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The Missouri herald. (Hayti, Mo.) 1922-1990, March 03, 1922, Image 4

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raSiHSEm3iOTi&ieafe. Jfcn-
. i. tj-xj: ;3.
- -. ,i.'Wp.JHat3;.S,t J
Flannel Shirts
You can't beat a flnnnol shirt for hard work or out
door sport
WEAR The fabric will wear hard, and the stitch
ing will last.
FIT -The button-down rollar will fit, as will the
shoulders and sleeves.
PRICE The price is not "slashed to the hone; '
that's not honest merchandising, hut you'll prolit
with it $2,00 to $3.7d
Overalls, priced at $1,25 to $1.75
Moleskin Pants, priced at $3.00
Hayti, Missouri
'.!'AJiiSJ-?. "CtmjP! jWL. U Jt?XWKrwr-rKj- . ? ,1 1 8
h, -m
Sunday School at 9:15 a 111 ,
preaching 11:00 a. in. and 7:110 p.
111. Prayermceting Wednesdays at
7:30 p. in. Subject, the Sunday
School lesson for the following Sun
day. Prayermeetings have. been
excellent lately. Help make thcin
better still.
W. C SCOTT, Pastor.
Pure lard, Independent hams
and bacon, and jowl and side salt
meat, at Buckleys.
Dr. M. H. Hoffman wan over from
Caruthersvillc a short while last
Saturday morning.
We handle Northrnp, King Co.
and Ferry seed, at Colbert's.
It. N Hrasher was in Caruthers
villc a short while Monday.
Paul Walker, lircinan on .SOS,
through morning passenger s'outh,
while thu engine was taking wa
ter at :i tank at Sikeston yesterday
morning, tell from the tender, but
fortunately escaped with only
slight injuries. Jim Tines, anoth
er llreman, happened to be a pas
senger on the train and took
Walker's place, bringing the train
to Ilaytl. Reaching here. Mr
Briggs, another lireinan, "shoved
her through" to Memphis, and Mr.
Walker went to St. Louis for hos
pital treatment.
New ginghams in especially
pretty patterns, at Buckleys.
A man is like a tree in that both
may bear good fruit; but, unlike a
tree, he cannot be shady at the
same time.
The change from ordinary j
Shaving needs to REXALL f
The lollowlng dispatch from Ca
ruthersvillc is taken from the sport
ing page of Sunday's Commercial Ap
peal: Southeast Missouri, for a long time
the subject matter of special writers
for the metropolitan newspapers, is
to make her" debut this year as the
newly discovered location for spring
training camps for baseball clubs,
when Manager Harry Clarke and the
vanguard of the Milwaukee, Ameri
can Association, baseball club arrives
in this city next Saturday afternoon
to take up spring training and prac
tice. Games scheduled here are:
March 11 and lli: Milwaukee,
American Association, vs. St. Joseph,
Western League.
March IS and 10: Milwaukee
American Association, vs. Minneapo
lis, Amcriran Association.
March 2-1: Milwaukee, American
Association, vs. Memphis, Southern
March 125 and 20:
American Association, vs,
Western League.
April 2: Milwaukee,
Association, vs. Doston
American Association.
April S: Milwaukee,
Association, vs. St. Louis Cardinals,
National League.
April !): Milwaukee, American
Association, vs. Brooklyn, National
St. Joseph.
Red Sox.
Tlie Missouri Herald desires to call
the attention of its readers to the re
markable subscription oll'er made by
the Morning Sun of Cape Cirardeau,
which appears elsewhere in this is
sue. The Sun is th only Daily News
paper in Southeast Missouri that has
the Associated I'res news service
which is recognized throughout the
world as the most dependable and
accurate service in existence. It does
not claim to be one of the large pu
llers of the state or nation but thost
who want to keep informed and go;
the news in condensed and readable
form, can get it by subscribing lor
The Sun. The Sun carries all tln
local news and has special corres
pendents in all parts of Southeast
Missouri. It also carries a daily
market report that is valuable to
farmers, merchants and others.
The Morning Sun was started
about two years and a halt ago and
during that time it lias grown in
circulation and popularity until it
is recognized as the leading Daily ol
this part of the state. Its remark
able growth is due to its unequalled
news service, its strong editorial
policy, its complete market reports
and to the fact that it reaches the
great majority of readers only a few
hours after it is published.
The olfer to secure this paper at
the low rales offered for a year 01
a six mouth's .iiibscription, is an ex
ceptional opportunity. Adv
Transform Shaving from Work to
Pleasure with a S
fermedge KAZ.UK J
Permedge Razor Strop
REXALL Shaving Cream f
REXALL Shaving Powder
REXALL Shaving Stick
Lilac Vegetal Gentleman's Talc
and all the rest at
Wells Drug Co.
The REXALL Store
Hayti, Mo.
We don't like to apologize for
our shortcomings in the productiou
of a newspaper and shall not, but
litis being an issue of explanations
on our part, due to the several in
novations we have undertaken, it
is perhaps due us to say that ow
ing to the uncertainty that we
would recceive our new newspaper,
heading in time for use tills week,
it was diilicult to prepare copy for
the change we expected to make,
and, therefore, little or no composi
tion could be done at the usual
time. While the heading was drawn
in til is oflice, by an attache of the
odlee, the engraving had to be made
in St. Louis, the plate not being re
ceived until Wednesday morning,
since when practically all of our cop
and composition has been produced
This also accounts somewhat for our
shortage of local news, as our limited
oflice force had to busy themselves
with inside work, and the people
of this town fail to use their tele
phones as they should. People, that
is the best way to get the worth oi
your telephone use them to tell us
the news. If what you do isn't
worth reporting, tell on your neigh,
hor- tell us what ho is doing, has
done, or is expected to do. If you
will do that, we thall always have
enough "locals" of the very best sort
to fill all the space wo can afford to
devote to that purpose. Now, don't
everybody "get on the wire" at once,
but tell us the news.
