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Democratic Nominee for President of the United States.
,One of
the Vice-Presidents of the Woman's National Wilson and Marshal
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Mrs. Cone Johiibon or 'll..r i .v ., ..f ti... .....
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Romans Nntlonal Wilson unil Marshall organization uiu! president of thn '
A llson and Marshall Woman's organisation In Texas. Is In New York where
the will remain duitmr in,- lest of the presidential campaign hi connection
with the work of the national organization at tin- Ik adquiuters in Hie I'll ill
Avenue building. Mrs. .Icl.nson cam- east with her htiMand, who H ni.e
Of the moht prominent politicians, most successful lawver.H and most led
Rant orators In Texas, to attend the Baltimore convention Mr. .lolinseii una '
chairman of thu Texas delegation which, as Is well known wis solid for '
Governor Wilson throughout the famous Baltimore sessions. lie will ac
lively participate In the campaign, delivering a number of speeches for tin- .
ticket. Mrs Johnson has been spending the sumir.-r In the eat and v. ill
remain here to do all In hor power for the advancement of the Uemoeiatic
cause and the electlcn of Wilson and Marshall ',
Mrs Johnson has done splendid work In her own state at the head of
the organization of women which has been working with Micce-s in a well
d'rocted effort to raise tunris for the Democrat ! cans.- and inctease Interest
In the canipaiKH S!ie was president of the Texas F-deiatlon of Wr-menH
Clubs nnd has for years been active In that organization She was foim.-.lv
presld. nt or the Teas division Knltetl n-mehturs of the Conf..'der iev Sli" '
vaa fcr over ten years a member of the board of reger.Mi of the (' liege of
1-destrial Arts located at Denton. Tex. Tins board was the tlrtst m tlw
lam rv of the state to include' women j
Mrs Johnson" presence will add material strength to '.he splendid head-
ci-irN-s force of the national organization with which she 1b olliciaily coo- '
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Wile of the Dsmocrttlc VIce-PresidcntNl Nominee. Honorary Vlcc-Presldenl j
Woman's National Democratic League. '
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Mrs '1 nonius It. Marshall, wife of the vice-presidential nominee ot tha
Democratic party Is a Keen student of affairs nnd ns the coiiBtant compan.
Ion of her husband has had an exceptional opportunity of specializing on
human mitui A very piactlcul and far-reaching result of this peculiar In
terest in the lurgt r tumll; u! the state she has no children of her ownla
found in 'he loi.g list ol humanitarian hlllb passed by the Indiana legislature
'during her husbands regime as goeruor. A bill to curtail child labor heads
the list which numbers t went v. and includes alun-st everv legal correction
Tor the immediate relief of labor, especially for that pertaining to women
and children
The Marshall home, like that of the Wilsons', is a home of books, and
yet One d0CB llOt feel "llniilrlt.li" iL-tflili, Itc ..llo ... ii., .......
. . no . ..iin. vh nit: njijii.il v, uue leeis
very much nt home there the moment Mrs. Marshall appears upon the scene.
'Ilflfl Ir liiLi;iViti:i i..... ... . . I. . .. . k . i
... .. ,,wcEUij uiuie (u w in u .v.r aiarsunu comes in
They are nich chums, this "tender hearted" governor and his wife, and
Where one lb the other Is pietty sure to be found. They have traveled all
over the country together, ni.d If the Woman's Vational Democratic league
has anything to do with It they will soon be going to Washington together.
Mrs, Marshall is hmuirui-v vlen.nroulrluni it Hi.. I,......,,. ...,.i i i..
efted In Its work, not becauee It lb part of the campaign, but because sho
r,.rMftll9flG ll... IIA.InnH n .1.. . . .
.,.. vv ,,,.-1 ui.uut.-uvj oj uiu juovemeni to euueute women in the prlie
I ciples of Democracy.
Farmers have awakened to the folly
?f the i-r-callt'd bleEblugs of a prottc-
Ive tariff I
Winning with Wilson means rnrirn
Ibmn a mere Democratic virtory It.
liiifcafls rtatorluK reaj protiueriiyv J'
South Amerlcfn Vulture.
Of all vultures or eagles the hand
roineet Is found In the forests of
South America. Its plumcge Is Hue
erenm in color, with black quillB, and
!in head U brilllaat lu red uud or-
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. ..W : l ' ' - '
. s
President Woman's National Wilson and Marshall Organization.
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Ml Miliill
fcniiM. immm mm m ---.-.- - -Tmin ininir- iTiimiii f n niMMl
Democratic Nominee for Vice-President of the United States.
