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Tlie only Recognized Straight Democratic Newspaper in Pemiscot County.
VOL. 5.
NO. 9.
T ",.
& fi
By tho Supenntendcnt !
Miss Lotitia MeFarland pre
sented to the school :i vory lino
United States lla. size ti led by
10 foot. This jrift whs a very ap
propriate one, and shows that
tho jrivor has a vory throat inter
est in the school and its welfare.
Tho followtnir wore neither :ib-'
.ont nor tardy during the third '
month of school: Pearl Chisin,
and Ellis Kohn. In making out
tho report these names were'
overlooked. i
The following patrons have
been recent visitors of the school:
.Mesdaines .1. M. Phipps, .1. V.
Johnson, .1. S. Sturm, k N.
liillard, Ed Gotcher. Geo. Doi-ris.
J. M. Johnson, T. .1. Bissott, C.
T. Graham, Tom Moore, II. M
llansburgh, S. E. .luden, R. L.
Pophuin, Prod Morgan, .1. H.
Schmidt. S. W. Clarlc, H. Dunn,
S. J. Jelfress, Clius. Hudson,
W. H. Walker, W. 13. Keasoner,
Chas. Crest.
Messrs. Stephens, Letlei', and
Sanders, members of tho school
board, have been recent visitors
of the school.
The visits are very encourag
ing to everyone connected with
school work. We would be glad
to enroll every patron of the
school as a visitor this year.
Judge W. E. Brown of War
dell, while changing cars, was
hero a short while Monday, and
Spinal Meningitis is reported
in various parts of the coun
try, and there is considerable
our conversation with him led alarm and talk of quarantine,
us to believe that ho is going to. So far. there is no casein this
make one of the best judges , part of the county, audit, would j visit through the holidays with
wo have had in a long i be well for the people to guard her. friends and relatives, and
time. It is his purposo to treat j against it by keeping their sys- j was expecting her hom on the
L. F. Graham died very sud
denly at his home in Mathews
Wednesday afternoon. He had
just returned from Hayti. where
ho left his wife to continue her
We must offer an apology for
our failure to mention Misses
May and Nell Morgan, on their
visit to this city, about Christ
mas. We do not see how the
item was missed, but it was.
Miss May is employed at Meri
dian, Miss., and Miss Nell lives
at Paragould, Ark. They were
here on a visit to their brothers,
Prod and Charlie, as well as a
large number of friends.
all sections fairly, and he i.s not
going to tolerate anything that
favors one section or class
against another. One tbin
Judge Hrown is deeply interest
ed in is the appointment, of a
road, overseer for the Hayti dis
trict, and he will be glad if the
people here will assist him in
making this appointment. We
took the liberty to suggest the
name of Tneodore Klinkhardt.
The Judge had just finished his
first session of court, and was
well pleased with the way busi
ness was transacted.
There has been a change in
the business affairs at the Mor
gan saloon, Andy Shaw retiring
and John Scott taking his place
as manager. Andy was a good
man for such a place and a prince
among saloon man, bub Mr.
Scott is just as good, has long
experience, and is just the man
to run a model place. He is a
good citizen, and Hayti is the
gainer by his presence.
terns in a good, healthy condition
and guarding against undue ex
posure. Many discuses can be
avoided by the proper care of
one's self, and we believe this
disease is one of them, and, while
it may be contracted from one to
another, we do not believe that is
at all likely, if the proper pre
cautions are taken as to one's
physical condition, and disen
foction and fumigation is resort
ed to by those attending a patient.
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Rice re
port the arrival of a new girl,
Thursday night, Dr. Mayes attending.
Mrs. Inez Sharp of Senath.
accompanied by her children,
wan hero last week on a visit to
her sister, Mrs. Von Ma.o.s.
Roscoe Huffman has resigned
his position at the postoftice, and
has accepted a traveling position
for a paint house, which he will
take up at once. He will go from
here to North Carolina.
Pete Meatte has moved his
saloon from the J. L. Dorris old
store building on tho south side
of tho square to the Underbuild
ing on the northeast corner of
the square, the budding just
vacated by J. T. Buckley. Pete
is a good business man, public
spirited and a hustler, and just
such a man as we need, and we
need more of them. He i.s right
with the people for the advance
ment and the improvement of
Tuesday train, and going to the
dopbt to meet her, became un
conscious. His wife reached his
bedside Tuesday night.
Wine Morris and his mother
went up Wednesday night, and
funeral services wore conducted
Thursday. Besides his wife and
one child he leaves his parents
and other relatives to mourn his
Mr. Contractor and Mr. Car
penter: There is nothing that
helps the growth and prosperity
of a town more than publicity,
to toll what is going on in the
way of improvements. What
one does others do. - they all
get the fever. Now, we cannot
run around all over town and see
what is going on. We must de
pend upon the people to tell us.
If you want to benefit yourself,
create now life and more work,
Capt. Dan Haynes of Maiden
came over Sunday, to attend the
bedside of his daughter,
Mrs. Von Mayes, who was set
iously ill, but who is now getting
along nicely. Capt. Haynes N
one of the pioneers of Southeast
Missouri, one of our old-time,
newspaper men, and one of the
few remaining who can style
themselves real Southeast Mis
sourians the kind that used to
be. Capt. Haynes belongs to the
come and tell us all about the j old school, and a mighty good
new houses going up, and let us .one it was and is even to this
tell the people who is building. I day.
To Our Subscribers.
All people make errors. It
is human to err. Machines, on
ly, are perfect. Our mailing
list is made out by a machine.
