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The only Recognized Straight Democratic, Newspaper in Pemiscot County.
VOL. 5.
NO. 16.
By the Supnuntendenl.
Last Friday closed the liftH
month of the tortn. Have you a
ifprosentativt' on the "Tl'iriur
Koll" this innnili?
The roads are getting much
hotter these sunshine days.
Tiu receipts fmni I lit1 play
,mvi'n iy tlie liitfli j-n.-iu.ui oo.vs i.,,n haying chickens in this
:inU girls was Slil X iii.sU'iul o' hurglhe last, two weolcs. He
S.VJ.l.-) us first repoi't'e.l. The. add-joavtl 0()(i n.vos .nu Viiri.iK
ed amount $r..K). came from the !iwy ., n,at m.inv .-hick mis.
sale of candy. The net proceeds ,, ., ,. ,, .
.. , . . , K. V. ( oppago oi (Janitlioi-s-
I rom the ahovo 1ms been spent. ... , ' " . .,. ..
... ville and J. M. aril of Memphis
lor library purposes. . . ,, , . ...
I were in liraggodocio ashort time
We express our Miicoresti last Wednesday in the interest of
thanks to all those who assisted
in any way in our lirst efforts to
wards the building up of a school
I At the election Tuesday on the electric light proposition, only five
Mrs. H. D. 1mg, who has votes were cast against the proposition and 148 for it. Voting was
ncen sick lor ui" in si, iwo weens,
is able to be about again.
(!ei. Kliukhardt of Mayli has
light,, but earnest.
This was our first real opportunity to get electric lights, and May
or Ravenstein and the Board of Aldermen deserve much credit for the
Sunday afternoon at
o'clock one of the most beautiful
weddings that has occured in
this city in a long time was sol-
George Richard Minich, born
in Halifax, Dauphin county,
Pennsylvania, May 18, 1828, died
at the homo of Tim Dorris, Hay-
emni'.ed at the home of Mr. and ti, Missouri. February 22, 101!!,
Miss Elva Wright, teacher of take a course in millinery
room number six. handed in her i Cramer will likely have some, dif-
Sunday afternoon, just out-
the WardCoppage store at tins side the city limits, a shooting
pluc ! scrape occured between negroes,
Miss Ethel Weld) left Wed nes- which resulted in a coroner's in
day for St. Louis where she will quest Monday. The shooting
Mr. was between Marion I iolloway ami
kept fully informed as to every detail, and it is a pity that two of the five1 Rnv- H- R'Worsim. pastor of the
i ii i i i t v ii ! Baptist church, performing the
who voted no put themselves up to be leading citizens and endeavor
to dictate the affairs ot the city. ., I The bride is one of our most
beautiful and accomplished
that!i'ounn ladies and a favorite
resignation last Friday. Miss
Wright has been in very poor
health during the time she has
been with us, and it was on this
account that she decided to re
sign. We trust she may have a
speedy recovery. Mrs. Whit
taker will finish out the term in
Miss Wright's room.
Honor Roll for the fifth month
of school:
High School.
Joseph Kohn, Hazel Uissett,
Isaiah Faris, Geneva Fuller,
Lillie Mae Sprayberry, Bonnie
Ati: WiMirlit.'c l?iirm (Irinrirol
Siglor. Vernice Ray. Ellis
Kohn, Iva Alexander, Al
berta. Alexander, Bryan Averill.
Lillian Elliston, Beatrice Troutt.
Carrie Siglor, Peter Streiff,
.Carl Siglor, Floy Whitlock.
Miss Hill's Room. Harry
Curtner, Albert Faris, Cora Mae
ticulty in obtaining some one to
till her place in the store.
Mrs. Mollie White and son. C,
came down from Haytl last week
on account of the death of the
former's grandson, the infant of
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur White,
which occured Tuesday. They
returned home Wednesday.
Two new houses are be'ing
built down here. Mr. Gibson of
Steele is building a residence for
Dr. Granger on the lots he pur
chased from Frank Long. Mr.
Grenade is building a tenant
house on the Speer farm.
Mrs. M. E. Parks of Caruth-er.-vill'
and Mrs. A. .1. Fagan of
Capo Girardeau visited relatives
in Braggadocio last Tuesday and
Wednesday. The latter 'com
mented a groat deal on the im
provement of the place since her
visit in 1910.
