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iHiiLumuiAJr a3wnnar-Kw.
This pupiM is not engaged in
attacking the personal characters
of the nominees on the republi
can ticket for county oflice, nor
are. we engaged in defending the
personal characters of the nomi
nees on the democratic ticket for
county oflice. We are only try
ing to see the people are not mis
led. All questions as to the
moral litnc.ss of both the repub
lican and democratic nominees
was passed upon by the respec
' ive parties at the primary. The
questions now involved are those
of political principle. There was
.1 time for the discussion and con
sideration of the moral fitness of
the different candidates aspiring
'u county ofhVe through their
i cspoctive parties, but the people
lave spoken on such questions
.titer a careful consideration of
each candidate and his claims
md the nominees have been nam
ed. The light has reached that
stage when we should repudiate
r aftirm the principles for which
the party stands which presents
hose nominees for election.
IS very democrat who voted in the
primary is bound by the result
of that primary and is honor
bound to support the nominees
selected thereat. If not, then
why should we have a primary?
Why not make it a "free-for-all,"
discard politics, and have no
ticket? In America, Americans
settle their differences of opin
ion at the ballot box. The re
spective parties name their
nomirees at the ballot box.
When this is done it is playing
the baby act not to abide by the
result. Is it honorable to parti
cipate in a primary election and
Red Cedar
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We have lots of 'em, too.
--- Trading at
then at the general election vote
against the nominees the primary
named? Is it? We say that it is
not. No seasoned democrat will do
it, and the citizen who will, what
ever his politics may be, side
steps a serious obligation. There
is only one excuse for voting the
republican ticket after you have
voted for a democrat in the pri
niar.Vi and that is since voting
at such primary you have chang
ed your politics by disbelieving
in democratic doctrines and be
lieving in republican doctrines.
In such case it is a duty you
owe your country as you see it
to vote the repu blican ticket. Hut
of all things to be despised and
held in contempt most it is a
person calling himself a demo-
crat voting in a primary, then af -
terwards, when the crucial test
comes, ami wlien the party is iPrpezinK retards their growth
lighting the last tight, with one- l)Ut dops not km them Sunijj,ht
mies on every side, who will stab ,tm the .n only when tlie
his party in the back by criticis-. inns m.e dire(.tly oxlU)sC.cl t
ing its nominees and speaking j tlu liKhti Inthe dried ex
naught of tlie republican nomi- ,..., ,,..,.. s ....... .,.. ,.. frnm
nees. However, be it as it
and we do not prophesy.
, . i
oiu as-
sort that the democrats of Pemi
scot county will not be deceived
by the claptrap being handed
out by the Republican Boosters'
Club, composed of republican I
bosses and disgruntled, has-been
baby democrats, or mugwumps,
if you please. All democrats
stand up who are going to vote
the straight democratic ticket.
Do you rise?. Will you be weigh
ed in the balance and found want
ing, or will you when the battle
is over and the smoke has clear
ed away, and your name i
ed on the roll, answer:
kept the faith?"
1 have
Full Stock of School Supplies Just Opened
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Preventative Medicine,
Typhoid fever is an infectious
disease caused by the typhoid ba-
cillus which, entering the body
!u,iu,,(Fn.n, ,i .1, f.,;.
... ..,, ..i, a.r. u..lWuH u..-
stomach into the intestines
Here it grows and, when an op
portunity presents itself, passes
through the intestinal wall into
the blood stream by which tt is
carried to all parts of the body.
In this way, the entire body of
the typhoid patient is teeming
with typhoid germs. All of the
excreta, such as saliva, vomitus,
urine, and feces contain typhoid
This infected excreta is the
means for carrying the typhoid
germs from the patient to the
outside world. In the excreta
the typU()id werms liw from a
fpw uys to stiVeni nionths.
one to
two months. Owing to
tlie resistance of germs in excre
ta to cold and dryness, the ex
creta becomes a menuice to the
family of the patient, to the
neighbors, and to the cominnni-
How About Your Fall Trade?
Mr. Merchant- The people in
your trade territory are going to
buy more goods this fall than
., , i, i r ,
they have ever bought before.
Are you going to sell them
YOUR merchandise?
They are open to conviction.
They will listen to reason.
They can be convinced with
nic'ts iinl prices.
Ave you going to convince
them or are you going to allow a
mail-order hou-e in Chicago
merchant in another town a
local competitive merchant to
convince them?
