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r.V and will thoy support that
ticket?" If they will answer
this question, und set themselves
right before? tins people, thon
the thvop democratic newspapers
in the county should all got in
harmony and go to work for the
party, instead of wrangling over
matters that do not concern the
general public.
It used to be in Rome that it
was greater to be a Roman than
a king. Today in America it is
greater to be a democrat I ban to
be a republican president. Are
you a democrat? Are you a
dop-water tisli. or merely n top
water? Do you put the princi
ples of your party above person The new road law enacted bv
al wrangles and local factional- the last session of the legisln
istn? Are you always found lure and which compels all able
... . i i i . i . . . . . .
woncing mine Harness, never ; ooilieil men net ween 21 and )(, the mail order people are the
(altering, never wavering, al- years to pay a poll-tax of Si'.OO in .dentists. Not i.v peopleare
ways doing what you can tor the j cash and the payment ol .il) cents getting their lalse teeth or hav
ticket? When your neighbors by all men over Til) years is cans
are asked what your politics are. 'ing quite :1 nm,. hit of trouble
lo they say you are a simon-pure, , m.ivvu , p.,,.t,o.
red-hot, rip-roaring democrat, or , . , , ,
tllfklf C!H' fill. llii lil.-ii t w viiw.-m. niiu iw "M iiiiin-niiuii III'"
vj .iii.i ,"ii v mv- in.
The compulsory school law! LOCAL AND PERSONAL.1 Msire Stolen-$50 Reward. Stolen,
was not, oublisbed. nH iwmiiwl September '23, from my barn at War-
I'" .,, .. ,.j....w
by law, and the results will be, in
ease an attempt is made to en
force it, pretty much the same as
it is with the road law. If the
facts in connection with the road
law had been advertised, very
little trouble would have result
ed, but as it is, the people were
left in ignorance of what was re
quired of them.
Herald Telephone Number 94.
Tell the news lo phone 01.
J. V. Pollock had. the misfor
tune to lose his handsome new
residence by lire on Wednesday
of last week, the fire taking place
about 1:30 p. m. The building
was hardly completed. The ori
gin of the five is not known. The
loss was partly covered by in-
1 1'ishman's ilea?
law. In addition to making it
1 the duty of every one to pay cash
We have but one question to poll-tax, the road overseer in 1UUI Drown, su thev miv. Whv?
ask the other newspapers in the each district is required to turn Simply biciuse they have no
m. ,iv.i..i.i l,.. I ..,,, ,ki;,..,,, in :is (Icliiiii nent, :i those win Mi.oeiiai to
ipiim , t-.-vvwijn iur iii niinu uil i
dell, Mo., one black mare, 15 or 10
hands liitfli, white spot on forehead,
.1. W. Thomas has ordered the a lib,' sear on right fare foot, four
Herald sent to his address. i marks on hip caused by barb-wire.
' The man who stole this mare Is tall
Mrs. Pete Meatte was ilia few and slim, dark completion, about 30
days last week. years of age; bis right hand is very
badly crippled, the llrst tlin fingers be
ing oil' at the llrst knuukle, and u hat surance, he having a policy of
(Jhrence Mayes was over from Is left of them is drawn down into the yi.OOO. Most of the household
! Kenj-.ctt a short while Thursday, bund and the fore linger and thumb K()ds were saved.
mi' nil he ran tio on that hand. I
I Joe Ilainpton of lJascola was in will pay '() reward for the iimv, and Mrs. Albert O. Allen, beloved
About the only people in town i this city several days last week, ro.ivirti.m or the thief and ivt.mi of wf, ()f tilt. agPci ,.(t,. ,,'f the
who haven't asked us to roast ,, , ,, , man to mo at Waidell, Mo., or will ., i...i..:,i x i ....,... .