Canned Foods Week-
This week, March the 1st to 8th has been set aside as National Canned
Foods Week.
In cooperation with the National advertising of this event we are display
ing assortments of canned foods prices exceptionally low to stimulate the buying
of canned foods.
You will find it to your advantage to look over our assortments or ask us
(o make up one for you.
Buckleys' Store
$ t ' J $ ? X $ "J ''$ 4 4 J J J $ $ $ $$ i J 4 5 $ 5 5 $ $ $ J 5 J f5 $ J $ $ $ 5
VifyDoiftl&ra jf
l m -ftie c4rA rf it n 9 1 1 f s rt srf vinHnnT r1fii irr . V I Ml
ThvRoylTmi.ots Cfiicago.MvKrfi. J vJsWWk
" rnnnl"Tnllnrrrl.ln.f'nxiiTO Sni.i nml (nnrnnts ISjr r. -..V JffJSt
Roval Tallortd-to-M'asure SuHs and Overcoats
Tuesday evening our editorial
'phone rang. It was Capt. Allen's
voice that came over the sleet cover
ed w ires, and so warm in sympathy
it's a wonder the ice didn't melt from
Hie threads of steel and fill 1 to the
ground. "Want to congratulate
you," he said. We knew then at least
one person in town had learned ol
the contemplated change in The Her
ald. We don't know how the "leak'
occured. it was our intention to let
the change in the paper announce
itself. Hut Capt. Allen always was
a ferret in the affairs of Hayti. 1I
was always iirst to sniff the approach
of either good or evil headed this way
Not since the passing of Dr. G. A
Hayes, founder of the town, in 1S1I9.
has Hayti had one so watchful of her
interest as Capt. Allen, and even In
those days he did not play second
liddle to any one. He was here tc
congratulate the writer on the pro
duction of the first real paper the
town ever bad. He is one of tin
human landmarks of pioneer day
that yet stand by the roadside of
man, to cheer and encourage the trav
tiler on his way. We are glad that
Capt. Allen is still here, hale and
hearty, aged only in the count of time
and is as full of "pep" as a man o
Thank you, Captain. We shall
do the best we can, but don't want
too much expected of us. While
some of us are bettered by age, then,
is a limit where the rule turns, and
that limit is reached much soonei
if one has borne a heavy load, as h iu
unfortunately fallen to the lot of
some of us. As we do not want tc
disappoint anyone, we request that
but little bo expected of us.
Some people even think they con
cede a great deal if they allow other
people to think as they please.
Farmers, get cash for your eggs
and poultry. K. E. Troutt.
When a man hits an axe to grind
he generally wants to use his neigh
bor's grindstone.
You benefit yourself only as you
benelit humanity.
Dr. It. C. Cresswcll attended to
business at Caruthersvillc Mondn.
Every business man in Hayti
should remember this paper cannot
bo what it should be, and represent
every interest of the community with
out the cordial support of everyone
interested in the place. The more
advertising in these columns, and
the more paid-up subscriptions on
our books, the more able we are to
employ good men and advertise the
town far and near. If it can be said
that no better local weekly paper i.
publishcd in the State of Missouri
than the .Missouri Herald, it will add
it prestige to this community we
could not otherwise have. We shall
strive to do our part, and we put it
up to you to do yours. What do we
hear you say?
The early blooming shrubbery and
daring daffodils, which have had the
temerity to peep from the ground in
order that they might bring delight
into the hearts of those who love
flowers, have suffered severely from
the return of winter after the recent
visitation of Spring. March came
in more like a wet, polar bear, than
like the raging lion. We hope to
see it go out "sheepishly."
Three-fourths of the people are
gullible if the right man conies along
with the right thing.
Get a big bundle of newspapers
at The Herald ofllco for a dimo.
Mrs. O. N Watts shopped in Ca
rutheravlllo Saturday.
Press a Button And
Be Relieved
Hayti's new water system is now a reality, everything in ship-shape, working fine,
and plenty of good water. This is a Hayti institution, owned by the people of Hayti,
to be paid for by the people of Hayti, and can be supported by none but Hayti people.
Therefore, the sooner Hayti people take hold, have water placed in your homes, and
in every way you can produce customers for water, just that much sooner it wilj
be placed on a paying basis, and we as well as our Mayor and Board of Aldermen,
will know just where we are, and how to operate the plant to the best advantage.
I am very anxious in two ways:
1st All my interests are in Hayti and I am naturally proud of our water woiks and
want to see it made a success and serving every man, woman and child in Hayti.
2nd I have a full supply of plumbing goods, have plumber's license, and a good
man to do any kind of plumbing work, and am in a position to operate the business
as cheap as any one could possibly do it.
I am handling nothing but first class, quality goods, and will permit nothing but
first quality work. I want YOU to start using water and if it's nothing but a
kitchen sink and one opening, I want to have this put in for you and get you
I have some rate cards showing the cost per year for every kind of business; come in
and get one and let me talk over your water problem with you.
Lefler Hardware Co.
L. L. Lefler, Licensed Plumber
Hayti Missouri

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