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w.,iT-t-l -nr-tz
Order of Publication.
Pemiscot County. Missouri, Circuit
C tuirl Record, July Adj. Term 11)12.
Suturduv the 12ili du.v of the term,
tnul tin." "Ill (ln.v of September, 11)12.
.lohn Drown, PluintilV,
Joseph O. Michell, Defendant.
Now at this day comes the pliiiulilT,
h lits iiltornc, and it nppcurintfto
the satisfaction ol the couri that the
i I'tiHidant, .toseph O. Michell. eutmot
i.e summoned in tin- anion, and it
nipearinur to the Court further, that
the plalntill litis Med his petition and
uilhlavit, -,ttiiny, anions other things,
Unit the defendant is a non-resident
til this slate, it is ordered by the Court
Mint publication be intide. notil.uny;
the defendant, that an action has
lioen commenced against liim, by pu
MtKin linn Attachment, in the Circuit
mirt of Pemiscot County, in the
Mate ol Missouri, to recover damages
;i the Mini ol seven hundred and sev-
ay-live dollars on account of a
ivach of warranty or -ellini: plain-
i il u di-ca-cd hor-e; that bis proper
ii has been or 's about to be attsieh-
i; und that unle lie be and appear
1 this Coml, ut th" i.ext term thereof
i i lie begun und bolden at the Court
I i ise in theCit ol Cnrinher-ivilli'. in
Vmi-cot County. Missouri, on the
,-Ui da of November next, anil on or
i" iore the lir-t-da ol said term, un
. -- lurther time he granted by the
i mirt. nn-wei or demur to the puti
t on in said riins the same will be
taken as contested and judgment will
tie rendered aecordinyly iigiiuiHl him
and his property sold to satisfy the
same. It i- turUier ordered that a
i j hereo! lie palili-hrd. in the Ila-
ti Herald, a ncWHpaper published in
said Couut, of Pc.ni-rot. in the Statu
ol Missouri, for four weeks succes
sively, the hist in-ertlon to lie at
least fifteen days before the coinmence
"ieiit of the next term of this Court.
A true cop, from the record.
Witness in hand and seal of the
irciilt Court of Pemiscot County, tlu-
seal the l!)tbd:i of .SepU'ilihur,
A. D. 1S)12.
K. S. IlUCFMAN, Circuit Clerk.
iJy Lesmh r'KK'ib'suN, Deputv.
All Klndn of Dental Work Neatly
Crown and Bridguwork n Specialty
Ofllce ill City Hull, HouMnveat Konm, llayti, Pemipeot, County, Missouri
ii tight place Unit the only thing
loft him was to BLUFF, which ho
to vote for the democratic nomi
nees if they thought t.liey were
democratic counties. It sees no
thing in county politics, because.
its polo is not long enough to
did, in great shape, bub, as usual, better men than the republican
got left. Bill, in his bluff, went ' nominees? Now would you? Not reach the persimmon
so far as to offer us DOUHLKl much. Mary Anne. You would
advertising rates for any article! talk about nothing hut party' Why should not Judge .1. S.
we could reproduce from the fidelity, party loyalty and the JGossom be re-elected to the or-
film! of l.lln l-lio!! lrl llilf.,1iwm tltfi rilTiliMlnl. ill' tviplt MliirnniiiliMti IT 11.... ..I' t.n. ...... .,.:. ..14. ........ ..-J
, ............... l H I ..... w.i. v II nil Illicit I ,, Ml I IH I,, VlllllillUIHI, II Il," l" Ul III W.-S1-, HI I 111- il tltll lll'.X .
Meiniru Democrat should notetiUrc- I , . e , . , T i Li , . m, , , , .
)y absolve a man lor his wmn- dates of August land November there is no politics in county The people, by their vote at the
loiuj,'- ' 1, 1010, that would b a 1 any un-! elections, why not? inhere is primary, gave him '2''. votes,
eiiSiH!llr,,unos fl'Z Her-' no politics in county elections, ' against I1. Hi lor his opponent,
sliuba. and the first s. liable of the, Jut-jttld was democratic. Nothing then there is no polHio.s in state That was the voice of the people,
ter word does sound si-nillcant. was said as to the size of the ii r- elections. If it is iinmotcrial even before the court has nass-
brom the Argus, reproduced . Lj(.i1) tK, nun,,,. 0f words or that a republican or democrat is led upon I he accusations against.
in the Republican.
