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The Hayti herald. (Hayti, Mo.) 1908-1922, November 14, 1912, Image 1

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The only Recognized Straight Democratic Newspaper in Pemiscot County.
W rout'ivo inun.v li'ttfi-s of i'ii
I'oiiritjrftUu'iit and coiniiit'ndtit.itin,
hut. of course do not publish
tliL'in. for tln rrtison Hint
t hi poople who writ o llii'in feel
u delicacy about tin-in bt-in pub
Koi- instiiin-t'. whi'ii :i i-oi'tiiin
To in.v frit-nds:
1 imtiU' iin Inmost. Htfhtund lost
inul thoro iii'c no siiru spots about
conrosKinan wrote us a t't-w int-nt.
W sec this morning tho rosnlU Hayti nootls clcotric- lights.
of the will of nioro peoplf than and m-ods thi-in b,id. Nothing
t-vt'f bofoff in tin- historv of tho would tidvortiso Huvti tnoro or
world took part in the poaoolul do t ho oity more good in thy wav j mo. To my friends who stood i
soloi-tion of a ruler
. . . .
More people voted yesterday business growth than electric j fought so hard lor me I have tins
than ever before in any one elee- lights. Rut H.i.vti cannot well I to say: I will some, day repay
own. Of you if I can, and certainly will
in some not, t'oriret, von. For those Who
Work in preparing the way for
the new depot is being pushed sis
fast as possible, and a erew was
kept at work Sunday. Considei
of increasing population and ! so loyally by me in the fight. tind j'lhlo preparatory work must be
tion unih.-r any other govern- put in a plant of her
course we could put
months ago. u-oin mending the' There are -more free people dinky little plant, probably giv- j honestly opposed me 1 have-no
. .. .1. ll. .....l.l ., !......( I.r .ii. ,.1l...riitw l. t)u inir i iliirtit. i-ll I'i'Oll t. imt.il mill. I IMnr !,. fr.lin Irirwlnef. fiinlimr
i...r.r.i.n,.i. ..i' iw. Mii-!ili1. a hoastinir an alleir anee to the mtr Ji ilignt enrrenti until mm-
certain newspaper man in the American Hag than ever existed night, but that would be poor
county immediately wrote to in any other republic. service, compared to what we
,i.. '..mri.wi.um oi'.iietiii.ri We net this morninL'- orders can gel. if we will only try. Our
L 111. . U1J-I V.' 'Illlliii . ...-. . .--,. j- ,--. - - -
against his letter to the Herald.
So. in publishing the follow
ing letter, we omit postoHk-e
and names. The letter follows:
from lO.OOU.OOO people. There sjster city, Oaruthorsville, has
no doubt about their desires, one of the best and most up-to-
thing but the kindest feeling,
but those who otherwise oppos
ed me I leave th"m to their own
conscience. 1 find a great deal
of consolation in the fact that Un
done, such as laying new track
ago, building new platforms, etc.,
as well as changing the transfer
and moving the cattle pen. The
building is let by contract, and
on this account, when actual
work is begun, it will be pushed
to completion. ,
.Judge C. B. Faris was over
from Oaruther.svillea short while
. Mo.. Nov. 0. 1U1:
Will York, Esq.,
Hayti, Mo.
Kriend York.
Enclosed find check lor tour ho must saint
III' iHMlin' iu'i in' ii iii-iiii.i. " ." " " .... - ..g-.w.
r. . .i... .. . ....:..-i .!... .),. i:,.!.!,.. ni.,.,u. in iw i nnnii . unc .-.f ii. nni ii i noeu mi inv lielf. WYidnv. and of course he was
lli IS a glOIlOUS privilege tlliLli ll.lti.- ummi 1""im.' " "" '-uuii- I a ' .-' - "" ..". .i -
the people of this count ry of 1)0, try, giving all night and day cur-', t, won. V won so much and j feeling good over his election to
000.000 souls are able to come to- rents. We are close together, I , . ,,.. ilH h!U)I)V. the supreme oencn. bub we aie
isiire be does not reel more com
i plimented than does his friends.
the people of this country ot 110, try, giving an nigin ana day cur-,oti won. ye won so much
000.000 souls are able to come to- rents. We are close together, i 1()sj S() nulo w, ilV an happy
getherat voting placesaud peace- and the cost of runningthe Cu-, K ;junKN
tutly express their wishes. ruthersville wires to this city. -
dollars, in payment lor the lol- (litni wol.( or ,rUn is sentinel
lowing subscriptions to your pa- ,)V,,. lni, ijuol, box. Everything
The American voter finds no would be small. This would
man standing at the gate whom give Hayti the same service that
No braided sol- Caruthersville has, and at less
cost than we could possibly do
is done in peace and order.
. we no tins snowing our ( That an election such as we
appreciation for your efforts held yesterday can be peacefully
made in the recent election in be- conducted, that the result is ac
hiili" of some of the candidates (.01,toa !ly fmili bv victor and v;m
who had such a hard fight, in or- quished, is a glorious tribute to
der to win. !,mr fonn 0f irovornmont and a
As a matter of fact, neither of vindication of the civilization
us has occasion to visit your u,,dor which we enjoy life,
town often tinder conditions as The nation yesterday was di-
they exist, but you shouldered vidod into five factions
the fight as none other-, in the
(.oiiu'y- Mi.i' i u;ier -and
i iinil iiiir-,t)ii:tl. Thost- tiixos litMuilllt
the work at. home. Why not talk (,i,,,. m,,, mv:tlil.' Oist. 1
City Tax Notice. I u. h. Dowd of Paducah, Ky..
