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The only Recognized Straight Dcmocrntic Newspaper in Pemiscot County.
NO. 3.
We are glad t. .'i' the interest The election of prosceutintr at
in i-lei:l.rio lights hnr up, ' torney and slu-rift' will beennb'
.miJ u t; hope from now on every eel. Notice of contest was Mr
filing will be kept on t.he move, 1 veil upon .liulpcu CSossom Mon-
uutil .umulhiut? i accomplished.
Kor nine or ten years our in hi pie
have been' tnlkhif electric lights,
but so far nothing liu? ever been
Hitrht in the beginning of the
talk, nine or ten years ago, when
it was thought something might
lu done. a. franchise a- in-anted
to certain parties for speculative
purposes, which showed a wrong
step and a wrong disposition
right in the beginning.
Now, let us protit by past ex
periences, and let us look at mat
ters in a business u.iy.
It is simply out of the question Stubblelield because his name
lor Hayti to put in and operate a was illegally printed on the pro
plant of her own -that cannot be gressive ticket. As to the con
done. This being so, then welditionof the prosecuting attor-
in ust look elsewhere. In this.
Ave seem to be unable to lind out
siders who will come here and
put in a plant, at a price the city
can afford to pay. Then what?
As we understand the matter,
Caruthersville is our "next
friend." Then is it not business
to s.ee what arrangements can be
made with the Caruthersville
people? Nothing would do our
city more good or advertise it
more than electric lights. aut it
should nut. matter where they
come Iroin. just ve g -t them
and our city is benefitted.
We should try to be .sensible in
our views and in our business un
dertakings, and lights for the
City; of Hayti is strictly a busi
ness proposition. Let our peo-
pie talk these matters over and
see if we cannot all get together.
Thanksgiving Services. I seen the sun even at noon. The
Rev. J. B. Lyle and Rev. u.i cotton in the fields even became
Patterson, pastors of the Metho- j blauk with soot. and. in some
end Baptist cnurches, will ex. cases it was almost suuocat.ng.
change pulpits Thanksgiving
day, Rev. Patterson preaching i The Steamer Wenona, owned
in the Methodist church at 10:00 1 by Oscar Tinsley and A. C, Tin
a. m.. and Rev. Lyle in the Bap- die of Caruthersville, was de
list church at 7:30 p. m. These ( strayed by fire at Luxora.Ark.,
will be union service, and all a few clays ago. This is the boat
members of all cnurches are Leo A. Green well was operating
nrre,i to be n resent, and a cor -
dial invitation is extended to the
people in general.
ohare of
fiiimH t
m wmi" k
WM ,j?M"
reliable loads such as
InialliMe, BaUisiile, Scltultze, E. C, Dupont or Empire
We lisve tieM all, and every other Itc-m ol soorKmra's equipment
HUNTERS, we have a complete line of load
ed shells and cartridges. Now that the hunting
season is in full swing, come around for your
wants; we are headquarters.
Also, we have a complete line of general
merchandise at the lowest prices. Try us.
day lust., and notice also served
on Stubblelickl. These contests
will be determined by -Indge
Kelley at. the February term
next, and if J mien wins he will
go into office iinmodiately alter
judgment. While tte eonte.stees
may appeal, an appeal does- not
istay the judgment. So it
seems, as the law is so plain as
to the points made
uden w ill
be sheriff by March. The
throwing out of the l!Kj bull
moose votes east for Stubble
lield is quite certain. These
votes cannot, be counted for
ney contest we are not definitely
informed at this time, and we
cannot now advise our read
ers intelligently about the pro
bable outcome of the contest.
Hut it is generally conceited
that .Tuden received a majority
of the legal votes cast, at the elec
tion and therefore will .be de
clared elected by the court, in
the contest proceedings.
This has been one of the most
ideal falls that we have known in
this country since lb8b, twenty
four years ago. Many old sett
lers are speaking of that .fall, on
on account of the great fire that
raged tin ough the country. At
that time the country was but
parsely settled, aiul cane brake
and wilderness abounded. The
jir0 extended over several weeks,
j and for many days you could not j
1 last winter. Phe boat was new
ly rebuilt, and the
They've Got 'Em"
loss will be
Does This Picture
Bring Pleasant
Recollections ?
iOW is the time to enjoy again
those happy days spent in field
You can be sure of getting your
the birds if you use one of the
A large number of contraetu'-s gatl-ed at Cape Girardeau on
November 12, in response to the ulvertisemeuts in the contracting
Thirty-eight contractors qualified as bidders by filing a pro
posal bond. Sealed bids were tiled, rl-om 10:30 to 2:30 open bids
were received, after which the sealed bids were opened and read.
