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Arthur Allen attended to bust- Hall Puckett made a business trip
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Careful Drivers
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It'Comes as no Biirprlso to the poa
plo of Pemiscot county to bo In
formed that tho discredited and out
going County Court, in session lit
Caruthorsvllle Inst Monday, ordered
tho court house bonds, tho proceeds
of the fiaudulcnt election held Sop
(ember 9, 1019, advertised and sold.
A fitting "Swan Song" that was, for
tho two political kaisors who' 'have
been kicked out of ofllce by the larg
est majorities over registered as a
protest from the people of Pemiscot
county. It is nothing short of a
gratuitous insult to nil law-respecting
people nn official act of Infamy
that shows the depth of contempt
and venom that fills tho bosoms
and brains of these political vult
ures the people have so fortunately
and gloriously ridden themselves of
for all time to come. Until now,
perhaps, tho people never realized
how wlbelythey acted in the bestow
al of their ballots in the recent elec
tion. It is tru.c the light had been
turned on to a considerable extent
by -The Missouri Herald, but some
had believed 'that wo were actuated
by selfish and politicnl reasons
when that was farthest from our
thoughts. Of course, the spite and
mlcroblc littleness of this court was,
in certain matters at issue, leveled
at this paper, and that prompted us
to make the fight we did; and since
our work bus been so nbuifaantly
crowned with success, we feel that
we have been repaid for our effort.
But the court house bonds: Tho
only reason this order was not made
sooner was because the two asso
ciates of tho County Court were ask
ing for further political powers,
and realizing that If they made
such an open ordor against right and
decency, they would be turned down
in the following election good and
hard. But after the election, had
they been elected, their action
would have been the same as now.
This purpose some knew and many
believed, and this knowledge ac
counts for tho defeat of these
worthies(?) by the largest majority
ever polled against any men or Bet
of men In this county.
Thus passes the first Republican
County Court Pemiscot county ever
had, and which is destined to be tho
last until the obnoxious record it
has made has in the dim and distant
future faded from the minds of the
The pernicious activities of this
political County Court, in which
this pnper was made the victim pf its
petty spite and all-around malevo
lent cussedness, was mainly what
drew us into the fight for vindica
tion and relief to the energetic ex
tent we pursued, confident that rigli
would win, and the expiring acts of
this vanishing evil but clinches the
proof of all our previous statements.
It lb fortunate it is not within their
power to do greater harm, for in
their desperation and spite they are
evidently in the mood to go the
The statement that the County
Court ordered the sale of the bonds
us a part of Us program to clean up
all "unfinished business," is too thin
to be considered even for a moment,
as an excuse. There was no such
"unfinished business," not so far as
the County Court was concerned. It
was only the "unfinished business"
of the promoters of the fraudulent
bonding election, who have backed
it before the election, since the
election,, and are now, like drowning
men, grabbing at every straw, hop
ing that by some hook or crook
there may be erected n temple of
justlce(?) to stand as a monument
to perpetuate that monstrous shame,
not realizing it would forever cast a
shadow over the morals of any civ
ilized community.
The bonds will not be sold.
Not until the case has beon tried
in the United States Supreme Court,,
and in tho event tho plaintiffs loso
their cqubo.
How far In the future that may bo
only time can toll. Perhaps ono
year, but just as likely five years.
"While this suit is pending, tho
proposition to sell the bonds Is pre
posterous, silly, but a fair showing
of tho intelligence of tho men who
ordered it done.
It would certainly be a fool bond
buyer who would hazard $150,000
on a suit pending in tho highest
court of the land, tho outcome of
which is so evidently In favor of tho
plaintiffs those opposing tho elec
tion steal.
