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The MlliBBrH
0. POPHAM, Sole Owner and Business Manager
C. S. YORK, Editor
t Published Weekly, on Fridays, at Corner Fourth & Broadway Sts.
Enfrrrtl im mTiinil-clnnn ninllrr Ortnlirr !). 1WIS. nt !ie potttofllcp nt Ilnyll.
Bllmmurlt under Hie net if Mnrcli .'I. 1871).
Subscription Bates:
One Year, outside county $1.50 One year, in county $1.00
Dlnplnr. column Inch .1.". Ilrnilrrn, pp' Inrli .2.1
LornlK, per line . ' I.oi'aln, Iilnck tnve, per line .11)
Office Phone 04
Editorial, Night Phone 80
Besidcnce Phone 47
The immediate and unmistakable
iBsue in Pemiscot county politics
is the deluge of negro votes that
have recently come upon us with
almost the suddenness of the Gal
veston disaster. And it has provor
nlmost ns devastating In its consequences.
America is called "A white man's
country." By every right that it
what it should be. This National
right, however, is lessening as the
years go by. A certain class of
brainless and heartless politicians
would destroy this right entirely.
Some portions of the country have
awakened to this impending danger.
In the South both Democrats and Re
publicans stand together on local is
sues. The fear of the "Black
Plague" has forced the southern
people to stand together upon the
first law of nature self-preserva-tlen.
It should and would be so in
Pemiscot county, Missouri, if the
people here but realized the black
ness of the shadow the newly ar
rived Ethiopian is casting athwart
the doorways of their homes.' After
the harm has been done the reined
will be harder to apply. Now is the
time for unity of action.
Pemiscot county a few years ago
was a "white man's county." Twen-ly-tive
years ago there were not a
dozen negro families within the con
fines of our borders. It is not so
now, nnd may never be so again. At
least, not until all right thinking
-white people come to realize it to b
their duty to vote the same local
ticket. It was the negro vote that
put tho Republican party in power
in this county in 1920. Tho leaders
of that party sank to the most
damnable depths of political de
bauchery to win the election. Not
satisfied with voting their hordes o!
'qualified blacks, they spent their
time and money to vote hundreds
not entitled to vote. This same gang
is preparing at the present for a
repetition or the same practice, be
ing encouraged by tho success ot
their former efforts. They openly
boast that their work in this respect
is to be on a larger scale. Some ot
these Republican politicians say
they will vote at least 2000 negroes
while yet others say their black ava
lanche will sweep down and inun
date more than .'!000 white votes in
this, formerly a "white man's coun
ty." They expect the black tlood o
billy goat stink and Ethiopian wool
to sweep everything before it, bear
ing them upon its crest to victory
and success! White man, think of
that! White woman, think ot
that! Can you, as a good citizen,
and in your own interest, go along
with this sort of a crowd and cas.
your voto with them? The choico is
yours. It is up to you.
There are white-skinned but benumbed-brained
politicians in this
MMmuKMii wta
county who are, in our opinion, not
as good as decent negroes, if the de
cent negroes were soft alone cad riot
contaminated by them. With that
sort of politicians it is "to hell with
the white man's county," and every
thing else respectable, so long r.s
they can get into oillce. That is
their single object and aim.
As we say, this deplorable condi
tion has come upon us in rocent
years. It has come upon us so sud-J
denly that some hardly realize the ,
meaning of its far-reaching conse
Think of it, we say. The white
people of this county must put up j
2000 or 3000 of their citizens' vnte
to be slaughtered by negro votes be
fore they can get from under the
avala'nche of black, brutish ignor
ance, that knows nor cares no more
for tin r''''' thin tint r:ny yahor.
from h- '.i'det jungl's of be
nighted Africa. We repeat, think ot
it. If you h iva any brain at all yet ;
will th'nk it Is hell and damnation
And i' s .".-Mar, ,'c"
The i.;'-'"r ."b.i&wr.e:.: uf I hi whl'r
people Qf Pemiscot county by the
Ignorant negro vote has gone pretty
far, but it i.vit go no further. Th-dange-
:oir.: hrj been reached.