Contracts were awarded U the lowest and best bidders as follows:
Contractor. Con
S. H. Hunter, St. Louis. Mo.
Clyde A. Walb.
LaOrange, Ind.
Timothy Foohey Dredging Co .
Fort Wayne. Ind.
Kochtitzky&Hr wley,
Cape Girarde.iu, Mo.
William Cr qui packer,
Morehouse. Mo.
John S, Kochtitzky,
Cape Girardeau, Mo.
Chopman Bros. Celina, Ohio.
.7. b Cox, Sikeston, Mo.
Weage te Tyler, Cold water, Mich.
Canal Construction Company,
Chicago, 111.
McWilliams liros. Chicago. III.
Otto Kochtitzky,
Cape Girardeau. Mo.
W. D. & G. N. Laswell,
Kennett. Mo.
N. C. McGinnis & Co., Uement 111.
The work at the north part
Ttoy Crockett writes us to
change his address irom U. S. S
If You Are Not Our Customer You
tract Price per Approximate
nben. en. yard. yardage.
i to 8 :s.08iG :yi:o,ons
0 .00-2:1 801,10
u .0000 r.u.ur.
10 .OrfiO 974,1 HO
1 .0017 :i,ii3,2a
jk .0850 -2,990, 147
12 ' .0750 441,nrl
is .onoo you, isa
15) .0700 W2$,)70
15 .070 440,5:57
10 .NXX) 407,wr
io .oyo :t, 1:15,401
20 .0754 2,4;J2.:KH
-25 .0754 4.484,5:50
20 .0754 2,790,0:37
21 .0002 888,010
2s .0395 50:i,8s9
24 .0819 779,410
22 .0375 551,308
of the district has not yet been
Potomac, Now York, to U. S. S.
liocket, Portsmouth, Va.
You'll be surprised and amazed at
the splendid values and complete
ness of the assortment of this year's
gift goods. Won't you come in
' and look?
After a lingering illness, R. G.
Sandidge passed away at his
home in Granite, Oklahoma, Mon
day morning, November 22.
A telegraphic message to Virg.
P. Adams of this city announced
the death of Mr. Sandidge, and
in behalf of the Masonic lodge,
Mr. Adams immediately wired
the lodge in that city to take
charge of the last rites.
Mr. Sandidge was a Mason,
and also a Woodman of the
World. He carried the limit of
insurance in the latter.
He has many friends in Hayti,
in fact, all over Pemiscot and
Dunklin counties, who will be
grieved to learn of his death, and
who will symathize deeply with
his bereaved widow, Mrs. Frank
Sandidge, nee Foust.
Mrs. Sandidge has two broth
ers and one sister, Joe and Jas.
Foust of Concord and Mrs. Dixie
Don-is of this city.
Since removing to Oklahoma,
in 1907, Mr. Sandidge had ac
quired some nice .property, hav
ing built a nice little home in the
city of his adoption and also en
tered a piece of land. Up to a
few months ago he was employ
ed in one of the largest stores in
Granite as bookeeper and cash
ier, at a salary of 100 a month,
which position he had to give up
on account of declining health.
jfr, .n BM na amt Mfct
Corbott Henson. who came
here from Ncwburg, Mo., a few
days ago, Io take charge of the
coal chute, mot with a sudden
and tragic end Wednesday after
noon. In some way, ho had un
dertook to ride the coal elevator,
instead of walking up the steps,
which, it seems, he had done be
fore, and when at a height of
100 feet, through some unac
countable cause, he fell to the
bottom, breaking his neck, caus
ing almost instant death. Dr.
Trautmann was summoned, but,
the man was dead.
He was a young man, saut to
be about 25 years of age, and of
excellent reputation and charac
ter. He has a widowed mother,
sister and brother.
He was prepared for burial at
Geo. Don-is' undertaking rooms
and embalmed for shipment to
his home. Hisbroher met the
corpse at Hayti. and was ac
companied on his return by
Charlie Wells.
John Scott attended court at
Caruthersville several days last
week, in cases growing out of
his duties as city marshal at
Caruthersville. And, by the
way, John is making many
friends here, and after a day
away seems really glad to get
back to Hayti,
Will Be.
mttPM mtmmm

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