The name of each subscriber is
set in type, where it remains
during the life of the subscrip
tion. The machine prints one
name at a time no more, moves
up one name no more. It can't
ski). So if you do not get your
paper, asic tlie postmaster, we
Know the paper was mailed, be
cause our mailing machine can
not miss a na me.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Baldwin,
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Mayes,
Dr. Paul Baldwin, of Kennett,
were here the first of the week-,
on account of tho serious illness
of Mrs. Von Mayes.
Miss Nan Haynes of Maiden
came i vn Thursday night, to
visit her .sister, Mrs. Von
Mrs. I'liza Popham, who has
boon ill for some time
confined to her boil.
Although the Hayti Herald
was carried to the postoftice at
the usual time Wednesday after
noon, we are reliably informed
that it was not delivered at Ca
ruthevsville until Friday morn
ing. On investigation, we learn
ed that the Caruthersville pa
pers were put in a Kennett
pouch and miscarried to Kennett,
which caused the delay.
Deputy Sheriff Ed Juden was
at Cooter the lirst of the week,
selling the U. S. Ennis stock of
yoods under attachment.
Wo neglected to mention in
a former i.ssue that Fred
Morgan had resigned as
alderman, and that J. S. Sturm
had been appointed to till ihe
vacancy. John is a good citizen,
and no one can object to his
having a chance to show the peo-
! pie that he i.s for them.
i . -
John Baird, the young son of
E. D. Baird, left for Chillicothe
Friday, where he will attend
K!M " They 've Got 'Em ' '
M!mm Does This Picture
MM Bring Pleasant
I $mr IW Recollections C B
I Aw I m0'' Tl JOW 13 the time to enjoy again
S .mbM.,,0Mfii ti
n ii zrvzssssj') yiur
n ifijzw '2.
13 the time to enjoy again
lose happy days spent in field
Ghooting. You can be sure of getting your
share of the birds if you use one of the
reliable loads such as
Infallible, Batiistife, Schnlize, E. C, Dnponf or Empire
Wc have them all, and every other item ol sportsmen's equipment
school. It is his intention
take up the study of law.
Charlie Peed, who has been ill
J.H. Barrick of Carlinville. for some time, left for St. Louis
111., and R. V. Bai rick oK'aruth- i.,st Wednesday. He was ac
orsville. were in the citv Thurs-
tlll ! day looking after the interests of """Panted y i". .Johnson and
i the Little River Lumber Co. R. L. Popham.
HUNTERS, we have a complete line of load
ed shells and cartridges. Now that the hunting
season is in full swing, come around for your
wants; we are headquarters.
Also, we have a complete line of general
merchandise at the lowest prices. Try us.
MS t
fcg " rrriTT-ii ri
"If You Don't Trade Here Now You Will Later On."
Rexall Throat Gargle
Is a very effective remedy and gives almost instant relief
in all forms of sore throat from any cause. It docs not in
jure the teeth, is not poisonous and may be used freely. For
cleansing the mouth and throat and deoderizing the breath
it produces the most satisfactory results.
Per bottle 25 cents.
Rexall Cold Tablets
Are devised for the treatment of colds in the head, to
gether with the headache and fever usually associated with
a cold. These tablets are our most reliable and effective
remedy and will be found an excellent treatment for the re
lief of that "beginning" cold which very often develops into
a chronic cough and sometimes pneumonia.
Per box 25 cents.
Another Gold Fish Deal.
For those who did not "get in" on the Gold Fish deal be
fore, here's another opportunity Wednesday and Thursday,
if the supply lasts:
Two beautiful gold fish.
One aquarium, pebbles, moss and instructions for handl-
of the fish.
One box fish food, enough to last several months.
One bottle Cherry Bark Cough Syrup.
Actual retail price 60 cents.
Our special price 35 cents.
' ', '- i ' - ""-T
You've c"t Is C3-: I: ti c : ': Is ' -. V'a h-vs ft cold cure that will
ttart the mo-t t'.u' 'icrn c- 'i itr qu'i! 'y na':e it disappear enfur'y.
Vr liavc w 'nKtcJ i'i c .cclivcz:. iz l.undredj cf caiej aoJ jjuataniee that
it ul t'.c, yiur touji.
li a delightful couk'i cjtc r- 'rely d-'Trrr-t frcn the c'J, nauwaCna rous1! irairdiM. Ill
rtdjjntfjl flivti raalrt it cry J.stj Jr, or.d il -dm ..y t .Lg it trail' It relievo cuuiln
imnmliitely and cu 1 w. lur.t c J ' o enci. If it d Vt r lymt co "h Una Jt 'nclt
tlie capty buttle audve'llic:uiau.ic:oy. Tluce popular to, 2jc LOc. cad 51.03.
Rexall Kidney Pills.
Diuretic and tonic designed to act as a stimulant to the
whole genito-urinary tract, and will be found a very succes
ful treatment for all kidney, bladder and urinary diseases
such as acute and chronic inflamation or congestion of the
kidneys, cystitis, etc.
Per box of 60 pills 50 cents.
The Rexall Guarantee.
The United Drug Company and the Rexall Store selling
this preparation guarantee it to give satisfaction; if it does
not, go back to the store where you bought it and get your
money. It belongs to you and we want you to have it.
Rexall Menthonine Balm.
A soothing and healing application for inflamation and
irritation of the skin and mucus membrane and nerve tissues.
We strongly recommend it for itching of any sort, chapped
hands, burns, bites of insects, chilblains, bruises, nasal catar
rah, hay fever, colds in the head or most any ordinary irrita
tion of the skin or mucus membrane.
Per jar 25 cents.
j ""

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