When you assume
that thp
buyer of merchandise knows all other things that defendant, II. H.
about your goods and prices, you ' ur'i'1,kl',, K n,,t re.idcnt ol the Slate
"' ' 'of Missouri, so that the nrlinar pro-
surrender to competition. 'cess of lawcannot be served upon him
The mail-order house vour
local competitor
til Miii(iritin
will slue; you through the ropes
and off the platform.
i lie avenues ot traae are open
to you the same ;is they arc to
competition, but there is. only
one gateway.
Will you tell the pcnple what
you have to sell and what your
prices are.-1
If you liavn't time to drive
out and see all of the people pei
o,,,-,,,ll,. ,..,. .!ii f.,i.,. .. ,.., ,. ,,.(-
". "" t..t...
to do the work for yon at a nomi -
nal cost. VK THINK WIO CAN
What a Great Man Says.
The late David Davis once said.
''Each year every local paper
Kives Irom !-l(iO to sri.000 in
free lines for the beneKt of the
community in which it is located.
No other agency can or will do
this. The local editor, in pro
portion to his means, does more
for his town than any other ten
men, and in fairness, man with
man, he oujjchl to be supported
not because you happen to like
him or admire his writing: but
because a local paper is the best
investment a community can
, in ike. tt may not be brilliant
or crowded with groat thoughts,
j but financially, it is more of a
bcnol,tto a community than a
Puncher or a teacher. Under-
lsknnd"8 now we do not mean
morally, or intellectually, but
hnaneially, ftnd yet on a moral
question you will lind the major
ity of local papers do the most
work for the least money of any
men on earth. Subscribe for
your local paper not as a charity
but as an investment.'' -Ex.
Order of Publication.
statkof Missouri, i
County or Pkmiscot
In Hie Circuit, Court,
term, mi-'.
Maltio Morgan. I'laintilT,
Walter Morgan, Defendant
Tin1 Stale nl Missouri to tin' Altmi'l
Named Delendanl, GlM-.l'riNi;: I
You an herein notified that an :k
Hon has iiccn commenced uyainst ,mui
in Hie t lie lit Conn, of tlie 1 ounl; ol
I'eiiiiscui, in tlie State ol Missouri,
or the iiiirposo ol ui-soluni: t. el
mini- 'i iii.iiriiiioiij iieri'iomu cou-
ti acted between tlie plaintiU' and -aid
defendant. n tlie "rounds ol indigni-tie-.
wlncli -aid action is ictiirnublc
on the llr-t tli; of the next term ot
-aid Court. 1 lie begun and holilen at
Ihe courthouse in the Cit; ol Carutb-er-ville.
in tin Count,; 'of IVmiscnt
and Stale ol Missouri, when und
1 1 ... .l I -r...
where Jim ma. appear and delend
suvii acimn. oinerise j'laiiiuii s po -
titioti wir In-taken as uonles-ed and
judgement rcudcietl accordingl;, .
And II Is lurtlier ordered, that a
cop. hercnl be published, according I he granted In the court, answer or de
to law, in the H.iUi Herald, a news- mur to the petition in said cause the
paper published in said Count; ot same will betaken as confessed
I'emi.scot, tor four weeks suocossivel;, and judgement will be rendered ae
niililnhed at lesist once a week, the cordinyh. An it is further order
last insertion to be at 'east liftien ed that a eopj hereof lie pub-iia.-beloiv
the lirat day ol -aid next . lished. aooor-ilinir to law. in tlie
.November Term of this Court.
K. S. IliilTman, On cult Clerk.
I! Leslie Ferguson, Deput.
A trni eop from the record.
Witness m. hand, and seal of the
Circuit Court ot Pemiscot CountA,
this r.th iiu. of September, r.n.
seal 1 K. S Huflman. Circuit Clerk.
Leslie Ferguson, D. C
Order of Publication.
Action to Enforce Tax Lien.
In the Circuit Court of Pemiscot
Countj, Missouri, November Term,
Tlie State of Miesoiiri at the rela-
Itmn and to the use of Chas. K.Pierce,
Collector ol the Revenue in and lor
l i the Count i of Pemiscot in the State
ot Missouri, Plaiutitl,
If. H. Walker, Defendant.
Now at this da conies the plaintiff
! '"-'rem. in person, and Hies his pen-
.tlnn nilrl ulllilfir.T. nllMuimr. tiiimn,,
wiiin this state. Whwvupnn it is j
, m"n-rtjii i iiil1 v irrtt ill viii'iuiiou ;
' tbt cui.l A. Ft. ,!.! I.t noiiiLwl t ' i
, publication that planum has com-j
1 inenced a suit against him in ibis
court the object and general nature ot
I which Is to "enforce the lien ot the!