The farmers in this vicinity
Mrs. Win. Gibson, when they aged m years, it months and I
gave their granddaughter. ;days. Funeral services wore
Miss Anna Mills' hand in mar- 'conducted at the M. K. Church
manner in which the deal has been handled. The public has been riage to Robert Lei' Certain, i South at U::5() p. m. bv the pastor.
Rev. .1. 13. Lylo. assisted by 'Pre
riding Elder A. H. Barnes, and
his remains were laid to rest at
Morley on the 2:3rd.
He was married to Mary Per
ciful at Concord. Mo., August lit.
IbOO, the Rev. Sanford Jackson
officiating, and to this union
seven children were born, four
of whom are still living. He
had four brothers, two of whom
survive him. He also leaves 12
grandchildren, besides a con
course of sorrowing fiiends
and relatives.
He has been a faithful servant
of his church and Lord for a per
iod of almost r0 years. He has
served as a class-leader, Sunday
school teacher, exhorter and. dea
con. He dearly loved the church
and was devoted to the Master
until his death.
He was a soldier in the con
federate array lour years, being
a member of the 3rd Arkansas
regiment from Pocahontas.
By a Fiuen'd.
John Smith, and was occasioned
by Smith going to Holloway's
house to play "bad nigger'' and
make a gun play, but Hollow ay
had more guns than Smith and
was more handy with them, as a
result of which Smith died Mon
day evening. The coroner's jury
exhonorated Hoiloway.
A .little damage case
might have been settled for among her acquaintances, while
twenty to thirty dollars, when I the groom is well and favorably
allowed to go through all the known and has a lucrative posi
courts, is liable to cost four tion with the Frisco,
hundred dollars or more at The bride was attired in a
least that is the experience of I gown of white Messaline.
Hayti, in the P. R. Smith case,
which was the result of the city
leaving an open ditch, causing
the team to be driven in the same
and crippled after night,
Gertrude Keith is a new
aid subscriber.
The bride's maid and groom
were Miss Jessie Morris and
Wofford Gordon, the bride's
maid wearing a gown of Crepe de
Chene. The decorative colors
were white and pink.
After the ceremony the guests
I repaired to the dining room,
.where a three-course menue
! awaited them, Of) covers having
been spread .
I The out-of-town guests were:
i Miss Lizzie Mills of Moscow
I Mills, a sister of the bride, Mr.
'and Mrs. C. J. Mayes and Mr.
I Mrs. Albert Stacey of Kennett.
The young couple will make
their home in this city.
Meatte, Ruth Snyder. Nellie; t"k advantage of the fine weath- Destroyed bv Firo Feb
Schmidt, Hallie Vaughn, Ruth '' olc. wore cut-, hsco Pt ! byrircreb
Fowler, Scott Wallace, Gladys
Chism, Effie Ball, Thelma Mor
ris, Ethel Martin.
Miss Smith's Room. Grace
Cathey, Tracy Lee Ward, Kos
Dorris, Carl Curtner, Raymond
Crider, Emmons Alexander. Carl
l-'aris, Calvin Walton, Ethel Mar
tin, Sadie Mitchell, Lenore Cri
der, Catherine Powell, Bessie
Miss Mize's Room. Ernie
Vaughn, Wayne Pullman, James
Lee Veach, Cladio Walton, Willie
Higdon. Robert Garrett, Melvina
Fowler, Ova Powell, Fay Morris,
Irene. York, Martha Welker,
Pearl Gotcher, Pearl Cameron.
Harvey Showalter, Wilbort
jirown, Willie Slallings, Lena
Streiff, Ethel Lewis Lulu Kennon,
A Hie Cameron', Luther Hamilton,
Maude Adams, lona Sanders,
Basil Edwards, Wayne Sullivant,
Tom Worth.
Miss Winter's Room. Leonard
Gross, Susie Mae Ward, Augus
ta Gross, Lena Powell, John
Adams. George Curtner, Geor
gia Cameron, Fannie Fowler,
Spencer Getcher, Helen Phipps,
ting stalks, breaking ground and
clearing new ground, while the
women folks, talked ol garden and
llower seeds, young chickens and
Easter bonnets.