The only honorable thing to do is
to wipe tho' results of this election
clean from tho slate, and so far as
possible try to forget It. Then let
another election bo ordered and held
fairly, and If carried by a single vote
thore will not bo a word of protest
from anybody, As the matter npw
stands, 990 people out of overy
thousand in Pemiscot "county arc
against building a court house as a
result of this election In contest,
No good has come of It, and nono
ever will; for It the pourt house is
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Ordering the sale of the, stolen
court house election bonds was not
all, nor the Jeast of' the acts of tho
expiring Republican County Court
as It functioned last Monday at Ca
ruthorsvllle. In almost its last gasp
it returned to its former vomit and
sought to contract the county print
ing at nearly full legal rate without
advertising and calling for bids, as
is required by law, but met with de
served failure. Presiding .Judge Ed
Juden blocked the scheme by flatly
refusing to sign a contract to tht
effect, which had been prepared and
This contract came from the Ca
ruthersville Republican, that hns
feigned honesty In the belief it was
able to fool the people of the coun
ty; but this last act removes its
mask and It stands convicted and
bare, besmeared with the most de
praved political acts that has ever
been uncovered to the people of this
What they would do If they had
the power, Is beyond the vision of
the mind to guess. The depth to
which they would descend to possess
the Almighty Dollar has never been
fathomed. '
The law sets out how contracts
for printing may be let, which Is to
advertise for and receive competi
tive bids In open court the first Mon
day in May. Last May, without com
plying with this law as to advertis
ing, this same court asked for and
received bids, but as we have more
than once previously published, the
same was declined simply and only
because the lowest bid happened to
come from a Democratic newspaper.
Because of this political spite on the
part of the two associate members
of the court the taxpayers of this
county have had to pay full legal
rate for all their public printing all
through the year.
Now, after all that hateful expe
rience,' the same two associate mem
bers have gone on record as trying
to make a contract with the Repub
lican paper at almost full legal rate,
In open defiance of the law and In
utter contempt of public decency.
The self-proclaimed righteous Re
publican sought to be the beneficiary
and would have beon had not its lit
tle scheme beon nipped in the bud
by tho refusal of the Presiding
Judge to be made a party to such a
high-handed outrage.
Politics Is all right If played fair
ly. We believe In It, but not tho
kind of politics that the Republicans
In their first and only rule of tho
county have played and have sought
to play; for, In their final wind-up,
what they have sought to do has
been worse, If possible, than what
their records show they havo done.
But It's all over now.
They havo gasped their last gasp,
Tho voice of the people has beon
Del Monte, sliver Moon and
White Riboon cannedgoods are the
very best quality; at Buckleys'.
Surveyor Ed Gotcher was In Ca
ruthersville Monday attending a
meeting of the County Court.
Nesco Perfect Oil Ranges. v
Lefler Hardware Co.
' Children wagons and all kinds
of Xmas toys, at Buckleys'.
Corley Overall, representing tho
Internal Revenue Department, spent
Tuesday here looking after matters
connected with his official duties.
Weber & Damme Wagons.
Lefler Hardware Co.
A Pleasant Awakening
Ever awaken in the morning to the harsh ringing of
the old alarm clock, get out of bed and throw -the
clock out the window? Not necessary, now. We have
the newest in alarm clocks. No harsh ringing. The
musical alarm clock plays complete popular airs
your favorite. It gives a pleasant awakening. Neatly
made and guaranteed.
-Authorized Okey Record Dealer-
Wright's Jewelry Store
! Tokens
ever built it will stand as a mocking
monument of tho greatest shame
ever run rough shod over a long-suffering
-Ihere'ls more Catarrh In (his section
H the country than all other diseases
put together, and (or years It wa sup
posed to be Incurable. Doctors prescribed
local remedies, and by constantly falling
to cure with local treatment, pronounced
it incurable. Catarrh la a local disease,
ifreatly Influenced by constitutional con
ditions and therefore requires constitu
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Medl
clne. manufactured by P. J. Cheney &.
Co., Toledo, Ohio, Is a constitutional
remedy, la taken Internally and acts
thru the Blood on the Mucous Surfaces
of the System. One Hundred Dollars re
ward Is offered for any case that Hairs'
Catarrh Medicine falls to cure. Send for
circulars and testimonials.
V. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by DrugKiats, 75c.
Hall' Family I'llls for constipation
Make this store your head,
quarters for Gift buying.
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Father. Mother, Brother,
Sister and Sweetheart.
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The REXALL Store
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The Largest and Busiest Drug' Store in the County
& V I.
" S-'rS

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