' " "v" u l" pav liberal part of this sum for re- " "" " ' "
ilifm ii4. lll-n rinlllvif found anywhere ex- lingering illness, died at her
Henry Rinsburgh attended to rept in neighborhood or Wardell. home in that city on Thursday
ing their teeth tilled by mail ai. ousines.s in .New .Madrid i nurs- m.mo.i-. ..... n, unen, ..u. mm inns wt iuau nwn., u m..- Hi
ihouifh a farmer :itl m i i 1 im l':i lew I (lav. ,, , ,, ... r, ., of Tilj years. She was a most es
days ago that he hid Ins eye- , ,. ... ... , , . ,. ,,..., ,, .. ...,, ,.,.,. . ..
v iiiiin-.x oiii-n "i iiiirurii whs vine, riiiiumiiLc 1111 i;ijiiuu,y sur-
in H'l.vti Saturday, having work veyor, was over from Caruthers-
done at the Herald office. ville Saturday afternoon, wear-
.hi-,1 received a cur of lime iit K-isi ' " Slllilf nboilt two foot long,
Ark. LumWerru. -""f and it will bo sometime before
Ross liettis. the Paseola iner- ! that smile comes otT.
teeth cut oik e by 'ti mail order
The republicans are for Mishop
timable lady, a christian, and
loved by all who knew her.
The bereaved family have the
sympathy of their friends in
every part of the state,
pretty good
... . . . .....I.
I till ilZAillll.Sl MICH 1. ... ... ,t .... 1. ... . -..
...! 1 ....... 1 1 11.II1IUL, tuc III lllini ll 11 11 t mill- f... Hr.
,. , . . ,. . . 1 :.i 1,.. 1 in ..p 1. hoi ui llien itliu Ciiu iiiki 110 reuuo- 1 m r.s , 111
u 11 en is it! 1 11 i"i iiv iii'n..ii 111. .11 iii ' iiitvi- iioi. juiti ii.v 11111' im. 111 i-iii-ii :. ... ... . ,.,.,.. 'ei... ....,!.. ..
. ' 1 ' .' , . . . , ,hcan with little enougli sense to
tight the democratic county tick- .v'ai -ami men 11 me m. iMioipam nin rp1);il js ,,
el and try to defeat it. and that by September 1. he is requir reason, is it nut?
question is thi.s-"Will the Demo- , lo bring suit in justice court
cratand the Argus tell the peo-1 '' ' amount of the fixes 1 Some people do not mind being
p!e whether they are for or land the costs. The bringing of called a liar. Willi others, il is
against the county democratic these suits is where the rub is different. Dut the grass is still
ticket as nominated at the prima- ' coming. growing under our feel.
H B rife
utes Thursday.
Esq. .1. M. Hallof Ciodair town
ship attended to bu.sine
city Thursday.
Gunn of Kennett
caine over Monday to attend to
some business, and paid the Her-
in this aid family an appreciated visit.
! C. W. Watson of Kewanee. Til..
Kiiotiiid Kuliber Koolin:.' -the lie.t ,., . l,..,.,, mi, ,i,. ,.., ,, u .:
. 1.1 . tlll.S ll'-ll- 1 I I VI I .SUII, , till tl I7IISI-
'-- '
eoitiln-.uioii iiiiiliny inane,
Ark. Llir. Co.
Dr. G. S. McKarlin of Concord
was a business visitor to this city
Judge .1. S. (lossom was out
Irom Caruthei'sville a few min
utes Sunday.
ness triji. looking after his prop
erty interest.
The first thing we think of when the fall winds bgin to blow is winter
We have resplenished our stock in every department and lire prepared
to meet the demands of all, no matter how great or how small a price you
want to pay. A look is all we ask, we are sure you will be convinced that
we have right prices as well as the goods.
No use to pay $5 to $10 extra
for a made to measure suit when
we can fit vou perfectly with a
"SCHWAB" suit. We have
all the late colotings; prices
$10.00 to $25.00
llllMtlg L.lllllli'l'
MM cheap. See
Sturm. Ihij li. Mo.
Kor Sale -It U
.1. S. iSxcHinore)
H. B. McClure, the alfalfa dry
ing expert, while in Tennesee a
lew days ago, sustained a sprain
ed ankle by jumping a fence. He
has been pretty badly crippled
since, but has given his busi
ness the usual attention. He
will leave in a few days
for Washington, where he will
compile the results of his experi
ments, and they will be pub
lished. The artificial drying
process is a su-ces, and now 011-
S. .1. .leffross of Hayti was a
ileasant caller at the Republican ly needs to be introduced.
iftice lust Saturday. He had his
nameenrolled on our fast growing Deafness Cannot Be Cured
subscription list. Caruthers
ville Republican.
