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The Hayti herald. (Hayti, Mo.) 1908-1922, October 10, 1912, Image 2

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'I 'iMS tlMMl MlMfrn
Mrs. A. Iloge is ill this wcolc.
Yale padlocks i-'C cents ut UticldeyN.
Mrs Dr. F. A. Mayes bus re
turned from her visit tolvennett.
for Ifl cents
25 rent oiwpi tints
Btu;klc s.
S'un Pi key and .loiT Aloxiuulor
of Portagevillo wore in Ilayti
Toktij extracts are the vr.nv ni:vr.
An, flavor , on witnl al ttuckle.s's.
. Mrs. Clarence Mayes of Ken P'" !?r T0 lmmls
... ... nnunns Driijr Store.
ne.il i- visiiniK in Hayti thK
to be used, audit will likely he j whatever they maybe, and as
sonic time before the new build- j they are .somniloquousing in the
in? can be used. The teachers, ' same bed they are in si position to
Miss Minnie Winters of Lutes- know what dreams are. It is no
villo, Mo., Miss Dorthy Mize of uncommon thing for republicans
Puxico, Mo., Miss Ruby Smith to denounce a democrat's veraci-
of Kennett, Mo., Miss Jesse Hill tv and we are not at all pertrubed
of Fulton Mo., Miss Idlin Wright ovor tlv announcement, but rath-
and Verna Welborn of ('ape Gir- er consider it was a ecimpliment
ardeau, Mo., and Miss Letitia in this instance.
McFarlanri of this city, are all
here, and have assumed their la-' REPUBLICAN' A KGIWIENT.
bora. i ,,r i i t ,-,
We would just like our readers
ouon ncKPi-s aniiM -To t se No to know what the llenublifi.ni
Dr. Traut- ln..i,,nn..f i r ,... ,.i. ... ....
innu uui s (.- .1 ll
A liltli- more Ai'liiifkle coll cc at the
old price tit l!in'kk''s
Democrats, Republicans, Bull Moosers, Socialists and
argument is.
nounced that we could no stoon
Two prisoner held in the to bandv low Muni: epithet.-, with
Fnrnlelt jail as suspects for roll- t,. republican-.' pper and the
bing railroad cars were burned , following i their rnnlv:
I .Illill'P W A.!i f. Minn !ini1 l-nni.
-'-''!-" '... .!. ....... If. .Ill-
!,. .xl n K, Il ....4 i.:i. .1
.... 1 i 1 I I 1 ll C d lu"n sviui- .uiimiitimieo
Prohibitionists, men, women and children, each and all oi. over to nayti Tuesday.
(Set a cobbler's set and
you are especially invited to attend the greatest political
gathering and Democratic rally ever held in this section;
of the state,
"U.iinplionl". "Why not yin
make it i personal matter, grand
nri." "There is some kind of an
repair otir, : ,1,., I,Wiilolt, inil foi
I...... ... I r,n ... i i. '
mir until .Monday when
I Wanted
I he great principles of Democracy as enunciated by Jei-ic,,,i,i J'"- - ,,antl
J J J j mantis l)ni Store.
ierson, Jackson and ail the great Democrats Irom the
I Well
I rived.
founding of this Republic down to and including that stal
wart American citizen, scholar and diplomat, Woodrow j .k
Wilson, will be expounded and explained by noted
orators, to-wit:
cratic Congressman from the 9tli Con
gressional District of Tennessee.
HON. HENRY JST, Mayor of, 2
Kansas City, Missouri.
cratic Congressman from this District
and other notable speakers on that occasion, at
to death Saturday nijyht about
lltUO. They wereaiTostoo early
in the evening by Pity Marshal
Win. Cruse of Tlhno and placed "bnal by the name of York run-
-ile keep- "'" . l lu'lf' nw. calleri the
tia.vn iieraui, in a small vil
lage in the remote partol the
enmity." "The kind of York ir,
is we are unable to Miy." "Like
ly grand nn York: inaylie Pollv
Yorl; cabhaue called early york,
let it be male or female, 'deamoo'
w,l.V i or devil: is :i i-:ilili!ii luv.w ,.-,
.Scott C unity Democrat. ' presume would be The most, sip
,...,.,, . 'piopnate name for it. "If yon
s published that we have , ,.mwi,im- .hi. .... .,.,'., i
l. , .......... . . .... ,.,,., hi jh;i.-.ipiih I,
ll not a friend amontr the nowsoan- irivo n ;i few mmiit.w nrf;,.Q ;,
HI COnilKHiy Willi ) , op, ,f pnm.ui mimhr un1 n (U'lloi- l,ll:lt wo mnr vnK Mw aM.m
house, j iU.t,ions speak kinder than word.s, l du.ster of a feather to fan you in
uie river won upon your arriv
al." "A typical jackass you are;
noisy, brainless, harmless."
.1. S. Walil of f'aruthesvill at- were to be taken to flhno for lire
tended to business in tlii.s eity I liminary examination. The on
Tuesday. 'jn of the lire is unknown but
cotton pickers to u-c Nn the general opinion is the men
Ur. 'J'raui-, were trying to burn theii
the new editor has sir
He came in Tuesday
It h
ycs, .stopjied at our
unpacked his grip, and
I ins proclamation
stout. husky,
issuer! , .i.., sf..tpmp ir cannot bedoubterl.
He is big, 'jn,0 announcement does not come
doubli fisted. ,..s nows tons nut ....... sr,,.V(, t(,
bull-necked, and has no yellow , lllol. fnllv ,...:,. ii,,, nnh.i(. ,lf
t l
the true attitude of the combina
tion lined up against us .since the
came voluntarily
streaks along his spine.