Slate ol Missouri for ceiiain -tatM
1 lave-, couut.i taxes, jail tiind la.vs,
school lund ta.i-i levee taxes, and'
I drainage taxes, allot which are de-1
I linquent, due. ow ing and unpaid, in
tlii sums and for the ears -et out be
I low, to wit: For tlie'eiir 1!H)7. W 01.
together with interest. Ices and costs.
Ion and against the following real
'estate, situate in the Counl of I'emi-
1 scot, State of Missouri, to-wit: The,
lllllL ill HI UVJI-II'IIIIM V" llllllliril 111
north half of southwest iiiarler. sec
tion nineteen (I'.i), townslup si teen
(1(i). north range eleven (II) east
' ah as shwn hv the eerniieii iv hi!
filed with said i.elition and made part
""'"-of, and to obtain judgment
again.st said lands loreelosing said
hen, and for .-.a id tuxes, inteiest. fee.s I
and eosls as aforeaid, and to obtain ,
a speeial execution and order ol .sale
tor .said lands and lor the iament ot
said taxes, eolleetor's fees, clerk's
lees, attorney's lees, interest, penal:.;
and costs accruing in this suit. And
that unless the said Ii. H. Walker, b"
and appear at this court at the next
term thereof to be begun and holden
In tho I'm of Carulhersville at the
courthouse in said couiit, on the INtli
iiu. ol November next and on or be
fore the first illiv ol said li-ini, unless
further time be granted by the court,
answer or demur to the petition in
said cause the same will lie taken as
conic-soil an judgment will lie render
ed accord i nyU. And it is further or
dered that a oop hereof he published,
according lo law, in the llayti Hera'd,
a newspaper published in said count;.,
for lour weeks succcssiel , published
at least once a week, the last inser
tion to be at least fifteen Jus befoie
the lirst da. ol the said next Novem
ber Term ol Ibis court.
K. S. Iliillman. Circuit Clerk.
Leslie Ferguson, Deputy.
A true oop from the record.
In witness whereof, I have hereunto
set m) hand as Clerk and allixed the
seal of said Court. Done at oflice in
the Cit.i of Carulhersville. state and
count; ulloresaid, this the 'J.'Jrd (lav
o .September. A. lb, 1!U-'.
seul K S. Il'ill'inan, Cur ut Clerk.
Je.slie Ferguson. leput.
Order of Publication.
Action to Enforce Tax Lien.
In the Circuit Court of IVmi.sool
Countj. Missouri, November Term,
The .Statu of Missouri at the rela
tion and to the use ot ( 'htm. Ii. Pieieo,
Collector of (he Revenue in and tori
the Count.; of I'emiscol in Ihe State
of Missouri, I'laintill,
H. H. Hart, Tiiiiolh; I'lillen. i aro
line Ite; nobis ami F.llen Kaiisdale,
Now al this da.; comes the plaintilT
herein, in person: and tiles his peti
tion and alllduvit, alleging, among
other things, that defendants, Caro
line Reynolds and Kllen Ransdale,
are not icsidents of the State of Mis-
sourl so Hint the onlinnry process of
law rannol be served upon them with
in tills state. Whereupon it is order
ed by tho Clerk in Vacation that said
defendants he notllled bj publication
that plaiutifl lin.s communed a Mill
against tlieni In this court tho object
and general nature of which is to en
forco the lien of the State of Missouri
for certain State Taxes. Count.; Tnes
.tail Fund Tuxes, School Fund Tuxes,
Leveis Tuxes, und Drainage District
Taxes all ol which lire delinquent due.
owing and unpaid, in the sums und
tor the ears sot out below, to-wit
Kor the .war 11)0", $l:J.tM: for the
;ear llius, 7 (7; for the ; ear 11)011.
$S 87; together with interest, lees and
costs on and against the billowing
real estate, situate in the County of
Pemiscot, Statu of Missouri, to-wit.
The cast half of the northeasl quar
ter of section ten (10). in township
nineteen (lit), north range twelve (12)
east. And also nn undivided one
ball of tin east halt of the northeast
quartern) si clion ten (10). in town
ship ninett en (10). north range twel
m M'J) east. All as shown b; Hie
certilied ta lull lilcd with said neli
; tinn and made pan thereof, and lo
i obtain judgment, against stud laud-.
forrelosin.r -aid lien, and foi -aid
lntei est. fees and costs as
. '
iiiorcsiiui, aim u omain a Hpeeiai "iau oi .Missouri, to-wit: i.ots ono
evocation anil order of sale tor said and two of northwest quarter, section
lands and for the psninent ol said two ("J), twp. twont; (20). north range
tae-. collecior's fre. cleric'- tees I twelve (l'J)ea-t. Alias shown b;
atu rm.i '- lees, ir.teiost, penal t and i the oerlil'uMl tax bill tiled witli said
costs accruing in this suit. And that petition and made part thereof, and
unle the said Caroline Re nobis and to obtain judgment against said lands
K.lleu llansdale, lie and uppcai at ' tnreclo-hig said lien, and for -an!
this court at tho next term thereof to tuxes, interest, lees and costs us afore
ue begun and holden at tile Court- said, and to obtain a special execu
' noiise in nie i itv ot Curnlliers; ille in
said count; , on the lSth ilinntNo;-
. ember nevi, and on or before
Hie lir-t
ilai nf -nut term, nnluv- f i,.il,..,-m,,,..
