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VOL. 14
The Methodist church of Haytl will
begin the Now Year In Illble study
nnd worship, and each member and
friend is urged to start the New Year
right by attending Sunday school and
being in the worship at the A. M.
The sacrament will be administer
ed after a brief talk on "It's mean
ing to us living now."
Leaguers arc called to the church
at G:30 p. m. for their devotional and
study season.
At 7:30 o'clock, Rev. Culbertson
will have for his topic: "The call of
Isaiah." This discussion will link
up the bearing Isiah has on our pres
ent day living.
Let no purposeful person in Hayti
fail in using the opportunity to start
the New Year right by being in Sun
day school, League and in Worship.
The appreciation of the church is
hereby expressed to those who made
the Christmas program a success. The
revolving tree as devised by Mr.
Richmond was unusually beautiful,
At the Sunday morning service the
following ofliccis were elected:
Arthur Allen, trustee.
Mrs. M. 55. Elliston, clerk.
Mrs. D. B. Hayes, treasurer.
Mrs. A. Ansell, pianist.
A. G. Sanders, superintendent of
the Sunday school.
Prof. O. E. Hooker, assistant sup
erintendent of Sunday school.
Sunday evening services will be
held at 7 p. in., and all are cordially
invited to attend.
The Herald office this week has
been functioning a little one-sided,
tl' 's, its editor has been absent a
f . days, and it has been necessary
of the "force" to edit the paper.
It's editor, L. J. Banner, left Sun
day morning early for Campbell and
spent the Holiday visiting. Mon
day morning he failed to show up
for his many duties, but seems to have
taken on more important duties, for
Monday afternoon at five o'clock at
the' home of Mr. and Mrs. John A.
Teague, in Campbell, he was wedded
to Miss Kathleen Teague by the Rev
erend Liddell, pastor of the First
Baptist Church of that city, the cere
mony being said at the home, it being
at first contemplated that the affair
to be a quiet one, but the secret soon
reached the ears of the many friends
of the bride, and quite a number of
them appeared ready for the cere
mony. Those present at the wed
ding were: Mr. and Mrs. Eason Coop
er, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Jennings of
Trezevant, Tenn., and the Misses El
sie Davis, Volla, Lena and Ruth
Matheny, Marguerite Reynolds, Joan
Landess, Alma Rice, and Messrs. Vic
tor Burch, Monroe Clem Jr., Ray
mond Toole, of Campbell, also Misses
Lillian Harvey of Kennett and Ver
nette Hellings of St. Louis.
Immediately the couple left for this
city, several of the couple's friends
following them, and upon th sir arriv
al here late in the evening, thev wore
met at the jiialion by many friends
who escourted them to town aiW a
roar of bolls and the throwing of rice
the bride and the gioom being com
pelled to mount an open, ramshackl
ed buggy, delivering the couple at
the Peoples Drug Storo where several
perplexing questions wove propound
ed to the groom, much to his pleas
ure as well as the happy crowd.
After a hour ot merriment Ihe
couple wont to the homo of Billy
Nethery, whore they will ro3ido until
the Now Year, after which they will
bo at homo to their friends in the
J. H. Wilks property.
The bride is one of Campbell's most
popular young ludies, and was ii lend
er among the social soot. , She is a
graduuto of Stephens College of Col
umbia, and wefeel sure will prove as
popular among our people as in her
homo town.
The groom is a successful busi
ness man of this city, an editor of
this paper, and has as muny friends
as his acquaintances are numbered.
It is with pleasure tho writer ex
tends congratulations to tho newly
weds, wishing that theirs may bo
a cup overflowing with happiness and
Got a big bundle of newspapers
at Tho Herald -office for a dime.
Hayti's water works system, which
has been so badly needed, is Hearing
completion, and the contractors for
the pumping apparatus are now in
stalling the two bl Fairbanks-Morse
engines and two tri-plex pumps in
the pump house, this building being
erected by M. T. Baldwin. The
tank and tower have been completed
for some time, and should answer our
requirements, according to the es
timate of the engineer in charge of
the system, and will give Hayti the
protection which she has needed for
so long a timo. Several more weeks
will sec the water turned into
the mains. The Caruthersville Plumb
ing and Heating Co., has been busy
for several weeks making house con
nection from the various streets and
arc also installing plumbing fix
tures in quite a number of the homes
of the city, which will give us the
city feeling. Mr. Baldwin, the con
tractor for the building has been de
layed for some time because of the
rainy and cold weather, this cans-1
ing the mortar in the brick work to J
freeze and look very bad from up-,
pparanre sake. He is however do-'
ing his utmost to rush the work and ,
informs us that unless other delays'
occur the building will soon be readv
for use.
