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The only Recognized Straight Dcmocraticewspaper in Pemiscot County.
VOL. 5.
NO. 10.
of the City of Hayti, Missouri, July 1, 1912 to' December 31, 1912.
Walanee-on hand July 1. I ill '2.. .
hYom Marshal n nd City Col Km. tor
I'Vom Street CoinmiHsiutK-r
U 1.0(1
Total receipts
Oily Marshal salary - -
Deputy Marshal salary . ...
IQxtra police
City Clerk salary
Collector's commissions
Aldermen salary
Street Commissioner salary
City Treasurer's fees
Surveying property lines . . .
I City Cemetery expenso.
Stenographic fees
Street labor
Concrete walk and cro.s.-iims
Lumber for crossings, culverts
Street machinery
M edical services
Judges of election
.Miscellaneous 111.30
Tiling, last payment 194.44
Hy transfer to Security Fund . . . 400.00
. lUO.OO
. :t.oo
. 100.41
. jo7.yr
. TiO.OO
. ori.r.o
. i2.or
. 110.4 -J
. 11. 7S
. :io.07
. 118.14
. .").4
. 138.00
. y.2:
. ti.oo
Ualunct' on hand July I. lull'
Stenographic fees
lialnnce on Hand Dfcomber III. lit I -..
IJalanco on hand July 1. 101J
lVom City Collector
To transfer from Sinking Fund
1 1 .00
By the Superintendent
We are pleased to announce
the receipt of eighteon bonrfd
volumes of the Congressional Re-
:rd, last session: also many o'h
ei' useful government pnblica
tions The government publiea
George S. Hanford, secretary
and treasureo of the Little River
Drainage District, was here
from Cape Girardeau on Wed
nesday of last week, attending
Notice is hereby given that Or
dinance No. 103, prohibitirg
horses, mules, cows, hogs, etc.,
from running at large w.ithin tl e
City of Hayti, will go in effect
February 1, 1013. The people nre
Total receipts
liy J0 coupons, city hall bonds S2."0.00
Balance on Hand December ill, 1012. . 72.27
I to business in connection with
his office. Air. Hanford is irreat- earnestly roouested to resnoct
tions come to us through the of ,y (.n,hused witli his work and is and abide by the law, and to as-
. .. x,m,. lortsoiourreprosentat.ve.ntie , iv, hls ljc,st (lTnrts to its ad- sist the city in making its in
l i,er Ihr '' "f TTl: ,!,!,1,: vanccmemt. The business af- forccment as pleasant and agree-
nun. .1. .). ivusseii. ji uciiun i
'or the school we extend to Mr. Mrs of tho district are now in
. S ."1.0:5 Russell our sincerest thanks fori. shape for everything to move
-- l)-ii() this kindly remeinbrance. 1 along nicely, and in a few years
I Our attendance is very
!:J22.27 j better this week.
able as possible.
Very respectfully,
P. S. Ravenstein, Mayor.
Balance on hand July 1.1012 $:72.GS
From City Collector hO.25)
Total receipts $0rS.(.)7
By transfer to Interest I'ind Si H)."!
Balance on Hand December Jll, 101:
Balance on Hand December 31, 1012 J? 31."). 27
Totransfei from General Fund .J? $400.00
Balance on Hand December 81, 1012.:sLsiOU.UO
Total bonded indebtedness on ac
count of City Hall Building Bonds . $10,000.00
From City Collector , 80.00
Balance on Hand December 81, 1012 880.00
"This transfer was made by ordinance to se
cure the sureties on the City's cost bond in
the city hall case, now pending in the supreme
court of Missouri.
All vouchers, warrants, bills and receipts for
the expenditure of the above amounts may be
examined by any tax-payer of the City of Hayti,
Missouri, and are safely liled in a lire proof
vault. This statement in detail may be seen in
the oftice of the City Clerk.
Otis A. Popiiam,
City Clerk.
R. J. Miller of Portageville was
in this city Saturday night, and
while we have known ol Mr. Mil
der for many years, that is the
first time we have had the plea
sure of meeting him. He is one
of the moving spirits of his
thriving city. Of course Mr.
Miller's name is on our subscrip
tion list, marked paid.
J. A. Cunningham of diruth
ersville sends $1.00 to continue
the Herald to the Cunningham
Store Company.
R. L. Popham, who has been
taking care of Charlie Reed, who
is taking treatment in a St. Louis
hospital, returned home Sunday
morning, and went back to St.
Louis Monday night. Charlie is
getting along nicely.
Mrs. J. W. Dowdy of Essex
returned a few days ago from an
extended visit to her daughter,
Mrs. W. H. Johnson and family.
A. ,T. Wheeler spent Christ
mas week with Miley Mondin at
Crossvillc, III., and returned
home a few days ago. Mr.
Wheeler has ordered the Herald
sent to Mr. Mondin to keep him
company up there in lonesome
During bad weather you need
not fear to send the children to
school. We shall make it a point
to look after them for you, and
see that they are taken care of as
much so as you would care for
them atlioine. Regular attend
ance is the key-note to good
school work.
