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Items From Home and Abroad, Gathered From Many Sources
Caruthersville Democrat: Wil
burn Haiki'Vi a .veiling man of Ken
nett, was seriously shot lust Thursday
morning by u iiarty or parties, at
present unknown. Tin difficulty oc
cured just south of this city, outside
of tiie corporate limits, on the river
bank, at what is known as the "Big
Kddj." This place is the haunts of
the "red light" classes of the under
world, and being on the Mississippi
river, it is a hard pluce for the ollicers
to .watch. Young llurkcy, in company
with another young man from Ken
nett, went to tliis place about 2 o'clock
in the morning, and reports say they
cut a shanty boat loose, which started
u row in which Harkey was shot.
The ball entered the right side of the
body below the nipple, and, at Hirst,
it was tho.ight the wound would prove
fatal. The young man was carried to
bis room at the Majestic hotel and
given surgical attention.
men to mar the beauty of our trees by
nailing signs to them." Accordingly,
this gentleman voted in favor of the
bill, prohibiting anyone from driving
nails into trees on any of the roads of
the state. The bill was passed by the
govenor: so now it is a misdemeanor,
punishable by fine and jail sentence,
to injure any tree or even drive
nails into them, situated on private
property or on any private or public
W. D. Hudgens of Dry Bayou was
in Hayti Sunday. His family are vis
iting the family of W. A. Maxey at
Wo are closing out our Columbia,
Victor and Zonophono lOinoh records
at -15 cents each. We have 1.000 re
cords in stock. Also a good discount
on graphophone8. Chas. Goodrich,
Cape Girardeau News: The second
civil service uxamination for census
enumerators was held in Poplar BlulT
on Monday and the Republicans of
it.... ..!... . ... 11 lllll fllll .till.
uiai uiiy uuiiiiiiuut uii iiiu mti iiiuij
only three- persons were present. Tills
small number can probably be ac
counted for because of recent an
nouncement by Congressman Crow
that only Republicans would !.e con
sidered in making appointments.
What would be the use of a bright
young Democrat taking the exumi
i nation if he knew he would not be
I given the positon if a Republican
LADIES: Go to Hose Bryant "f
Uuyti for your hats. Thore you will
llnd styles and prices that can't be
See the new line of neckwear and
scarfs, and many other articles you
want and need, all of select stock.
Come and see. and you will be
pleased. South Side Pub. Square.
Read the Big Ad of the
Buy now and save money
All klnda of boot, ntaoo and har
neBB repairing dono in good
stylo nnd guaranteed.
and pressed in up-to-date style.
Try me.
Scut SU PiAIie Surt, lltrti. Mbwari. A
"I'm for any place where a man can
unload his cares and for one brief
hour enter a forgetfulness of life's
awful rush and crush. And I dare to . wanted it
say it if a woman could forget . the I
wild, rich glare of social age and for I j member, I remember the house
once play tfce role of a sweetheart as where I was born: the voice of dad
in the long ago, our men would not Hia.t bellowed forth to rouse me every
seek the clubs and resorts as they do. morn; the picnic that 1 alwujs had
I mean what I say, and say what 1 when winter breezes blew, to clear the
mean. Nine-tenths of the men in this sidwalks of the snow: the chores I had
busy age are hunting outside the home , to do. I remember, I remember the
exactly what they fail to lind in it. j old-time da,s in school: the lickings
Will you deny it? If so, before you xmi always got for breaking some
get too rampant just try this experi- denied rule: the moonlight nights 1
ment and see if that denies the allega- ' Uiselj t go ut in the old bob sleigh,
'tion." , and hug and kiss the pi ett girls be
neath the robes and hay. 1 remember,
This is to inform one and all that I
am pushing to collect all bills, and
those who owe me must pay, or dis
pense with my services. I have work
ed for you und visited you day und
night, and now I must insist on being
paid for my labor. .Dr. F. A. Mayes.
Land For Sale at a Bargain.
100 acres, one mile from Hayti, on
the Braggadocio road. 147 acres in cul
tivation, 7acresbeinginalfttlfa,4 ten
ant houses, 3700 barn, good repair.
Price S50 per acre, half cbbIi, balance
on easy terniB. Good reaponB for sell
ing. J. A. Nations, Itta Bona, Miss,
or B. F. Allen, Hayti, Mo. l-4t
Early to bed, and early to rise,
makes men healthy wealthy and wise.
Thus runs the old saw, and there's
more in it probably, than many of us
are willing to aBmlt. Rushing tilings
is all right if not'ettrried too far.