The negro, himself,, 'is not si
much to blame. They are not par
ticularly anxious to vote. And th
intelliKent ones of the rare f n--'
coerced, would often vote th; Demo ,
cratic ticket as, being most hclpfn" :
to the common people. It :. th
herding and the driving of th; negrc j
voters to the polls like so ra.viv
dumb animals and voting them ir !
a solid block for the Republican j
ticket, that is objectionable. j
We say again, the negro question
is the political issue in Pemiscot
county. It overshadows every other
question. We had something to say
about this is&re last week, and be
'ause we said it, lost a Republican
subscriber, one who came from Illi
nois, tho F'-te in which Eas t S;
Louis Is loc tei1. and it is yet f: -'a
In the mind, ol many what happen:
to the NEGROES there. Oh, h".
the northern Republican politicians
love the negro as they ride upon his
back into office, and Oh, how the
go after hir. and hi- v ith It ,yonet
and gun ai.'l torch when h stops
innocently upon their toe . l'ooi
negro! Blind as a bat! Yet in
bondage! The slave ot the Repub
lican party! The servant of thc
master who rides upon his back
while he makes him furnish his own
Wo know there are many Republi
i nns who look upon the negro que?
tion th(? same us rwd do, hut If there
are among them those who cannot
stand the pressure of our remark?
in behalf of the whito men and wo
men of Pemiscot county, right here
is a pretty good getting off place
The fellow who quit us last week got
off at the right station, for wo are
not through on this subject by o
long shot. However, tho fellow re
ferred to had, for some time, beon-j
showing growing symptoms of . hi
disgust with our course, and since
we were evuily dfo'vstcd with him.
the severance is mutual and porten
tial of a more happy state for .all
concerned. There are plenty of peo
ple in Pemiscot county who believe
in white supremacy to support and
sustain us in our fight for what we
believe to be right and tho beat in
terest of all concerned There is
much ir.orc to be sai.l on the negrc
Issue and it i3 a duty we owe the
white psople of Pemiscot county to
say it. Not yet havo we shunned
,;ir dutv, and for every subscriber
wo lose we expect to gain two in hi
place. We have lived tso long among
the people of this community to mis
take their temper.
It i3 a grav situation which i.
suggested by the report that th:
Frisco wreck at Horlne, Mo., Wed
nesday was caused by disregard of
orders which the engineer "thought
w;re Incorrect."
A fatal acid'Mit hap-cned. U
wr.s the engine;r's thinking, not
the orders handed him, which' was
mistaken. If the same kind of haz-ardi-ig
of opinion whlr-li e.v..3Pt! ih
iraglc collision i v.-:ek be!-,re at Siu
phur Springs was at the bottom ol'
the later disaster, -one more example
of the evil df taking things for
granted has been entered in th:
record of railway wrecks.
There must be more dependable
basis for human action in vital mat
ters than mere supposition that a
suspected or possible condition ii in
actuality. Backing a groundless
opinion with the lives of men,
women and children is a shockin?
procedure. St. Louis Times.
The tanner who has to go ten
miles for a trace chain finds it an
expensive purchase. If the town
man had to go r tho nearest city
for a pencil, or his wife had to jour
ney hence for a spool of thread, both
would be peeved beyond endurance
It pays to spend ynur money with
our local dealer?, for tho more tin-.
sell the greater th" vn-ier-- -:f stock
they can afford to cany for your con
Once an editor was severely critl
ci-cd by mr.ny of his "sul's-ribers fni'
pruning the plIn truth in his paper
Stung to the quick, he announced
that on a given date he would omit
from his columns every class of no-vp
fo which any objections' was made by
any person. When his paper was is
sued on that date every page wa1
blank. To what class or' news tU
you object?
Two men lived side by side ami
each owned a dog. Each day as one
man went home his dog would rush
to meet him, joyful over thff return
of his master. Whenever the other
man entered his gate his dog wonlO
blink out of s:,'-ht. D .;, . ro gf"
j-ulges cf lie 'r e In wan' e - of m.'r
Everybody likes to hcold the mani
festations of human nature, but
those manifestations are like June
floods in the Mississippi there's no
stopping them. The only thing to
do is to build a levee of law and re
ligion on each side.
