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0. FOPHAM, Sole Owner and Business Manager
C. S. YORK, Editor
Published Weekly, on Fridays, at Corner Fourth & Broadway Sts.
Knlrrcil iin im-rninl-plna ninllrr Oclolicr
SllMNOiirl, iimlrr llio ncl of Mnrcli .'I. 187l.
SO, lltos, n( lu- tioNtollicp nl Ilnyll.
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One Year, outside county $1.50 One year, in county $1.00
Illnplti). column Inch .15 llrnilrrM, per Inch ."."
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It Is an unpleasant duty for The
Missouri Herald to publish facts
that almost kicks th'e livers out of
some of its personal friends.
The court house bonding election
steal, for instance. That 1ms a vi
cious kick in several directions Still,
it does not kirk u single man not
involved In the stalling of tho ballot
box, or who is not in sympathy with
the ballot box stulTcrs. Hut the
trouble with that notorious election
is that It was not an individual mat
ter. It was the work of no one man,
and the real leaders were but a few.
The brains responsible for the job
would not 1111 many adult skulls. Hut
from tho "brains(?)" of that few t
community crime was evolved and
executed. Hccauso of that the
wrong was Intensified, and that to
the extent of those who were led to
participate in it and are now in
sympathy with it.
Jt is bad enough for an Individual
to stultify his conscience to such an
extent that he could without com
punction steal his neighbor's goods
but when It comes to pass that u
whole community can do that and
hold Its head up, the morals of such
a people and their regard foi law
has reached the lowest depths In
this instance something has been
stolen more valuable that goods and
chattels. Take these and they can
bp replaced; but take away a man's
right to vote, or to have bis voe
counted as cast, and there is taken
from hhn his most priceless heritage
And in just that proportion the bal
lot box Is stuffed have the voters
been robbed of their suffrage. in
tho court house bonding election
that robbery amounted to at least
1G00. Fifteen hundred stolen
horses would not be so b.td. Or that
many hogs. That many cows. Think
of it. if thievery would break out in
Pemiscot county and the thieves
would, in one day, steal and tlriv
off 1500 of our yearlings out ot the
woods, what would the people 'is"
up and do about it? Now, which ih
the worst, the stealing of 1500 year
lings oi the tcuMng of lf.00 votes?
For our part, e would rather losi
our yeirllng, if wc had one, than to
lose our vote. Our vote is about all
we do have that Is not taxed, aim
take that from us and it goes
damned hard against the grain for
us to pay taxes to support any gov
ernment that would turn around and
rob us of that vote. If you take our
vote, taka our property also. Mnks
us slaves. For that is what we are
when we are deprived of our voice
in the control of governmental af
fairs. If the "higher-ups" can steal an
election and get away with it, tlrt
act becomes a breeder of all sorts
of other crimes. Such a conditirn
is dangerous. This is what Is hurl
ing Pemiscot county today. It is
mainly why we have bootleggeis
without number. It is why life and
the rights of property Is held so
cheaply. This condition must cease.
The people arc determined. They
arc not fooled, as some believe. The
denial of publicity of these frightful
frauds have not kept the people
from being Informed, nor has it
caused them to forget, as the guilty
had expected and hoped. The dav
of leckoning has got to come, and all
good citizens must do their part to
hasten its coining. And while it is
as we say, an unpleasant duty to
perform, tho need of doing it is sr
great that it cannot be ignored.
Only this week influences were at.
tempted to be brought to bear to
cause this paper to let up on the
court house election fraud. We were
asked: "Would wo (Ha'ytl) not
have done the same, if we could?"
That proves our contention that a
community crime is worse than a
personal crime. Had our fight been
-.gainst some thief that had stolen a
three-dollar yearling, we don't
think we would have been asked to
let up because we would have "done
the same." That sort of .argument
would have carried with it such a
personal insult that the man making
it would need to havo been much
bigger than we to have goten away
with it. Vet our friend, who wo
should say was not at Caruthers
vllle when the election was stolen,
wanted to know of us "If Hayti
would not have done the same."
That, he seemed to reason, was n
justifiable excuse. And here Is fifr-
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Democratio Ticket
Wo-announce the following as can
didates subject to the Democratic pri
mary held Tuesday, August 1, 1922-.
For Circuit Judge
C. 12. BRAGG
FOR Prosecuting Attorney
For Circuit Clerk
For County Clerk
For Representative
For Collector of .the Revenue
For Judge of Probate Court
For Recorder of Deeds
For Presiding Judge County Court-
S. E. (Ed) JUDEN
For County Judge 1st District
For Justie of the Peace Hayti Town
.shlp B. F. ALLEN
For Constable, Hayti twp.
