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The only Recognized Straight Democratic Newspaper in Pemiscot County.
NO. 2.
I" I
..- --.- Nn lonu aso Kast l'rairio
I las the County Cotut and Clerk' or plurality of the oto ot any Uiiim boon htld by the pirtv.-- Sue v)U'tl :f st0':k liUV' i,n(1 ,ho bt,anl
s. i a j one party to elect. I : 18 h ml &B70, K. S. 1900. Mf aldermen promptly passed th
u The rijrht of i oi.r to scratch j The bull mooe party hold no ''"l'" ordinances, and the law
COMMON SENSE IS LAW. Hi tiolcL mcl writ, any namoj county convention , or primary tin wl j l; ,;"h1;
. he may desire thereon is not do-name nominees. Heme! is, there ' om. auv.i (f, wuii .1
o , 1 f 11 ,1 c-iiirlifl-1 .'" m ho must do this of his; was no legally organized COunt,.v I 'UK'k 1,IW 0,wUon; w bR vot,,! n,)"
own nlition. at the polk, when bull moose, committor. on iw n, ,um it ua.s .1 goon
ho casts his ballot. ! There is notliinir on l,be im 'hane' of carrying.
Many Parlies, Could Only be
Elected by Ihe Vote of One.
Last. Sunday, Nov. 1 7th, was
my liftli Sunday as pastor of the
Baptist church. The church
has Uilcen on now life. My con
gregation is increasing every
.service. The Sunday school is
increasing and flic interest is
line. "We had sixty-live in Sim-
, day school last Sunday, and a
fi'or instance, if Ml .liuleii
, nani 6 had been printed on tin
"So near and .v-1 -o far" i im,ehlist ticket then the printed ' olo,'Ol'i was the nominee of Elee and the law is oven reaching
nrm starm-r M...-U SM.bbl,.ield j bilHot,s tt,M .ima m)t, ,, add- ,! ''El Z & "llim 'l0Wn lnt ArkunwiH
,n the face and. as w,re .!,,,, , Ws lU.II1(ll.mtl, vol(.s. ft,; umSi t ""?? '""'Tt
dead have com.: to hlo lul .hi-i mi, , 1, i: m....i, in,.. ; ,.,in.. tr. .i, ..... vk.., massed a stock law. and all
"' 1 1 no same rule
it'll, cue supposeu ueo-aieo ran- Stubbleli, '1.1. wbnse
,... . . , -...
name wis
dulate of the democratic party for 1 ,.;.,. ,, ... , . ,.,,ilf Moose ticket,
sheriff has been resurrected ami inn in n . been shown on that ticket that
Min 1111, u.is uiu n .ui uui u .11111 1 Tlit bull moose, ballots so east i, ,,, !, : f.,.,. ...
1-, now stalking upon the land ml,,mkl IUI, ,, !llUi(l(1 t M:u.k Stuh. tm.K ' rPhi, ' ., ' " ,," l . . Ha.ti voted a U,-k law, and it is
all his spectral grandeur.
To make a long story short,
each candidate before an elec
tion must be the noiuiiua of a
political party of oik- party, anil
not two. three or a half dozen
parties and his name can only
lie printed upon the ticket of the
party of which he is the nomi
nee. His name can only be printed
upon the ticket of one party.
In the past election there were
tickets for six political parties:
1. Democratic ticket.
2. "Republican ticket.
Bull Moose ticket.
Socialist ticket.
Social) -o li 10 r i -k't.
Prohibit io-i i'"V f
j blelield's republican votes.
j The vote for Kd .ludeii.
printed upon the democrat
1 ic ticket and written upon
the tickets of other parties.
was ". ll.'ilj
The vote for Mack Stnb
blelield, printed upon the
republican ticket and writ
ten upon the tickets of oth
er parties, was about liit'w
This would give .luden a
plurality of about 200
A close estimate of the bull
moose vote for Stubblelield would
be about '202, which was errone
ously added to his republican
This is the latest legal conten-
Moose ticket, which was voted at 1 Iimy towns in Southeast I good congregation at both ser
the late election, to show Stub Missouri now have the stock law, I vices. I would like to say that T
am here for the interest of the
people and the church. All are
invited to.these services. Prayer
meeting every Wednesday even
ing. Preaching Sunday at 11
a.m. and at 7:!10 p. 111. Song ser
ice begins at 7:15.
Come and worship with us.
