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17 3
VOL. 8.
NO. 48.
Adopted by the County Teachers'
We, the teachers of Pemiscot
county, assembled at Steele,
wish to express our thanks to
the people of the Baptist church
for the use of their building.
Resolved: That we express
our thanks to the editor of the
Steele News for his kind consid
eration; that we extend our
thanks to Prof. Shackleford of
the Cape Girardeau Normal, and
Rural School Inspector, G. V.
Reavis, for their interesting and
instructive talks during our meet
ing and especially for their ad
dresses on agriculture and teach
ers' duties.
Resolved: That the teachers
of the county should make a close
study of the course of study, and
earnestly strive to put into prac
tice the principles suggested
Resolved: That we appreciate
the work of the State Reading
Circle and commend the close
study of the texts selected for
the consideration and study of
the teachers of the county.
Resolved: That we express our
appreciation to the county super
intendent, Chas. G. Ross, and
officers of the association, J. S.
A serious cutting affray occur -rd
at Caruthersville Monday
night, in which Lee Flemming
and Albert' Dugger were serious
ly cut by a negro. From all re
ports, the assault of the negro
was entirely uncalledfor, and
that the temporary escape of the
negro who did the cutting is all
that averted a lynching.
The negro was working on
Toad Baird's place, where he
was captured late in the night
by Constable Watki ns, and to
avoid summary vengeance was
coniined in the Hayti city jail till
morning, when lie was transfer
ee! to the Kennett jail.
It is said that Flemming is in
a critical conidtion, but may re
cover. Dugger was not so
seriously wounded.
We have been unable to learn
just how the difficulty arose.
Later: It is said that Mr.
Flemming had been ill for some
time, and being weak and tired,
he and Dugger had stepped out
of the side door of the barber
shop to enter the saloon to get a
drink, when Dugger brushed
against the negro, at which the
negro took offense, and began
slashing the white men.
Feeling against the negro is
Webb, Chairman and Miss! high, and it is not too late yet for
Gladys Cladwell, Secretary, for
the manner in which the associ
ation was conducted.
Resolved: That a copy of these
resolutions be sent to the county
papers for publication.
I Veua Smith,
Committee XLicota Gill.il.axd
(G.F. Petty
Rev. I. Q. McCorkle left to at
tend the Methodist conference
at Kirkwood on Monday of last
week, and returned Tuesday
morning. We are glad to know
that Rev. McCorkle has been re
turned to this work, as he is a
good and earnest man, and did
much good. His second year
among our people should add
greatly to the resultsofhis labors.
him to bo summarly dealt with.
Tuesday Night: A crowd of
200 or ISOO was formed in Caruth
ersville, bent on lynching the
negro, and in some way obtained
charge of a engine and coach, and
between HO and 100 men went to
Kennett, passing through Hayti
a little after midnight. The news
had doubtless been sent to Ken
nett, and when the crowd arriv
ed there the negro had been
spirited away from the jail, and
they returned home.
Saturday evening L. L. Lefler
and Miss Ada Dorrris, accompa
nied by Mrs. Mollie Dorris and
daughter, Miss Hettie, and Rev.
J. B. S wanner, quietly auto
mobiled over to Caruthersville
and repaired to the home of H.
E. Averill, where Rev. Swanner
performed the ceremony that
made Mr. Leller and Miss Dor
ris man and wife.
After the ceremony, they re
turned to Hayti, and that night
Mr. and Mrs. Leller left for St.
Louis for a brief soujourn and to
attend to business matters.
Mr. Leller is one of Hayti's
most prominent and progress
ive business men, and Miss Dor
ris one of our most prominent
young ladies.
We join with their many
friends in wishing them a long
and happy life.
Judge E. L. Davis of Bragga
docio paid this office a pleasant
call Tuesday. The .Judge has
just returned f'-om a trip
through the Ozarks along the
southern border, and reports a
most enjoyable trip. There is
someuung lascinaung aoouc uie
Ozarks, and the Judge is in love
with that country, but of course
the soil there does not compare
with ours, and he owns so much
good lands here that he cannot
afford to leave. Judge Davis
promises us a good article on
lands, values and resources of
Pemiscot county in the near
rhree years is about as long as
any paper lias ever been able to
live in Hayti.