S. P. (Sid) OATES
Republican Ticket
We announce the following as
candidates, subject to the will of
the Republican voters in the pri
mary election August 1:
For Collector of the Revenuc
For Coupty
Court Clerk
ther proof of the overshadowing evil
of a community crime. Churche.-,
arc affected by it. Courts are affect
ed by it; and society, like the with
ering rose, lias a poisonous worm
hidden beneath its petals, eating out
its heart.
"Would Hayti not do the same?"
we were asked. The best answer to
this Is to say that Hayti never has
And there has, in the past twenty
four years, been TH"REE court house
elections in Pemiscot county. In
each of these elections the ballot box
at Caruthersville was stuffed. In
each of these elections every vote
at Hayti was counted as cast. And
we want to deny the implication
that the people here would "do the
sume." If the stealing of one vote
would cause the removal of the court
house to Hayti, this community
would not stand for the stealing oi
that vote. Individuals might. But
the community would not. We are
proud to know that the law-abiding
citlzons hero are in the majority.
Hayti does not want a court house if
it has to stand forever as a monu
ment of fraud. If we ever have a
court houso wo want it to stand as a
tower of justice. But all this is an
other mntter. Hayti is not after the
court house not at present. Possi
bly we never shall be. That is the
smallest matter in this connection
We come now to tho point we
want to make: Suppose Hayti
would "do tho same." Would that
right a wrong? Would it justify a
crime that has been committed? It
is strange reasoning. It is stranger,
still, when it was advanced by a
moral man. Therein is the far
reaching danger of the, community
crime. It takes everything down
with it. Even the churches are not
exempt. The man who can go out
and steal his neighbor's vote, then
go to church on Sunday and get
down on his all-fours and-bellow to
tho Almighty God to shower upon
him the blessings of "Heaven, in our
opinion has moro gall than religion.
Yet nil of us know mon doing that
very thing. If they didn't steal tho
votes themselves they aro behind tho
mon who did tho stealing. They
are the beneficiaries of tho stealing,
and worse, by far, than tho election
thieves themselves. A strange re
ligion, indeed. It is Herodious.
The kind that Judas had, It is tho
kind wo think the devil has very
little 'fault td And with,
No, if Hayti would "do tho same,"
brother, it would not lesson tho
crime, but wo want to repeat that
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Hayti; .Missouri
Hayti has never done anything oi
the sort, and that is the best evi
dence it never would.
This paper takes its orders from
none except the God above, as we
find it written in His Book of Bookr.
and as humanity that has come from
His hands has impressed upon the
sensibilities of our conscience. Wo
accept the Golden Rule tor our guide
All we want or ask Is a square deal.
If we get thnt we shall be satisfied.
So, therefore, let tho better classe-,,
those who see damnation in the
course certain Pemiscot county
"leadcrs(?)" are pursuing, get to
gether, wipe the slate clean of cor
ruption and start over anew, and in
the future keep the slate clean. We
have all to gain and nothing to lose.
When we come to that, you who find
fault with our seeming harshness,
will read nothing in these columns
but kind words and commendations.
But be not mistaken, We havo noth
ing kind for the crook. Not even a
The duty of Tho Missouri Herald
is to represent its readers as an
honest lawyer would his clients. It
is our duty to give the news, and
give it truly, free from color and
bias, so as not to be misleading, as
has been too much and too long the
case on tho part of some publica
tions reaching this territory. Nor
shall we suppress tho facts or refuse
to publish the news, as is the prac
tice of some papers that should owo
tho public a hotter sorvice. And
hero again comes the community
wrong. If tho individual commits
a crime, most papers havo very little
hesitancy in telling tho world about
It, but let. a wholo community full
under such a blight and, In some
such Instances that could be named,
tho press is muzzled and as effect
ively as a mad dog whoso bite is
feared. If these assertions aro de
nied in words they cannot bo dis- J
proven by actions on the part of
some, in the past and In tho present.
If Tho Missouri Herald has hurt
tho feelings of anyone who has,
stolen an election, or is in sympathy
with an election thief, wo aro
damned glad of it. And if any
body else objects -to our course in
this respect wo invito them to got
off, for wo nro calculated to hurt
their feelings an awful lot moro bo
foro this thine is through with.
This, we believe, is tho true news
paper spirit; the spirit without
which no newspaper, however rich,
or popular, or great otherwise, can
be a true newspaper. The editor
who refuses to bo swerved from his
stand for the right as lie sees It, bv
threats and boycotts, or to be se
duced from it by fawning favor, is
the editor who must maintain for
the press the respect, confidence and
consequent power, without which"
the newspaper .business is a sorry
one. It may be a Jittlo slow some
times, but in the end right will win
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