Man is a wonderful creature, after
all. The Lord having failed to pro
vide him with wings, ho now manu
factures them for himself.
The strongest of hands are with
out value unless there is a brain ca
pable of directing their movement.
Democratic Ticket
New Goods at New Prices
Not in a long time have we owned goods at such reasonable prices, and
our stock is getting more .complete every day.
Such things as all-wool dress goods at seventy-five cents per yard yard,
good serge dresses, seven dollars, ladies' stylish coats, ten, twelve and
fifteen dollars, and sweaters and sweater coats at old-time prices.
Don't fail to see them. You can get an all-wool one now and have
money left.
Everything looks like a prosperous year for everybody. And we are
ready with our old-time courteous clerks and new, up-to-date goods.
i H.yli
Buckleys' Store
7 "his store is the authorized .resident deafer for
THRoYAiTiuwRS'GJmtf,vi4fr, J
ttovartallortd-io-Mtaaur Suits and Oe&coata
ted Look?
We announce the following as can
didates subject to the Democratic pri
mary held Tuesday, August 1, 1922'.
For Circuit Judge
FOR Prosecuting Attorney
For Circuit Clerk
For County Clerk
For Representative
For Collector of the Revenue
For Judge of Probate Court
For Recorder of Deeds
For Presiding Judge County Court
S. E. (Ed) JUDEN
For County Judge 1st District
For Justle of the Peace Hayti Town
ship B. F. ALLEN
For Constable, Hayti -twp.
S. P. (Sid) OATES
Republican Ticket
We announce the following as
candidates, subject to the will of
tho Republican voters in the pri
mary election August 1:
For Collector of the Revenue
The l-'.ys' nil mr"-' ' .s oi Pe ..
"A(i. county 'vill VI I th"ir iinn:i '
pr nic on Pi. M cot hi yo.s in tlrj
walnut giove near Newc Maxwells
p! ce This pi'enic will be held Fri
day, August 25, beginning at 10 "'
m., and lasting through the after
noon. Thesa boys and girl will be
treated to a free fish fry on this oc
casion. The Farm Bureau will fur
nish the fish and the merchants and
business men will furnish the
bread, coffee and bird. These hoy?
and girls will extend invitation? tc
all of the schools and all of the citi
zens of Pemiscot county. We are o
pecially urging the farmers and
their families to be present. It
may be necessary for th; farmers'
wives to prepare a basket in order
to have sufficient food for all, but
we are confident thut fish will li"
P'entlful, and it" you like this diMi
you ran come with a good appetite
and be confident that you can ge.
plenty to eat.
The program will consist of some
games and amusements for tho chil
dren, and we plan to have some
amusements for the older folks. A
prize will be offered for the farmer
who can stage the best demonstra
tion on calling hogs. Each farmer
will be given three distinct trials
and then the judges will decide who
should win. Tho ladles will proba
bly bo in a contest of calling chick
ens. Wo will also havo somo horse
shoes for those who like this game,
and probably some other things to
amuse those who attend.
A lesson will be given to the club
members through 'a demonstration
on fitting n pig for the show. Mr.
Barnhart will dress up this pig ue
it should bo prepared for tho show
ring, and all of the club members as
well as the farmers who are inter
ested in growing hogs, should see
this demonstration.
Then we will call on a few of tlie
local farmers and business men for
short -talks. Wo do not plan to
burden the people with long speech
es, but tho program 'will bo one
worth-while and full of Interest and
amusement from the beginning to
the end. We are anxious to have
you present, especially for the din-(
The "Successful Farming" is pub
lishing a series of articles on com
munity organization. In . tho Issue
of August 10 some rules for the
foundation ,of a community organiza
tion have been' laid down:
1 The people in the commounity
should be industrious, efficient and
2, If they are to have a happy,
community, they must have a clean
community. (By 'cleanliness we
mean that they must be clean mor
ally, that they must be clean tem-
Two Ways of
Killing Your Car
The first is by using a sledge hammer
, The serene! is simple NEGLECT
Either one is highly eiToctive, and both should be scru
pulously avoided.