Miss Joan Landess of Campbell,
who lias been visiting Mrs. L. J. Ban
ner for several days returned home
Do you know that Buckleys de
liver dry goods and groceries to any
part of town free'.'
Postmaster Averlll was asked by
the Department to resign, and, at
every one believes, for no other rea
son than to'make a place for a Re
publican. It is known by everyone
familiar with the situation, and ad
mitted by his greatest enemies, that
Mr. Avcrill has attended strictly to
the duties of the office and has made
Caruthersville a polite, courteous and
efficient postmaster. His commis
sion has not expired, and If wo were
in his place we would hold on to the
position until thrown out. Wilson
permitted Republican federal officers
to hold their places until their com
missions expired. Caruthersville
Want to buy two cottages in
Hayti, not to cost over ?1000 each;
prefer to buy from owner of proper
ty. Address J. H. Barnett, box 613,
Kennett, Mo.
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Reinhard and
daughter, Betty, spent Xmas Day in
Caruthersville the dinner guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scott, and re
port p most enjoyable time. Both
Mr. and Mrs. Scott are noted for their
hospitality and are royal entertainers.
Raymond Toole of Campbell spent
Tuesday visiting bis friends, Billy
Nethery, Lamar Thompson and L. .1.
Miss Sarah Culbertson of Mexico
is spending the Christmas days in
Hayti with the family of A. B. Cul
bertson and wife.
' IHcrc arc two views "of Mis.'Smhlf Wiuanscin;,:vno feracfcriowl
edged s the best dressed woman in the world, and who is coming
jto Amcnca shortly to show us; what real gowns arc Mrs. Wilkin
son auiiiuu hi ihc as a Ttsiauiam Keeper in Ejigiano, pue ana ner
uusuanu cxpanucu uc ousincss imo a ciiain 01 restaurants, tnen into
chain of hotels and they made millions. Her whole fife now i snent
in buying tilings to wear, and wearing 'cm at a cost i" a million a
war. i-icr wardrobe .contains Hundreds of costly goomf, priceless
aces, corgeous hats, diamond studded "loes and her strings' of nenrla
fnu miners arc a .nugc lonunc in mcraseivcs. some od ner gowns .ar
.sojcomplicatcd.ininakc andra;!terial.thattbeytakeLsiWanoutbs to
Roscoe Harden, the genii' 1 repres
entative of the Metropolitan Life In
surance Co., of Caruthersville, at
tended to business in Hayti Mon
day and Wednesday.
Mrs. E. E. Moore of Cincinnati, 0.,
mother of Dr. J. V. Moore, came down
to spend the holidays with Dr. and
Mrs. Moroe.
A A. Caneer of Senath, who has
just undergone an operation in Mem
phis, Tenn., passed thru Hayti Mon
day enoute home.
Make a New Year's resolution
to trade at Buckleys; wo will do our
best to please you
The Ladies Aid of the Christian
Cburch will servo a pie dinner in tho
Arinory building on Saturday, Jan-,
uary Sth, beginning at 11:30.
Miss Nellie Reeves of Caruthers
ville visited with Miss Cecil Proc
tor today.
Miss Lujiille Nethery and Miss
Finch of Caruthersville visited in
Hayti yesterday.
Mrs. 0. E. Hooker and Miss Allie
Cameron were shopping in Caruth
ersville Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Jennings passed
thru Hayti Tuesday enroutc to their
home at Trezevant, Tenn. Mr. and
Mrs. Jennings were married in Camp
bell Sunday.
For Rent Two, nice large un
furnished rooms, suitable ftJ" light
' c
housekeeping. Apply
Dorris, Hayti, Mo.
to ' s.
D. E.
J. H. O'Connor and wife K Cooter
were among those who are spending
the Xmas holidays with relatives in '
Hayti. I
Dr. T. O. Nevill of Campbell pass
' ed thru Hayti Monday enroute from
Caruthersville to his home after spend
i ing the holidays.
