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Tlic only Recognized Straight Democratic Newspnpcr in Pemiscot County.
fr-Se -T! . ii"
VOL. 5.
NO. 8.
By the Superintendent
holidays approachiuy;. yet
enough o Imvo them out.
Most till the teachers and u
pils report a very pleasant Uhist
Many new pupil t'linilloil ,lii-
AVOclC. TlHTf HIV Otllfl'.s U III) I'X
poet to enroll in tho near future,
Tt, is; now nrofctv woll it,r,lni1
Wo are always -lad to see the that the new depot will not he
frlnrl ...... . ..
" : "Mmipii'ied tins winter. Tinj
foundation is now about eouiplet
I'd. and when lit: t is finished the
will evidently stop until
woi'lc will evidently
spring. But we are surprised
to learn that the building will he
a .stucco, instead of .solid brick or
i concrete. Stucco is a thin eo.it
ii.. ..u . r i. . .i i. .
iim hiayuwity irum senum ue- , ,... nl.,oi.i-..il .111 ii-.ni
eau.se you may be a little behind
with your studies. It is far eas
ier to face a hunch of si.-ln.iol boys
sheathing, and while it looks nice
it is neither expensive or .sith
Nlanlial. Another llutm: We
and girls than to lace the outside! ,..,, m1 W(s ;1,M) a sUip.N ,
is that the plans for the building
world alter awnile, wiuioitl an
education. The teachers are en -ployed
here to help boy and
girls on the road to an education.
Therefore we would be glad to
have all who possibly can to en
roll with us.
The following pupils were
neither tardy nor absent during
the third month of school:
High School. Earl Raybuc.k.
Joseph Kohn, Lillie Sprayberry,
Nolle Hayes, Hazel Bissett, Ber
tha Trout.
Miss Wright's Room. George
Sigler, Hattie Mao Argo, Iva Al
exander, Ethel Swan, .James Ca
gle, Carrie Sigler, Vernice Ray,
Bessie Raybuclc, Alberta Alex
ander, Floyd B'.ssett, Stella Dor
ris, Peter StreifT.
Miss Hill's Room. Harry
Curtner. Cora Meatte, Ruth Sny
der, Clyde White. Eddie Juden.
Winnie Morris, Nellie Schmidt,
Ruth Fowler, Winnie Jell' ress.
Miss Smith's Room. Warren
Ray, Gladys Chism, Kos. Dorris,
Raymond Oridu Fay Wilson,
Ethel Martin. Sadie Mitchell.
Thelma Morris, Henry Rans
burgh, John Schmidt. Emmons
Alexander, Helen GnlTy. Metta
-Morris, Lenore Criiler.
above the foundation have never
been made, and this should be
looked into. If this is a fact it
should be reported to the Rail
road & Warehouse Commission
at once.
Ei. ' ' ' ' " "I ' uwiwwrwi 1 111 mi ill 1 .
Mrs. Elsie Wright-McCoy, nee
Sanders, had the misfortune to
lose her little girl and boy last
Tom Woods of Delaware, Ohio,
came down on Sunday of last
week to visit his sister, Mrs.
John Ingle. Sr.
met in I 'J years
the meeting was a pleasant one. lie three-, ear-old boy Saturday
his family did not know that he night. Tin-little girl died of con
had left home, as they had m'st ion, and the little bov.. it is
thought he was tu.ail.lln make j Uml ,ht lHr.(1 from , roc.t r
the trip. So he bought Ins tick-1 . i rm ,
ei ,,nd hoarded tlie train without I "Wallowing a cork. I he blow to
They had not week, the four year-old girl cl.v
and of course i ing Wednesday night and the lit
Nii. ing anything to any one.
the family is a heavy one.
The city hall management' Mr. and Mrs A. C Trainor
should not permit night card ! and little daughter, Hazel, of Pig
'games in the upper rooms of the gott, Ark., came over Friday t
bunding. We hope tu be spared spend Christmas with Mr-,
the necessity of mentioning this Trainer's mother, Mr.s. Dan
again. JNunn.