The High School pupils con
template giving a play in the near
future. We would like for you
to bear this in mind, and be
ready to give the boys and girls
your support in this effort. The
program will be announced later.
The Excelsior and Ciceronian
Literary Societies each rendered
a good program Friday after
noon. We are glad to see the in
terest increasing in this work.
The next programs will be ren
dered Friday afternoon, January
24th. Visitors welcome.
Messrs. D. D. Harbert, C. K.
Chism and Geo. W. Dorris paid
us a very pleasant visit Friday
afternoon. We need more visits
like these.
much i Southeast Missouri will be made , Mrs. Von Mayes, who has been
the garden spot of the state and dangerously ill for several days,
a most ideal place for homes, is now getting along nicely.
During the rain Saturday, the
water stood two inches deep in
the Tim Dorris' residence. This
makes twice in twelve months
that the water has stood in this
house, which formerly was corn-
Houston Buclvley, the young fortably dry
i C .. .1 f -1 m 1 t . 1
son oi iur. una mv. .1. 1. jjuck- Late Sntimlliy afternoon J. C.
J. W. Green of Caruthersville, , ' " "B "' a """ lu,'N n "lL " v LU 1 Goad sold his restaurant to John
recorder, has placed his name Mrs. G. C. Alters has been Lippard. We have not learned
upon our honor roll. seriously ill since January 1. I what Mi. Goad intends doing.
t I XH"Kt f(
They've Got 'Em"
Does This Picture
Bring Pleasant
NOW is the time to enjoy again
those happy days spent in field
shooting. You can be sure of getting your
share of the birds if you use one of the
reliable loads such as
infallible, Ballistite, Schulfze, E. C, Dnponfor Empire
We have thtm all, and every other Item ol sportsmen's equipment
HUNTERS, we have a complete line of load
ed shells and cartridges. Now that the hunting
season is in full swing, come around for your
wants; we are headquarters.
Also, we have a complete line of general
merchandise at the lowest prices. Try us.
"If You Don't Trade Here Now You Will Later On."
Rexall Throat Gargle
Is a very effective remedy and gives almost instant relief
in all forms of sore throat from any cause. It does not in
jure the teeth, is not poisonous and may be used freely. For
cleansing the mouth and throat and deoderizing the breath
it produces the most satisfactory results.
Per bottle 25 cents.
Rexall Cold Tablets
Are devised for the treatment of colds in the head, to
gether with the headache and fever usually associated with
a cold. These tablets are our most reliable and effective
remedy and will be found an excellent treatment for the re
lief of that "beginning" cold which very often develops into
a chronic cough and sometimes pneumonia.
Per box 25 cents.
Another Gold Fish Deal.
For those who did not "get in" on the Gold Fish deal be
fore, here's another opportunity Wednesday and Thursday,
if the supply lasts:
Two beautiful gold fish.
One aquarium, pebbles, moss' and instructions for
of the fish.
One box fish food, enough to last several months.
One bottle Cherry Bark Cough Syrup.
Actual retail price 60 cents.
Our special price 35 cents.
-5P (-i'
IH You've pet laco.4 it to ( ! .'. tap. 7o have ft cold cure that till H
Ml ttirt the mo:t ttii'icro o. 'i t ja-J qu'c'-Iy nake it disappear entiirl). H
J We have w''nc:tr J i'j c .'.clivc.-j ia huadtcdt of cues And ctuimice ht H
HJ it w.!l it.-,) y.ut iuuJi. HI
con pound v.
J Ii delightful Co.;! t Jir. c.'Vrly tUcrfrt from the cU, nausettinj cougH rcntdit. It, Hi
MM ui;lijlolflivo(maLnitcn'p-!Ul!r,cr.di!.adit-ir:-xuiIyu!.eitiadil. Ilrclnn ought HI
im.imli.tely a"d cu'- K-? l! ro.te .J !w.t ejeu. Kit JmcVi I'cp jo-ir co'-'i limn Ji Sack HI
MM tde empty bottle end wc Jl iciu-a jo-j c... , TLeciwpuhuaia, 2jc, LJA tad 5J.0J. Hf
Rexall Kidney Pills.
Diuretic and tonic designed to act as a stimulant to the
whole genito-urinary tract, and will be found a very succes
ful treatment for all kidney, bladder and urinary diseases
such as acute and chronic inflamation or congestion of the
kidneys, cystitis, etc.
Per box of 60 pills 50 cents.
The Rexall Guarantee.
The United Drug Company and the Rexall Store selling
this preparation guarantee it to give satisfaction; if it does
not, go back to the store where you bought it and get your
money. It belongs to you and we want you to have it.
Rexall Menthonine Balm.
A soothing and healing application for inflamation and
irritation of the skin and mucus membrane and nerve tissues.
We strongly recommend it for itching of any sort, chapped
hands, burns, bites of insects, chilblains, bruises, nasal catar
rah, hay fever, colds in the head or most any ordinary irrita
tion of the skin or mucus membrane.
Per jar 25 cents.
- -w.v

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