Now. if these fellows are nol
all working together, to defeat
lines, or its source, so in looking
through our tiles between thoo
dates, among v.irions other ar
elected to county ofl.ee, ihen it is mm' J '"' P'""! vimliciilpa him
!,,.,.,, ,.;.,i (!,.,., ..,.,.,,1 11 .... .... lln,'n' iU1(l "wu tlu t'ourt Inter
""" " "",u" "' - "vindicated him. What are we to
democrat is elected to state of-1 u()v d,,,,', i pooploand the court,
For President, Wood row Wilson.
For Vice 1 'resident. Thos. Marshall.
nil nui imr' iuiit;u . ia aeie u ' i "i
tlie democratic ticket, then what j U('1v ' Wl' "),,nl -' nirnisiieo oyit,,.,,, . w,. might cni-ry the rule Know iiieir otisiness.' .iv
lie Miaie Jonoerniici oiumiiiee, ......i,,,, ti, T.i..ii.ii,.. ; i.i-,. Ul i s.i. i r " ue .mo ni"
iJiirt hei. lie Ueinioicjin is I he ,.,,, ", , ,,, ,,i ,i,.. .
which, in order to reproduce, we , ,. . ' 1 '' a set ol da-.i
..... . . , . ,. .all republican newspapers in lools.-"
si-ui in oi. ijuiii m in: si'i in iino
Stale Ticket.
For Governor, Klliot Y. Major.
I'Vjr Liiuitenant Governor, W
does till this mean';' Certainly
they can have no other grievanci
against the llayti Herald only it
stands for the solid domocrntii
ticket. It is not a matter or per
s xialties or iiersonal likes ant
dislikes with us, but democratic
success. Up to the presj'iM
of State. Cornelius ' these papers have entered node
uial that they are working to de
feat at least a part of the demo
cralic ticket. In view of these
facts. People, are we ri:ht or
wrong? it is up to YOU.
I'li.vsician anil Surgeon
Ofllce phone 50. lteaidence (10.
llAYTI, - - - Mibsouiu.
For Sreretar.v
For Auditor, .lolm P. Gordon.
ForAttorne.v General, .lohn '!'. Itarkei
For Treasurer. K. P. Heal.
For K. U. Coinmissioner, .lohn T.
Forjudge Supreme Court. Pi v. No. 1.
llenr.i W. Pond.
Fur Judges Siipremet 'ourt. Piv. No. 2,
('has. 15. Paris, Unlit. F. Walker.
For.ludfju St. Louis Court of Appeals.
William II. Allen.
For Congress. Joe J. Kussell.
For Statu Senator, Henry Cain.
nrciiK IT is.
Here is the Argus.
Here is what the Argus is.
Here is what the Argus says
it is not:
.Physician and Surgeon
Ollice Phone SO Hewideiiee 110
Hayti, - - Missouri
Physician and Surgeon
Hayti, - - - Mipsocki
Will Practice In All Courts.
llayti, Missouri
County Ticket.
For Representative, Sterling H. Mc
carty. Forjudge. lt Pjst. W. !'.. Ilun'ii,
For.ludyi-. 2nd Pist. .'. A. Ilishop.
For Prosecuting Attornev, .'ere S.
I-'or Sheriil. S. P. .luden
l''or 'J'leiisiirer, .1. A. Hijiham.
For Assessor. A. P. lsersex.
For Public Aibninistrelor, .lames ,1.
Lon j,'.
For .Survey or, 15. (). Menuett.
For Coroner. A. ('. LuFor'o.
For Consttihle, 1 lay ti Township.
Henry Sutton.
Now. honestP.
what's the Use oi
eiectiny a sell-conle-sed
and a
jiir -convicted ig
noramus to oilicf.
The local Peuio
era tic ticket has a
severe luindli'itp
to oveicome this
ear. Arus.
Severa 1 old
polilicians slioiibl
be retired fiMiu
the .Mine this
tall. -Ar-'iis.
The constant in
sinuation that llii
Areas is vwnkiiii'
in the interesi.oi t Chairman of tin
the I leimlili -an
piirt. to deleat
soin of the Demo
ci atie nominees is
niereh anotl.ei
one of the false
hoods mi indiisi
rioiish circulated
b those lio iia i
fell the stiny ol
the lash we have
applied to them
in the past. -Ar-
type, making Um oi point lines.:
which at double advertising rates
i mounted to ."iH.lL'i, for which
we sent Mr. lvicey a bill and j
statement, and he refused pay-1
nieiil. We then made a sight i
draft upon him through the I
Citizens Hank of Hayti and'
the Peoples iianknf C.irulhers-1
ville. which went to protest and;
we paid the protest fees.!
s'J.IK). We then brought suit i
against Mr. Lucey I'oi' theamotint
,ind not desiring to get out of the
party, w instituted the proceed
ing in the court oi' Justice of
Peace i. P. Allen, Secretary ol
the County Democratic Central
Commit tee, and. luckily, Mr. La-
Still we grow, and there are good
reasons ior our steady and satis
factory grow 1 h.
