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VOL. 2.
NO. 7.
Many Things Worth Reading,
Subscribe for the Hayti Herald.
Mrs. Mattio Rooker Is another cash
GO inch bed Melting at J. L. DorriB'.
D. W. Marshal of Steele is a Her
ald subscriber.
Farm Land for Rent Mrs. Lou
Morris, Hayti. 6-4t
C. P. Wells, Jr., was in Caruthers
villo Saturday.
Leave your laundry at Argo's shop
for flrst class work. 7tf
Evorton Speer of Braggadocio was
in town Monday.
Arthur Kohn o'f Monett, Ark., was
in Hayti Saturday.
J. L. Dorris hnB a full line of sweat
er coats, from GOc to 82.125.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stiefel have
returned to St. Louis.
Call for a bottle of Tip Top, Lamp's
special brew. Caruthersville.
Clint Jones of Kennett was a visi
tor to Hayti Sunday.
.Geo. S. Coppedgo of Caruthersville
is a Herald subscriber.
C ill in to see the Herald at its new
home and subscribe for it.
Esq. Hans E. Doerner of Steelo is a
subscriber to the Herald.
Call for a bottle of Tip Top, Lomp's
special brew. Oarutheraville.
Hon. B. A. McKay of Caruthers
ville is a paid subscriber.
If you don't Bee it in the Herald it
is because you did not tell us.
J. J. Bandy attended court at Ca
ruthersville last Thursday.
F. M. Perkins and Goo. Dorris were
in Caruthersville Saturday.
"Kloseflt" petticoats fit without a
wrinkle ana without alteration.
Made with elastic gore no strings.
Guaranteed to fit. J. L. Dorris.
During the holidays we are going to make a special effort to assist our custom
ers in selecting and buying their special goods and groceries for holiday cooking
and eating. Our line of staple and fancy groceries includes the very best of every
thing the very highest grade, sold at the same price commonly charged for inferior
goods. Don't fail to come and inspect our line and test the qualiy before you buy.
We have an assortment of the finest and Oak Leaf Flour in WOOd $6 7K ere was ever a l'me wrien you should
most beautiful lamps ever shown in Hayti. cafn- .q il rra T 7n want and certainly should demand
If you want something real nice, buy one. iu i o something good to eat, that time is Christmas.
Price 25c to $7.50. bame 111 24 lb SaCkS 85 Don't try to do your fine cooking with Sears
We also have a nice line of gold banded BoCHiet FlOUr in WOOd 6.25 Rebuck goods, sawdust spices and make-
and fancy decorated glassware, including Same in Zl8 lb Sacks I O believe flavorings, from "cut price" houses,
water sets, cake stands, four piece sets, berry q ' o 1 K 1 ' t-y t- ut come to e Spot Cash Grocery where
bowls, and many other useful articles appro- Octlllc 111 d.i LU adtlio you can get the best. Our line includes
priate for Christmas presents. Cranberries per QUart IOC everything you want or need, from flavorings,
Don't throw money away buying toys and Celery per bunch C fts and spices to flour and seasonings. Try
trash; buy something good and useful. . . . our line for Christmas and be satisfied.
. . wieomarganne per id 25c
Boys' Express Wagons Pet Milk per can 5c, 6 for 25c Choice Line Toilet Soap
Our line of hardware includes only A choice lino solected especially for This lino includes many choice ar- Wo have n good lino of granite or
liighclass goods, every articlo worth tho holiday trade. Prices are at- tides, including tho famous "Firo enameled waro, galvanized ware, tin-
tho price, which includes crosscut tractive on this line. Proof" ware. waro, etc. This line includes all the
saws, hand saws, hammers, and many . staple articles for household uo, and
other useful and Btaplo articles. 1 UlVeriZeO. Oltee Peanut Butter our prices are right.
rr;,,t'ir w.2r.;o H A Y X I - MO
in sour, sweet and DILL. "3 W &? of tho beBt articles, U5c and 60c.
Condensed for Busy Readers
City Marshall Leller attended to
business at Kennett Nov. 30.
Albert Stacey is now running on the
Kennett branch of the Frisco.
Dr. W. A. Sweurcnger of Steele is
prepairingto move to St. Louis.
Pair of heavy mules and log wngon
for sale cheap. W.J. Morris, Hayti,
A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Cal Green at Terry last Thursday.
Largo stock of cypres shinglps for
sale, cheap, at Hayti. V. J. MorriB.
A. P. Dorris of Vincennes, Ind., is
hero hunting and fishing this week.
Grab grass hay for sale, 35c per
bale. F. M. Gwin, Hayti Mo. 3-4t
Von Mayes attended to business at
Kennett on Wednesday of last week.
Good, fresh, clean lard for sale, all
the time at Clias. Morgan's butcher
Bhop. litf
Lee Ross was the guest of J. J.
Bandy at Hayti last Thursday night.
Our place is clean and up-to-date.
Come and see Chas. .Morgan's butcher
shop. 37tf
Roy Forester and Louis Helms of
Caruthersville, visited in Hayti Sun
day. I represent SikPRton Laundry.
Your patronage solicited. M. L. Argo.