Dr. Richard Granger of Paris,
Tenn.. was in Braggadocio a
short time Monday. He came
for his mother who has been
making her home for the past
vear with her grandson, K)v. Gus
Granger of this place. Although
she is ninety-one years of age
she has a good memory and can
converse on almost any subject.
I Marshal Bob Adams and Jesse
Black of Portageville were in j
I Hayti Friday. They came down
to solicit funds for Ira Brock,
1 who was shot and seriously
wounded several months ago
' while making an arrest. It. is
the intention to send him to a
hospital and see if something
cannot be done for him. He is
i linmlvypfl From the bin flown.
Experience is a dear teacher I T. J. Jones has bought a half
at any price, and to avoid being i interest in Doc Thomas White's m S0U)0 people never learn
taught by experience, a mam candy kitchen and restaurant. j .lti tne fjeril(i tells the truth
shoul stop and reason earnestly ! He is a practical man and will j jjrst iilst and all the time with-
oeiore any important unoeriaic-; ooost tne uusiness.
ing. Now, look back over the,
past and think how much better j Mrs. Rena Statts left Tuesday
it would have been to have plac- ' to make her future home at Rec
22, 1911 ---Two Years Ago.
Yancy Sullivant, L.-na Spencer,
Jessie Snyder, Essie Spencer.
Miss McFarland's Room. Jim
T. Dunn, Juanita Herrell. Robbie
Hillard. Lillian Phipps, llermin
na Sturm, Lorine Sanders,
Moore Schilling.
School visitors during the
month just closed: Mrs. A. F.
Trout, Mrs. Alice Weber of
Dexter. Guy Sanders, Mrs.
Stubbs, Mrs. Jessie Dorris, Mrs.
Pendergrass, Mrs. Charles Spen
cer, Mrs. R. N. Hillard, Mrs. J.
W. Johnson, Dr. and Mrs. J. M.
Philips and Mrs. Blackard.
ed the S 10,000.00 cii.y hall fund
on time deposit, drawing inter
est, than for it to be in the pros
building where the ground is in
litigation' Perhaps we could
have cancelled the bonds, or hold
another election for bonded in
debtedness and used the money
for electric lights and water
works. Anything just any
thing would have been better,
but now we cannot recall the
mistakes and the debt is s ttled
ui)on the tax payors until 1U20.
tor, Ark., and ordered the Her
aid sent to her address.
out fear or favor? We hold that
a newspaper, going out before
I all the people cannot afford to lie.
The people are intelligent, and
sooner or later they will know
the truth.
Sunday morning, an old lady,
Mrs. Paralee Hurst, 06 "years
old, who had be?n making her
homo with Henry Schultze for
some time, died very suddenly,
and Esq. Gwin held an inquest
over the body Sunday afternoon,
the coroner's jury returning a
verdict of death from natural
causea. one nad been connned
to her bed since Wednesday
night, but had received no medi
cal attention.
All members of the Ben Hur
are hereby notified that they
must pay their dues before Feb
ruary 27. Letir,ia McFarland.
Miss Ada Foley of Cotton
Plant, Ark., is attending the Hay
ti school.
V-W--r ?
. L S
jrU I
:." il T
, .. I.-- .
:w uRrLi
1 X . 'L jC dfoL-feSK
.("- - ,j- . ,"-
r r ::ti .ra m&jiy
esuay tnat iii m,uc mcc , u.c miu rCl .$ K&M
lighter of M r and M rs. S. .1 . M- -T T te" $ &&' "!
jClain of Kennett, together $.-.'-
Charlie Martin informed
Tuesday that his little nice , the
with two other children, were
bitten by a mad dog last weojr,
and they are now in St. Louis
for treatment.
WUi .1
ijraufi'r i
zicrypcrM 3B&.
Jf if
Spring is Near
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been looking for.
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, Glass and Putty.
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The time has acrived when a fence mound the
farm ii as much a necessity as a cultivator.
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F. DAACKES, Vica-Pre: & Cen'l Sales Agent
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NOTE.- Iteitf rl cvcitcit. Bte the on la lour toa aiul lu liliu ihow th
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