The I act that we hae not only
held our business, but practical
ly doubled it, with all com pot i
lion, indicates that the public
mind has not lest sight of the os
sential recpiireiiients that make
a banlc sound and safe. The prin
eipios of conservative banking
that have governed our develop
tnent in t lie past will shape our
future policy.
Now. how are you going to re
concile the above statements? I n
the first place, the Argus refers
to it democratic nominee lor conn
ty office, and then turns right
around and contradicts itself.
Queer, is il nol?
thki-:i: OP A KIND.
llayti, - - Mo.
Well, we are not to lie befud-
jdled. We stick to I he text. The
llvopublican )aper over at Ci-
rnthersville iumned on us about
Itistpiite plain that the We- W. E. P.rown. We showed him
publican, the Argus and the UJ) jn on(l style, and he drojiped
Democrat are all working to-. tlsat like it was hot, and then
gelher. The Democrat moses turned to something entirely
over what wesay to the Wepubli-.(liiVon'iit, trying to detract at-
can; for instance, the following, I tention.
addressed in partici lur to tin
Ropuplican, was chewed over by
the Democrat:
1'ronecutine; Atlo.'iiey PemiMcot Co.
All Kinds ol Oivil dUHineHH I'rompHy
Attended to
Ollice n Court House
Oaku'iiii.'usyii.m-:, - Mishocui
eey employed Hon. I. 1 j. Ward.
County Demo
cratic Central Committee, to de
fend him. To show thai Hill had
a fair deal and a square deal. Hob
Ward is uonerally conceded one
of the best lawyers in the county. ' "
and alter looking into the merits,"
of the case, ho very readily
agreed to a compromise, Mr. La
coy paying the actual cost we
had incurred, which was SP2. --.
the amount Hill is now grumb
ling about -but if he desires to
p.iy the balance, or some small
amount to cover the injustice
done us and our trouble and wor
ry in the matter, or a small price
for the space the reprodncerl ar
tide occupied, wo will thankfully
accept same. '
It is hardly fair for Mr. Lacev'
to persist in calling the article;
reproduced, "plale matter."!
when we paid .:o cents per K'OOl
ems to have it set, in Til point lino
type, i
These are the cold facts in the'
case, and for our pari, we hope
to be spared the necessity of re
peating them.
Capital $10,000.00 Surplus $2,100.00
yi hi.
when you reed to borrow.
You find that the greater your financSul resources the
larger your bonowing capacity.
Also that the better your acquaintance at a good bank
ihe easier it is to get accomodation.
Banks do nol loan to strangers, therefore it is not well to
be a stranger at the bank, for all successful people find it
necessary at times to use their credit.
Fiecoming a checking depositor is the way to get on a
credit fooling at this bank.
duncan & Mccarty
Will 'jnuHict) in all the courtH
Olllri- Over l'oht Ollice
C-uo'Timiisviu.i:, Mo. Plume .rS.
Notary I'uhlic
Olliuo: Hank ok Hayti
JIayti, - - MlhSOl'KI
Fire and Lite insuruiu'i.
Niilurv Piii. ne.
Shoe and Harness Shop
Wet Hlile. .S(iiaie
G. C. Akers
Hayti, - Missouri
Barber Shop and Bath Room
Newest, Largest, Nicest and
Best Place in Town.
Joe Milton, Prop.
Neat, now buihllii,', niw tables and
llxtuitM, kooiI li'hv tlu.v and nl'lit.
Coiirteouu trcutm-int. For u pleusunt
l.our, cull and st-o ua. Plunt.v of
Hayti, - Mibsouw
Ac iniw.il !i c wt I'nircnl. tl. un i'
In nil our ni'nsinnii'i' cnreei' I "
lii-h extends over iinm. ear-. ..,"''", 15H1 Jytcey. contiuuiilly
have m.-ver lound it ni'i'i'ssi'ir.v to re- canses us to "rehash" thinifs
-.onto falsehood, ini-.i"ire-.enta tion ,, , . . . .