WALK-OVER shoes are the
"best by test;" let us fit you with
a pair and you will be satisfied
$3.50, $4.00 and $5.00
We always carry a big line of ladies' and
children's hats at prices that will suit all.
He sure to look at our ladies' suits in
whipcord and serge, all the latest colorings.
iu "V M .
W. H. Maker enrolled bis
name upon our subscription list
last weelc.
John Duncan the republican 1
candidate for orosecuting attor
ney, was in Hayti Sunday.
Vim wiint :t uiii)i ut the City of Iln y
ti. I .j. K. Thriipp. ( ':initlief-. viile..
will sell on one lor s4. Semi your
onler today. '.VI "Jlit
Ciiruthersville has three news
papers, and they are all against
j the county ticket.
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
1 There is only ono way to cure deafness,
and that is by constitutional remedies.
ucaincss is caused oy an innamea conui-
Hndi'ons nnil Prinve iind tlc,n oi the mucous lining of the Eusta-
V..11U11 JLUUCi tTUL-U Lliia IUUC IS Itiliaillt-'U
Albert Migham and J. E. Dun you have a w.-nbUne sound pr Imperfect
" hearine, and when it is entirely closed,
can autoinobiled over from Ca- Deafness Is the result, and unless the In
flammation can be taken out and this
l'llthersville Saturday night to tube restored to its normal condition.
" hearing will bo destroyed forever; nlno
s)end a lew hours with the boys
Harry Henderson and family
of Concord passed through town
Sunday morning, for an automo
bile trip to the lower end of the
county. I
cases out of ten are caused by Catarrh,
which Is nothing but an Inflamed condi
tion of the mucous surfaces.
Wo will rIto One nundrrd Dollars foranycaso of
rkMfnpss icanscd by catarrh) that cannot bo cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cnre. Bend for circulars, free.
F. J. CT1KNET, CO , Toledo, Oklo.
Bold by Druggists, T3c
Take HaU'o Family i'lll tor ceatllpaUoa.
Taker's-Up Notice.
Fence DeLisle was here from
P irtageville on Wednesday of
last week, looking alter his would have pa'd, if th-y had un
Taken up hv H. H. Thompson and
Y. M. Wilson is busy suing on ,,oste(i before F. M. Gwin, a justice of
the delinquent, road tax claims, the peace in Hayti township, in Pemb-
.... .t , 1 . . eot countv, State of Missouri, ou tin'
I Ins will prove quite a hardship 2l,tdiiv of September, 1912, the foi
U)on those who have not paid, lowinir described propertj, to-uit:
and we believe most every one .ne lm-v horse 12 -veill's,0,d-10 hantK
iii'rn. siur 111 loreiiKau. uoiu nirf im
I torn coiii for roolcinir
derstond the law.
cut In wire. Nppruised at 625 cash.
4!l- 1't H. H. THOMPSON'. Taker-Up.
mil for oth
er purpoii",. 'ou ean aet eoal any
t line, del' vi'i'i-il to utir duor. I 'hone
or mmh1 , our nrdiM--. and remiMiiliiM'
tluit rte sell enal winter and miuiiium'
imliki' the man who comet in lo jrei
the cream of the winter's lnitinett and
(iilttin the tpi injr. liinti Smrieje, y;
I'ha.t. Mni'jfiin. Mar. 1'tit ti
I '
I Mr. and .1. T. liuclcley and son, it
Houston, returned Sunday night :?
Mrs. .J. M. Murrell of Farm-
J ington and Mrs. Chas. Hubbard 6'
1 of Clarkton, visited their cousin,
1 , . ...... .
Mrs. iMu.Nau and lamily lust 5
from a visit to their old home at
Henderson, Tennessee.
THE QUALITY STORE, i. kohn, pro?.
