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Her lovo grew cold when sho saw hor
husband was a failures as a monoy
tfuthcrcr, and tlio thoroughly tired
und dlsuouragcd rann asked her to get
u divorco nnd then allowed hor to win
the suit by default." This is not an
extract from a dime novl, hut a para
graph from a story from real life.
In tho old-fashioned days a man and
woman were united in matrimony for
better or for worse, for richer or for
poorer, in sickness or in health, un
til death should part. But tho ease
with which divorces are obtainable
has caused the divorco idea to be
come commonplace. When you hear
Joan has been divorced from Darby,
you no longer oxperence a thrill of
1 orror. Instead, you ask whether it
w as with or without a limony, just as
coolly as If you were conversing over
a teatray and saying with or without
A wife who will abandon her husband
because he is poor is not worth keep
HAVING but that is sorry con
solation to the forsaken one. If you
examine closely tho cause which pro
vokes these comments you will lind it
was not waning affection but poverty
which was the real cause of divorce.
It is not fair that poverty should be
regarded as an excuse for sundering
earth's dearest tie. Hotter make
divorce absolutely and uncondition
ally impossible in the Unit ed States
Mian make it tho cause of the least
bit of social injustice. Bx.
Overdrafts 1)2 81
Real estatofbanklng house).. 2 500 00
Furniture and fixtures 1 877 45
Due from other banks und
bankers, subject to check.. 10 347 04
Cash items 094 42
Currency 4 4XJ 00
Specie 1 212 5:5
Total 50 303 12
education, porhaps your wife would go
to tho waehtub, perhaps your property
would bo sacrificed to pay a debt
YOU nro your fatnily'p most valuable
possession, and YOU haven't a guaran
tee that you are going to live a day.
of courso YOU don't expect to dio
for u long, long time. Most healthy
people count on living indefinitely.
Still, "you can novor tell." If, and
don't you forget the "if," you
SHOULD die, then your homo and
family would be threatened, because
their money-earner wouldn't bo there
Canital stock naidin 810 000 00 'to protect thorn
Surplus Fund 1820 00 Life is uncortBln, but Hfo inwiranco
,. ,. , ... . i n- in makes uncertainties CLRTAIN. Old
Undivedprofit.net.. 1 0o2 23 ne ,ifo in8Uranco is not ouy t,00(l
Due to banks and bankers, I if you die, but it is good if vou live,
subject to check 4 91)0 0!) Ever think of it that way? It's a fact.
Individal deposits subject Yot can not take out fire insurance so
... ... r()n nn you will receive any of your money back
to cnecK " 01jU JU i unless your property is destroyed; but
Time certificates of deposit.. 0 800 00 yo can take out a life insurance policy
which will entitle you to the return
not only of a porton of the money you
Total 5li 303 12
State of Missouri )
Several desirable residence and
business lots in Havti for sale. Ap
ply to T. A. McNalf, at Bank of Hayti.
I put in, but all of it back. WHETHER
Co.inty of Pemiscot" YOU UIK UK KUl'. It la better than
,,? . t t ii. i a saving bank, because your money
Wo, A.J. Dorns as p resident, and Ib therefor you and you. got your life
C. J. Provino as cashier of said bank, insurance extra, free.
each of us, do solemnly swear that' This is tho kind of insurance YOU
tlm nlinvn statement is true to tho best 0"8t to havo and the kind I have lor
of our knowledge and belief.
A. J. Dorris, President.
C. J. Provino, Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me,
this 20 day of November, A. D., nine
teen hundred and nine.
Witness my hand and notarial seal
on the date lust aforesaid. (Commis
sioned and qualified for a term ex
piring May 14, 11)13)
If you will drop me a postal card I
will gladly tell you all about it. Do it
now. Don't wait until tomorrow.
YOU may bo dead then, and dead
people are worthless to themselves,
their families and everybody. Today,
now, is only yours.
C. S. YoitK, Caruthersville, Mo.
No. 1384.
of the financial condition of the
Citizens Bank of Hayti
at Hayti, State of Missouri, at tho
close of business on the Kith day of
November, 1!)0!), published in the Hay
ti Herald, a newspaper published and
printed at Hayti, State of Missouri,
on the 2th day of December, 190!).
Loans and discounts, undoubt
edly good on personal or
collateral $23 701 07
Loans, real estate...
shai. John T. Buckley,
Notary Public.
A. J. Dorris )
J. S. Wabl V Directors.
G. W. Dorris )
)o You Think More of Your
Finances than You do of
Your Family?
You insure your house and your
barn, why not insure your life? You
realize what a misfortune it would be
if your pioperty were totally destroyed
and you hud to suffer the entire finan
cial loss. It would be a loss you could
ill ulFord, and perhaps it would be im
possible for you to continue in your
present mode of living if you were de
prived of this valuable possession.
Wliv then do you not realize what a
misfortune it would be to your family j
should THEIR valuab'e property,
YOURSELF, their breadwinner bo
destroyed? Should death claim you
and it WILE, sooner or later, maybe
Sheriff's Sale Under Special Execution.
By virtue and authority of a special
execution issued from tho office of the
Clerk of the Circut Court of Pemibcot
county, Missouri, returnable to the
November term, 11)09, of said court,
and to me, the undersigned sheriff of
Ppiniscot county, Missouri, directed
and dated the 21st day of September,
190!), and to me delivered the 21st day
of September, 190!), wherein J. K.