All poisons shoubl --e r.e at oiu-c- came down Tuesday morning to
ami pny thi-ir city tax.-s both r'l I t00i-after his propertv Interests.
these matters over, get together,
and get lights.
We haven't seen Etl (Judge Rd)
Brown since the election, but we
will guarantee his avoirdupois has j ,,,,., ,,r ,
increased by about -J00, and that' ov to call a
ne nas oeen sleeping well.
1!U2. iinil if
not jiuiO li.'fofi- .bin. 1, lOl.'t. lun-nuu-ilulitiiiiii'iit
iiiul :t ;i"iialt will bt ud-k-d
Kx-Ollicio Cullt'Ctor.
Mr. Dowd is a native Pemisco
vian tind has many friends here
who are always glad to see him.
our solicitor nion-
and see YOU about
YOUK subscription, and two
three useless calls is very
This is Volume f, Number 1 of
the Hayti Herald. The Herald
believes that its past has been
! right, and for this reason its
policies will not be changed.
Tlie Spinsters. Convention sib
the city hall Friday night, by
home talent, was enjoyed by all
present, and the door receipts
highly satisfactory. This office
is indebted to the Ladies Aid of
the Methodist church, under
whose auspices the entertain
ment wtis given. The door re
ceipts were $511). 80.
Do you know how to tjll when
your time is out? Well here is
the way. The printed address.,
on your paper gives the date.
Just after your name you will
notice some figures thus:
Doe. John Oct 27 12
which shows that John Doe s
subscription expired October 27.
Or if the date should be Nov 10
12, or Dec 1.) 12, then the sub
scription would' expire on Nov
vember 12, 1912 or December lo,
Kindly bear this in mind, and
when you see your time is out,
or about out, let us hear from
Const-able Bob Watkins, the
efficient constable of Little Pra
irie township, attended to the du-.
Judge J. S. Gossom was over
from Caruthersville Friday, pro
secuting some cases in the jus
tice of peace courts, and some
i prize skui oi corn, tor 'xnilnsiv(, and bothersome,
height o ear was .rough ,n last . -nw . . vm, ... .. .
,....,,. .,.,.. w.v .....w j i wL-eii o.v .joun nncivieov. n.i ' ' me towiisiui-i, iimciiiiru i.w .n-- - ti,,. tUa 1nf1irp' smile
00.000.000 neonle are behtml one ! measured 11 feet : mehes fivm. see us or that you will hand it to , ties ol his office in this city Fri-! ow or otnei , uie .juu0t-
man. and as head of the nation ground to ear. , ,,s pay our SOLICITOR! 'day. would not come off.
loughi lor uln' you 1 bought he will have the support of the
was riuht ami wilhoiu
prejudice on ,o-.ir part.
Yours truly.
Yes. we fought without pre
judice, without, fear or favor and
without remuneration or prom
ises: we fought for love of coun
try and love of home: we fought
for the people and for the prin
ciples we love for what
any .lillu.mu if llm imMliKl I'eiUllllie
that. man. under the goodness of
Cod, ever contrived to set up.
.That republic will sivvive just so
'long as the people keep their
I souls clean, their minds pure,
their honor unstained and put
'their trust in the Lord.- Com-
i mercial Appeal
'A id
Complete with nails and cement. 108 sq. ft. per roll.
Hon. Sterling H. MeO.iru of
we Caruthersville, newly elected
thought was right, and with the. representative, was in Flayfi Fr'-
holpandlhe encouragement of day, and he was even smiling
the good people of Pemiscot hack ol his ears.
county we will be here to light' Jof, Ponst. ono ul- the promi.
.1 ).-.. .....I ,.,s. . ..!.... ,. tl.-.
uiiuuiiTUi..v i.nu .-u.u-v "'"-,u,nt Concord farmers, was in
people will be with us in the fit- this citv Saturday, shaking
mre more than in the past. h mds with his many friends.
i-ply$1.25 2-ply$1.50 3-ply$1.7S Roofing caps, per lb. 1G
vBfdB H.aM aBBhBl SW HbZlHr
Single and double strength.. All sizes.
Odd sizes
cut to measure
Is now at hand and we are all anx
ious as to the yield.
It should interest you more as to
spending the proceeds derived from this
crop, than the amount of the crop itself.
Last summer's labor has weakened
all more or less; each man is just a little
more worn out than the year before, like
a machine after a season's running
never quite as new or good as the year
Since it is an established fact that
you, like a machine, become more worn
each year, it is also a fact, that you
should not distribute your money, like a
machine, but should use your very best
judgment in .spending this money and
et theverv best values obtainable.
Putty, bulk 5c per pound. One pound cans ioc.
Red Rosin, 500 sq. ft. per roll. 20 lb. per roll 50c. 25 lb, per roll 60c.
FIBEROID gray sheathing, extra heavy, per roll of 400 sq. ft. $1.00.
RUDDY HARVESTER, a high grade oil for all farm machinery, per gallon 50c.
Motor Oil, for automobiles and gasoline engines, per gal. 65c
DRY BATTERIES, for automobiles, gasoline engines, telephones, etc., each 25c
Pure Linseed Oil, the kind you can give internally to stock, if necessary, per gal $1 .00
"If You Are Not Our Customer You Will Be.
"teocaE femed HAYTI, MISSOURI 1teaM femeclieS'.
" 1 '-u&.vaw&Eaesasai
'-5M5S5JSiS!g5!ai'J!ii!3JSSiB'.y '

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