right.

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