Lawyer R. L. Ward of (.'aruth
ersville came over Friday, to at
tmd to some legal business, and
incidently, to see his farm near
! town.
Tho secret of strength"" ina"1rence io
Simplicity of Construction plus tho beat
materials and workmanship. The electrically'
welded fence iz the atrongeafc fence, the most'
economical fence, the most durable fence ever made.
You don't have to pay for bunglesome wraps, ties, or
twists, which add nothing to strength, and which detract
from good appearance and from durability. The;
'Rittshurgh Perfect' Pence
slUne Solid Piece"of.MetaLThroughout
the wires beimr electrically welded at 'every contact
- . ..'. .. '
point. 1 he weld is even stronger than the wires. Line
and stay wires are of the same size this counts for
strength. It is proof against stock, time and wear.
Every wire ii made of ooen hearth material conceded lo ba Imf
superior to troner and tougher than Bessemer tteel.Every wlro
it galvanized by the most improred proem.
"PitUburgh Perfect" Fences are made in 73 different styles for
ever fence purpose. Don't buy any fence until you see the
9 ti
And have it of the best proportions, made of the best ingre
dients. Our wines and liquors cannot be surpassed as a ton
ic and cheering bracer. If yet unacquainted with our quality,
you are losing much by delaying longer. They are the purest,
of great strength and body, and exquisite flavor, and their
price is very reasonable.
We also handle Lemp's Falstaff and Tip Top Bottled and
Keg Beers, and a fine line of Cigars. Our place is ftrstclass
in every particular.
V t nmki' it spei'iiiit v of mail order anil out of town trade, und
till orileiH Hume tiny rmMvi'il. Every package u'liuranttt'd. If
you want hmiih-i li ine for your family or for sicklier, you surely wnnt
tlielii'Bt. You can depend upon us far a siUitre deal. A trial
will conviiii'e ou.
No Cheap Qoods
Arc permitted to tie set over our bur. Our saloon experience
is tluit people want tile lie,t. The volume an I wonderful iiicreune
in our tmsiiiebtj clem ly proves this, und besides, you can conic to
our saloon any time und you will find the beet cIu'bh of people put
lonizing iik.
Price List, For Your Guidance in Ordering:
Bottled in Bond,
Full Quarts.
Old .1. II. T il 'Jb
Lick Hun 1 25
.lack Hetuu 1 L'5
Kdtftnvood '2b
Old Hurliee 1 'iri
Old W. S. Stone I '2H
Old Fox Hiver. Iiuibon 1 2o
W. H. I'urker Kye 1 '25
Hoiinie Re. . '. 126
ellnw .Stone . 125
Hcllmnn's Old Cmw 1 50 1
Old bort'Hter 1 50 .
Hiook Hill 1 50
.pricoi ? .)
HlllllUKl ""
App h 1 00
IViicli 1 00
Alcohol, 1S8 proof
.. 125
All kinds of Domestic anil
Iiupoitcd Wines ...75c to $1 00
('r.iBtalizeil Peach and Mon
ey and Hnck and Kye ..
1 CO
Barrel Goods.
Case Goods.
Old .loe IVrkiiiH, bullion ,
Old Pox Rivei, burlion. ..
Oiickenbeinier Kye .. .
W. S. Stone
Holland On, d o 11 b I c
stamp. ... ?1 00
Old Tom (iin
Imperial Dry (iin . .
Yellow !"itone, 7 is old ..
Old Fox Kivcr, " ,is old..
Old Lick Kmi, Syibold ..
Jack Benin .. . ..
I'cdar (irove Kye
Rob Bryley
Lone Kim
Mononniin Kvu ...
MusoiiV XXX .
1 00 1 Mason's XX.
100 Yellow 1 0111 .
$1 IK)
.. J 00
. 1 00
. . 1 00
4 00
4 00
. 4 00
. . :t 00
. ::oo
. . 2 60
. 2 00
. 2 00
Fred Morgan's Saloon j?
Hayti, Missouri i
e ;fl. '..v w.irt. v. ".f . wa-nMtr. " v. ViM !av vs v, : v. a. ti v-

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