Pemiscot County's Greatest Fishery.
If L. L. Leller had the assist
ance of some of the larger busi-
It was very noticeable during
Christmas week to see the re-, ness houses in town in judicious
suits w i n me u ercnants wno ao-; advertising, there would
veruseu ami mo.se wno uui nor,
:ind t lieir lvmk druiositw inio-lil.!
.- ... ,
Start the New Year right by
advertising in the Hayti Herald.
If you will stick to advertising
be a for just one year, you will learn
wonderful increase in the busi- j that it pays. We will take the
tell a still stronger story.
ness of our city. While they I responsibility of preparing your
j may not know it, L'fler's adver-1 copy or assisting you in any way
na Streilf, Ethel Lewis, Edith tishl is iU1 ilcluaI lK'm'nt t() lo V&" ym with the busi
1 ewis W-ind-i Ci-ib-nn Clvde UVC1'.V business man in towr and j ness end of judicious advertising.
., , .......... ....... -- , --j -
North Willie York.
John Adams-
Miss Mize's Room. Mary Da
vis, Ova Howell, Martha Welker,
Margaret Davis. Lee Perkins,
Willie Stalling.s, Mancil Ureely,
Lulu Kennon, Enla Hale, Basil
Edwards, Melvina Fowler, Irene
York, Carmel Popliam. Harry
McPlier.son, Ruby Gaskins, Li
Miss McFarland'sRoom. Beu
hl f'lui'k. Robbie H'lli-rd, Lilli-.n
Phi mis. Allen Barrow. ITnsrh
Dorris, Emerson R msburgh. ' slori; lo tlm brick ' omn -ist va
Lloyd Siinms. .luanita
Virginia Morgan, H
Sturm, Raymond Clark. Amos
John T. Buckley is moving hi.s
llerrill t-'llt('t' n-v the grocery department
lenninna i of SI)LM1C'(H' & Stubbs. This is a
Dowd, .lames Kourke, Leonard
A number of patrons have paid
the school a visit recently. Then
names will appear next week.
Have you paid the school a visit?
These visits are a great stimuli
to school work.
nice, large room, and Mr. Buck
ley will be better able to handle
his business.
Do not ask or expect us to
make our advertising rates any
less than we tell you they are,
for they should be higher. We
know exactly what it costs to
produce the paper, and our space
is our stock in trade
The Frisco agent at this place
sent out a number of beautiful
scenic cards to the patrons of
along the Frisco between here
and St. Louis, and pictures of
these beauty spots are being
increases their trade. We have
other advertisers who do well,
Miss Winters' Room. Harvey but they have small stores and
lullntti Afniiifi f'l'fiol f'li'it.liii,.... ..., - ...... i.1,,. .: .. .t i -
a. uimui, "!" wn-.-i.i, v.. in. in UUI1UWU CI UillU tlH'SUIl III IU lillglil , , . . ...
'iIl. ...,,. Tn..n u,i .... i 1-, . nn i me io;ui iiui'ing me 1101 mays,
ibnarkoy, Jesse Snyder, A va houses could create. The adver- . , . ,
b n v ; u.,..i f '.:.:.... ..r .. ..... ,..,.. inere is some ueauuiui scenery
lubcii, icmiiii Liiu ui-i I., ouiniLui bisiug oi one merciianb neips
Gotcher. Georgia Cameron, Eve- .every merchant ,n town.
lyn Cunningham. Forrest Creatle.
Will Jelfress, Essie Spencer.! Christmas passed off (juietly
Harold Popliam, Helen Phipps. 'nd nicel-v- y smaller towns
Ivathlyn Gunion, Fannie Fowler, ihad ,noi' ""Pleasantness than
George Curtner. Evelyn liissctt. I tlwv Hiiyti or aruthersville.
i racie was goon and many peo
ple came to Hayti, but the Christ
mas spirit prevailed.