You are welcome.
H. Patti:kxon,
pplies in Muck law, in order to count the votes 1 -n-K.,passeu a slock law.anuan
lor him received on the Bull tlie people tnere wlio believe m
it should have progress are pleased.
"". .- r il t"y 1 p
bullets . cnsi, ,;"":;."""", "":"" u"vu uniovimwr 12 wn uny 01
"'- ' - in '!u i 1111 niiininnn ti rii u-isn
his was not done, audi ' '. .
! therefore the votes cast for him ' now U'J lo UUi Doara ul ttlflu
on that ticket are invalid and in
case of a contest would be elimi
nated from the count. The
court has decided this very epics
t ion we are informed in the 11.")
Mo. ."ills. As the placing of Stub
blelield's name on the Bull
Moose ticket was a trick to de- i
feat Juden, we have no hesitancy
in saying we would like to see a
contest, and are satisfied the
jourt will lind in favor of .lu
den. The I). King lands were sold at
a public sale in Carnthersville
Friday, averaging $72.00 per
acre, which was bought by Chas.
Dorroh and .Jerry McElvain of
that cit.. Tlie sale amounted
to S9,:ioo. MrS. King retained
120 aire-, which she owned.
to pass the required ordinances.
So far as Ave can learn but one of
the board is against the law. and
if we understand him, when elec
ted to his lirst term of office lie
was in favor of it. Xuw, we are
not making any light upon this
proposition, bvut as the citizens of
Hayti voted in faor of the stock
law, we do not see how the
board of aldermen is going to get
by without passing and enforcing
the law. However, we want to see
the very best judgment used.
Now suppose, alter one p-irty ' tion, and no doubt the courts will j
having made its nomin.. 11011s, 1 ,e called upon to decide the ques-,
two or several of the other par- tion. '
ties, in order to dele.it the one Another contention, and port-arty,
should agree to the same haps the most important, is that,
nominations for each of their the votes for Stubblelield on the
tickets, thus the nominees would Bull Moose ticket should not,
not belong to any party, and if have been counted, because Stub
elected yould owe allegiance to blelield's name appeared on that
the several parties that nominat- ticket as the nominee of the
Miss May Latshaw of Caruth
ersville visited Mrs. Will Finch
the past week, returning home
C. F. Spann and brother, J. A.,
have returned to Hayti, and put
up their photograuhie tent.
They will remain with 11s
through the winter and summer,
and once more the people of this
locality can have photos made
without going away from home.
But do not wait always to have
those photos made. If you want
to keep a photographer in town,
you must give him your busi
ness. C. .1. Provine visited friends
and relathes in East St. Louis
The Lidies Aid of the Mclhrt
(list church will give a dinner
Thanksgiving day, at the city
hall. They have prepared these
dinners before, and this year
they are going to prepare a,
greater spiead than has ever
been1 set before the people of
this city. They will have tur
key, chicken, dressing, pies,
cakes, and everything that will
go to make up a first class
Thanksgiving dinner. No one
should forget the ladies, in their
efforts to serve the people, and to
render value received for evei-y
penny given their cause.
Supt. O.TT.McCarty of Chaffee
was here Thursday, in the inter
est of the Frisco. The new de
pot is now building, and Mr. Mc
Carthy is trying to push the work
to completion He was met in this
city by Judge Hina Schult and
.7. S. Wahl, who drove him over
to Carnthersville in Mr. Wahl's
automobile. They have consid
erable improvements to be done
there in truckage for the ice and
light plant and bottling works.
Court opened at Caruthers
ville Monday, and is gliding along
smoothly. Judge Finch is on
the bench, Governor Hadley hav
ing not signed the commission of
Judge Kelley in time for him to
hold this term of court.
ed them. Therefore, to avoid
any such contingency, the
laws of the land must recognize
the rights of the different politi
cal parties and must protect
tliem in those rights.
It is plain, therefore, that such
printed ballot scan only becounted
for the party they represent, and
that the printed votes ol two dif
ferent parties-cannot be added
together in one total, and can on
ly be counted lor the party they
represent, it requiring a majority
Bull Moose party, when he was
not the nominee ol that party. So
far as the Bull Moose party is
concerned Stubblelield was the
nominee of the Electors who
signed the petition tiled with the
county court clerk. Electors
cannot nominate a candidate for
any political party by petition.
Even 11 political committee can
not name a nominee for its party
where no convention or primary
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