On the 28th of October the
Hayti Herald will be three years
old, and we are nearing that goal
with Hying colors and a full stom
ach. During this time there have
been many who thought they
would put us "out of business,"
with about ,the same result as
the small boy who tackles his
lirst hornet's nest.
Having safely passed the dan
ger mark, it might be well to
ser"e notice that Ave will stjll do
business at the same old stand,
and that we have a nice stock of
rich, juicy obituaries ready for
In a few weeks our subscrip
tion collector will visit you again.
Keep your dog tied and have a
dollar ready.
On Wednesday of last week a
deal was closed by the city to buy
Woodlawn cemetery. The deed
was received from Oklahoma, and
the city issued a warrant for the
amount. So now the cemetery
belongs to the city and those who
bury there can do so knowing
who is to take care of and be re
sponsible for keeping up the cem
etery. Until further arrange
ments can be made, Mayor
1J n unit ni-mi . 11 n 4-4-S1 1 4-- -l- "k
xvuuu. , rtLtc w u Thefour-year-old son of Mr.
cemetery anu tnose wanting KianaMrs. Fred Portwood died
$3.40 COTTON.
Cotton has come in at a lively
rate for the past week, last Sat
urday being the banner day of the
season, there being more than
100,000 brought to this market
on that day, which sold, at 3.30
to $3.40 per 100 pounds.
The price for Wednesday was
$3.10 to $3.40, with prospects for
better prices.
The Modern Gin & Compress
Company started up Wednesday
and is one of our strong buyers.
buy lots should see him.
Sunday night.
Judge Hans E. Doerner, the
leading legal light of the south
end of the county, came up Sat
urday to attend to legal matters
before Esq. Gwin's court, and
went away with colors Hying.
. .Fllfliro llofti'lioi1 is nno i(
J . . H.ssett attended tlie lairjthe inovj IritsJOf 1)is sectkm
j.1, Cape Girardeau lat week. of th(l t.ounty and ,s (1q1
rlomsayshe sure saw Capatin w10i0 iut to :lUvertise it and to
Baldwin "Hying in air." build it up.
Lust Thursday afternoon the
incoming Kennett train ran down
and killed a line mare and colt
belonging to Dr. F. A. Mayes.
At the place where the killing
occured the track was clear, and
from the information obtainable
it seems that no effort was made
to avoid the accid out, if accident
it might be called.
The Cotton Exchange Bank is
a new bank for Pemiscot county,
organized at Steele last week,
with Judge J. S. Gossom, pres
ident: Dr. .1. W. Robbins, vice
president; S. E. Redden, 2nd.
vice-president, and Max L. Kel
ley, cashier. The stockholders
are made up among the best
farmers of that part of the county,
and it will be a strong bank. The
organization of an institution of
this kind, when that city already
has a bank, would indicate that
Steele is coining to the front.
The new bank will occupy rooms
in the Henry Stephens new brick
Pete (Alfonso C.) LaForge of
Caruthersville corrects us on the
spelling of a French name. We
appreciate the courtesy of Pete,
and if more people would show
a ''friendly spirit towards their
local paper, it might be better.
Mr. LaForge in a descendent of
the old French settlers of New
Madrid and Pemiscot counties.
J. M. Berry and nephew, Dave
Berry, of Charleston, Miss., ar-1 Dr. R. S. Keirsey of Bragga
rived in Hayti last week, with doc.io was in Hayti Mond-iy and
the expectation of locating here Tuesday.
and to begin with, bought a res-1
taurant on the north side of the Will Helm has been ill for sev-
squ-ire. oral days.
Is the time to buy
Comforts, Blank
ets and Outing
Flannel, also stov
es and all other
classes of winter
Don't fail to call
and get prices,
which will be low
er than the other
fellow's, regardless
of what his may be.
toixv ni
Drug Store
Wo put only tbo
mired and freshest drupra.
and exactly tho drufjo
vour doctor orders, into the pre-
ccriptIon3 you b:ir. to us. We
never m-'c mistakes our pre
ccriptlon clerks arc too c::pert for
that. And vo dor.'t charge hich
prices far from it.
We carry mar.y excellent pro-
Erietary mcdicir.cc. Feeling
I!iou3 or jaundhed? CufTcrinu
from constipation, torpid liver,
cick headaencsr iry tcxau
Llvar Sczli:.
