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he only Recognized Straight Democratic Newspaper in Pemiscot County.
VOL. 5.
NO. 11.
"il y
A prominent lawyer was talk
ing to us the other day about the
better side of life, and what he
said only confirmed our opinion
more that if h.vpocrit1 could be
kept out of tin1 church, more real
christian names miht be found
on the church resistor. Many
lnu christian:; arc not church
members, because they know
too well the hypocracy and wick
edness of some who ill e in the
church and with whom they
must asspeiate. so they prefer to
remain out and choose their as
sociations. I
It was. in Carutliersville. a fewi
years ago, and two brother law
yers seemed to be in the lead.
The head man called upon broth
er to lead in praver, and
he readily responded. He pro-!
ceeded in great eloquence, which
could only disgust any one who'
knew his practical life as this
lawyer knew it. The prayer fin
ished, the first lawyer began to
tlop his hands and sing, that good
old hymn: "I Am so Glad Our
Father in Heaven Tells of His
Love in the Boole He has Given."
The third lawyer who happen
ed to be passing the church that
beautiful spring Sunday morn
ing, and just dropped in, the first
time in many years, was so filled
with disgust that he silently
arose and tiptoed out, and has
never been to church since, be
cause the man who led the pray
er and the man who sang the
song wore so well known to him
that his disgust grows more and
more as he thinks of that Sun
day morning, when he hoped to
meet with real christians and
pure people, but instead met
ah well!
Gov. Wilson's tactful note to
the chairman of the Inaugural
Committee suggesting the omis
sion of tin ball from this year's
ceremonies had all the effect that
a blatant declaration of invincible
simplicity would have had. The
ball is abandoned for once al
least and, let us hope, forever.
The cost of the ball is suggest
ed as a reason for its abandon
ment, and so far as it goes it is a
good reason, but the United
States would not mind the cost if I
rhfi money wn spent for some!
sort of ceremonial expressive of'
the importance and dignity of
the event which the ba'll cele
brates. Viewed in this light ihe
ball appears dear at any price,
for it expresses nothing. In or
der to give it the pension depart
ment must be shut down three
or four days and the clerks sent
home to spend the time in idle
ness. Great quantities of furni
ture and records must be moved
out and bade again, and all this
is to make room for a disorderly
jam i n which thousands of people
jostle and "mill" like a bunch of
cattle in a corral.
The ST.-i.OOO which the ball
costs is worse than wasted, and
the incoming of the new presi
dent is belittled by the whole
proceeding. Republic.
W. H. Foley left for Jefferson
City Monday night, by way of
St. Louis, carrying with him a
Jit , A. Cauffmar, a traveling
saleatnan for the hardware firm
of Benedict-Warren Co., Mem-
Rev. R. L. Ownsby of Deering
Notice is hereby given that Or
dinance No. 103, prohibiting
horses, mules, cows, hogs, etc.,
from running at large within the
City of Hayti, will go in effect
February I. lSMII. The people are
earnestly requested to respect
and abide by the law, and to as
sist the city in making its in-
was here last week and will be
here this week, conducting re
petition from the representative phis', was accidentally shot bylvival services at the Methodist
citizens of Hayti. addressed to the ' 17-year old son of L. IM church. It has been about
Kopresenliitive Sterling II. Me- Tliotiiaxm at the Cross store in J seventeen years .since Rev. Owns
Carty, of Carutliersville. asking ''ovjngton last Wednesday morn-j by conducted services in this
him to assist, in the enact inent, of; ing. He was making his regu-icily, and many people will re
a law that will require towns of lar trip and had just drove over ' member him. the little man in
'27()0 or more population to vote ; frorii Steele, The boy was exam-1 the big tent down by the old forcement as pleasant and agree
with the county in local option , ining a small gun, when it was! school grounds, where Gene able as possible,
elections. 'discharged, the ball talcing of-' Fophani "Hung" the cat. "Bob" Very respectfully,
Not only the dry people, but I feet near the stomach, produc-! as nearly everybody knows him, P. S. Ravkxstkin, Mayor,
the leading saloon men of Hayti ' ing death before medical aid ar-! will do his best to interest you j "
signed the petition, although on-! rived. Mr. Caulfimm lived at, .vou will only get near enough, j Fred Morgan has sold the
I.- .i r... !..,, ..... -i ,,,wl in cn.l.l,.n.hr,Mi ,!. ,. 1... lm.l .. -!f.. illlil lie nun.; . on iw in .i juaL u u.uiunuiin- n-un-.ii;e ivin.uu ;.r,
curing signers and no attempt and several children, and his re
was made to get off of the busi- liiairr were shipped there for
little nearer
hear him.
by coining out to the Johnnie Clemens place to
i Mrs. D. King.
The family of .7. C. Goad left
for Kennett Thursday, whore
they will make their future
home. Mr. Goad remained in
Hayti to attend to shipping their
household goods, and left Satur
day night to join his family. He
has bought out a restaurant at
Kennett, and will continue in the
restaurant business.
What might and probably
would have resulted in consider
able trouble was averted Satur
day night, bf: the city officials
allowing the constable to take
charge of a negro who was lock
ed up in jail and carrying him to
Carutliersville under a warrant
issued by a justice of the peace.
So far as we can learn, his of
fense is not a serious one under
the law, only he was drunk and
tried to enter a house where a
white family lived. But there is
a large number of people in Hay
ti who would be glad o.! an oppor
tunity to make an example of any
bad negro who may come along,
and the late h urs of the nig it
might have found this negro in
pretty rough hands.
ness streets.
So far, we have not heard of a
petition being circulated in Ca
rutliersville or by the dry people
out in the county.