TIiimi is ii nice premium cumin;? to
WMi when ou sppnd ten dollar.-, Ods.li ; information
... 1'., ,.).!,,. i A.I. r.. :. i
irom the arrayment themselves.
dcoooi oieneo .MontKiy, an me i it i-, ?l bokl aflmission and we
I teachers being present, ami one ,mn .,, nf,nni w:n nnlv.nn,,.
would judge by lo ikinr at them . , ., . ... '
tint thev Mill make (1( fl. ate the true significance of ,t.
Supt W. H. .lohnson hardly wait I w1 do not d'"- th ill will of
ed to shake hands with Us before1
handing in a dollar for the Her-,
Id, whicii shows that he recog-
:...... u... I m. i
I 111,1-s nn- iiiMjif iii)tr. weiitive,
I arranged to give Mr. Johnson a
special dep,irtni(nt in thtiaper
That speaks in unmistakable
nieaMircs for itself and needs no
re otii1 p.iiior -.mp. it m pesHiblv
lii'faiisi' j on li.ive not rctH'wiii.
I'lultMim to rivc oer one iiinpn
tin e to it now. Inil not iiPiiiMn troi"
veil tilt- iMppruill -iih'1 Htop. It i-.
vnurilntx tn icll lis if you rt.int tln
p.ipcr coi.tniiu'ii.
anyone, but if friendshii must
be purchased at the cost of sa
te pay. e prefer the friend
ship of the people, which we be-
to devote to the interest of the lieve we have, and it is to them
KvHryhocly who men v. liiskcv
al,.,lllll M.I.J I llu Kuul It ..a it. vt u. 1.1 .
ctilege the price is to dear for us , l() m , u' n
makt n lirimk, leaves nti
affect, in bHl'nr tnr j our henllh ana
will ni.tk you feci no. irl. Ymi cm;i
t;t)i it at Fri-H Moianw Siiluon. 21
H-ivti schools, and w believe he
will accomplish much good by
this method.
II ou arc not liuvinir irond liiscuit,
it is tmr on n f.tnlt. for jim can al
sts aiH Kc"'llo'' Hour at Bucli
lev's, winch ncvur tails.
School opened Monday, but the
we owe our duty and allegiance.
The republicans' paper says
"it would belives L'icey's d reams
vs. a sworn stitement from us."
I ;vs u ie.v is ii on i cl'uiji.v usiuvp so
tar as dem icrtcy is concerned
there is little else for the repub-
l the hest litnl latest in drinks a',
Kivd Morgan's s.iloon. Or if ou
u.it whiskcv, im or heer for jottr
)ainil or for medicine, the stout; u
li.raL' and ou cm yet what you citi'
t ir. -Jiff
new building is not in readiness Means to believe, but his dreams,
fitllf r a I utile ol Tip Top, Leme'i
special hi .
kSxhs o WlSmxra
mem mm ' f f
Your Chance to
Help Democrats Win
A grand barbecue will be given at that time and place for
the occasion, and all sorts of amusements customary on'
such occasions will be had at this great barbecue and
rally. A brass band, one of the best in the country, will
enliven the day with music. ,
W JpL WLjp wLM Wm S) I mj lH
There will be an excursion train run from Portageville through Hayti,
Caruthersville and all intermediate points to Steele for one-half fare.
This train will make connection at Caruthersville with the Deering,
Southwestern railway train from Deering and Braggadocio. It leaves
Portageville at 9:00 a. m., arriving at Steele at 1 0:30, and leaves
Steele for Portageville at 4:30 p. m. There will be the biggest crowd
ever assembled in Pemiscot County and the biggest political gathering
and rally ever had in Southeast Missouri. Let us all spend one day
together, have a good tjme and enjoy the big barbecue and hear the
good music, see our old friends, make new ones and renew acquaint
ances, and last but not least hear the speeches from these national ora
tors and help to bring about a great Democratic victory in this country. '
Send One DoTar to Contributors' Wilson and Marshall
League and Get Certificate For v
Framing. 3 a!
The Contributors' National Wilson and Marshall lpaguo lias been orpanlTPd with V O. Mc.doo, vice chalrmnn
of tho national Demociatlc committee, as pirpident, Charles It, Crane, vice chairman of the finance conimlttpo of
thH national Democratic committee, a? treasurer and Stuart G. Gibbony as secretary for tho purpose of aiding In
raising funds for the national campaign by popular subscription.
In furtherance of this purpose llth graphed certificates have been prepared. Miltnble for framing, on which are
engraved portraits of Oopnior Wlls in i.nd .Marshall and their autographs and which cettlfy that the holders
have contributed to the national Democratic campaign. The denominations of these certificates are $1 l'i $5 $10
2r. $50 and $100
Tho Ieaguo supplies these certificates to clubs in large numbers, so thpy may be issued when contributions nro
made. It 1b bolioved the solicitation of funds will bo greatly aided by this method.
The name and addreBi of each contributor should be forwarded to the Contributors' National Wilson and Mnr
nball league, room 1,3(58, Fifth Avenue building, New York city, where a complete record of all contributors will ba
A facsimile of the artistic certificates Issued by this league follows:
ls0MiiiiimMi i
n? 1SH2 $iv?
SntinM icNfrr'Jftfrrif,,i'',,irt jef-tuAtrr " 'I nLj
' il S7 'ST. , i t T t ji ' - .
" i t
: i
.. . M.. M ,wi ,,. ,.M , , ,n "
r.'Jrliiifi.:.:i7L, ?rr
SC'Si"!" " " - '
QM. &LjLjhj6.f ,c2
yf "7
' - J'
1 I
R, Xj. W rCl? Chairman of Democratic Central Committee.
-O. Jj . il. 11611, Secretary.
,-f v-4 amm- .
$syQtac$&$i!2$lss? gssssjgtfjgjfxi'g sT)v:V!tiii

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