' : : - .
ifftwiMvvwi '
(Jov. Wilson saia to tno newspaper
men, at the Now York Press Club
banquet: "Suppose you had a Houte
of Representatives mixed like the pres
ent Senate. I think wo could all go
Jlshitig for the next two years." Hut
he's at the helm and there woif't be
any mixing. Domocruts that's all.
Homing Instinct of Craba.
Crabs have the homing Instinct. Two
taken from the coasi of Yorkshire,
England, were marked nnd then re
leased on the coast of Lincolnshire, 80
ulles away, and were captured a sec
ond time In the trap from which the
ut-d first been taksa.
Corresponding Secretary of the Woman's National Democratic League.
The Woman's National Democratic league, of which Mrs. Woodrow Wil
Ron and Mrs. Thomas II. Marshall, wives of the leading Democratic candl
dates, are honorary president and honorary vice-president respectively anc
Mrs. John S. Crosby is president, has opened headquarters at 1123 Mroadway
New York city, la charge of the corresponding secretary, Mrs. Stephen U
Ayres, wife of Congressman Ayres of New York
The work being accomplished dally by Mrs. Ayres and her corps of str.
nographers and aids is not for the campaign moment only, but foundation
building for the future of Democracy. It Is the first strictly woman's na
tlomil political movement to be organized in the United States and, as such
appeals to thinking women everywhere.
"It lias not declared for or against the question of equal suffrage noi
should It be expected to do so any more than It would discuss the questions
of religion, raid Mrs. Ayres from her post as "live wire" of the league
'Wo are simply good Democrats banded together for 'the greatest good tc
the greatest number' of American housewives, who today are required to na
more in this country for American goods than they would have to tmv f'oi
the same goods In a foreign land"
She is especially Interested in the tariff on articles In constant feminine
use and has developed Into quite a speaker at the "houpcwlvea"' meeting
of the tariff committee of the national Democratic committee.
Wife of the DemocrgHr. Prerident'al NcrrOtoe. Honorary PresJdent of tho'
Woman's National DeiTP'-i-atlc League.
.. .i.nii.i.1,1 i. , i... . mini. .a. i.i ii.n n
. . ; ' CJ
,'t . ''" ., ".'!''' "' ;V
,SMmtMk 'til
W:0imm& ,;' '",v! "
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'-., -' j?' '' " ''t '' '-Vie' :v ""'
Mrs. Woodrow W7ilson, wife of the now leader of Democracy and prob
able next mlstresB of the White House, is perhaps tho most interesting wom
an in the United States today. This Is inevitable not because she wishes
It, for sho does not and Is as firm as a rock In her conviedon that being the.
wile of a public man doos not necessitate nor call for a woman's becoming a
publicity Keeker. Sho successfully resisted all appeals of pholographers and
interviewers until Mr. Wilson's nomination as Democratic candidate for the'
presidency was un fait accompli. This modesty is easily traced to her south-,
ern ancestry and trnlning and is characteristic also of her distinguished
She was born Ellen Louise Axson, daughter of a Presbyterian divine ofi
savannah, Ga,, whoso family, so far as ho knows, is the only one of the.
name In America.
Like Mr. Wilson, she has ono brother and one sister living, all in the
same literary circle as the doctor and herself.
In this atmosphere of learning Mrs. Wilson could hardly be expected to
bo other than she Is widely rend, broad-minded and charitable, devoted to-'
her home and the principles for which it stands.
She 1ms marked ability as an artist, and it is said that a portrait painter
or ability was spoiled when she married the young barrister who had then
given up tho practlco of his profession to specialize on tho subject that hau
mado him a presidential nominee.
Mrs. Wilson's three daughters Misses Margaret Woodrow Wilson, Jes
sle Woodrow Wilson and Eleanor Randolph Wilson-possess the mental
characterle'.lcB of their father's and their mother'B artistic temperament, com
bined in Buch a way as to give zest to every moment of their lives and pro
tectlon from the foibles of the world. They form, Indeed, an ideal family
circle, ono that It would bo well for every American household to emulate.
ww w m nwvvvwyvw Nw
The Bull Moose ran thinim with
big stick at Washington for seven and
a half years and didn't by act or wore
smite the bosses he now rails against
or promote tho causes be now "em
bodies." Being "a practical man," he
asks a third, etc., term.
The Democrats are not taking tho;
election of Wilson for granted. They'
are working and working harder than'
In a score of yearn and working us a
unltPd party.

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