or inlscoiistnictuin: w. Iiu.- never over. Perhaps we .should ignore
hud to ri-sort to inference, pro-mni.- such matters, but in this in
lion orevasion "." Il-iti Herald I . .,
tothe Carntliei-,villo U-amnlieun. j stance, as the story was never
completed, and he seems inclined
And then, in turn, the Aru-. to call it out, we will jco back over
slobbers over what the Rcpubli- jthe matter and make it complete,
can says, thus: j Here is. what Kill sii.vs:
That little wall from Pavti K now. "'I'lie Demoerat liear-. the uniijiic
irilno'llio iwiondi. Imno Mnii lit I'm.ii iflttlllitllttllftt lij.lno iho mm! i un lfo 111
'lll till I MIII1 t mm i 'tin iw ii-- -. lin iii m win; '' I
shelia, and the lir-t h.vllalileol the lat-. the coiiiu.n having ever paid 'fl2.H-- -' j ( ,.nl) would advise republicans
ter word doe-, sound siifnillcnnl. - reduced troin l.'is. 'd) to an allcjjcitl ' '
Democratic paper lor priniu.y Ucmo
cralic article,, and that loo, (tl.itt
inaltir lurnlshed li, the ( anipaln
CoininiilvU M CaiMitiiersvillc Deino-crul.
a siuTi: loirs i'U;a.
Oh you reinbican newspaper!
So you are appealing to demo
crats on the ground that then- is
no politics in the election of
county ollicer.s, as the best man
ought to be elected. What would
be your position if I'emiseot
county werea republican county':'
If Pemiscot county were a re
publican county, we do wonder
I.E. Comilneham
r r n tt .wf nintrn .r nri " n v nrm w t thlw rTn-rrrTTTTrri i
Willis Young
v ivtivii toisus iSsis"':saffi.ssCT
d&ffi!$ffil& T. K. (ToIh i ( unninyliiiiii' and Willis oiii;
tM$kw$$M&M- l,i,v' l,n '-'" tl" I "Utiiii vV Pull.iin i.iilchir -hop
iffiSS2B?ri ""il are linin and lain nin-cattle and hoy.- to
h-77&svZ?.?i&$i -ioiiiIv -nine 'I'ln-shon '- in i nam ni. oiir nal-
loi.ai i'm'I he appuciaieil. and nothing hut ;jooil. h altlix . corn-It d
iiiiai will hi -olil. II orders promplP deb u-riMl. Phone or -end
Miur onieis. U the same old stand, north side p ihlic -ipiare.
miuuTHWH)nr!fflBiairi , i ,i aTTiTiWVi rrTTri'iwn U'lff ii intria riHWTWTf BttiTTtifrni
rrhe "wail" originated with the
Kepubliean, and the Argus joins
in with that paper to light the
county democratic ticket over
the head of the Herald.
And then the licpuhlicun, in
turn, gobbles up the following
from the Democrat and Argus:
Oh, You Grandma!
To cover this matter in an in
telligent way, we shall hae to go
back to the time when the .secre
tary of state was gathering data
for the Official Manual of the
... ..... . i
Slate ol Missouri, p.n i p.iiu, : ,e.
when he made inquiry of Mr.
Lacoy concerning the novsp.i-
m & m
Col. I.ae'.vTwice-a-WeeU Democrat. ' l)(,'s '" Mliiseot county, film
the recoynizeii Democraiic autliorliv i.sluug wlllcil illlorination, .Ml
of Pemiscot county, make.- these re- , . , i- ,,,wl . . ,,.,, , ,, , .
"llavti1.- ii.ini'i
will rii'n tar hel.ind 'his vote in lliou. ,., V) im,i Un. H.i.vti Herald as
ni-iiiuMi in nun", nir nr n-i-i -me . ,,
that he know-of one vote .lohn re- Independent. hen the Oflioiu!
reived in 1(1011 Unit he wo..;t -et li .Mjmuul Wil.- published illld We
uar, unless all sin.s lull. '
The neaiocrat hears the. iniiHP IN-lsaw ,lmt l records had been
tineiion of u.jiijr Uu, onl paper in falsified, we took the matter up
the coiinlr.x liavintr 'ver paid 'HL'.hH... ..... , ,. , . ,
icduced from h.k to an alUr'd . with the secretary ol state, who
Democratic paper for printine, Demo- informed us that Mr. Lacey wits
crude article:., and that, too, plate ... .. .. ,,,,
matter furnished h.v thy Cumpul-n , responsible lor the error. Then
Committee wo took Hill's trail and he readily
; iProin the Democrat, repro- admitteil that he had sent in such
Lacey listed his own paper as tin
a lohn Duncan only democratic paper in' the j
duced in the Kepubliean.
i report. Hut Mr. Lacey tried to
'justify his act, said the Herald
I had no politics, that it was Inde
And the Argus Says:
Now, honestly, what's the, use of pendent, and one word brought on
vieted bjnorainus to olllteV another until we got Hill in such
mwk m m
tUl.iia .-,. --"-- W. - .. ,. j. tjfflii If.tj! f r j'TYVi til f.

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