I remember, oh, no, I'll not forget; I'd
like to wander back again to those old
times, you betl Los Angelci Express.
is nearing
davs and
The big dredge boat
Steele, and but a few more
But some people in their mad desire to the big ditch will have Steele on its
bag everything in sight, and overdo it. either side, and then comes our line
To this class belongs the old lady who jron m.uijre and foot walks spanning
went to the stairway and yelled up- tne same. This ditch opens up for
cultivation the finest and best lands in
Southeast Missouri. Steele News.
stairs to a jrrown daughter: Sally
Sally! Git up! Git up! Here it is four
o'clock Monday morning, tomor
row's Tuesday, next day's Wednesday
half of the week gone and nothing
done yet Ex.
One of the members of the recent
general assembly said, recently:
'When the cow learns to read and,
not until then, will it pay the business
The body of John Thompson, a
farmer, liveng near Steele, who
wandered from home, September 10,
last, and was not heard of again, was
found last Thursday morning in a
cornfield on the farm of Rev. V. M
Duncan, a mile from the deceased's
Hayti Lodge Directory
M. W. A.
Hayti camp No. 9507, meets every
Friday night at Masonic hall.
H. L. Davidson, V. C.
J. T. Buckley, Clerk.
I. O. O. F.
New Era lodge No. 352 meets every
Saturday night at Odd Fellow hall.
Morgan Worth, N. (i.
P. S. Ravenstein, Sec.
O. E.S.
Hayti chapter No. 217, meets 2nd
and 4th Tuesdays, at Masonic hall.
Ada Juden, Wm.
Viro. P. Adams, Sec.
K. and L. of II.
Hayti lodge No. 2717, meets 1st and
3rd Tuesdays, at Masonic hall.
Wir. Reaboner, Protector.
Anna Dunkun. Sec.
Masonic hall. All Chiefs invited.
Amos Huffman, siu-linm.
A. O. Allen, Chief of Records.
Church Directory
Services at Methodist church, south:
Preaching 1st, 3d mm 4tli Sundays at
11 a. m. anil 7:00 p. m.
Sunday school evt-rj Sunday at 9:45
a. m.
Epworth League each SuiulHy 7 p. m.
Prayer meeting each Wed. at 7 p. m.
To all these services the public is
corcially invitt-d.
T. G. Fallin, Pastor.
Land For Sale.
80 acreB cut over land. The very
best there is in the county, spice wood
and cane ridge land; not a drop of
rain water on it. This is the best 80
acre tract in the county for a man
that wants to open up a small farm.
Deal direct with owner and save mid
dlemens' profit.
F. D. Morris, Hayti, Mo.
Land For Sale.
50 acres near Terry, 40 in cultiva
tion, GlA in alfalfa, 3 miles from Hay
ti, l4 miles from Concord brick school
house, price $2000.
70 acres near Dry Bayou, all in cul
tivation, 83500.
30 acres near Concord, all in culti
vation, S1020.
60 acres near Crow, all in cultiva
tion, 83000. part caBb.
Lot and four room dwelling, with
burn and fences, opposite public
school building, 500, part time.
For further particulars, see
Adams Loan & Realty Co., Hayti
iH&lff Mil
Baptist Church: Services 3rd and 4th
Sunduys, 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
11. Patterson, Pastor.
Church of Christ: r erviofB in city
hall, 1st and 4 h Sundays, afternoons
and nights, uy Eld. W. A. Burke.
L'ostoflice Hours
Weekdays: 7 u. m. to 8 p. m.
Sundays: 7:30 to 9:30 a. m. and
4:30 to 5:30 p. in.
Lobby remains open 7:00 a. ra. to
7:00 p. m. Sundays.
A. F. and' A. M.
Havti lodee No. 571 meets 1st
3rd ThursdavB at Masonic hall.
Vina. P. Adams, W. M
Baylebs L. Guffy, Sec
The most durable machine made is
the New Home. We ulso handle the
ball bearing Singer, the WillO. Free,
the New Ideal, the Eldredgc, the Wil
cox and Gibbs. With over 45 years
Dandling und repaiiing machines, wo
are competent to tell you which is the
best. Chas. Goodrich, Curuthersville.
W. O. W.
Paean camp No. 273 moots every
2nd and 4th Monday nights at Odd
Fellow hall.
Morgan Worth, 0. 0.
C. J. Mayes, Clerk.
I -
The Best Route, Through
the Best Country.
The Road of Courtesy.