Ha.Mi Herald, a newspaper published
in sum county tor lour weeks seoes;,ive
lv, published at least once a week, the
I last insertion to be at least fifteen
days botoie the lirst day ot said next
Novemher Term of this com I.
K. S. Huffman, Circuit Clerk.
i Leslie Ferguson, Deiiut..
A true eop from the record.
In witness wheieol, I hae hereunto
set m band a- Clerk and allixed the
seal of said Court. Done at nllice in
the Cit; of Caiuthet'ivillc. stale and
county aforesaid, this 2,'!nl dav of
Septeinher. . D.. 1012.
seal J K. S. Huffman, Circuit Clerk.
15 Leslie Ferguson, Deput.i.
Order of Publication.
Action to Enforce Tax Lien.
In the
Countx ,
Circuit ( ourt of I'eini-cot
Missouri, Novemher Term,
a A,-., -'-iJAh.vMi-H-7a'V.Js-?i.iftiftv a,n4fe-?i
y ' -KINf,
I -?L
"King B" Hats
.--?' il 3CT WNrrt VT JL "h
Mesdames Pearl Gaskins and Ada
Bridges have bought a complete line of
millinery goods that will please the wear
er and those who see them. 1 hey will
be able to to furnish hats, caps, etc., from
baby to grandma.
They will have a department com
plete within itself.
Their stock will please you.
TheStato of Mlssoilri at the relation
and to the use of Chas. 11. Pierce,
Collector of the Kovenue In and tor
the County of Pemiscot, in the State
of Missouri, Plaintiff,
U. I j. Pa vis and A. S. Davis, Defen
dants. Comes now the plaintifi heroin nam
ed as well as b his attorney, and tiles
his petition and alllduvit, alleging,
anion;.' other things that delendants,
U. Ij. Davis und A. S. Davis, are. not
residents of the Stale ol Mi-snarl, so
' that tho ordinar; process ol luw can
not tie served upon them within this
Stale. Whereupon it is ordered b
the; lerk in Vucaiiou that said defen
dants he notilied In publication that
pluintill has commenced a suit against
them in this court the object and gen
eral nature of which is to enfnrco tlie
lien ot the State of Missouri forcer
tain Slate Taxes, County Taxes. Jail
Fund Taxes, St honl Fund Taxes,
I.'vee Taxes, and Druinnire District
Taxes, all which ate delinquent due.
owing and unpaid, in the sums and
lor the veats set out below, to wit'
For the ear !)l7, -I'J.liO: tog.'tlu r
with intenst, In s and costs on and
against the following real estate,
situate in the Count; of Pemiscot,
tion and order of tie for said land
and for the nimucnt of -aid taxe-.
collector's fees, clerk's lees, nltornev 's
tie-, intetcst, penaln and costs ac
cruing in this -int. And that unless
the said l. L. Davis and A. S. Davis
be and atqiear at tliis court at the
next term thereof to be begun and hold
en at the courthouse in the City of
Carutliersville, in said county, on the
lSth dav of Nmi'iubor, next,' and on
or before the lir-l day of said term
unless further time lie granted bv tlie
co-irt, answer or demur tn Hie petition
in said cause the same will be taken
as confessed and judgment will lv
rendered accordingly. And it is fur
ther ordered that a copy hereof li"
published, according to law, in the
Havti Herald, a newspaper published
in said county, for four weeks siicoes
sivel), published at least once a week,
the last insertion to be at least iifteon
days before tlie lirst da of said next
November Term of this court.
Ii S Hiifliuan. Circuit Clerk.
By Leslie Ferguson, Deputv .
A true cop fcun the record.
Ii witness whereof, 1 ha ve hereunto
set my hand as Clerk and affixed tho
seal of said Court. Done at cilice in
the City of Caruthers Hie. State and
Conntv aforesaid, Hit- the 23rd da of
sca'l September . D. 1012.
Ii. S. Huffman, Circuit Clerk.
1J Ias)io Foiguson, Depu.
R'i HAT !&Z
for Queenly Ladies

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