Unfortunately, Mr. McCarty
is . i citizen of Carutliersville, a
town of more than :!."()() popula
tion, that wants saloons and want
the balance of the county dry,
and will bring much pressure to
bear upon Mr. McCarty against
any change of the law, but he
was elected by the people of the
county and must answer to
burial. He was well known to the,
merchants of this
was a good man.
county, and
Andy Shaw and family left
Thursday, intending to visit
friends and relatives at Blythe
ville, Ark., Memphis, Tennessee,
and in Oklahoma, but Mrs. Shaw
was taken ill at Blytheville, and
they returned to their home in
Hayti Saturday. Mr. Shaw
is preparing to prospect for a
location, and we are sorry to
lose him and his most estimable
J. F. Wallace celebrated his
49th birthday on the 14th, and a
good time was enjoyed. Among
those present were Mr. and Mrs.
Jus. Byrd, Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Byrd, Ernest Byrd, Mr. and
Mrs. Jell' Heathcock and Mathew
L. 13. Rice enrolls his name
among our renewal subscribers.
There is absolutely nothing
that does more for the churches,
church societies, organizations
and Sunday schools than the
home paper, yet in every com-
inanity there is that class of
church members and perhaps
one preacher who have an irre
sistable inclination to say ugly
tilings about the sheet, espe
cially if it carries saloon or beer
advertisements, while at the
same time the "preacher" and
hisyloclc gladly accept all the do
nations they can get from saloon
men and gamblers, even to a $u7)
gasoline lighting system. Under
the oath a publisher takes when
he applies to the United States
Postoffice Department for ad
mission to tne mails, he cannot
refuse any advertising matter
that is legitimate, according to
the Federal laws, and his charges
msci be uniform, not prohibitive.
KmSf -:&.-
9Mmimi "
II ?WsSyAM 'J !-
Mrs. L. E. Rice has been ser
iously i'l several days, but is now
getting along nicely.
Mrs. Wm, Gunn, who was in
this city several days last week,
returned home Friday.
The Pemiscot Land & Cooper
age Co., of Carutliersville are
among our new subscribers.
They've Got 'Em"
Does This Picture
Bring Pleasant
NOW 13 the time to enjoy again
those happy days spent in field
shooting. You can be sure of getting your
share of the birds if you use one of the
reliable loads such as x
Infallible. Bailistite, Schultze, E. C, Dnponfor Empire
We have thea all, and every other item ot sportsmen's equipment '
HUNTERS, we have a complete line of load-,
ed shells and cartridges. Now that the hunting
season is in full swing, come around for your
wants; we are headquarters.
Also, we have a complete line of general
merchandise at the lowest prices. Try us.
2 !jfefneclisfrl
"If You Don't Trade Here Now You Will Later On."
Rexall Throat Gargle
Is a very effective remedy and gives almost instant relief
in all forms of sore throat from any cause. It does not in
jure the teeth, is not poisonous and may be used freely. For
cleansing the mouth and throat and deoderizing the breath
it produces the most satisfactory results.
Per bottle 25 cents.
Rexall Cold Tablets
Are devised for the treatment of colds in the head, to
gether with the headache and fever usually associated with
a cold. These tablets are our most reliable and effective
remedy and will be found an excellent treatment for the re
lief of that "beginning" cold which very often develops into
a chronic cough and sometimes pneumonia.
Per box 25 cents.
Another Gold Fish Deal.
For those who did not "get in" on the Gold Fish deal be
fore, here's another opportunity Wednesday and Thursday,
if the supply lasts:
Two beautiful gold fish.
One aquarium, pebbles, moss and instructions for handl-
of the fish.
One box fish food, enough to last several months.
One bottle Cherry Bark Cough Syrup.
Actual retail price 60 cents.
Our special price 35 cents.
11 i uu vuu i iiauc iicic nun iuu rv ill Ljaici kjii,
jB ' . M H
IH You'vs ct tD C014 it Id (. !.': to p- 7c have a cold cure that will H
HI start the mo:t ttu' V.rn ., 'i f ' jozJ qutcL! make it disappear entiirly. H
jK Vehae v 'nritr-1 i'j eCictivcscrj fa huodiedi cf caiea and guaianlcc that H
H , it will !(.. J'"-! couji, Hf
H ti dtLjhtful cou.'i cute, rnttreljritjrrmt from the olj, naiucatiag cough rne, lit B
B drii'slufjl jlooinulct il ciy j!itJr, an J ch-do rt-ciilly tile it leaJily. Ilrdirvncuuglj M I
WM iintnrduttly ami i ui io"i IUo-t e Aliaitraeu. If it ilcm'l rtop jrcrir court htint ui lct H I
jB ll.c ciuvly builc uj we II iu:n jruui uojey. Tluec lupubr tiica, 23c., E3c Bad 41.00. I
Rexall Kidney Pills.
Diuretic and tonic designed to act as a stimulant to the
whole genito-urinary tract, and will be found a very succes
ful treatment for all kidney, bladder and urinary diseases
such as acute and chronic inflamation or congestion of the
kidneys, cystitis, etc.
Per box of 60 pills 50 cents.
The Rexall Guarantee.
The United Drug Company and the Rexall Store selling
this preparation guarantee it to give satisfaction; if it does
not, go back to the store where you bought it and get your
money. It belongs to you and we want you to have it.
Rexall Menthonine Balm.
A soothing and healing application for inflamation and
irritation of the skin and mucus membrane and nerve tissues.
We strongly recommend it for itching of any sort, chapped
hands, burns, bites of insects, chilblains, bruises, nasal catar
rah, hay fever, colds in the head or most any ordinary irrita
tion of the skin or mucus membrane.
Per jar 25 cents.

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