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VOl j. 4.
NO. 40.
Milwaukee, Wis.. Oct, II.- Hopkins. Mo.. Oet. f.- Mayor
Cnl Theodore HuHv,.,.lt. ,.xj Henry L. .ki-t of Kansas City
president of th l'nit-d States ' will be welcomed in Hopkins
and candidate for re-election to! -M'"day for the second time in
that office, was shot a ho whs i his life. The first time he was
leaving Hotel Gilpulriek shortly lu;l"'' in.v .vent's spoils 11 waif
n Iter 8:00 o'clock, as In- lett thol,, wf number of New York
hotel to deliver his speech, the , children, either orphans or do
luill miring ..iVi.et in Hie lireust. serted by their parents. He re-
ami being arrested by the matin-1 turns to Hopkins as the Execu
seriptofthe speech, which he live of the second largest, city in
carried in his pocket, produced tlu state and an attorney,
but a slight wound. The Col., When Jo.sl came here the Hirt
continued on his way and deliver- time he was far from being a
ed his speech, apparently little pretty youngster, and while the
the worse for the ordeal. .others were meeting with
The shot was tired by .John ' plenty of chances for homes he
Sehrenk of :i7U East' Tenth was passed by until the last,
street, New York, who was titk-1 Then u poverty-stricken farmer
en into custody immediately and ;:nd his wife, loeling sorry foi
ls thought to be demented.! the homeless youngster, decided.
Alter delivering his speech, j u take him into their home, al
Col. Roosevelt left for Chicago. , though they could ill afford to
refusing to be examined by the keep him.
surgeons. I nu" lnns Hie waif grew to boy-
j hood. By da. he worked hard
hand-' on lnu lurm -v night he read by
the light of the fireplace, as did
Abraham Lincoln.
Then the farmer went to the
poorhouse and .Tost had to hunt
a new home and his home be
came wherever his hat happened
to be while he worked at odd
jobs. But, the ambition to be a
lawyer siezed him and he saved
enough to help him through
while he went to law school.
And alter that success came to
him, slowly, it is true, but suc
cess just the same.
Hopkins will turn out en masse
to greet the former waif Mon
day. An elaborate list of enter
tainments has been arranged for
him and the town is going to
show .Tost that while he may
not have not, cut, much figure
when he first came here, 'it is
different now.
Cotton brought some
some prices in Hayti last, week,
going as high as .-5 1.30. We have
tried to keep up with the cotton
market in Hayti. and have beg
ged the buyers and ginners with
tears in our eyes 10 furnish us
with information, but they do not
seem to realize the importance of
doing so. Hayti is one of the
best cotton markets in the coun
ty, and has been for many years,
and if a little news was given out
every week many more people
would come to Hayti. But, your
home newspaper's lianas are
tied, unless you assist it.
Henry Sutton, who is attend
ing to the gin at Concord, was .it
home Saturday and Sunday.
Some one has circulated the vp
report that if elected to the office
oixionstable. for which Mr. Sut
xon is candidate, he would not
serve. Mr. Sutton emphatically
denies any such thing, and says
that he is only trying to work to
make a living until the election
is over, and that if elected, he
will give all his time and atten
tion to the office, and we are sure
no better man could be elected.
Keep Your Taxes Down
On Tuesday, March 23, lilUH, Governor Hadlcy, who had then
been Governor but little more than two months, introduced a resolu
tion (see pages 31-03 Record State Board of Equalization for 1909)
providing that every farm and city home in this State should be
assessed at its actual cash value, thus trebling the assessments
throughout the State. Governor Hadley voted FOR that resolution,
mid it was DEFEATED by the votes" of Attorney-Genoral Major,
Secretary of State Roach, and State Auditor Gordon (see page 33
Record State Board of Equalization foT 1909).
This is the RECORD showing Hadley's attempt to TREBLE
THE TAXES, and showing how the scheme was killed by Major,
Roach and Gordon.
Now, what does the Republican party say? Read this, from the
Republican platform:
"We pledge lo the people of Missouri in the nomination and
election of our standard bearer. JohrC. McKinley, the same high
degree of faithful service in the performance of his official duties as
exemplifies the administration of Herbert S. Hadley, and a continua
tion of these policies," etc.