You might just as vsll use" a sledge hammer on your
car as to continue rumrr.g it when it is not in condition
Plea3e boar in mind Iba we do all kinds of automobile
repair work, promptly, efficiently and economically.
We sell F.sk tires and tubes
Part of Cairo-Poplar Bluff Highway
Across Scott County Was Awarded
Contract for the building of that
part of the Cairo-Poplar Bluff high
way from the end of tho concrete
road west of Bertrand to the New
Madrid county line near Morehouse,
thropgh Sikeston, was awarded to
Norman Davis of Sikeston Monday.
Mr. Davis was the only bidder for
the work, his bid being $83,007.91
while the engineer's estimate was
The contract is known as Federal
Aid Project No. 5, and the surfacing
is to be of gravel, 15 feet wide.
This contract, when completed,
will finish all of that portion of the
Cairo-Poplar Bluff highway from the
terminus at Bird's Point to the Stod
da:d cc-'intv line, including, i.". it
i!mp:, th.it portion ot the road in Mis
sissippi rounty which is in the n;ie
ci:al road district. Charleston Enterprise-Courier.
If you have cut-over land in
Southeast Missouri Drainage Dis
trict that you would like to trade for
a well improved stock farm In North
Missouri, see H. P. Culbertson, Huyti
Missouri. It
Mr. and Mrs. A. E Poo of Blythe
ville, Ark., spent a few hour-! Sun
day with George Gardner and family
in this city.
Use Herald want ads If you
want quick results.
perately, and that they must be
clean In all of their dealings slth
their fellows.)
?,. They must bo an educated
people. (To be educated, we mean
people who read not only the news
papers and magazines, but some
good books.)
4. They must 'have quick and
easy transportation, which In turn
means that they must have good
These are some of the essentials
for a good community and any ot
our organized communities will do
woll to try to carry out some ot
these principals.
Two Piggott Men Targets for Stran
gers When They Fail to Halt.
J. N. Crossno and H. A. Thrasher
of Piggott, Ark., while driving on
the highway a short distance north
of Portagevllle in Crossno's car last
Monday were called to halt by five
unidentified men on foot at the side
of the road In a dark, secluded spot.
Attempting to check the speed of
the car, Crossno failed to make the
brake work, whreupon the five open
ed fire with revolvers as the automo
bile was about 20 feet past them.
Crossno antl Thrasher escaped injury
and forthwith speeded up.
One of the bullets was found im
bedded in the rear of the' car about
one and a half inches below the
edge of the back curtain and marks
of two other bullets were noticed.
Seven shots were fired. The affair
was reported to officers at Portage
vllle. .
Crossno and Thrasher wore re
turning from Bikesoon, where they
had driven with Rev. L. A. Webb,
evangelist of that city, who, the
day before, Sunday, closed a two
weeks revival at Piggott.
Neither Crossno nor Thrasher
could describe the appearance of any
of the men. They think the Inci
dent was an attempted holdup, or
that the parties were lying in wait
for others.
Congoleum ana linoleum we
put it down for you. Lefler Hard
ware Co., Hayti. tf
Truth is stranger than fiction and
sometimes harder to find.
Emerson fans, oscillating and
non-osclllatlng. All sizes. Lefler
Hardware Co., Hayti. tf
(No. 352)
Meets every Tuesday night. Visiting
members cordially Invited to attend.
C. K. CHISM, N. G.
W. B. O'CONNOR, Secretary
Canned Goods
A Handy Thin to Have
in the House.
No matter how well your cellar is stocked, a few cans of .good
things always come in handy. There is no better way to provide
for emergencies or running short, because food kept this way
never spoils,
Just think .how handy it is to bring out a can or two of salmon,
sardines, tuna fish or lobster for the main dish. With that as
a basis, the meal is, half prepared. Only the best is today cann
ed for use. And improved methods of putting up. insure an ex
ceptional flavor.
Sanitation Our Watchword
Highest Market Price Paid for Produce
White Star Market
J. E. McFALL, Prop.
Phone 90
. t '

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