Sheriff J. A. Franklin stepped
down and out of his office Tues-1
day, and moved his family back
to their farm-home, in Bragga
docio. Mack Stubblofiold, the1
republican elect, stepped up and
in. and he will also take charge
of the jail. Be is the first re-
publican to hold the office of
sheriff in Pemiscot county. I
Alter a short illness of pneu
monia, Win. Hale died at his
home in this city Friday night.
Mr. Hale was well known and
has manv friends who will miss
him. He leaves a wife and sever
ed children to mourn his loss.
wiHHjn tt
They've Got 'Em"
Does This Picture
Bring Pleasant
Recollections ?
NOW is the time to enjoy again
those happy days spent in field
shooting. You can be sure of getting your
share of the birds if you use one of the
reliable loads such as
Infallible, Ballistite, Schulize, E. C, Dupont or Empire
Wc have them all, and every other Item oi sportsmen's equipment
HUNTERS, we have a complete line of load
ed shells and cartridges. Now that the hunting
season is in full swing, come around for your
wants; we are headquarters.
Also, we have a complete line of general
merchandise at the lowest prices. Try us.
3&&gMi !jfeffjggjie
Rexall Throat Gargle
Is a very effective remedy and gives almost instant relief
in all forms of sore throat from any cause. It does not in
jure the teeth, is not poisonous and may be used freely. For
cleansing the mouth and throat and deoderizing the breath
it produces the most satisfactory results.
Per bottle 25 cents.
Rexall Cold Tablets
Are devised for the treatment of colds in ihc head, to
gether with the headache and fever usually associated with
a cold. These tablets are our most reliable and effective,
remedy and will be found an excellent treatment for the re
lief of that "beginning" cold which very often develops into
a chronic cough and sometimes pneumonia.
Per box 25 cents.
Another Gold Fish Deal.
For those who did not "get in" on the Gold Fish deal be
fore, here's another opportunity Wednesday and Thursday,
if the supply lasts:
Two beautiful gold fish.
One aquarium, pebbles, moss and instructions for haudl-
of the fish.
One box fish food, enough lo last several months.
One bottle Cherry Bark Cough Syrup.
Actual retail price 60 centc.
Our special price 35 cents.
"If You Don't Trade Here Now You Will Later On."
.' r
i V
You've pot to coax it to cetit to po. We have a cold cure lht wilt
Mart the rniKt ttubborn cou;h Ci33 and quickly make it disappear entirely.
We liave witnessed its effectiveness its hundreds of case and guarantee that
i it will stop your couli,
mL h
1 gr $rr ET E3 C
Ii dLjhltul eoujS tuie , entirely cSffrrrnt from itie oU. suuscatins eouah trmli'. lit
ilrliihuul 6vor ottlrs II vuy lultlaUe,' and cluldiea npccully like it itkdily, Itrrlicrc. cousin
iimr.oildy anj cutrs sote lliroit and liosrieneu. Ii it doetn'l step your eoush brin ui Uck
Ihc twm botlle ud we II tctuio your (awry. Three popular lira, 25c, 50c. and 9 1.00.
Rexall Kidney Pills.
Diuretic and tonic designed to act as a stimulant to the
whole genito-urinary tract, and will be found a very succes
ful treatment for all kidney, bladder and urinary diseases
such as acute and chronic inflamation or congestion of the
kidneys, cystitis, etc.
Per box of 60 pills 50 cents.
Tho Rexall Guarantee.
The United Drug Company and the Rexall Store selling
this preparation guarantee it to give satisfaction; if it does
not, go back to the store where you bought it and get your
money. It belongs to you and we want you to have it.
Rexall Menthonine Balm.
A soothing and healing application for inflamation and
irritation of the skin and mucus membrane and nerve tissues.
We strongly recommend it for itching of any sort, chapped
hands, burns, bites of insects, chilblains, bruises, nasal catar
rah, hay fever, colds in the head or most any ordinary irrita
tion of the skin or mucus membrane.
Per jar 25 cents.
-, il- 4

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