Adams is plnintiff, and O. C. Ashby
defendant, I have levied upon and
seized all the right, title, claim and in
terest of the said O. C. Ash by in and
to the following described real estate,
lying, being and situate in the County
of Pemiscot, and Slate of Missouri,
particularly descsibed as follows, to
wit: The southwest quarter of the
southwest quarter, and the south half
of the northwest quarter of the south
west quarter of section 33 in township
19 range 12 cast, and the east half of
the east half of the southeast quarter
of section 32 in township 19 range 12
! east, containing one hundred acres,
: more or less.
And 1 will on
Friday, December 3, 1009,
between the hours of nine o'clock in
forenoon and five o'clock in the after
noon of that day, at the front door of
the court house", in the City of Caruth
ersville, Pemiscot county, Missouri,
sooner your loss would be one your
family could ill afford to suffer per-
5 414 80 j haps your children would fail to get an an(, (lurijr tho session of Hie Circuit
f'nni-l nf qoiil i-minty GXpOSe for Hllle,
I UL Mimic llllUWUIl 1U1 UUPII Xll UUIlll, IU
I the highest bidder, all the right, title,
claim and interests of the abovenamed
; defendant, O. C. Aahby, in and to the
j above described real estate, or so much
1 thereof as will satisfy said execution
I and costs.
1 1 J. A. l'RANKI.IN,
Sheriff of Pemiscot County, Missouri.
Caruthersville, Mo.
Trade receives our most prompt and careful attention.
This class of trade is a specialty with us, and you can trust us
to fill your orders. When you want whiskey for medicinal
purposes when your doctor prescribes it for you or for your
wife and babies, you certainly want the best and purest to be
had, and want your orders filled right. That's exactly what
we will do. Orders filled same day received.
ffrioe: list
For your guidance in sending us your orders, wo give be
low a list of goods and prices. 'ou can send your order for any
of these goods and rest assured that you will got just what you
pay for, no matter who you are or whore you live.
... Nil
LADIES: Go to Rose Bryant of
Hayti for your hats. There you will
find styles and prices that can't be
See the new line of neckwear and
scarfs, and many other articles you
want and need, all of select stock.
Come and see. and you will bo
pleased. South Side Pub. Square.
G. H. Shurpo, SH por gal., per quart $ .75
Montreal Malt. The Doctors prescribe this for weak wo
men and medicinul purposes, 4 per gal., per quart 1.00
Cedar Brook, bottled in bond. $5 per gal,, por quart 1.25
Cedar llrook, in barrel, $4 por gal., per quart 1.00
Yellow Stone, case goods, 85 per gal., per quart 1.25
Yellow Stone, in barrel, $1 per gal., Per quart 1.00
King of Kentucky, 0 years old, $4 por gal., per quart 1.00
Old Log Cabin, $4 per gal., per quurt 1.00
Old Atherton, $4 per gal., por quart 1.00
J. U. T., bottled in bond, 5 per gal., per quart 1.25
Gaines Old Crow, bottled in bond, per quurt 1.75
O. T. C. (Billio Loe) bottled in bond, per quart 1 50
Guckonheimur Kyo, bottled in bond, por quart 1.60
Anderson County, full quarts, bottled in band.- 1.25
Sam Clay, $4 por gal., por quart 1.00
4 year old yellow corn. $3 per gal., per quart 75
2 yeur old corn, i'2 por gal., quart 50
Bhoifeldt Red, $2 per gal., quart 50
Call on me when in Caruthersville. Don't forget the
name and the place. You will be treated right.
Tn BjsI Route, Through
the Best Country.
The Road of Courtesy.
See that your ticket reads J
via. the Frisco.
For full details and for rates
anywhere out west, call on
Agent Frisco Lines
Don't be deceived, but
ask the price and see
the quality. We are
here to make good.
Oak Leaf Four in wood $6.75
Same in 48 lb sacks 1.70
Same in 24 lb sacks 85
Boquet Flour in wood 6.25
Same in 48 lb sacks 1.50
Same in 24 lb sacks 75
Cranberries per quart 10c
Celery per bunch 5c
Lemons per dozen 15c
Oleomargarine per lb 25c
Pet Milk per can 5c, 6 for 25c
Everything else in proportion.
We're after your business.
Solicits your business and appreciates it. If you need
to borrow money, come to us and let us fix you out
with it. Our aim has always been to extend every
favor to our customers that can be granted them with
in the bounds of safety. If you have any money to
deposit this
1 s
the place to put it. Our policy first of all, is to con
duct a business at all times that is perfectly
We stand on our merits, and as a strong, growing
institution, offer our services and facilities. Of the
up-to-date, good things in banking, we offer you the best.
You are protected by our assets of 350,000.00. Tho largest
and strongest bank in the county, and are second to none in liber
nllty and conservatism. We always take care of our friends and
customers. It will be to your interest to do business with us.
Capital, 850,000 oo
John W. Ureen, President.
Surplus and Profits, 820,000,00
lAio W. Komi, Uusluer.
W.J. Pate 1 !.... n...i.,...i. Jas. J. Lonir 1 ...,....,...
Chas. A. Tisdndt -""". A p Heon J ai-i omnium.
8. 8. Markoy
L. h. Collins
John W. Green
J. Pate
Board of Directors:
J. W. McClanahnn
C. F. Bloker
K. II. Musgruvo
W. A. Ureen
(ieo. L. Wilks
Chas. A.Tisdadt
Lee W. Wood
ma! miMU-JM. UL. uuuU'UL's j'miJI"JUMUJi -
t 4

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