Mr. Republican Tax-Payer, where does this hit YOU?
In a public statement several months ago Attorney-General
Major, who was the first candidate for Governor to declare against
the Single Tax, said:
"I am opposed to the Single Tax because I am opposed to heap
ing any further burdens upon the overburdened farm and homo
owners of this State; and I am opposed to the trebling of the State
assessments because the trebling of the assessments upon Missouri
farms and homes would have meant the trebling of the taxes upon
Missouri farmers and householders throughout the State, when an
a matter of fact the State already has all the revenue it needs, and
I have always believed that UNNECESSARY TAXATION IS
Let the records speak. The issues are clearly drawn. Major for
Governor, Roach for Scretar of State and Gordon for Auditor, are
candidates on the Democratic ticket. If elected, they will remain on
the State Board of Equalization and will constitute a majority of
that Board. Republicans as well as Democrats should vote for them.
PUT TRIED MEN ON GUARD. Take no chances.
Yo u
"We will see iti when archan
gels control the press."
Occasionaly it becomes the du
ty of a practical editor to give to
the very intelligent, and imprac
tical people, who are always de
manding an ideal newspaper a
very common sense reason why
it will never be published.
And the reason is based on a
few questions like these:
Has anybody ever seen or
heard of an ideal minister?
Has anybody ever seen or
heard of an ideal college president?
was anyooay ever seen
heard of an ideal doctor?
Has anybody ever seen
heard of an ideal banker?
Has anybody ever seen
heard of an ideal lawyer?
Has anyboby ever seen
heard of an ideal merchant?
We are decidedly of the opin
ion that a loud and emphatic
"'No!" is the answer to each
Because the representative of
the callings named are all human,
with the usual numbers of vir
tues and faults. And editors.
being human, are in the same)
class. Therefore when the!
world is peopled by angels and
the llPWqnnilPVe nro rnn fviilln1
j by archangels we shall see the l
.ideal newspaper and not un-'
I til then. Boston Globe. '
Notice is hereby given that a,
special election will be held in
the City of Hayti. Pemiscot
county, Missouri, on Tuesday,
the 12th day of November, 191 :.
to test the sense of the voters on
the questions as to whether or
nob horses, mules, cows, hogs
and other stock or cattle will be
restrained from running at large
in said city, and whether or not
section 1 of chapter 21 of the
Revised Ordinances of said city,
defining and extending the cor
porate limits of said city, shall
become a law and be approved by
the votors of said city, which
election has been ordered by the
Mayor and Board of Aldermen
of said city by resolution and
order of record. Notice is futher
given that the polling place of
said election shall be at the City
Hall in said city.
P. S. Ravenstein, Mayor.
E. S. Berry, manager of the
telephone business for Caruth
ersville and Hayti, was here Wed
nesday, and paid this office an
appreciated call. We are glad to
see Mr. Berry back with the
company, because we believe if
men like him are retained in the
service a feeling of good will and
friendship will soon become to
exist between patrons and employes.
T. J. Holmes, one of the good '
farmers of near Hay ward, was in
Hayti Saturday night, attending
to business matters, and, as us
ual, before leaving, had to do
some good deed, so he ordered
the Herald sent to his brother,
Jus, T. Holmes, i'.li Stonewall
street, Jackson, Tennessee. j
Is now at hand and we are all anx
ious as to the yield.
It should interest you more as to
spending the proceeds derived from this
crop, than the amount of the crop itself.
Last summer's labor has weakened
all more or less; each man is just a little
more worn out than the year before, like
a machine after a season's running---never
quite as new or good as the year
Since it is an established fact that
you, like a machine, become more worn
each year, it is also a fact, that you
should not dirtribute your money, like a
machine, but should use your very best
judgment in spending this money and
get the very best values obtainable.
"If You Are Not Our Customer You Will Be."
Everything from Everywhere
For the School Room
School Books, Pencils, Inks, Mucilages,
Tablets, Fountain Pens, Erasers,
Book Straps, Pencil Boxes, Book Satchels
Crayons, Etc.
'$&xaM !j?emedLsfrj
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