Senator R. B. Oliver of Cape Gir
ardeeau came down Wednesday for
a few hours attending to his vast
farm interests.
Pink Aruff and wife of Caruthers
ville was here Sunday, spending a few
hours with Eurties Powell and family-
Chas Berry, who has been visit
ing in points adjacent to Chicago,
111 , is expected home tomorrow.
The 1922 Rexall
Weather Chart Calendar
Has Arrived
We are distributing them free, one to each family
No Family in Town
should be without one s
Complete Data on Weather Forecast
Egg and Milk Records Daily Memoranda
Useful Information of Every Description
A Household Companion the Entire Year
Yours is awaiting you at
Wells Drug Co.
The REXALL Store
"It pays around hero to be on time
and to do the right thing."
The manual training students are
doing excellent, work now. Thoy
arc making large and more useful ar
ticles, such as foot-stools, mugazine
racks, picture frames, candlesticks,
bread boards and sofas. &oat ot
these were given as Chrstmaa pre
sents The Senior class entertained tho
High School Friday afternoon with
a program and Christmas tree. The
program consisted of selections by the
orchestra, solos by Sadie Mitchell nnd
Carmel Popham, a legend by Peari
Cameron, reading by Juanita Herrell
and a play by the Senior class. Many
visitors were present for tho pro
gram. We had with us recently Prof Hin
chey. a representative of Southeast
Missouri State Teachers College. He
is advocating a new and slpendid
movement for a historical and geo
logical organization. Tbe purpose of
this organization is to give the boys"
and girls of Missouri a better know
ledge of their own state. He men
tioned tho fact that our section of
the state is called the cardie of civil
ization west of the Mississippi river.
He said it is up to the boys and girls
of Missouri to collect material for the
history of their own state. He told
the boys and girls that the old peeople
of the county could, and would glad
ly tell them pioneer stories and le
gends of their own county. He al
so told them that this county is rich
in Indian relics. He urged them to
make a collection of the Indian ar
rows and also wants a collection of
the lifferent woods found in this
county. He told several incidents
in the mr'-ing of our county and his
tory and emphasized the fact that the
average student knows much more
about European and general history
that he knows about his own state.
Prof. Hinchey is urging all High
Schools to form a historical and geo
logical society. All High Schools
organizing such a society will be giv
en an individual place in the new
memorial building which is being
erected in memory of the soldiers,
which is to be erected at Cape Girar
deau. Prof. Hinchey's talk was a sup
plement to the health program ren
dered by the third, fourth and sixth
grades of the Grammar School.
Capt. Frank G. Armltage, a rep
resentative of the White Myers Ly
ceum Bureau, visited High School
recently. The Captain gave a mis
cellaneous program here recently un
der the auspices of the Civic Lea
gue. Tho program consisted of
pianologues, Dickon's impersonations
ventriloquism and cunjeuing. Capt.
Armitage is very much interested in
schools as he himself at one time was
a teacher. Ho was for sometime
an Instructor in Harvard University.
Since Captain Armitage nod spare
timo between trains ho took advan
tage of the opportunity to visit the
school. We are sure that every boy
and girl enjoyed Captain Armitage's
talk, and hope that they may pro
fit by his valuable advice. Ho spoke
of the advaijiagos of an education,
urging the boys and girls to attend
college after completing their High
School work. He pointed out the
advantages the American people havo
over the English in securing an edu
cation. He pointed out that no Amer
ican boy is too poor to secure an edu
cation, but that an English boy must
have blue blood in his veins before
ho can enter any of 'he universities
of England. Ho emphasized tho fact
that tho boys and girls of today are
to solve tho problems for tho future,
and thoreforo must bo educated In
order to do bigger and better things
than tho presont generation Is do
ing Ho knows what it is to work
for an education, as ho worked his
way through college in America. Cap
tain Armitage is English by birth,
Canadian by adoption and American
by education,
Ernest Loflor and Louie Kohn will
represent Hayti High School in tho
debating contest with Poplar Bluff
on January tho sixth. A more de
finite report concerning tho debato
will bo given Inter.
Wo are informed that Mr. Guffy
and wife will erect a four-apartment
building tho coming year at u very
desirable location in Hayti,
Tho World's Standard
1. 1. LEFLER, Hayti, Mo.

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