See that your ticket reads
via. the Frisco.
I For full details and for rates
I anywhere out west, call on
8 Agent Frisco Lines
1 HAYTI, - MO.
w. c.
Meets at Odd Fellow hall 1st and
3rd Monday nights.
Mrs. A. Dones, Guardian.
Mrs, Jessie Dorris, Cleric.
M. P. L.
Hayti council No. 693 meets 2nd and
4th Thursday at Odd Fellow hall.
A. T. Hutbon, Pres.
H. M, Ransburoh, Sec.
I. O. R. M.
Wakarusa Tribe No. 171, meets
every Wednesday sleep, 8tu run, at
Celebrated (or style, perfect fit, simplicity and
reliability nearly 40 )i rs. Sold In nearly
every city and ton in ll.e United fet.ites und
Canada, or by null tlircil. Mote w'J tlun
any other make, bind lor luc catalogue,
More subscribers tl.an nny otlicr fashion
mairazine million a month. Imaluahl,. Lat
est styles, pattern, ilrvst.mnl.iiiL', mllliniry,
plain sewing, l.imy ncedlcworl.,li.iiidrcsslnif,
60 YEARS' i
Trade Marks
Anyone tending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
lurentlou Is probably patentable. Communlca.
lions strictly confidential. HAHODOQK onl'atenu
sent f roe. Oldest aaencr for aecurins Datents
l'ateuta taken tbrourb ilunn A Co. rocclre
nteuu noises, wltbout cbarge, in lue
etiquette, i;ood stories, itc. Only 60 cents a
jear (norm double), Inciuuini; n tree pattern,
(subscribe today, or und fur sample copy.
to Afcnts. Pn't.il brlni't premium catalogue
and new casli prize nl'eis, Addreis
132 uccjx CO- :'3 1 ::3 xi. :;a si., raw votu
Scientific mmlmi
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. Largest elr.
fear I four njontbs, L bold by all newsdealers.
Branca Office, OS " BU Washington, D. a
Solicits your business and appreciates it. If you need
to borrow money, come to us and let us fix you out
with it. Our aim has always been to extend every
favor to our customers that can be granted them with
in the bounds of safety. If you have any money to
deposit this
the place to put it. Our policy first of all, is to con
duct a business at all times that is perfectly
We stand on our merits, and as a strong, growing
institution, offer our services and facilities. Of the
up-to-date, good things in banking, we offer you the besl.
iZ Oti od
"ft. 3. 3VW, "?TOTVCtOT
Patronage of the traveling public solicited. Well-furnished
neat and clean. The pioneer hotel of the city. Rates SI a day.
SP!'.Fe'?J!T W JtyFy.ryrJWTKKFKi?KEI
Caruthersville, Mo.
Trade receives our most prompt and careful attention.
This class of trade is a specialty with us, and you can trust us
to fill your orders. When you want whiskey for medicinal
purposes when your doctor prescribes it for you or for your
wife and babies, you certainly want the best and purest to be
had, and want your orders filled right. That's exactly what
we will do. Orders filled same day received.
For your guidance in sending us your orders, we give he
low a list of goo Is and prices. You can send your order for any
of these goods and rest assured that you will got just what you
pay for, no mutter who you are or where you live.
G. U. Sharpe, S3 per gal., per quart $ .76
Montreal Malt. Tiie Doctors prescribo this for weak wo
men and medicinal purposes, &4 per gal., per quart 1.00
Cedar Brook, bottled in bond. $5 per gal., per quart 1.25
Cedar Hrook, in barrel, $4 per gal., per quurt 1.0(1
Yellow Stone, case goods, 85 per gal., per quart 1,25
Yellow Stone, in barrel, $4 per gal., Per quart ,00
King of Kontucky, I) yoarB old, $4 per gal., per quart 1.00
Old Log Cabin, ?4 per gal., per quart 1.00
Old Atherton, $4 per gal., per quart 1.00
J. B. T., bottled in bond, $5 per gal., per quart 1.25
GainesOld Crow, bottled in bond, per quart 1,75
O. T. C. (nillie Lee) bottled in bond, perquart 1.50
Guckenheimer Rye, bottled in bond, per quart 1.60
Anderson County, full quarts, bottled in bond 1.25
Sam Clay, $4 per gal., per quart l.po
4 year old yellow com. $3 per gal., per quart 75
2 year old corn, $2 per pal., quart ,60
riherfeldt Red, f2 per gal., quart 60
Call on me when in Caruthersville. Don't forget the
name and the place. You will be treated right.

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