M. Fisher came in Friday and hand
ed us the price of a year's subscrip
tion. Ask to see those Phoenix mufflers
at J. L. DorriB', the very latest in
Miss Anna Hobson, who is teaching
school at Samford, visited in Hayti
When you see a croBS mark on your
paper, made with a pencil, it tellsyou
that your subscription is out and we
ask you to renew at once Not hear
ing from you promptly, we will stop
the paper.
THE M.(W. A.
The Modern Woodman at the meet
ing Friday night elected the following
B. S. Stearns Consul
J. M. Byrd Advisor
John T. Buckloy Clerk
J. L. Delashmutt Banker
C. K. Chism Escort
J. W. Johnson Physician
C. J Edwards Watchman
Lee Byrd Sentry
C. W Sulivant was elected member
of tho Board of Managers.
The finances of this society are in
fine condition and as an evidence of
that fact are prepairing to give a fruit
suppor and social during tho hollldays
that will be paid for'out of, the .funds
of the local lodge, and will be free to
all Woodman and their families.
Curtis and Herbert Long of Brag
adocio attended to business at Hayti
Call for a bottle of Tip Top, Lerap'a
lateBt and best special brew. Caruth
ersville. Mr. and Mrs. Win. Gunn of
Braggadocio, were in Hayti the first of
the week.
Oleomargarine, as good as butter
and cheaper. 25c per lb. Chas. Mor
gan's Butcher Shop. 4tf
Mrs. Roy Gaskins is visiting her,
sister, Mrs. Williams',' who is ill, near'
Bard, Ark.
Big line of bracelets at prices rang
ing from $1.00 to $16.00 each. Cul
pepper & Dever. 7tf
Ed Caruthers of tho Dunklin Demo
crat, Kennett, Mo., changed cars at
Hayti Sunday.
See Culpepper & Dever for gold
rings in plain, set and signet, ranging
from 50c to 310.00. 7tf
Virg P. Adams was ill Saturday
night, after returning from Masonic
lodge at Caruthersville.
Ladies' and gents' tailoring, dying,
cleaning, altering, pressing and re
pairing done and satisfation guaran
teed. Prices reasonable. At my
residence. Mrs. J. M. Argo. 2tf
The baby of Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
Lynn is ill this week.
John Hampton was called home
from court Friday, on account of his
baby having a conjostivo chill.
A Mr. White, engaged in the pic
ture enlarging business, was arrested
at this place Friday and carried to
jail at Caruthersville, "charged with
seduclug tho fifteen-year old daugh
ter of W. Earl, at Clayroot.
Hartwell Bros, have their now butch
er shop in operation.
Miss Blanche Manuel has returned
from a visit to Charleston.
"Mrs'pDolla Glass'and'Mfs.- Grooms
of Little River wore here Friday, shop
ping. Will Powell and Louis Sanders of
Holland were hero Friday, returning
Mr. and Mrs. Stucker of Stoneford,
111., visited their daughter, Mrs. B.
Millhorn this week.
Good fresh, clean meats, cood weights
and courteous treatmont is the motto
at Chas. Morgan's butcher shop. 37tf
Rev. T. G. Fallin returned Thurs
day night from a visit to Rev. Rey
nolds at Murphysboro, 111.
The latest & best "Set Snug" union
suits for ladies. Fine ribbed union
suits for men or ladies. J. L. Dorris.
R. A. Speed, who has moved his
! family to Bogoto, Tenn., has ordered
. the Herald sent to that place.
Don't forget, the Hayti griBt mill
I will grind your corn or exchange
meal for it, any day in the week.
I D. C. Massey of Texas, who is visit
ing his brother, W. R. Massey, near
, Concord, was in town Monday.
People who owe the Herald small
montly accounts are requested to'call.
ac our omce promptly at tne ennt oi
each month and settle. It takes too
much time to go out and collect these
small suras.
Judge W. W. Tarldngton has re
ceived tho following letter, which
speaks for Its self. Wo have not had
time to publish a list of thoso donat
ing: St. Louis, Dec. 1. 1009.
Mr. W. W. Tarkington,
Hayti, Mo.
Dear friend:-
T he generous contribu
tion consisting of two barrels of fruit
sent by the good people of your city
was received today in splendid condit
ion. In the name of tho destitute children
commlted to our care, I desire to thank
you heartily and through you, every
one who assteinjpaking this dona
tion possible. The gift is surly a
splendid one and words are inade
quyto to express our appreciation of
( same.
I Again thanking you, one and all,
and praying our Heavenly Father's
richest blessing to rest upon you, I
Yours very truly,
C. C. Stahmann,
State Supt.
Fred Hudgens at Stanley complains
of sometimes missing the Herald. His
name is on the list, and the paper
ought to reach him.
The grist mill at Hayti is now ready
for business. CuBtom work prompt
ly attended to. Meal and chops for
sale 50tf
There will be an adjourned termof
probate court Wednesday, Dec. 15,
1909. Thoso having probate business
should remember the date.
Ladles, you need one of those
"Klosefit" petticoats to give your
form that slender effect. J. L. Dorris
has them in all sizes and colors. 46
A Texas editor who refused to print
the obituary of a man who did not take
his home paper explained his action
,by saying that such people had long
J)'eed,iead already and their formal
passing out of view is a matter of no
public concern.

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