Thi3 is tho rr.oct cnt.cfactory
Liver-Kcmec we've ever
handled, end wo i:now r.o
formula. It stimulates
and regulates the action
c5 tl.e liver cr.a Dow
els without c"rJnP-
Pleasant end ct-
fectivc. Ecld
with tho
R e x oil
t e c.
'" mm ba msm Emm ll 9
sill two j ears.
There are about three hundred of them, one for almost any ailment. We know they are good and we know what is in each
remedy therefore we do not hesitate to recommend them to our cus'oTiers and positively GUARANTEE each and every
REXALL REMEDY to give satisfaction for what it is recommended. If it does not give satisfaction, come back to us and
get your money. Refunds will not be made on Pens and Watches, but they will be replaced or repaired FREE.
KIDNKY .JIK.MKDY is very vaHahle in the treatment of KIDNEY, HLADDHR mid I'M NARY DISHASKS and Ims ii
1 eculiar iaind and henelicial eilect not fou ml In any other kidney remedy that we know of. Put up in two sizes, 50c and
.f.1 no iiotiics. Sold umitr the RHXaLL (jIARANTI:K.
.. TAN AND Ml Ei KLIi LOTION, un 'Nci-l)ent externa! application for the removal of Tan, Sunburn, Freckles and siini-
222zS liar lileinlih"(),ca .sed 1) exposure to miii or w ind. it is a powerful bleach for the skin. Per bottle 25c. Sold under the
Ki.a.w..- GUARANTEE.
Rl'UMINC OIL, a liniment tor holtcuing and s.o th n ' t 1 11 m ii-ilii ; for limhering up iitl joints, quletini' pain, ul-
la.Nin' inflamation and reducing .swelling. A quick relict to tired mul burning feet. Sold under the REXALL GL'ARAN-
'1 Eh. -; . .jIV and frl.lW bottles
,. RUEl'M ATIt' REM El) Y is composed of drugs in constant use by leading expert in tho treatment of the various forms
J22l2ss f rheumatism and is designed not merely to temporal llv allav pain, but to have positive curative effects upon the disease
it-.. .. .. under the REXALL tll.'ARANTEE. oOc and 1. 00 bottles.
Soxafi SKEE'J'ER SKOOT, the mosquitos dread. A little of this preparation applied to iho exposed parts will keep away all
" mosquitos, gnats, black lliea. etc., even when they are thickest nothing is so oll'eetivo in driving them away as SKEETER
SKOOT. When you have a squirrel up a tree or a nibble at , our hook, then vou'll appreciate its worth. Sold under the REXALL
(il'AR NTEi:. I, r bottle li.ic.
SHOULDER HRAOE is a wonderful
JC..,., now invention that straightens round
shoulders without discomfort or stoppage ot circula
tion. Sold under the REXALL GUARANTEE.
This waich is not only tho boys favorite but owing to
its time keeping qualities and low price it is used by a
great many laboring men whose work is such that It is
not safe to carry a high priced watch for fear of break
age. With u reasonable amount of care it will keep
time and gho perfect satisfaction for one year and uos-
Sold under tho REX LL GUARANTEE. Each g 1 QA
vnrrniiirggtriri Q3
Special Combination Offer.
For a short time only
1 (Jan Violet Dulce Talcum 2oo
1 Can jfettdCC Tooth Powder 25c
1 Tooth Urush
Tho 'fowjgZZ Fountain Pen is a boautlful and
well constructed pen fitted with u genuine 14k gold
point and a bettor pen than manv of tho 2.00 ones,
Sold under tho REXALL GUARANTEE for
to Send
the Children
to thl3 dnijj ctcro
for anything you
need in our line.
fThey'll set tho
came treatment and
the came nricea vou
would go tf you camo your
self. This bu:incca was
built up by cciuaro dealing
and fair prices C3 much as
by the pure, fresh drugs we
use and the accuracy with
Which we fill prescriptions.
Talking .of children, be
careful of them in this
weather. If they develop
tho clightestl couglr ctop it
right away. We can recom
pleasant medicine immedi
ately allays the irritations
of tho throat and breathing
tubes, effects a quick, per
manent cure and. has no in
jurious effects. Gold with
the Rexall guarantee

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